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Well I am not sure how to start but I have always...

Well I am not sure how to start but I have always been busty growing up but not like this. But it began to get out of hand when I began having children, especially after my last ones which was twins. As they got bigger I began to have alot of back pain lower/mid/upper and shoulder pains. It had got really bad this past March when I couldn't get out of bed for about two weeks. I was worried cause my birthday was coming and I did not want spend my birthday like that. I got better enough to get out for my birthday. Then like a month later my shoulder went bad I couldn't use it at all. I knew had it had to be because of my breast. So I went to an PS whom accepts my insurance. He explained everything to me and answered all my questions. He was very nice and didn't rush me. He made feel very comfortable. Then he had me go into one of the rooms to get undressed.He checked me out suggested that I become a C cup and took pictures/ notes. They submitted to my insurance which they denied. My primary doctor and PS corresponded about my condition and she really wanted me to have the surgery. So I kind of gave up but she gave me a pep. talk about not giving up and how I would benefit from the surgery during one of my visits to her for a follow up on my physical therapy treatments. So towards the end of Oct.2011 I had the option to switch HMO's, so I did. I got in touch with the lady who work with getting pre auhro.'s at the PS office and asked her if she could resubmit all my documents again after Nov. 1, 2011.....So...this past Friday(11/25/2011)I went to check the mail.....and their was a letter I thought was about my son but IT WAS THE APPROVAL LETTER!!!! I just screamed YES! YES! I immediately called my mom lol.But I was so happy words can't express how I feel I been wanting this done like over 10years now. The office was closed due to the holiday but I will be calling the PS office first thing in the morning!!!! I know I sound desperate but I am so ready to be healed from all this pain and to get some kind of confidence back... So I will keep you guys posted on the scheduled day of surgery!!! Please feel free to give me any advice, comments, tips, or motivation/inspiration!!

I got the call today!!! I am so excited and...

I got the call today!!! I am so excited and nervous. My Scheduled Day is..... Dec. 8,2011 @ 7:30am!!! I will keep everyone posted!!
Wow, your surgery date was set really fast. That's great, you don't have to think about it for months like I did. I'm so glad you are this excited about the BR, because, it is such a life changer. I feel so much younger. The back pain made me feel so old, and the heavy breasts made me NOT want to be active, because, well, it hurt having those suckers bounce around all the time!!! I have four boys, 14,12,5 and 4. I thought I was a busy mom. I can't imagine throwing twins into that mix. Those kiddos of yours are going to keep you young!! So, it's a good thing the new you will feel 100% better after getting rid of that baggage. Lol. I went from a DDD to a C, and i have so much more energy, and most importantly, no more pain bringing me down. You are giving yourself the ultimate Christmas present. I am so very happy for you. Good luck, follow the dr's orders, get your rest, and get ready to meet the new, and improved, you. :)
wow you have your hands full girlfriend! thats a blessing to have all those helping hands...;) As for my approval I got news today that the dr i have been patiently waiting on doesn't even perform the BR surgery at the hospital my insurance covers...but i was prepared. I just happened to make another appt with another PS today and they can do my surgery on the date i need it...right before christmas....i was soooo upset right before walking in my other consult and left out so happy and pleased with the dr and the staff. I am going to start my own page with info that i am going through and how to help others not make the mistakes ive made. Thank u for sharing also!!
@cutiepieme... Yes I do lol but I do have some helping hands I must admit. Well I am glad to here you got good news that out did the bad!! So what do you have to do now as far as transferring the approval to the other PS? Or do you have to do anything at all? I noticed that you stay in Memphis... My mother lives there also. Which is cool to know someone where you live! And what date will you have now... U welcome I will keep sharing my experiences here with everyone.. wish you luck Hun!!

Well... I have about 8 more days until my surgery!...

Well... I have about 8 more days until my surgery! I have been researching alot and getting advice from a lot of people whom has had this surgery, which is Great!! My sleeping habits has been crazy because I am very excited! But I did have a feeling of nervousness come over me last night as laid down for bed....I think the closer it gets I will become more nervous because I never had any major surgeries before.... I called to my PS's assistant this evening with just questions I had cause I have not received my info. packet yet but they have mailed out already.. Well I am about to go to the store to get things that I need for after my surgery. I like to be prepared lol! I will continue to keep you posted about how I feel each day before and after surgery!
Hey Seven7686...Thank you!! I really hope I do love the results!! I have read that everyone really love and like their new boobs!! But yeah it is gone to be very tricky with the little ones especially the twin boy cause he a little momma's boy at times and likes he to hold him at times. But I have faith that I will make it without! I will definitely keep you guys posted!!!!
Congratulations on your approval! I'm sure you are going to love the results! I had my surgery in May and I love my new perky boobs! Your recovery is going to be tricky with the little ones----no lifting for a month! Please keep us updated.
Hello Dallas3174.... Yes it was approved and set so fast I have not absorbed it all in yet lol. Wow, your boys are around my kids age minus the twins lol...And about the twins that was a surprise and shock to me and for me lol!!!I couldn't even imagine having twins before they came but they are my little blessings. I can't wait to feel better with no back/ shoulder pain!! Also I could use some more energy.. I totally hope this will be my ultimate Christmas gift and much needed one at that...And ThANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I will definitely follow his orders and if you have anymore advice please do share and stay in touch!!!

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to make a little...

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to make a little comment today. I am still not to nervous yet and I don't know if that's good or bad!! Maybe because I prayed for the best outcome...I got a call from the registration dept. of the hospital to just make sure they had the right address and insurance info. Yesterday evening I went to the store to get things that I may need after surgery....So now this weekend I will just be going to the grocery store to stock the house with quick meals and other household goods then I am done wit that stuff. Just wanna make next week less stressful as possible so I can relax some before and after surgery!!!
Just a week to go! Congratulations! My surgery was August 17 and I have never regretted it. I rarely have any pain anymore, which is just amazing. I actually woke up the other morning with a kink in my neck from the position I was sleeping in and I was shocked to realize that I had lived like that for years! Why did I put up with that pain for so long?

I have three boys at home who were age 16, 14, and 10 when I had the surgery. I had a few meals in the freezer that they could just pop in the oven and take care of themselves for the first week.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Here you go...some info for you:

Survival Guide

Breast Reduction Q&A's

Thank you so much Kimmer!!!

Hello, Everyone just wanted to express my feelings...

Hello, Everyone just wanted to express my feelings and thoughts today. I am starting to count the days until my surgery (5 days until the big day) lol. I am so ready, that I feel like next week gone go so slow!! lol My sleeping habits are still crazy due to excitement...Other than that I still have been getting my house ready since I won't be able do to much for a little while.. I been busy preparing for the Big day that haven't gotten to nervous yet. Well I will gotta to go for now...
This is the week, Nenee! I'm so excited for you. My sleep schedule got really crazy too, but I didn't let that worry me too much. I knew I would get plenty of sleep during and after surgery and figured I'd catch up then. Another great benefit of this surgery is that I sleep so much better! I can get more comfortable because I don't have to adjust those mammoth breasts under me...and my husband sleeps better because I don't snore anymore :-) Its the little things that you don't think of that amaze me!
Good luck. You will be in my thoughts this week!
Hey Iowa!! Thank you so much!!! I am so glad to be having this also. I been trying not worry and think about the negative and just hope for the best. I been in pain for a long time that I can't wait to know what is like to be not in pain lol. I have put up with it because The Dr.'s I have had in the past didn't take me serious and I did know how to go about doing it until a friend of mine told me that I should try it again and try thru the insurance. Because I just decided that I was gonna try to save up for it. That was good that your boys were old enough to help themselves and maybe lend you a hand also.... Thank you again and I will keep everyone posted!!

Omg.... I can't believe my Big day is just 2 days...

Omg.... I can't believe my Big day is just 2 days away and that I am still up! (it's 5:39 am)I can't sleep to excited!! It seems like it's a dream!! Somebody please pinch me and wake me up. This is definitely a dream come true, thanks to the man above!! Well I just got out the shower so hopefully I will began to relax and fall asleep..Otherwise I am so gonna pay later when my littles wake up!! Well off to bed I have to get my older boys up for school my back is killing me! Later everyone!!

Just want to give a short update on my day today!...

Just want to give a short update on my day today! Well you all know I went to bed about 5 something this morning and I got up about eight-ish!! Lol yeah I know it crazy but I got up and got ready got food for this week and next week.. plus other household item we needed... I got an oil change on my vehicle and then came home cooked meals that will last the next 4-5 days! After they have quick meals my oldest can just pop in the oven or microwave...I like never have this much energy "Ever" lol especially not going to bed only getting maybe 2 hrs or less of sleep....Believe it or not I am still not tired!!! Tomrrow got hair appt. in the Am and then I will be doing my daughters hair !! Then I plan to relax until my big day!!! Hopefully lol!!!!!
Thank you
Oh ok! About less than 12 hours away! Wow, look at me counting your time down lol That is different lol I haven't heard anyone stay they looking forward to rest and sleep lol but now that you say that it does sound good!!! I am not sure about if you need to bring anything... Mine didn't mention anything to me but me I would probably bring my Id and insurance card... I would guess!! Or maybe anything you feel the hospital may need to know... Well wish you luck !!!
My surgery is at 12:30.Im so excited im trying to stay up a little long so i can sleep through the night. You want to know what crazy i think just as much as im looking forward to my new breast im looking for to the REST/SLEEP that comes along with recovery LOL. Would you happen to know any important thing i should bring with me i didnt think to ask my docter.

I wanted to do another update on my day today. I...

I wanted to do another update on my day today. I went to my hair appt. today @ 10:30am due to my hairstylist canceled for yesterday. Then had go to the store again for just sum more milk and little stuff. Also went to get sum more stuff for after my surgery. Now gotta get a shower and

get the kids ready for bed! Changed the bed linen! I am so EXCITED!! I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am and surgery is at 7:30 am!!! so Big begins in 6 1/2 hours!! Keep ya'll posted !!! Wish you luck!!
wow girl your day has come so fast! I wish you much success and speedy recovery.....i will pray that your surgery runs smoothly also! count down begins! im excited for you!! let us know how it goes..
Thank you so much!!! Cutiepieme!!! Yes it has but this week seem like it went so slow!! But today is the day within a few hours ..Wow I can't believe it.! I will let you guys know as soon as I can.....

Well everyone I have made it to the hospital!!!...

Well everyone I have made it to the hospital!!! Not to nervous yet!! My dream is about to finally come true!!! I know god is with me and that I will be ok......On the road to team #no pain!!! Well waiting in my room for the show to began.....later everyone
Hi Cutiepie, when is your surgery? You are in wonderful hands with Dr. Shell, he and his staff are the best around, period. He is so wonderful and caring and is always available to you. Teresa is awesome also!!! I hope all is well and you choose Dr. Shell because you won't be sorry one minute.
how are you nennee098??
Hey Cutiepieme!!! I am doing really well!! I have been trying to take it easy and rest!! Also I started to fall in love with my new boobs lol I know that sounds crazy but I have and also noticing no back/ shoulder pain! But enough about me. How r u hun???? Are you ready??

I have decided to do a video update!!Since I am so...

I have decided to do a video update!!Since I am so far behind in updating about the BR.... Excuse me looking crazy is the video lol I didn't curl my hair or nothing today lol

Sorry I found out that I can't post video unless I...

Sorry I found out that I can't post video unless I go through youtube. It would be nice to have posted my video instead of typing up my hospital experience and how I felt up until now. But I will post all of that later today!!

Well I am a little over 2 weeks post I am feeling...

Well I am a little over 2 weeks post I am feeling pretty good besides the swelling still a little sore on the left side of my breast. I hues that is from the loop my Dr. said he did..It is still swollen on both sides so it don 't really look like he did... I go from my 3 week post op appyointment this Friday... I guess he will be removing the glue that he used to close my incisions. So I will post about how that appointment go.... I also would like to give details about my "big day" I wished I would've posted sooner but I have been resting and taking it easy and along with taking care of my children..... So ok my big day was Dec. 8 and I had to be at the hospital at 5:30am..but my surgery was schedule to be at 7:30am. I got there and checked in and they called me back exactly at 5:30am. They immediately got my height and weight. Then they took me to my room had me undress so I could get into my hospital gown and then they got vital/ put in a I.V. Around 6:55 or so they wheeled me back to the area near the surgery room. That is where the my Dr. meet with me to discuss and any questions I may have had, then he did the drawings. After that I meet the anesthesia guy (which he was great too). Next I woke up small wrapped up breast lol.... The pain was not bad I stayed taking my med like clock work and resting! I feel great no back/ shoulder pain!! Now I just can't wait until the swelling go away.....

Thank you for the update.  I sounds like you are doing very well and loving the results.  You will continue to heal over the next several weeks but soon the soreness will all be gone.  


Yeah I can't wait.. I think I over did Christmas eve and day!!! I am a lil more sore...At what point do the swelling go away???

My swelling was all gone by about 6 weeks.  Ice those babies tonight:)


Well I went to my post-op appointment Friday and...

Well I went to my post-op appointment Friday and everything went well.. He remove the tape strips it was called dermabond prineo..I still have alot of swelling of course but that is expected. But for the most he said I am healing great!! I think so too!! I love my new boob and the fact that I don't have any back/ shoulder pain!! Which equals no more popping pain pills!! YAYYYY!!!
hey nenee! saw your post on the dec boards and thought i'd pop in and say hey! am doing really good, healing nicely, getting used to the girls, and have my one month ps appointment on friday. just have one or two concerns that hopefully will get addressed ( when can i start exercising again, and my left incision at the bottom seems like it isn't closing yet) but other then that, its life as normal ( or as normal as it can be with a surgical bra on and everyone i know checking me out lol )
how are you doing?
Hey Tawlie!!! I missed hearing from you....I just had my 3wk appt. on Dec. 30. Same here I am getting use to mine tooo lol Actually I am secretly obsessed with them!! lol I can't wait to be able to exercise myself !! The only I question is am I small enough(but I thinks it's all in my head)Do you feel that way at all??? But when I put my boob in my old bra cup it swallows my boob LOl Well my incisions are doing fine, healing pretty good! I am looking into getting my Tummy done too.. Actually I wanted to get it done last year but wasn't able too. Didn't know my boobs was hiding all this stuff lol...Keep me posted!! I always like to hear from you as we heal together...
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From the first day I had an consultation with Dr. Sonderman I knew he was the one. My first visit his assisant came to get me from the waiting area. She walked me to his office where him and I discussed the procedure. Then he takes you into one of the examination rooms and discuss more about what he can do for you and takes pictures. The pictures he submit to the insurance company along with any other documentation you may have.He also answered all my questions. He was excellent at the hospital and my post-op appointment. He takes his time with you and he is very caring and funny too.. I would definitely go to him again and I would recommend him to others. I never was nervous before or when the day of my procedure because I had god on my side and I trusted my P.S.

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