Septoplasty Surgery Was Painful, but the Results Were Worth It

The only con from the surgury was the excessive...

The only con from the surgury was the excessive pain imediatly afterwards. But the pros greatly outweigh the con.

Originally the doctor told me that I might possibly still have a great deal of pain after I healed, but four weeks later I was able to wear my glasses. I am also now able to sneeze like a normal person. I am extremely pleased with they outcome.

I had the surgury because I had a fractured nose and it was causing severe problems.

I had septoplasty and turbinate reduction done today. I bleed a lot, and my throat hurts from the tube they had in during the surgery, but i m fine - as you can see. I dont know what the resluts will be like yet, but as for pain - i don't think i even need pain killers. Maybe i was lucky and my case is not that difficult or mabe i have higher tolerance to pain, nonetheless i feel decent.
Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor and I have had two surguries with him and the outcome was amazing.

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