I'll be 50 years old in 5 months and want to feel...

I'll be 50 years old in 5 months and want to feel completely sexy again. I'm tired of buying blouses too large in order for them to fit around my muffin top, and sitting in tub looking at my stomach on my lap (not sexy at all). Everything seems to made with that "hug your gutt" lycra in it. I know it's all doing of a man. Anyway, I've only given birth to one child (but I was almost 40) my oldest is adopted. I don't have hanging skin, but my belly can swell out after eating which causes me to look like I"m expecting, and hang down when I bend over (you know the look).

I live in Midland, MI (don't worry if you haven't heard of it), I'm new to the area, but heard that the PS here is really good. I'm originally from Houston, Texas, which has tons on good PS, but I want to be home for my recovery and follow up visits opposed to having to travel back to Houston. I don't have extended family here, so I will order a hospital bed and walker to help me get around. My husband and children (ages 15 and 11) promise to take care of me during my recovery.

I'm scheduled for my TT with MR and lipo on flanks on July 31. The cost covers procedure, pain ball, and one night overstay in the hospital. I'm afraid of pain and just hope that I don't back out before the surgery date. I'm 5'8, 154 lbs.

30 day countdown to the flat side

My procedure is scheduled for July 31st. I can't believe how fast the time has come. To be honest, I'm excited and scared at the same time. My biggest fears are (1). The Pain and (2). being disappointed in my results.
I've been reluctant to tell many people about my procedure because the ones I've told doesn't see why I need the procedure because I have a slender build. Needless to say, I've learned how to hide my belly well by wearing high waist pants and larger tops. However, I realize that I'm doing the procedure for myself so it doesn't matter what others think.

During my initial consultation the PS said that I would have a pain bulb about the surgery. However, I've since asked him for the Experal injection instead. Research has shown that it's more effective for managing pain which in turn aides to faster recovery.

In preparation for my surgery I've been watching my diet, going to the gym and drinking plenty of water. I'm also doing the 30 day squat challenge and I'm up to 100 squats a day.

I'm glad that I found this forum to help me through this journey.

Pre Op today, waiting to exhale.

I woke up this morning anxious about my pre-op appointment and I got a little emotional. I know most of it contributed to Ms PMS filling my head with lies about how I can get my stomach flat on my own only if I commit to going to the gym more often. Fear almost made me call and cancel my appointment until I decided to take my own pre op pictures. Well, I can tell you that pictures do not lie.

I had even shaved Ms Lady Part in hopes to make things look better, to only having it look like a rat with a Mohawk. However, I took pictures anyway.

I'm a master of sucking in until it's become the norm for my breathing pattern. However, the pictures are accurate of my stomach at full exhale. Not a pretty site. There is nothing sexy about having my stomach on my lap when I sit down. Anyway, after looking at these pictures, I snapped back into reality and went to my Pre Op appointment; which was great. The PS and nurse answered with patience all of the 15 questions I had written down which put me at ease.

My surgery is scheduled for July 31st. I'm no longer getting the Solice pain bulb, I asked for the Deperal shot instead, which I've read have better pain management results. Two more weeks and I'll be over to the "flat" side. I can't wait to exhale.

Outrageous price quote for Exparel njection

I just received a call from the hospital quoting me $900 for the Exparel injection. I had asked my PS for the Exparel injection versus the Solice pain bulb because I read that it provides better pain management. The pain bulb was $280 which now sounds cheap compared to Exparel.

I researched online and everything I've read says that the prices should be compatible to one another. I currently live in a small town and I know that the price grudging is because of the monopoly of the one hospital here.

Let me know if anyone else has been quoted a price for the Exparel injection.

I'm headed to Europe for a week and will deal with this when I return. I've asked my PS if he can negotiate a lower price. Wish me luck.

Cleaner eating after TT

I think it's important for us to remind one another that if we don't make a lifestyle change with exercise and eating cleaner foods that it's unrealistic to think that a TT is a cure all. It's true that we may not ever have stomach fat again, but we could easily develop unwanted fat in other areas. The fat has to go somewhere.

I'm currently in Europe, my kids are attending a basketball camp. I know that sounds like an oxymoron for someone to travel from America to attend a basetball camp in Switzerland of all places. But we use to live here for two years and just returned back to the States last summer. Yes, I know it's also strange to hear that black people lived in Switzerland, but stranger things can happen in life.

Anyway, I've always been conscience about my stomach pooch after having my son 11 yrs ago, but I don't recall feeling as rounded in my middle when I lived here . According to the scale, I've only gained 3 lbs over the last year, but I think my weight has shifted and settled around my middle.

I think the biggest difference is the food is cleaner, fresher and less processed here. Tonight I had pasta for dinner which would normally cause me a lot of gas and bloating , but tonight it didn't. I could taste the difference in the freshness of the food. For me I know I just don't want to come this site a year from now and show off my flat stomach but have to hide my big butt because of unclean eating.

My procedure is next Thursday and I return on Monday, but tomorrow I will start with cleaner eating in preparation for the new me. Wish me luck.

AwwHHH!!! Accidentally took 2 ibuprofens and surgery is in 3 days

After my long trip from Europe on Sunday, I arrived home with a splitting headache. Without thinking I took two Ibuprofens and went to bed. It wasn't until this morning that I remembered that I wasn't suppose to take any medication with aspirin 2 weeks prior to my surgery. My period stated today, so now I understand why I had a headache (what else can go wrong??!@#$% Surgery is scheduled for in 3 days. I hope I do not have to cancel, because this is the only window I had to do the procedure. I have an appointment to talk with the PS tomorrow. Feeling stressed overwhelmed and bloated.

Two more days to go

Just two more days before I cross over to the flat side. I spoke with the nurse today and she said that I did not have to reschedule surgery since I accidentally took two Ibuprofen tablets (that was a close one). Anyway, I got my hospital bed delivered today and before leaving the delivery guy said a prayer for me. It took all I had not to crawl up in the hospital bed and cry my eyes out. God is so good for sending him to assure me that everything would be okay because he is in charge. Thank you Lord.

Again, I'm getting a full TT, with MR and lipo on flanks. The doctor's fee is
$7,800 and the hospital fee is $5,900 for (procedure room, 1 overnight stay, anesthesia and exparel injection) which totals $13,700.

I have a hospital bed, walker, toilet set riser, stool softener, peroxide, and silicone strips. I will run out today to get granny panties, meds, surgical tape and gauze. I hope I'm not forgetting anything. I'm so ready.

One day to show time ;Tomorrow is the big day

I'm so ready to cross over to the flat side. To document my progress to flatness, I took a few pictures today as a baseline so I can compare later. The way I look in these pictures makes me want to head straight to the butcher and get this gut cut out today. Maybe if I weren't on my period I wouldn't look so bloated. Thanks my excuse and sticking with it. Don't worry, I never wore these before with Spanxs and sucking in. I also weighed in today at 155 lbs. Surgery is scheduled for noon and all of my prayers have already been answered. Talk to you soon.

Surgery cancelled, ahhhhhhh

Just received phone call that doctor has to cancel surgery because he hurt his hand. I'm screaming inside because I was emotionally ready. At this time, not sure when it will be rescheduled. Feeling very sad and disappointed, but definitely don't want him cutting on me with a bad hand.

Yeahh, Oh nooo, surgery is tomorrow

I'm back on the roller coaster. My surgery is now scheduled for tomorrow. I just hope Dr. Happy Hands doesn't show up with his hand in a cast, lol. I told them I wasn't in a rush I wanted to make sure he's healed. The office told me that he was out all week and wanted an extra day to rest his hand is why my surgery was cancelled for today. Ya'll please pray that his hand is not shaking or goes numb while he's cutting me. Lord, why you give me something else to worry about. I'm just going to take my "chill pill" he prescribed and call it a night.

I have everything really ready now so I just I did need the extra day. Here is a picture of the hospital bed that I've parked right in the middle of the family room. As you can see, my son is enjoying it. Up and down, up and down. You would think he didn't have a bed. He's going to hate it when I have to return it. I could never understand why kids get excited about hospital beds, wheel chairs, and hotel rooms. Oh well, I guess it's not everyday you get to have an electric bed in your family room.

Forgot to attach photo

It's that time

I'm here in the hospital in my room waiting for them to come get. Everything has gone smooth so far until I heard somebody outside my door saying, oh God and moaning like a wounded animal. It's freaking me out. Now somebody is coughing like they have the whooping cough. What have I gotten myself into.

I made it over !!!!!!!!

I spent one day overnight at hospital and now I'm home. No real pain such tightness and soreness. I'm now able to go to bathroom on my own. Thank God for fully electric hospital bed, walker and toilet seat riser.

I had a lot of problems with neasea, which I expected because I have problems with imbalance and motion sickness. I was just spinning but didn't throw up.

I'm dosing off again so I'll update more later. Thanks for all your warm wishes and prayers. Thank God I made it through.

Day 2 at home after overnight in hospital

Yesterday, was my day 2 at home from hospital. By day 2 I was able to get out hospital bed and go to bathroom unassisted but with walker.

Not much of an appetite Just eating a lot of fruit and peanut butter for protein. Still no pain just tightness and soreness. I'm not able to take shower until after drains are removed.

Day 3 at home

I'm trying to catch up and provide updates on my progress in hopes to help someone with their decision to cross over to the flat side.
Today is day 3 at home and I've been awake almost all day. I hadn't taken any pain pills today except for Tylenol extra strength.

I've popped today, the stool softener and being hydrated from I.V. has helped. I'm walking more upright and I have my follow up with my PS tomorrow . I haven't taken a peek yet but I feel a lot smaller because my binder is now loose and not fitting as tight.

Decisions I'm glad I made

I'm glad that I had overnight stay at hospital. I was given Bear Claw heated gown and socks, automatic compression boots that massaged my legs to prevent blood clots, IV to keep me hydrated and IV morphin drip for pains management.
2. Exparel injection: cost was $900 but a life saver and worth every penny. Virtual pain free just tightness and stiffness.
3. Hospital bed, bedside table, walker and toilet seat riser for home. All these has allowed me to be more independent and mobile.
4. Get in shape prior to surgery. I had started lifting weights to strengthen core and build upper arm strength.

Day 4, first look

Today is day 4 and my first look at my incision. I had follow up visit today with DR but drains won't come out until next Tuesday. So far, I'm very pleased. I'm sitting down and still look very flat and the nurse told me that I was swollen, but had very little bruising and irregularities in the smoothness. Incision is very low at top of hairline. I can't wait to continue to document my progress. It felt good to get out of today for a short 10 min drive to the doctor's office but I still plan to take it really slow. Don't want to rush the recovery. Husband returned to work today after dr's appointment.

One Week Post Op Celebration and Farewell to Gertrude

Today I'm celebrating my week 1 post op TT procedure, the day I said my final good-bye to Gertrude (aka my Gut). Gertrude was mean, stubborn an downright rude. Often times she craved pasta with heavy cream and promised that she would behave once I fed her, but she was also a compulsive liar. As soon as I ate the pasta, she would expand her arms and legs to see how big she could get. She wasn't happy until she forced to me unbutton my pants so that she could be free. Other times she would wait until I got around others to decided to climb out from other my spanx and just sit on top of the waistband of my pants. I told you she was mean. So do I miss her you ask? Absolutely not.

Even though, I'm hunched over like my 80 yr old grandmother, have an aching back pain like my grandfather (God Bless their soles), I know that in time I will be able to show off my stomach like I'm a teenager. Today, she is temporarily replaced by a white itchy binder, but please note come this summer, she will be shown off in a 2 pc bikini. Farewell Gertrude, you control me no more.

Day 8

I saw up most of the day alternated sitting in different chairs inside, got sunshine on the patio was awhile and went for a short car ride. That sounds simple but oh boy, I'm paying for it. I'm swollen and feel like I'm going to pop, plus I have a burning sensation at the front of my incision. I just had to use my walker to go to the bathroom. Guess who will be staying in bed most of the day tomorrow. I'm started to feel frustration because I ELECTED to put my body through this. Please remind me that there is a flat stomach at the end of this rainbow journey.

Another Disappointment today

I was excited to get my drains out today, the but got a call 1 hr before my appointment advising me that my appointment needed to be rescheduled for tomorrow.

This is one thing I do not like about the PS office, they seem to always have to postpone or reschedule appointments which cause a roller coaster of emotions.

Day 11

Today I feel like a new person. I was able to put on a nice sundress which hid my drains. I taped the tubes to the side of my leg so they wouldn't hang below my dress. It felt strange doing this, because I felt like a man trying to hide is PENIS, lol. Oh well the things we have to do.

Anyway, I was able to curl my hair, put on some much needed makeup and cook a basic meal. I'm now resting for the rest of the day, but it feels good to almost look and feel like ME again.

Morning protein Smoothie

Pineapple Mango smoothie with coconut water, vanilla protein and flaxseed. Yummy

Day 13 drains still in

Went to PS office yesterday to get drains removed but I was still draining too much 35 CC. It needs to be below 30 CC total in 24 hr period before they can be removed. They said maybe by tomorrow but I might just wait until Monday to be on the safe side. I don't want them to be removed prematurely and have to get them drained manually with a needle.

I'm feeling much better today, not as sore and walking more upright. The adjustable hospital bed gives my back the proper support which helps.

FYI, hospital bed rental

I'm doing laundry so decided to share a photo of my hospital bed. It came with the greenish mattress which is really thin, so I added the grey twin futon type mattress from IKEA on top which provides the right amount of softness and support.

I lower the bed and raise the back to a compete sitting position to get in and out. Once I'm in, I raise the legs which provides arch at the knee ( relieves pressure off my back) and I lower the head to about 45 degree angle.

The bed rental was $160 for 1
Month which included bed, mattress, side rails , delivery and set up.

Just FYI, in case someone is considering bed vs recliner.

2 weeks Post Op

Today is POD14, which cause for a small celebration. I've decided to let my drains stay in until Monday since I've only had one reading that was below the min mark.

I'm not complaining because I'm thankful that I'm not in any pain and things could be a lot worse.

Anyway, here are some POD14 pictures. Glue is stating to peel and I still have stitches in BB. I'm swollen more on the left side and I just figured out why. I'm right handed. So I wrap my binder from right to left which makes the right side tighter. So today, I switched and went from left to right and already feel a difference.

Photo app to hide Sugar Cookies

I used a free app called Aviary in my last photo post which has stickers that you can place on your photos to hide your "sugar cookies" in case you don't want to share your goodies with the world.

Once in the app, go to edit photo then select stickers and slide it across the cookie you want to hide. You can enlarge or reduce the size. Just FYI.

2 week post update

Yesterday evening I drove for the first time since the procedure and even went to the mall. Well, it was just one store but it was still in the mall. My daughter who hates to shop for dying to show me a shirt she liked in the mall. So because I'm such a good mother, I hobbled along and took her to the mall. Thank God, I found a chair as soon as we entered the store. Few hundred dollars later, I walked out looking like a 90 yr old grandmother. Felt like I was carrying the world on my back. My moderate pace had soon shifted to a turtle crawl. It felt so good to sit in the car with the seat against my back. Oh well, she was happy so I had to take one for the team. She has been my servant for the past two weeks, but I now think that we are even.

Incision Inspection Regret

For the first time since my procedure, I stood in front of a full length mirror and inspected my body. Oh no is right, why would I ever do something like that. You know the saying, "you get what you'll looking for?" Well, I
Managed to find several imperfections. I have imbalance issues which causes the feeling of motion sickness if I feel off balanced. I'm one of those people who has to straighten pictures and center things and can't read in a car. My poor husband.

Anyway, upon inspection I noticed that my BB seems off centered and my incision is uneven. Upon seeing this I wanted to faint. I knew better than to look, but the devil took over and there I was staring at myself in the mirror. The left side starts off straight then goes upward towards my hip. The right side is nice and low. I'm also more swollen on the left side so I don't know if this makes a difference.

With the room spinning I had to complete the madness, so I decided to try on swimsuit bottoms. Yes it was challenging with drains still in tow, but I had to do it. The scar is barely below the waistband and these weren't even tiny bikini bottoms or sexy panties. I know I will end up with a flat stomach but I don't want an obvious scar. Where is that perfect world that offers perfect bodies?

My very first time; Today I did it and it was awful

Everyone remembers their very first time down to the not so glory details of where it happened. I vowed, like so many before me that I would never do it, but It Just Happened. Others had talked about it and shared their experience, but I knew nothing I could do to prepare me for what I feared most, the pain of when it happened.

Well, today was my day, I did it and it was awful. I really tried to avoid it but it kept coming at me like something in the movies. I closed my eyes and greeted my teeth and waited for the unexpected. I felt it creeping through my body until it reached to point of no return, my nose. Kachewww, there was the dead awful sneeze. OMG, the pain ricocheted through my stomach like a ping pong machine. The pain started at the top of my abdominal and bounced from left to right, hitting every muscle and nerve ending that stood in it's way until it completed its way through my core.

I've been blessed not to have had any pain associated with my TT procedure, so the only thing I can imagine that this would compare to is labor pains. But please note, I said compare because I hate pain and avoid it all cost. I had 4 epidurals just to have one 5 lb baby, so I never really experienced labor pains.

Well, at least it's over with and I've gotten it out of the way. However, I hope to never experience this again. So I vow again, not to ever sneeze, cough, laugh, or blow until my 1 yr recovery anniversary. Wish me luck.

2 wks/3 dys- Devil Drains Removed

I got my drains removed, I got my drains removed and yes, I'm doing the Holy Ghost dance. No more devil drains sucking the life out of me. I feel like a new woman, a sense of freedom like I've just been paroled or something. It's crazy but I even feel healthier.
It does something to your self esteem when you have to walk around with tubes swinging from your sugar cookies oozing out foreign liquids in balloons that are attached to your hip. The thing we have to do.

The difficult part when the nurse had to cut the sutures from around the drains. Brace yourself; Hair had grown into the sutures in addition to crust from fluid build up. The nurse had to remove this hot mess prior to removing the drains. Some people may say that it's uncomfortable but to me it was painful. Not painful, that would make me want to cry, but painful like, damn I just stumped my toe kind of painful. Plus Since I had my drains in for over two weeks, I was no longer numb in the sugar cookie area. It was also a weird feeling to feel the drains snake through your insides to come out. It was quick. Thank God for small favors. Anyway, I came right home after my dr's appointment and colored my hair. Can't have a flat stomach and grey hair; doesn't make sense and I took a long much needed shower.

My shower has a built in seat and removable shower head, so I leaned my head to the side and washed out the color so it so wouldn't run down into my incision. I'm a happy new woman.

Week 3 Update

Yes, that's me progressing and improving each week. I still have swelling and more on the left side with rounded bottom. The nice glow on my skin is not from the lighting , oils or lotions. My skin is pulled so tight until it illuminates a shine.

Incision is still higher in left side than right but hey, I rather the incision than belly bulge or loose skin. Here are a few pictures .

New CG is so tight I have to switch to binder for later part of the day. Next Follow up visit is Tuesday.

I'm a big girl, I slept in my own bed.

Last night I was a big girl and slept in my own bed. Well, at least part of the night, that is before my
Husband came to bed. He started snoring and wheezing that wind blowing through a broken widow until I had to get up and leave. He's been so good to me I would feel bad if I kicked him out and made him sleep on the sofa or in guest room. Anyway, for the few short hours it was comfortable. I three pillows under my head and a wedge pillow under my knees. I still slept on my back and in my binder.

I've noticed that I'm improving each day. Today, I was able to go to church and lunch afterwards. Sitting in a booth feels better on my back than in a chair.

I switch between my binder, high waist (breast area) control panties and control garment. I also started massaging my incision with vitamin E oil. I will ask PS when I can start using silicone strips or Mepitac tape.

I still have scabs and some glue along my incision and scabs and dissolvable sutures around my bb.

Good idea gone bad

Well today I woke up with the bright idea that I should take a nice warm bath. My garden tub lied to me and told me that it only looked deeper than it actually was. After I ran my warm bath, I was excited to emerge myself slowly into the tub. As I started my descend, the tub seemed to get deeper and deeper. After I finically reached the bottom of the seemed like 6 ft tub, I knew that it was no longer a good idea.

The sides seemed to get wider and I was unable to hold on to the edge. My body is like a plastic baby doll, you know the plastic ones like Barbie that has movable arms and legs but the middle doesn't bend. Yeap, that's me. So I couldn't actually sit in the tub, but instead recline backwards with my head resting against the back. Well that worked until my head began to slide. I felt myself slowly beginning to slide into the water. I didn't want to panic, and my cell phone was feet away on the bathroom counter. I kept staring at it as if I would all of a sudden gain special powers and make it come to me.

Yelling wouldn't have helped either, because my bedroom and bathroom doors were closed, Plus since surgery, I hadn't been able to yell because I now become winded. A new benefit my kids are enjoying.

Anyway, I prayed that I wouldn't die before I had a chance to enjoy my flat stomach, plus I didn't want anyone to discover my body floating upside down and be shocked when they saw my half shaven swollen sugar cookie that now resembles a fat rat with a Mohawk. I willed myself to live and decided to let out all the water. Then I was able to brace myself with one hand as I rocked my body sideways, until I was able to reach the sides. I still do not know how my Barbie Doll body was able to bend so I could stand up, but I did. My relaxing bath almost turned into the latest episode on 1,000 ways to die. I'm just thankful that I'm alive to tell you about it. Guess who's taking a shower tomorrow?

After TT look different than I imagined

Okay tomorrow will be 4 weeks post and it doesn't seem that I will have the results that I desired. My stomach still bows out but now just at lower abdominal. I know what they say about recovery time, swelling, and being patient, blah blah blah. I paid my money and I want to be flat NOW. Is this too much to ask? Drains, off centered belly button, swelling, healing, more swelling ; where does the fine print stop? When I thought I done my research and knew all about the TT procedure and recovery, it seems like I discover something new each day. Oh well, I had to vent. I'm just afraid that I'm going to be disappointed in my final results. I'm second guessing everything from having the procedure to choosing my PS. Everyone else seems to flatter with definition. I feel so boxy.

And on top of it all, I found this picture on the internet. Just why can't I look like this? Maybe I'm just PMSing and need nap.

4 weeks celebration some things I didn't know

I made it to the 4 weeks mark. It was long on one hand but seem short on another. I've had a couple of down days where I threw myself a couple of pity parties, but thanks to all of my RS sisters for bringing me back to reality and keep me sane. Love you guys.

Now that I"m 4 weeks, I'm now recalling 4 important things that I didn't know or just not fully understand. I call this the fine print. So here it goes.

1. Didn't really understand, Drains. I knew that I would have drains, but didn't really understand what that really meant. Didn't realize that I would have to walk around with balloons filled with fluids safety pinned to my waist, with tubes coming out of my Sugar Cookie. One of the most uncomfortable places to put them. I had to sit with my legs open like I was trying to cool off after a bad yeast infection. Plus, no one mentioned that I would have to empty them. I have a weak stomach, but I made it through. Fine Print.

2. No where is it mentioned that after SX, I would have problems REACHING MY OWN BUTT?? You don't want to know the details. Fine print.

3. Back Pain. Yes, I was told that I would be hunched over for a few days, blah blah blah, but no where was it mentioned that I would feel like I was carrying a small village on my back. Fine Print.

4. Sleeping position. Sleeping on my back made the missionary position seem exotic. My sleeping position resembled more of a dead body in a casket, except my legs were gapped open like I was swimming the breast stroke. This position helped my back but killed my butt which now resembles a pancake. Fine Print.

Anyway, I'm still celebrating my 4 weeks because I'm thankful that I made it. I will attach a few before and after pictures to show my progress.

Constipation War Zone

The other night I wanted to feel normal again, so I attempted to sleep on my side. To get situated, I had to place a small pillow under my side and one at my back in an attempt to feel comfortable. But I had forgotten that I had taken a laxative because I hadn't pooped in three days because I had stopped taking my stool softeners.

First of all, I've never been a good pooper. But since my SX and taking stool softeners I had started pooping everyday and it felt good. Anyway, by laying on my side I must have pushed on a gas pocket. Sharp gas pains started shooting through me like I was being shot at in a war zone. I moaned and rocked like a cow in labor. I was sleeping in the guest room because of my husbands' snoring, toss and turning. This is another story at another time. So I decided to try to walk it out. As soon as I put a foot on the floor, my legs buckled. The gas pains were firing through my sugar cookie and if they couldn't find the right hole to exit. Okay, don't act like I'm the only who has had gas pains in the "sugar cookie" area before. Okay, maybe not.

I tried to rub my stomach to relieve the pain but since it was numb, I didn't make a difference if I had rubbed my stomach or the bedpost for that matter. It took me about 10 minutes to walk to my bedroom to look for some gas X, as I took bent over breaks along the way. I prayed to Baby Jesus in the Golden Diaper, "Lord help relieve me in the midnight hour." He was the only one who could deliver me from this excruciating pain. And when I walked into my room, there he was, my husband snoring like a grizzly bear oblivious to my pain and my final walk towards Glory.

The pistol pains kept firing even after I took 4 Gas X tablets, so I decided to put a suppository up my butt to help me poop. Have you ever had a suppository to stay up your butt and not come out? I didn't think this was normal. But just between my RS sisters, I have no idea where mine went. Hope it was up the right hole (enough said.)

After facing death, I decided to use an enema. Not sure if it were safe to use after losing a suppository, but I was desperate. Finally relief. I expelled gas and had so much fireworks to come out of my butt, one would have thought it was a fourth of July celebration.

Well, to make a long story short my RS sisters, even if you are feeling better and look 90% healed on the outside, no not stop taking your stool softeners. By the way, I'm still sleeping on my back. Happy Day!!

6 weeks milestone

Last Friday way my six weeks anniversary. I'm not where I want to be but I thank God I'm a lot better from where I started.

I've been crazy busy so I don't have time to write much. I'll write a proper post in a couple of days. I just wanted to make sure that I documented my 6 weeks.

I hate the way my bb is forming, I go back to the PS for him to check it out next week. Also, still have swelling in lower abdomen and flanks. The best part is on the six week date exactly, I'm
Now able to sleep on my sides.

Photos outside of collage

The pictures in the collage are hard to see so I'm posting them separately.

6 weeks recap

Before sx I remember focusing my goal on 6 weeks, because after all the PS said that by the 6th week I would be able to resume all normal activity. Well, that's a lie and some more small print for you. Yes, I'm way better than I was on week one but far from being 100% on week six. I play tennis, I'm no Serena Williams but I can't even imagine trying to run after a little yellow ball.

Last week I opened a window and had to get my 11 yr old son to close it for me. However, on week six I was able to take a 5 hr road trip to Ohio for a football game. What's even better, just minutes before we left my husband informed me that his parents would be there. Oh what joy. I suddenly felt like someone had jumped on my shoulders. Just the thought of their judgmental eyes were enough to weigh me down. Anyway, I survived and it felt good to get out of Michigan for the weekend.

Okay, here's the recap

Week One:
Hunched over like I was looking for something on the ground
Shortness of breath (like I had been running)
Aches and soreness ( like I had been beaten with a stick)
Slept on back in hospital bed
Challenges wiping my own butt (no comment).

Week Two:
Hunched over but a little more upright
Able to drive short distances ( although stomach felt like it was going to fly out the door during turns)
Able to go upstairs
Still slept on back in hospital bed

Week 3
Walking upright but tilted forward
Still soreness and back pain
Slept on back in hospital bed

Week 4
Walked tilted
Occasional back aches
Sore flanks
Started scar treatment ( pure cocoa butter and mepitac silicone/paper tape)
Slept of back with pillows in my own bed
Had sex, nothing fancy ( I was scared like a nun in a nightclub)

Week 5
Slept on back
Still soreness on flanks
Noticed changes in BB
Noticed side rolls ( prayed for swelling and not fat)

Week 6
Able to take long car ride
Still soreness and stiffness after sitting for long periods
Able to sleep on sides with knees raised (in fetal position)
Dr Steven Morris-Michigan Plastic Surgeon

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You look fabulous. I bet Hubby is glad the 'playground' is open again, but seriously, if I am able to achieve your progress after tomorrow, I'll be happy. Stay focussed on achieving little steps and keep taking photos to reflect on how far you have come. I will be watching.
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I really enjoyed reading all your posts... Thanks for the information, and humor to boot :). You look fabulous, Mama!
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I so, so LOVE reading your updates!! Nun in a nightclub!! Every day you're healing a little but more! You know that you need to trust your body! When you're body is ready, you'll know!! Thanks again for meeting up with me today! Fun to have someone who knows exactly what I've been going through for the past 6 months!!!
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Thanks for your 6 week update...... Great and entertaining as usual....a lot of great info. Keep us posted....your doing great and look fab!!!
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You look fantastic!!! Love your recaps. The nun comment made me crack up!
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You looks so good and are healing well ! Your recovery has been improving every day Serena !
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Thanks Suzy :-)
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Sexy, great breakdown of each week. Had no idea you had rented a hospital bed. You look fab, tummy and BB. Be pleased and patient. And the football game with the In laws, well hubby was smart not to say something until it was too late. I can so relate to that situation.
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Dream, the hospital bed was a life saver and I think better than a recliner because it was fully electric. I could bring the back up to a complete sitting position without using my stomach muscles. It was only $160 for 4 weeks. During the day I would just sit in it because it provided good support for my back.
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Nice to know, will maybe check into renting a hospital bed myself.
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Looking wonderful, Sexy! Your BB looks fine to me, but I understand that it's YOURS and you have a specific idea of how you want it to look. Congrats on the 6 week milestone!!
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Thanks SBG68
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I think your belly button is looking good! I'm sure the brown will fade. Yay for sleeping on your side. I just started too and it's been amazing. You look great!!!!
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Thanks Cmb82
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Hey girl! you look great!! the dis-coloration on the BB will fade with time. Its your skin pigmentation you can get some cream for it later if it needs the help. don't let it see the sun for awhile!! I love the way everything is coming out!! have a beautiful day
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You are Looking Good ..... : )
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Thanks NJG
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Hey Sexy4Life!!! You look awesome..... That tattoo look will go away....just takes time. Belly button is repairing itself. Those lines will go away too....it looks like brown lines but it is collagen regenerating back in your BB...that disappears in time too...you look fabulous in your bathing suits too....I'm so jealous !!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
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Kh216, thanks lady. I also just saw your post from August asking how to post pictures. One you set up a profile then you write a review, then you can add/ upload pictures from your phone or computer.
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Hey Sexy4Life.....the advice I gave you about your BB was not mine......I read that from a question I reviewed from a RS doctor response from a lady who had the same reaction you have about your BB....also I had those lines and pigment too. My pigment was red and brown but it went away and I didn't do anything. Thanks for telling me about the profile set up. I don't have my before pictures from my PS yet, but I have some pictures of me now....I just made 5 months post-op....no before pictures but I'll post me now anyway. My BEFORE pictures would make all the RS ladies run for the hills screaming anyway!! LOL.... As soon as I figure it out I'll let you know. You look marvelous!!!
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Thanks and don't forget to let me know once you have set up your profile.
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Hi Sexy4Life....I won't ....I'm trying to do it now but I can't figure it out!! I read the instructions but can't understand where do I type to write my journal!! Can you tell me some simple uncomplicated steps ? If you can't it's okay.....I'm determined to figure it out!! I went to the profile section but where do tap on to type? I want to upload my pictures too...I have an iPhone. I could probably figure that part out.
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Do you see write a review upper right hand side?
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I sent you a private note with the instructions.
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