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I am 42 y/o I wear a 38DDD. I have had big boobs...

I am 42 y/o I wear a 38DDD. I have had big boobs since I was in the 6th grade; I was called the "black Dolly Parton". When I was in my late 20s I tried to get a breast reduction, but was denied by my insurance. So here I am now with headaches and neck pain. I'm nervous, I don't like pain. But I keep telling myself the temporary pain is worth the long-term results. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Hey big boobie Just ran across your page and I was very interested in your story your outcome because I also just went to the same Dr. Dec. 8.2011 Hope to hear something soon!!
Hi Nenee098! Exactly what information do you want. My co-worker and I both went to him in 2011. Let me know and I will any questions you have.
Hey!!Thank you for getting back to me!! Sorry for taking so long to respond back. Just wanted to to know if you and your co workers had an good experience with him and also are you guys happy with your results?? He did my breast reduction like said Dec. 8 so I am still healing. I also just scheduled for him to do my Tummy tuck March 1.. I would like to to know how you feel about him and would you go back??
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