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I am a few weeks away from my first Coolsculpting...

I am a few weeks away from my first Coolsculpting appointment and I am very apprehensive. I am about to spend a great deal of money to get 6 areas treated and I am panicking that I made the wrong decision. Originally I wanted to get a tummy tuck, but the doctor I chose for a consultation no longer does them because he has a back injury and can't perform a surgery for that length of time anymore. He seemed confident I would be happy with the results of Coolsculpting but honest about the fact that I wouldn't have the tight, flat stomach I would get from lipo and a tummy tuck. I honestly never considered having lipo before because the procedure scared me, but he told me that for the results I wanted, if I chose not to go with Coolsculpting, aggressive lip WOULD be necessary. That made the decision very difficult for me. Eventually I opted to go with it. After putting down a $500 deposit, and finding this site and seeing more pictures and reviews, I'm scared I'll be wasting my money. I am glad for those of you who are happy with your results, and I do see a lot of you who are, but the chances seem high that any one of us won't see the results we want. I will go through with the procedure because I don't want to lose my $500. I really hope I'm wrong. Will add before photos when it gets closer to my appointment.
Hi, I had coolsculpting done 8wks ago, 4 sections abdomen. Im 46 165lb, 2 babies but don't have loose skin. I can say yes it works, take measurements. I did 4 ab measurements top to lower and as of 6 wks when I measured I was down 5.75in. I lay down now and have a flat stomach. Heres the facts, its hurts when the applicator is on and sucks in fat for a minute - then it freezes your fine. Just be prepared you will have some discomfort and swelling for up to a month - just the truth. I didn't want to have surgery and Im very happy with results, ok Im a nurse and actually work for board certified plastic surgeons. My question for you if you have loose or saggy skin this won't work. A full tummy tuck takes maybe just under 3hrs, mini is less. Of course recovery is longer and you do have a incision that is hip to hip, my friend had it done where I work and was very happy. If you go ahead with the cool sculpting, 6 areas are alot. I did 4 and was there almost 5hrs. Drink lots of water and I avoided ibuprofen saying they wanted the inflammation. Good luck!
Thank you for your response, it comforts me a little bit about Coolsculpting. Here's the thing....I think I have loose skin but when I had my consultation, the nurse commented that she didn't see loose skin, and the doctor kind of agreed with her. He said that I see it more than they do (whatever that means). I don't really know what the difference is between loose skin and fat I guess! I always assumed it was loose skin because my "pouch" wasn't there before baby but has been there ever since, even though I've lost most of the baby weight. As of today, I'm kind of off the tummy tuck idea and feel that maybe lipo is the way to go, since it seems to have withstood the test of time as far as results go.
Hi there! I had coolsculpting done 9/29/13. My results were minor the immediate month after. I did two small applicators on either side of my belly button. I carry fat right in the belly (you can see my pictures in my profile). Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon Thanksgiving and onward, first the holidays then a repeated back injury that threw off my workout routine so now I'm working on getting back in shape again. ANYWAY -- I am on the fence whether or not I'd recommend coolsculpting. Mostly because I didn't keep my end of the bargain. I remember reading it takes as many as 3 months to 6 months to see the results. Now that I'm back on track, I'll see how I do once I am where I was when I had my SINGLE procedure done (I emphasize because some people do multiple). If I did it again, I'd rather spend the money on one of the newer methods of liposuction... although the recovery leaves me to only do it when I can really take the downtime and the (rare but) possible risks.

Loose skin or fat?

Here are my pre-coolsculpting pictures. I'm still debating on whether to do it or not. Today I plan to call to see what my options are for a refund, but part of me still wants to try it. I just wish it was a sure thing! Coolsculpting or lipo? Or tummy tuck???
CoolSculpting always works but you need to have the right expectations. If you work with it by diet and exercise you will gain the best results.
Dr. Loomis did my Lipo and mini tummy tuck three years ago. I just had cool sculpting done today with him, and am curious to see how it compares!!

Decided against Coolsculpting

I went for a few more consultations and a tummy tuck seems to be what I'm looking for. Each PS I spoke with was so helpful. What a learning experience this has been!
My sister had tummy tuck. She got a near perfect tummy as most fat was removed. There was a lot of pain and long recovery. But she has a long scar that goes from one end of the hip to another. I don't like the scar. I have similar fat rolls on my upper stomach. I got 2 hours of cool scuplting on each side of the upper stomach. Very little pain. Doctor says wait for 2 months for results so I will wait. WIll update.
Thank you, I am eager to hear about your results! I have decided against tummy tuck because of the scar. I'm trying to lose as much weight as possible to see if I can "live" with the belly I end up with, or if I will reconsider Cool Sculpting. I just think the procedure needs time to "prove itself".
I had cool sculpting , I'm not a stranger to cosmetic procedures. I tried this body wrap and got way more results. Funny, we can jump in to spend a lot if money at our plastic surgeons office but when it comes to a new product we shun away. I became a distributor after wrapping twice and seeing great results. I also cut a few small pieces and eliminated a filler flaw, I've had that for a year. Now it's gone. I love it, if you would like to pick my brain, cablanda @aol.com. I am grateful I jumped in a gave this a chance.
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Dr. Loomis is very calm and gentle and reassuring. He has experience in lipo, tummy tucks, and other major cosmetic surgeries and I have confidence he knows what he is doing. I did not end up pursuing Coolsculpting because I realized it was not the procedure for me, and Dr. Loomis was very respectful of that. I would recommend him on the basis of that alone.

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