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I am beyond scared to have my procedure. I always...

I am beyond scared to have my procedure. I always new I would do this eventually but now its in ONE WEEK!!

I am currently a 38aa and I am hoping to end up with a small c. I have chosen silicone "gummy bear" implants, i am just terrified that the 435cc will be way too big. I try to dress modestly so way too big boobies would be a very frustrating result. Ugh this is the hardest decision I have ever made.

I am excited however that my PS does the painless rapid recovery method. I will only be down one day and won't have any groggy meds. Just ibprophan, seriously!

So excited but I still feel crazy.

Tomorrow morning a 630! I just took a sleeping aid...

Tomorrow morning a 630! I just took a sleeping aid because I am way to nervous to sleep. Think I will ask to go down to the 401cc or at least the 420cc. Silly how little of a difference there actually is between sizes. But there is just no way to be sure.

Day three feeling great! I ended up with 435cc...

Day three feeling great! I ended up with 435cc silicone gummy bear under the muscle. Ibuprofen is the recommendation for pain management. Three hours after surgery I showered washed my hair and blow dried.
Have no brushing and minimal muscle pain so long ad I keep up with my stretches.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

So far I love Dr. Moore and his staff. I only have positive feelings about he and his practice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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can't wait to hear about outcome.
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You will be fine. I got 385cc gummies for my BA 4 weeks ago. I am tall and thin and my cup size is now 36C-34D. I started with a "barely 34 A". They fit my body perfect. I don't know if they will change in size but I know I have to wait up to 6 months to see final results. You will be happy with the recovery process. Yes, ibuprofen is all you need. I was nervous too but the staff will help you feel at ease.
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Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Sounds like you have nice broad shoulders so you should be able to carry the 400's nicely. Glad to hear the doctor will have several sizes to choose from the day of surgery. Have you shown your doctor a picture of your desired outcome? This might be helpful. Good luck tomorrow...can't wait for your updates!

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The rapid recovery sounds great, wish I had that option. I am also nervous about being put out, last time I woke up bawling....ugh. I am 112lbs and currently a 36b, I am getting shaped silicone in one week!! I think I will ask about over the muscle now. thanks!
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Don't have any reluctance. You will wish you had done this years earlier. I got mine @ 41. Wish I had had it done @ mid 20's.
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Thanks for the support :)
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I had a consultation with him as well. They really push the gummy implants. However, when I researched them I found out they really aren't for everyone. Make sure they are right for you before you get them. :) Seems like they gave you a decent price too. They quoted me at 5800 for the same procedure and my friend paid 10,000 for a lift, augmentation and tummy tuck. Interesting how they quote everyone different prices based on their income. Good luck with your surgery!
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Hey, I am 1 week today until the big day also!! I can relate to being scared, I feel that way more than excited. I hope we will both try to relax and have confidence in our PS. Are you going over or under th muscle? I feel so unsure about under still. Take care!!
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I plan on having more children and breastfeeding them, so definitely under the muscle in my case. I called my PS office and talked to his staff about my apprehension on size. They were so supportive and understanding! They will bring several sizes into the surgery room for Dr Moore to review with me one last time. I feel relaxed and ready :) I hope you do to.
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Gummy* lol
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What's your height/weight?? Im 5'8 155 lbs getting funny bears tomorrow! 510ccs
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I am 5'3 and 145lbs. Being short and slightly broad shouldered I think I need to go smaller not to look top heavy. Oh whatever happens at least I will feel like a girl!!
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My ps does the rapid recovery method as well; really it wasn't that bad at all; I had no breast pain; I was surprised; I didn't even need to take any thing; I only felt a little uncomfortable around the crease incision site; I would have loved to get the gummies; my ps doesn't do those so I got the cohesive gels;I'm happy with the gels; they are very soft; and bouncy; I'm only 5 weeks out so I have to west the surgical bra for one more week; than I can wear a regular bra; my ps told me not to take Motrin because it inceasing bleeding; but hey every docter is different;
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Just wanted to add to what Violet1234 said - I've been told by 2 PS now no products with Ibuprophen - no Advil - or Motrin - even the cream for sore muscles - Voltaren is on the list. I'm not questioning your PS just thought I'd throw that out there. Plus I'm having a BL and BA so maybe with just a BA it's fine.
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