Burned by Laser Hair Removal. Treatment - Milton, DE

I was burned two weeks ago via laser hair removal....

I was burned two weeks ago via laser hair removal. First and second degree burns on my legs. I was so scared of being permently scarred but I've been using young living lavender oil 3 drops on my burns a few times a day. In a spray bottle 100% aloe vera gel and 10 drops lavender essential oil. Spray on burns several times a day. Put the gel from aloe vera plant on burns and rub in several times a day. Its working amazingly well.


I am so sorry you got burned! You want to make sure you keep the skin out of the sun I cannot tell you how important this is to prevent any long-lasting marks. Make sure you leave the scabs alone and let them fall off, do not pick them. You will most likely get itchy as your healing process progresses. Try your best not to itch and maybe try some hydrocortisone or Benadryl. I have been performing laser hair removal treatments for 10 years and I have seen some pretty bad burns. In my experience the marking that can last after a laser burn is not permanent. You may want to use a product containing an ingredient called hydroquinone if your skin stays a little darker in the areas you were burned. Of course, you want to make sure you're completely healed before you try anything. I'm glad the lavender has helped. I actually had a client tell me the other day that she used it right after treatment and it took away her soreness. Everything will be fine just stay out of the sun and if you do decide to have another laser treatment insist they perform a test spot on a small area to ensure the safety of their settings.
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Awww, so sorry to hear you were burned by the laser, did you follow up to see if they had the wrong setting, or what went wrong? I have never heard of living lavender oil - glad your natural home remedies are helping with the burns. 
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continued use of pure aloe vera

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June 20- 3 weeks post burn


Young living is an essential oil company that makes quality essential oil. The lavender and aloe plant seem to have healed burns completely!


I've posted before and after pictures. I am still using lavender essential oil an aloe vera directly from the plant along with geranium oil now since the wounds have healed up it will help with scarring. I never used essential oils previously but this has made me a believer. I was initially told I would scar in a few areas as they were second degree but everything looks and feels great. I have been wearing pants/long dressea
for now but once the spots are completely gone I wanted to start wearing shorts but with high protection sunscreen, do you think this is ok?


Sad2014 Thank you for sharing your experience. It is so helpful for professionals as well as those who are not in the medical profession. You have done a great job with healing your burns. I am a retired RN and a Certified Laser Technician. You did have a very mild case, you may even have had a mild histamine reaction! Did the laser cause the area that appears to be second degree wound? I work in conjunction with a NMD and she always suggest Arnica and/or lavender oil. If you choose to have this done again, try taking a antihistamine 1 hour prior to the treatment. Wash with only a very mild soap and water and do not apply any lotion prior. Oh, and by the way, continue to ignore comments by those that just seem to want to criticize rather than contribute in a positive, professional way ie: flacpl. Best of luck to you!
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And those do not look like 1st and 2nd degree burns. I'm not negating that you were burned but let's keep it real
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according to a doctor they were 1st and 2nd degree burns but I appreciate your non professional opinion.
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