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I went to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon back...

I went to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon back in Sept of 2011 to have surgery in the under-eye area to remove some saggyness and slight bags that had begun to worsen, This "doctor", without my knowledge or consent, put filler in my under eye area in addition to tightening the corners of my eye to reduce the saggy appearance. Within three days of that surgery, my under eye area was so mis-shappen and bumpy, I knew something went terribly wrong. I went back ot him and he told me its "natural post swelling" and to "give it time".

Since I never had surgery before, and because he was a doctor, I trusted his opinion and waited over a month after that surgery to see if anything improved. It didn't. I then went back and was told he would need to go "back in" and remove some "excess tissue" that was causing this irregular formation and now, an off-color tint to my skin tone in that area. Again, believing him, I went in for a second surgery in November 2011. he "improved" some areas yet in other places under the eyes (mainly the corners and tear duct area) were now WORSE than before this second surgery. I was becoming very distraught asking him repeatedly if he had added tissue or any type of filler in my face. He adamantly stated "no" every time.

As time passed from this second surgery, I became more and more depressed, angry, and self-conscious of how I now looked, so much so that after being told by him that there was "nothing he could do for me at this point", I attempted suicide. I had spent over $2,500.00 for the original surgery only to look and feel like I had aged twenty years.I couldn't stand looking at it anymore and I was so disgusted with him and MYSELF for even having tried it, that I decided I'd rather choose a "permanent" solution of own to this problem.

After a long hospital stay and several months of counseling, I tried to force myself to be acceptable of how I looked and to move forward with life. To others, i appeared to be doing well outwardly, but inside, I was dying. No matter how I tried to cover this mess with make-up, sun glasses or other treatments, nothing changed its obvious distortions and I felt myself slipping back into that abyss of depression once again.

Out of the blue and within that same week, a friend of mine sent this websites link. I began reading reviews. I began realizing just how many of us had gone through horrible, even worse experiences and I came across the review titled 'H-saved my sanity". I read it and that next morning, had an appt at a different doctors office. I had two vials of Hyaluonidase put in both under-eye areas and with 36 hours, all those bumpy formations, sporatic indentations, and creased layers of skin were GONE!!! Not only that, but my skin tone is back to a healthy, oxidized, EVEN-tone.

The doctor that did the original surgery and unauthorized filler is Doctor Hamacher of Madison Plastic Surgery. The Doctor who literally saved my life is Dr. Parfitt of Middleton WI. I can't say enough about the breach of Ethics Hamacher has violated in particular, to do "no Harm".


I was so relieved to read that the Hyaluronidase worked well, and dissolved the lumpiness. I am sorry you had to walk through such a dark period. Thank goodness you are still here to share this with us. With an experience like this behind you, I would be curious what your take is on cosmetic treatments as a whole, if you would feel comfortable sharing that?

I think plastic surgery is a great way to improve one's looks if you are unhappy. I don't see any difference in having plastic surgery vs. going to a gym to work out. You work out in order to look and feel better, spend hundreds of $'s on gym memberships, diet plans, pills, etc.. Plastic surgery offers someone the opportunity to enhance, change, or resolve problem areas resulting in the benefits reached by working out i.e, Boosted self-confidence, increased self-esteem, and achieving the desired results.

I strongly caution anyone who considers plastic surgery to check with more than one plastic surgeon. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, research the doctor, have more than one consultation. Make sure you get to view before and after photos of previous patients. Check your local Court system and Division of Licensing and Regulation to see if any lawsuits are pending or have been filed in the past on the doctor/clinic BEFORE you agree to any procedure.

Make sure your expectations of surgery or the procedure is reasonable; Understanding that this is NOT the "fountain of youth" and all procedures have their limitations. make sure you understand that with ANY procedure or surgery, there is potential for complications, infections, and worsening conditions no matter how experienced the doctor is. Just read the reviews here... Hyaluronidase works for some, not others. Juvederm worked great for some;not others and so on. Each person experiences a different outcome.

Know that you are all beautiful no mater what problem area you are trying to "fix" and that we are worthy of having doctors we can put our trust in. There are far too many so-called physicians who opt to "experiment" and do procedures without consent once you are under anesthesia,they will lie about their abilities, take your cash, and then slam the door on you when come back with severe complications.

There are also fantastic doctors out there who are highly qualified, will tell you if a procedure or surgery is NOT in your best interest and who will stand behind you even in times of post operative complications. You owe it to yourself to do the research, the rest is up to the doctor. I hope everyone finds the best one (doctor) for them.

Wow, very well said, and I couldn't agree more!


Vitrase x3!!!

My face is Finally re-emerging after filler nightmare! To see the pic's that show all the filler, look under my review "Brow lift".... Crazy!!!
Can you post some before pics? ...there is nothing to compare this with..
if you go to the review I have under BROW LIFT the photos of all the juvederm under my eyes in my brows, etc are very evident. I had to post those PICS under Brow lift because this site wouldn't let me do an update to this posting under Dr. Parfitt as I had gone to Dr. Robertson for my final treatments of Vitrase. Just click on my picture and then click on the "brow lift review' and ALL my pics from this juvederm nightmare are there. I didn't have a brow lift though- it's straight vitrase that got rid of the juvederm.

I had almost the same problem, but with huge bump from Restylane on my forehead. Believe me HYALURONIDASE save my life!!!!!

Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Parfitt is wonderful! He listens, he is attentive, he takes photos of before an dafter. He is very reputable, very knowledgeable, and has a pleaasing, reassuring manner. He is reasonably priced and I can attest to his first rate performance. if you are in WI, you really need to check him out. He only specializes in the face. he is not and all encompassing plastic surgeaon9Breasts, etc). This assures the highest quality care and experience by him....I can't thank him enough or my friend who sent me your link. I thank each of you on this site as well for had it not been for your reviews and the subject of Hyaluonidase, I'm not sure I would be here today.

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