50 and Tired of Working out with a Pooch - Milford PA,

I diet,exercise ,walk and hike and haven't...

I diet,exercise ,walk and hike and haven't received the results I've wanted and I'm simply tired. No matter what I do the pooch /muffin top is still there. I went in a week ago for a Laser Liposuction. The procedure started at 9:45am and ended at 1:30pm. The only uncomfortable part was the needles used for the numbing. I was awake yet a little drowsy from the medication given to relieve anxiety. The doctor removed 3550cc of fat plus fluids (6LBS). I was bandage /wrapped and placed in a garment and told to change the bandages later that evening. Overall I think everything went well. It has been a week (7days post-op ) and I'm so frustrated. There are moments where I feel like I'm losing weight and later that day I feel so bloated. It is a roller coaster. I can't eat more than a handful of food or my stomach will hurt. I have been wearing both garments 24/7 except when I have to shower. I have stuck to a 1200 calorie diet or less. I also drink plenty of lemon water (to reduce the swelling) and take Arnica for the stiffness and soreness. On my 4th post op day I did a hike and felt fine until the evening set in and I felt so swollen. My stomach remains to be hard as a rock and swollen. I saw my doctor yesterday 7/22/2014 and he say's everything is going ok " I Have To Give It Time." I will post in a few, hopefully with a change.

The waiting game

Today is post op #9. Yesterday was not a good day. I woke up feeling fine and it seems like my stomach was going down. By the late afternoon I was swollen again. My stomach is really hard and itching like crazy. I dranked some pineapple juice and rubbed my belly which tends to help. I will update soon.

Day#10 post op.

Day #10 after the surgery..I'm feeling like I'm walking around with a lot 5lb bag of rocks in my abdomen and I keep shooting pains every now and then .I went to a movie and the entire time it was awkward to sit down in the chair and get up as well.So far no real results that I can see, just a lot swelling and shooting pain.I will update soon.


Day 11 post op. I feel so heavy after eating or drinking anything. My stomach is so bloated I look 3 months pregnant. I recently found out (from a doctors post)it will be 3-4 months before I see any results. If someone would've mentioned the time frame I would've opt for another T.T. The down time may be longer with a T.T. yet the results are instant. Afteral I had the procedure done to lose weight not add on pounds.

Day 12

Post op day# 12..My stomach is not as heavy as before,No change In my weight or the way my clothes fit. My calorie intake continues at 1200 a day.I have added more water to possibly flush out any remaining liquids.

Total commitment. ..

Today is post op #16... I'm totally committed to my 1200 calories a day.I'm wearing the garment 24/7 and drink lemon water , no sugar ( other than sweeteners), I'm eating healthy,and snacking on veggies( celery sticks, carrots). My stomach is still tight and softer in the upper abdomen. My weight is 191.8 and I'm able to finally button my pre op pants around my waist. I have up to 6 months before I see the final results and hope it continues at this rate.:-) I have taken pics and will post pics of b4/after when there are dramatic results. ( fingers crossed) I will keep you posted.

counting down the days

Post opt# 17,, There's not much to report.. my weight started at 196lbs and exceeded to198lbs after the surgery and today its 191.2 which isn't too much of a change from yesterday. I did notice some marks on my abdomen ( looks like a sponge print).My doctor advised me to call in if there was some discoloration or soreness.I'm going to continue to adjust my meals to1200 calories a day and keep you posted. Happy TGIF, enjoy your weekend.

Patience is the key...

Post op 23.
My weight is 190 lbs and my clothes are fitting better. I'm still a little swollen in my lower abdomen and every now and then I still get a little flick of pain out of nowhere especially around the areas where I felt a little pain during the surgery. The massages helps to get rid of the hard spots in my abdomen and it really seems to smooth things out. I purchased a smaller garment because the one I was using became too loose. I will update in a few days possibly with some pictures.

Post op 24

I know I said I'll update in a few but I just had to mention this... I stepped on the scale (a bet) and despite my indulgence in a grilled bbq rib (just one) my weight is at 189.2lbs...that's 7 lbs so far. The new garment (small) I purchased feels much better and keeps everything nice and snug. I started back jogging on my treadmill in addition to my hiking and doing a back strengthening workout for my back fat. I've also decided to switch the garments..wearing the tighter one during the day and the original one (which was given after surgery) while sleeping. My stomach remains a little lumpy/sore to the touch especially on the sides, there's also no bruising and the bumps I mentioned in an earlier post have vanished. Overall things appear to be shrinking..... time will tell.

Post -Op 38

It's been over a month and a lot has changed.I have continued to stay on my 1200 calorie diet , added a 20 minute workout( 3 times a wk) to my exercise routine in addition to my 1 mile walk (4
times a week).My upgraded garment which I purchased in a small is beginning to fit loose which is an indication that I'm
continuing to shrink. I've decided to
continue wearing my garment because it
tends to hold in everything and it feels comfortable. I also eat plenty of leafy vegetables, drink plenty of water and have given up junk food. My salt intake is minimum or its Mrs Dash. Some days are better than others especially when it's that time of the month and your body is craving the sugar and salt. LOL My present weight is 186lbs, that's 10 pounds gone in 38 days. My doggie ears and the fat from upper/ lower abdomen is gone. My clothes fit better and my energy level has escalated. I can only imagine my final result in 6 months. I finally posted the before and after pictures to possibly help anyone who is unfamiliar with this procedure.
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Richard Buckley

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Hi I hope every is going well and your friend is doing bretter.
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I think you are looking AMAZING!
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Thank you..my weight seems to be going down.So far it's been a pound a day..Yay!
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Awesome!  Sounds like you are on the right track :)
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Congrats! Your results look Great! Keep up the healthier food choices :)
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TY..I'm really trying because I'm tired of having to start over again.It sure does help being able to do ab exercises without a pooch.:-)
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I understand,these procedures are so expensive and time consuming. But you are aking the right steps and i'm sure you'll be fine. Best Wishes.
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Thank you I really appreciate the feedback. It also helps to know I'm not alone in my healing and there are so many other with similar questions. I wish I would've came across this site b4 my procedure it could've relieved a lot of my concerns. I must admit I did expect a lot more for the amount of money I paid. ( which was more). However I am pleased with the boost it has given me but not 100 %....I would have to say 80%..time will tell.
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I didn't know about this forum before my procedure either. You're NOT alone. I can relate when we spend so much$$$$$$$$$$$$ we should get what we want and then some for what we paid. I hear you,i need 90% better to make me feel like it was $money$ well spent. But again,it literally take s6 months even 1 yr to heal and see thefinal result. Stay positive and hopeful
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Trust me I am very hopeful because I don't want this procedure to be in vain. It took me too long to save up for
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(A continuation) it. As a matter of fact I have given my husband the ok to stop me from eating anything that's not healthy in case I get weak. And as of today he hasn't had to use that privilege.:') I pray all the time for a little extra strength to get me through the next 5 months so I can actually see what I paid for...without feeling guilty about the amount that was spent. Thanks for your input and understanding. :-)
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It will all work out for the BEST!!!! I do have faith. :)
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Don't feel guilty. Your pics speak volume and you look Fab! Prayers are good and GOD is better. :)
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I hear you..faith is what has gotten me this far..LOL
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Amen! I guess I feel guilty because I'm always doing for others. It was only when I lost my mother I decided to honor her wishes which was to do something for myself. That's why I'm doing all that I can on my part to contribute to my investment and to finally be done with this rollercoaster called dieting... B.T.W. I had my six week post-op and it went well. I also learned I have up to a year for the final results. I was told the swelling should be gone in about 5 months and then I will have up to 6 months of tightening. I can only pray and hope that is the case. How are things going for you...any future procedures?
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Ditto ;) Sometimes when I complain about my sweeling I remind myself it was an elective surgery&my biz partner is dying&fighting for his life every day on dialysis&never complains. It makes me feel bad about my b fests. So,faith&positivty has been my motto ;)
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Wooohooooo :) Iove it! Glad you're doing this for yrself. It must feel exhilarating. It sure does take 6 months to even 1 year. Good to. hear allis healing properly.II did my arms but in nov Abs&wais :) YaY! I can't wait!
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I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I know too well how dialysis can make a person feel. I hope you're not beating yourself up too much..you are only human. I know I'm happy you offer support here on a regular. :-}
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I am dealing with it&he is very positive. ;) 1yr on dialysis this Oct. he is my miracle. monday my best friend had a massive stroke&is still unconscious,then I found out 1 of my rs sisters has reast cancer&she is a lovely lady I really enjoy chatting with. I do spend time here&try to keep everything fun&positive. but life happens&I do get sad&drained but yet I have myfaith. I like to to encourage everyone.it makes me feel good.
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Breast not reast sorry for typo It makes me feel good to make others happy. Sweet Dreams!
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Ditto here as well.I get much of my happiness from helping others who are less fortunate or in need. I feel if you do things from the heart it comes back to you...Hasn't failed me yet.:-(
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I meant hasn't failed me yet..:-)
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:) you are so kind. It won't fail you. have a good night.
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Omg..you were up...TY and GN :-)
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yes. Good Night, It is 1:25a.m. in California But i answered you at 10 or so
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