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Hi guys and girls i just had a nose job! Im in the...

Hi guys and girls i just had a nose job! Im in the hospital now im staying over night, so far i can only see the tip and from what i can see theres lots of blood! Ahaha? but it will be worth it, i just wanted to share this because im so happy :) im grasping my life in both hands and doing what will make me happy. :)

Also what im surprised about is there isn't a great deal of bruising around the eyes, only a slight purple colour on the inside of my left eye, seems like he is a man of his word because i think i remember him saying hes very careful and tries to minimise this side effect.

SAXON CLINIC in MK is a very nice place the nurses are great and always checking up on me making sure im comfortable and ok.

Dr michael Tyler
Dr tyler is a great guy before the surgery i was quiet nervous but he came in explained what was happening and seemed generally very confident about the procedure and his confidence definitely rubbed off on me.

I will add before and after photos when i have had the bandages and stuff taken off

So far so good, im looking forward to being able to look at and show off my new nose, this has been a long wait and hopefully it will be worth it :)

It cost £4750 i dont know how much that is in US dollar sorry

Got the guard taken off and wow!

So ye i had the guard taken off also the swelling has gone down alot. The nose i have now is amazing, it far exceeds the nose i was expecting, its amazing i love it! Im going to ask dr tyler to give me the official before and after pictures that he takes so i can post them here, my own before pictures are rubbish so i want to use the ones he took, my appointment with him in on monday so ill ask him then.

But i am amazed at the tranformation i love it

Some long over due photos

These are the results seen through some tacky photos, sadly i have to wait 3months for the official before and after pictures so ill have to use my own, very badly taken pic's

But in all honesty i am amazed at the transformation, michael tyler your like an artist for the human body, you really know what your doing, i cant thank you enough.

This has given me a massive boost in self confidence, i now feel i look more like the person i am on the inside, and i couldn't be happier.

A close up of before and after

London Plastic Surgeon

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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Hey Mike Tyler did mine too!!! yours looks great! just looking at your photos now. Have you had your post op consultation yet? x
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Mike Tyler has done an amazing job, your nose looks so natural! Ypu mist be so pleased!! He did my surgery and I continue to be happy every day :)
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Thanks alot im very pleased how it went :) had a look at your before and after pics and wow he done an amazing job on you too! Just shows hes a Great doctor and knows his stuff
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Your nose looks really good. Great result! :)
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Thanks alot :)
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Looks amazing! You must be so thrilled!! Congrats :D
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Thanks alot :D i really am, such a big difference, looking at my old nose i am so glad i did this, that thing was really ugly lol
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Aww it really wasn't, but you definitely improved it!! :)
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Dying to see pics if you can upload them!! :) :) so glad you are happy with it!
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Hi ye sorry about the wait i was hoping dr tyler could give me the official photos on monday but hes giving them to me on my next appointment, these photos will have to do for now. Whens your op?
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Looking forward to see you results
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Very nervous! I have a huge amount of feelings attached to my nose and its very weird the thought of actually having it done. I think it will all be fine though :)
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Hey guys n girls im healing well my eyes have swollen abit but still not much bruising, bleeding has finally stopped, when ever i ate or moved my mouth i would feel my nose bleed slightly. So glad thats stopped. But so far so good! Im counting the days to see my new nose! From what i can see already the shape is ALOT better! Doesnt hang off my face anymore lol. I need to post some pics ill do it tomorrow its abit late at the moment. Ill keep you all posted with my progress and thnx for your support! :)
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I'm glad you're feeling so happy about this decision. It's great that you were able to stay overnight in the hospital. That rarely happens for a rhinoplasty in the U.S.

Looking forward to hearing how you continue to heal!

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Ye its pretty good that they let us stay overnight, it depends on what time youhav it done though, mine was at 3:00pm
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Congrats! I am booked for a few weeks time with MT.. Eek! Would love to see pics once they are up. Happy healing :)
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Thanks! Goodluck, are you having a rhinoplasty with him too?
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Yes I am! I'm so nervous! I've cried about the way my nose has made me feel for years (it isn't that bad but I don't like it!!) and I mainly want my tip sorted.. It is squishy and I have columella show! Was the tip a main concern of yours if you don't mind me asking?
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I know what you mean, my nose has had me down for a while also, i dont think many people understand how much effect the nose has on a persons looks. But for me the whole darn thing hanging off my face was a concern lol. The tip was wide and droopy and the length was like a big speed hump lol. But wow! I cant see the whole nose but from what i can see im impressed! The tip has such a better look, its not hanging anymore and isnt wide anymore, but it still looks masculine. With MT i think your in safe hands he knows what hes doing ;)
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Great to hear from you, very brave decision, how are you feeling right now?
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