I developed my breasts between 8th and 9th grade,...

I developed my breasts between 8th and 9th grade, from bee stings to a C cup! I received a lot of unwanted attention from boys, and girls alike. I was always "the girl with the big boobs". I have never, ever been comfortable in my own skin. I tried to get insurance to cover it when I was 19, but they wouldn't. So I was forced to deal with what I have. It's so crazy, because I've carried around 15-20 extra lbs, forever. I'd go through periods where I'd lose it, and be really toned and look really great, but then my boobs would look even more ENORMOUS! Which made me really, really uncomfortable. So gradually the weight crept back up, and I'd start wearing baggier clothes again to hide. I've recently realized that this may be something that I do sub-consciously! Because I hate doing anything that will draw attention to them. I've heard so many comments about "putting the girls away" if I've tried to dress a little "sexier", eventually I just stopped.
I turned 35 this year. I started taking classes in an attempt to get a nursing degree. I'm a mother of two gorgeous children, and we are a very busy family. I am sick and tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Of this extra burden I carry on my chest. I no longer want to feel ashamed about myself. I want to be able to chase after my kids, and play with my dog!
I have decided that next year, after my classes are done for the summer, I am having my BR surgery! I will try to have my insurance cover it, I have a bit of time to try and get needed PT, and chiropractor paperwork). And even if they won't, I'm doing it! I have waited 21 years!! I have read so many wonderful stories, and all the great feedback from other users is really encouraging!
My husband is nervous, (as am I), that I won't be pleased with the results. He is worried that my expectations will be so high that I will be disappointed. I have assured him that ANYTHING, (pretty much), is better than what I have been dealing with for all these years. The PS that I am consulting with comes very highly recommended, so I am pretty confident. (I would be very confident, but it's a very scary surgery!!! But I want it done more than anything!)
I welcome any feedback, I'm already chomping at the bait, I don't know how I'll wait almost a year to do it! I'll keep you posted as to how I'm holding up ;) I look forward to the warm support that I've seen amongst all the users here!
I understand what you are saying. I've had to wear a bra by the fifth grade, D cup by eight grade and DD by ninth grade. I'm a month post op and not sure if I'm a C or D but it is already better than the 42G before surgery. I waiting 30 years and I don't regret anything even though I'm have some wound care problems because of my own health but it is better everyday.
I'm so happy you decided to do it! I hope the wound issues are getting better! I really am so excited, and can't wait to do it! :)
Our stories pretty much mirror one another....you will find that with many of us... WE all pretty well hid them as much as we could....Whatever fears you have, really they are just phantom, meaning they really don't exist.... ONCE you have made your mind and insurance co's work with you, your DH will accept your outcome, as you will feel so much better. BRAVO for making this decision....it took me awhile longer, as I travelled a lot with my job, but now retired...it was time!

Can't wait...

I will try to talk to some of the medical professionals that I talked to a few years ago about BR, but honestly, I probably won't be able to wait until next spring! I think I will take the winter semester off from school to get this done! I thought about it, and I really don't think I want to have to forgo going swimming, and miss out on summer activities due to recovering! Also, in winter the kids will be in school, and I will be able to rest all day while they are in school. Whereas if I wait until late-May, the kids will be getting out a few weeks later, and I may not be able to rest like I should. So... I think I'll be talking to my PS very soon :)

Ok. Really embarrassing. Pics :(

The girls trying to escape captivity of a bikini

Consultation appt made :)

My consultation is Weds! I will talk with my PS, and find out if he thinks my case could qualify for insurance coverage. I am so very excited to talk to him. I have been in a lot of pain for a long time, in addition to the emotional toll I have been through. Now, after suffering from a back injury that I can't seem to bounce back from, I really need this! The extra weight from my breasts is prohibiting my recovery! Ugh! Thanks for listening...
Good luck you will be so happy when you are on the recovery side. This is the best non emergency surgery I've ever done and did it for ME.... we will be waiting for your dates,, your getting there!
Thanks so much for the encouragement!!! :)
Oh man, mine totally do the same thing in a bikini. And if I wear a one piece with a shelf bra, they become a low hanging uniboob. Bathing suits and big boobs are a nightmare! Good luck with your consult, I'll keep my fingers crossed that insurance will cover it for you.

Anyone else have breathing problems due to large breasts?

I forgot to ask, do any of you suffer from shortness of breath? I developed "asthma" when I was 18, which coincidentally was also the time when I went up to a D cup. I always struggle to take in a deep breath, having to lift my breasts in order to actually expand my lungs. Anyone else have this problem? I'm thinking I never actually had asthma, and was incorrectly treated for years :(
I wanted to tell you... no, you're not the only one with breathing issues! I'm only 2 days post and already I can feel the weight off my lungs. It's so much easier to breathe! And my neck, shoulder, and back pain are GONE! I was expecting eventual relief, but this was so immediate! I actually went for a massage the week before surgery to work on a knot under my shoulder blade. It helped, but the boob weight would make it just come back again. The knot now is completely gone! You will be so happy to get this done. It is completely worth the wait! Just be patient and focus on staying hydrated. The time is near! Be good to yourself :-)
Thank you so very much! Just thinking about all this time having been treated for a condition I didn't have, makes me so mad. Granted, I had stopped taking the meds very shortly after, I just KNEW I did not have asthma :( Never once, did anyone suggest that the weight from my chest could be giving me issues. (all my doctors are males!) Grrrrr! I will definitely mention this to my PS!

Heading to my consult!

Today's the day of my consult! I am walking out the door right after I finish this post! I am so excited to finally be talking to someone again about this procedure! I would say "you have no idea how long I've wanted this", but I know you all do!!!!! Thanks for all the encouragement! I'll let you know how it goes :) Have a stupendous day!
hi there, i was an 10i (australian sizes) and i had a constant pinching ache between my shoulder blades and breathing, well that was really weird. Just near the little ditch at the bottom of the front of the throat i had this pulling pinching feeling that felt like someone had my airway sitting just behind their finger tips. It was the same sort of feeling a person gets when they "choke up" when crying and when i layed down on my side in bed my boobs squished together all the way up to my throat too which made things worse. Safe to say its all gone now and i havent had it back since surgery which was 3 weeks ago today :) the back ache goes straight away but its hard to tell because some people get a sore back from sleeping upright like i did. I hope your excited :) take care and post soon!! x
Wow! That's incredible! I'm really happy it went away for you! My breathing issue is more like, I can't get a deep breath. I have to struggle to get the air in, so it looks like I'm yawning a lot of the time, because I have to breath that deeply to get a normal amount of air in! Crazy right? I also have to lift my breasts away from my chest while I do that. :( I heard the back pain goes away instantly! So exciting!!!
That is pretty crazy but it sounds slightly farmiliar. I used to have a puffer because i did the asthma test and they said i couldnt take a deep enough breath. Wonder if id pass now? Hopefully your troubles ease, i found every day maybe 3 times throughout i would gently take a deeper breath to stretch out the soreness alittle. It helped wonders when id yawn or dneeze i wouldnt hurt so much! As for the back pain it really does go but its hard to notice some days for some because you can get abit of a sore bum and lower back with the ways you sit and even proping yourself up only works so much. If i had of had one of those memory foam pillow wedge think i think i would have been more comfortable. If you can afford to i strongly recommend it :) tc. X

Not exactly what I was expecting...

Ok. So, I had my consult. The PS was great. He really seemed to know his stuff. He told me things before I even had to ask, which was great! He did agree that I should get a BR as opposed to a BL, which I was leaning toward anyways. He said I was a good candidate for the "lollipop" or "short scar" reduction, which I was happy about, due to smaller incisions= less healing time :)

He is planning on doing the procedure so that I will have some fullness on top, whereas right now I am "bottomed out" he said. Because the dense tissue has dropped down, I am very wide/full on the bottom of my breasts. And lifting them as well :) I was so excited to hear all this wonderful stuff, and then...

Now the sad part... Unfortunately I do not have enough tissue to remove to qualify for insurance coverage :( The insurance company wants 600g taken from each breast in order to cover, my PS told me if he took that much I would have an A cup. He won't remove that much tissue. My husband wouldn't allow it either! So I will have to pay out of pocket. This was quite disheartening to hear, especially knowing that my husband isn't keen on the prospect of me getting it, and I wasn't sure how he would react to this news...

He was wonderful. I give him so much credit, he was a little taken aback, but knows how much it means to me, so he really took it in stride. I will talk to him further, but I am really thinking that I will do my surgery either mid December, or early January!!! They have appointments available for both time periods. It's a matter of me finding out about school and when semester ends/finals are and stuff.

Holy smokes! I'm actually planning this all out, for real, in my head! Whoa! I can't get too far ahead of myself, lol. Hubby and I still have to hash out all of the details, and see about getting the time off approved! That's the other thing. If I can't get the time approved from work, it's a no-go :( Yikes, didn't think of that until right now...

Well, one can dream, right? I'll hold on to this hope for right now, and keep you abreast (ahem, lol) of the situation :-D
I felt selfish too but how often as women, wives and moms are we selfish and do things for ourselves? Enjoy and it's only money, I'd rather have better quality of life myself and save up for the next project. Lol
you're right. I know, I keep saying that I feel bad for using the money on something like this, but I'm running around bring kids here and there, doing PTO stuff, going to school myself, babysitting other peoples kids, working, and I'm tired! I'm tired of wrapping myself up in layers so nobody knows how big I am, lol.
Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and support! It's so great to know that I'm not in this alone. I spend so much time thinking that I'm selfish for wanting to spend our money on this, but at the same time, I am just not happy with myself. I have a good life, wonderful husband, awesome (and adorable) kids ;) but I can't fully enjoy all the wonderful things God has blessed me with because I am so self conscious about my body... jerseyperson- I totally agree! I hate to even use that as an excuse, but I really feel the same! When I was a kid I could run around the neighborhood playing tag for hours, once I developed, I was out of breath so easily so I just stopped! I quit the swim team, because I hated being in a bathing suit (the sport suit didn't have any support, so it just mashed me out the top and sides). Moondiemoo- that's insane!!!!! Why wouldn't they cover that??? So ridiculous how the insurance companies work :( Terre55- I hear the pain goes away immediately! So excited about this! I really would love to give a talking-to to all the doctors who have tested me time and time again for breathing issues and never ONCE suggested that having large breasts could contribute to shortness of breath!

A date is set!!!!!!!!!

I have scheduled my surgery for Monday December 30th!!!! I am so EXCITED!!!!!!! Wow! I can't believe this is actually going to happen!!!!!! Now, officially, THE WAIT WILL BE EXCRUCIATING!!!!! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I don't even know what to do with myself now!!! LOL!!!!!!!! OhmyGOSH! OhMYGOSH! OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!! Hahaha... Sorry, ladies! Can you tell I'm a little excited???
Wonderful :D if your after some things to do to feel like your using your time wisely while you wait maybe try to "train" before our surgery. I wish id had the chance you feel so sluggish and unfit after when you dont! And sit ups! Its so hard to sit up without flexing your chest muscles! Plenty of time for you to prepare :) goodluck!
Thank you so much! What great information! I am definitely planning on being in very good shape by the time I have my surgery! :)
I know exactly how you feel! Well, I'm sure we all do here! It is soooo exciting! Better than christmas!! The time will pass quickly, it will be here before you know it. Keep us posted :)


When I brought the idea of BR up to my hubby, he initially said "Well, go to the gym, you usually feel better when you're doing that. Then we can talk about it." I was a little disappointed that he didn't jump right on board with me and say OK! Lets do it! lol. However, as I thought about it, I don't blame him. He has zero idea what it's like. I told him that.
I have lost weight in the past by working out and eating right, but never lose my boobs! I started going back to the gym the day I decided I was definitely having the surgery. (This was before the consult and everything. The day I decided that it was THAT important to me.)
So I've made a new goal for myself. Our friend Moondiemoo suggested training, to help with the waiting process first, and in turn, the healing process later. I am now seriously working out. I've been going to PT, but now I'm actually using weights to help strengthen muscles that were damaged due to the car accident I was in. I've also started eating better. A few years ago I lost weight and was 126 lbs. On my 5'4" frame, that should have been a good weight for me, but with my boobs, everything else looked smaller and I looked too thin! (From what other people said.) I thought my body looked good, but my boobs were ginormous :( So I am trying to lose that weight again, and get back down to 125-130 lbs, so when I go for my consult in December, he won't have a problem with making them smaller, because at that size, they will be more proportionate! That makes sense, right? Ok, off to the gym I go :) Thank you again for all the lovely comments, and support!
Hiya I bit of advice to take or leave lol Do what YOU want, I had problems with others say I need implants (I didn't want them) You look tiny so you don't need large breasts also they only sag again when your older. Check all options as regards scars a reduction and lift is not as painful as implants and healing times not so bad (I had no pain at all) And best of all look forward to runny without hanging onto those rockets :) best of luck to you x
~ running
Thank you! I am definitely NOT considering implants. I want to be the smallest size possible, lol. Like I said earlier, my hubs has a say in the whole process. I wouldn't want to leave him with nothing ;) I am looking forward (like you wouldn't believe) to try and run without them!!! haha... Seriously though, the reduction w/lift NOT as painful as implants??? That's crazy! I know it will be a little rough, as far as healing goes, but I honestly feel like I have waited a lifetime to do it :) Thank you for your kind words and advice!

Positivity rules!

Nothing to update about my BR, but I updated my date of surgery yesterday, and I've just gotten on my profile since then, and I am so excited to see my count-down has started!!! LOL! "5 months pre" WOW!!! I love seeing that! Haha. :)
So I missed going to the gym these last 2 days... I've got some stuff going on here. That's ok though. I'm not beating myself up about it. I've come to realize that I set myself up for failure because I set unrealistic goals. Now, my specific goal is to get as healthy as possible, that's not unrealistic, right? I have been eating better, which is good. Previously, if I missed the gym I'd think that I've already screwed up, so might as well eat bad too. Not going to do that though, if I can help it! I've been making these fantastic smoothies, with fruit and veggies, that are super healthy and really delicious. I think my body is actually craving them rather than the sweets that I usually eat.
I don't know about many of you, but I've struggled with my weight since I developed breasts. I stopped playing sports b/c I was self-consious of them. I didn't do many "active" activities. So while I'm (not so) patiently waiting, I can use my updates to help keep me accountable. Maybe there are some others out there doing the same thing, and we can help each other! Thanks for listening :)
Hi tamjoy!! I just wanted to say hi. I'm glad you are staying positive and focused. I think it's awesome you are practicing healthy behaviors as much as possible prior to the surgery, and channelling your energy in this direction. I decided to loose some weight post-operation (though I may not weigh much to some, or it may not seem like a lot to loose to others, it's been a challenge for me), which I kinda wish I had done prior to surgery. I think I will (and already have) see a reduced amount of upper fullness in my breast because of post-surgery weight loss (and I like that look). So, I think your doing great things that will surely be a benefit to the outcome of your surgery, keep us posted :)
Thank you so much, Kittyisblue! What wonderful, supportive, and kind words! I've seen your review and you look great! I'm surprised you fit into a D cup! Although if your band size was a 34, you'd be a C for sure! You're just so tiny that unless your boobs were A cups they'll look big ;) I have definitely stressed that I want to be a big B or small C. I just ordered a 34DDD and it was too small :( I'm currently binding my chest in a maximum support sports bra with under wires and big, thick straps (very unsightly, lol) and a compression tank top, then usually another tank over that then either a t shirt or another tank top. It's really cumbersome and hot and annoying. But it hides them pretty well, I think! Haha. I can't WAIT to be done with this crap! :)) thanks again for the wonderful reply!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Well, since the other day I have been going non-stop! We've had a weekend full of birthday parties, and running here and there and every where for gifts and food and preparations! Add work to the mix and I'm officially done! I've been cleaning the house all day today, getting ready to have people over and trying to make some adjustments to my school schedule for the up coming semester. Whew!!! My weekend schedule for the next month is all work and birthday parties. I'm not kidding... Every single weekend we have at least 2 parties, some weekends there's more than that! I'll be broke by the time summer's over!
I haven't been to the gym since Weds. But it's ok. I ate pretty decently considering the circumstances. I've been able to curb my snacking during my work shift. I would usually stop and get a sweet snack (like a muffin, or donut, or ice cream) to eat during my shift at work. I've been really good about not doing that since I've been back. At home I'm also not snacking as much. I'm drinking lots of water, and still not craving sweets :) I was even good while making cupcakes this weekend! No spoonfuls of frosting, or "testing" the cake batter!!! (If you knew me, that's HUGE!!!! LOL) I was even able to try just a tiny piece of key-lime pie and ONE mini cream puff at the party! Woo-hoo!!!! Go me!!!
I hope everyone's doing well, and things are going smoothly for our friends in the healing stages :)
Hi Tamjoy, Great to follow your updates- your philosophy is just right I think. I allowed my weight to slip in the run up to the operation, only by a few pounds but I am really paying the price now as I've put on ANOTHER few pounds since the op due to lack of exercise. I justified my pre-op weight gain to myself (and others, though I'm sure they saw through it) by thinking that it would be better to have the op at a weight that's sustainable so that they would never get any BIGGER afterwards. But now I'm going to lose the weight (and I know I will) and I'm wondering how that'll affect the shape of the new boobs and, as someone has said here, whether it'll lessen the tissue at the top that's giving them fullness. Oh, I dunno! The thing that occurs to me is that what slim looked like with big boobs is not what slim looks like without them! I always blamed my fuller figure on the size of my boobs- in my mind it meant that I could never be slim because it would look so strange, or even that the sheer size of my boobs meant that I could never get to a certain weight anyway. But now when I see my figure it's clear that I'm carrying much more weight on my hips and thighs than I ever noticed before. You're doing the right things and I'm soooo impressed!
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Keep em nothing wrong here

Taking pics down

Hello friends! I just want to let you all know that due to the creepy people that have been lurking around here I have opted to take down a couple of pics. I will continue to update, and will possibly do a before pic again closer to my surgery date. I was confused as to the privacy on the site and thought that only those who log on with a username and password are allowed to see the photos. My mistake!
Hope everyone is doing well!
I will definitely still update and even possibly put some before and after pics after surgery. I'm not promising anything, but I will probably be so excited about, and eager to share the results with all the lovely people who really are interested in the actual process :)
I'm sorry you had to resort to this! I'm starting to see a lot more unsavory behavior as well. I too was not aware that our privacy was at such a great risk. I will be taking my photos down too. This is not fair to us.
Hopefully the folks who run the site will take care of it. They said they took care of he last guy. I'm just weary because I have "distinguishing features" that anyone who knows me, if they looked can see.

A new day!

Ok. A big Thank You! to the administrators for helping out with that "issue" yesterday.

Today is a new day, and I'm back to being positive :)) There are so many new beginnings coming my way, and I am so excited about all of them! I am getting ready to start my next semester of school, (on my way to a new career), I am starting a new position at work, (which I am very much looking forward to), I am President of the PTO at my children's school this year, (very nervous about this!), and my Christmas present will be a BR!!!! What an unbelievable next few months I have going on!!!

And, I lost 5 lbs since my big "Training" update! Unfortunately I haven't been to the gym in a week, but I've been eating very good and drinking lots of water! I've even gotten myself down to drinking coffee only every other day (about), I'm not too worried if that doesn't stick. But I haven't gotten headaches like I usually do from skipping it :) I'm scheduled to go on a little vacation in a couple weeks, and if I can just lose another 5 lbs by then I may be able to fit into my shorts!!! Fingers crossed!

Thank you again, all my friends who posted their encouragement, and who are so understanding towards my feelings with what happened yesterday. I really appreciate it. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone else, really I don't, but I am embarrassed about the way I look. I don't like my breasts, and don't even like my husband to see them...

Hope everyone is having a good day and healing is going swiftly and smoothly :)
I'm not letting punk that has no idea spoil this sight for me either.
I have reported anyone immediately to Kimmer & she zaps them. I worried at first but they're going to find something somewhere for their kicks.
Thanks. I'm glad that everyone on here really looks out for each other :) I continue to be encouraged by the wonderful support from all of you! You're right, about these creepers. They're out there just looking for pics of boobs. It's sad, really, but I still won't stand for it! I can't even tell you how relieved I was to find a community like this one. I just want it to stay "safe" from pervs ;)

Still on the right track!

Hello everyone! Just a quick update. I'm still eating pretty good. We had birthday parties all weekend, so I did eat pizza two days in a row, but I was good and didn't scarf down 4 slices like I would normally have done! I think I had 2 sm slices at each party. I didn't gain any weight, so that's good! Unfortunately I still haven't made it to the gym again. Way too much stuff going on! But I'm headed in the right direction!

I started my new position at work. That went well. The other staff seem very nice, and I was busy the whole shift. It was hard to make the hour drive home in the morning, though. I was VERY tired! (I work third shift, on the weekends). Also, something to be noted, I can go pretty much the whole shift (8.75 hrs), without going on crazy snack binges! That's HUGE for me! I would usually bring "lunch" or "dinner" with me, and then have snacks on top of that, usually not healthy ones, either. So I really am in a good mind set right now :))

I was at Target the other day, and they have some sports bras on clearance right now, and I was so tempted to buy a couple, just because they were so cheap! But I restrained myself. I'll get some when It gets closer ;) It was really hard to not get them, though, they were so pretty! Bright colors, and thin straps, a racer back type! I can't wait to get some for me to actually wear :)

Ok, hope all you ladies who are healing are doing well, those of you who are having surgery Best of Luck to you!!!!
Hey tamjoy!! My weight loss has been a SLOW but steady process. I can totally relate to the pizza thing (I had it for dinner yesterday, lol). My method has simply been calorie counting (1200-1300kcal daily and 1800 on Sunday). It's really helpful for me not to restrict what I eat. I'd be doomed otherwise. And, I have to constantly remind myself I'm developing muscle mass from strength training, which of coarse, weighs more... Errr... Thanks for continuing to keep this (your diet and exercise) in your updates. It's really helpful to know what others are doing, going through, and what is and isn't working :)
:) I agree! Good for you! I have cut out most sweets. I did have a small piece of cake at a birthday party last weekend, but otherwise I've been eating very good. Still doing my smoothies when time permits. I pay attention to cal's but not too strictly, although maybe I should, lol, as the scale seems stuck on a particular spot right now :( It's ok, though. I'm not stressing about it too much. I haven't been able to go to the gym at all so, I'm technically "maintaining" right now. I guess if I continued eating the junk that I love so much I'd probably be gaining...

Vacation :)

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say that I will be on vacation starting tomorrow. Hopefully the good eating habits I've been practicing will get me through vaca without too much of a gain. My hubby and I are "foodies" and our vacations usually revolve around where we're going to eat, lol. I just need to steer clear of desserts... I can use any willpower you ladies can send ;)

Other than that, the new job is going well, and I am all set for my next semester of school. I have been going nuts to try and figure out how to hurry up and take what I need to take in order to get into the program I want to get into, and every way I add it up leads me to believe that either I'm going to take more classes at once, or it's going to take me another year to be able to apply. I was only planning on taking 2 classes at a time, so I can focus fully on those classes in order to maintain my good grades. I don't know if adding a class will be detrimental to my GPA :-/ I'm definitely only taking 2 this fall. I guess I'll have to see how these classes go before I can figure it out.

Oh!!! I was telling my cousin about my surgery, and of course she was kind of supportive, her comment was, "Wow! Well I'm sure you have your reasons. Congratulations". Which was fine, she knows how big I am and she was surprised by my size. I told you guys I hide it very well, right? I have to tell you one of my strategies, (for anyone who has to wait before they get their BR and really likes to hide their boobs.) I wear maternity shirts! NOT the ones with the empire waist and the tie back. I go to Target and shop the Liz Lange section. They have t-shirts and "fitted" looking shirts, but they're designed for a pregnant belly, so instead of conforming to your stomach, they fit to your breasts, but then kind of go straight down, which gives the illusion of smaller boobs! I've been doing that since I had my daughter. I just kept wearing the tank tops that I had, and then realized that they really do hide my boobs...

Well, take care everyone! I don't know what I'll do without checking up on all you lovely ladies every day!!! I hope all of you who are healing are taking care and behaving themselves ;) and to all our girls who are due to have surgery this week a big God Bless!!!!

Diet Fail...

I kind of expected it... I think I put on 10lbs, lol. However, it was a lovely getaway ???? The hubby & I spent a few days on our own to celebrate our upcoming 10 year anniversary! :)) it was absolutely wonderful, and I got pretty presents too! Yay! Well, tomorrow's another day to get back on track!
I can't wait to be able to check everyone's updates! I hope all you lovely ladies are healing well and/or waiting patiently for your surgery dates to come!!!!!


I meant to say, "However, it was a lovely getaway!!!!!!!" (NOT ????? LOL) I was very tired when I posted that update!!!
Have a great day beautiful people :)
I think you will be far less concerned with your weight after your surgery. Having large breasts creates an optical illusion of sorts that affects how we see the rest of our bodies, torsos especially. Keep up the good work, but don't be so hard on yourself. You're awesome!
You're awesome! Thank you for the continued support :)) I'm not worrying too too much, really. I know that before long, I won't be dealing with this problem & will be able to exercise like a normal person!! I hope beyond hopes that I will see myself in a better light when all is done. I have spent years being self conscious, and really do blame the big boobs for that. Hopefully that attitude will be removed with the rest of the baggage that's going ;) haha.
I am rooting for you! Keep up the good work! It's hard eating right and staying on track. You will get great results from your surgery and look amazing!! I'm hoping the wait for you isn't horrible. It will be here before you know it :)

Couldn't resist!

I bought a couple of two-pack little stretchy bras on clearance at Kohls last night!!! Lol. I've said I won't do that, but one was $3.00, and the on the 2 were $12.00 each! I got 6 for less than $30!!! Haha. I probably won't be able to wear them for a while, I don't think they're super supportive, but they're really cute :)) I bought Med, it says fits 34C-36 B/C. And if they end up not working out? I spent less than $30!!! Who cares?!? Lol. But I think they'll be good, once everything's healed & stuff :))
Girl, so very funny you've gone out & gotten all of that already. I am glad I waited, I certainly didn't believe those smaller sizes would fit me - however how very exciting for you to dream. If I may what cup size are you now & the indication of what PS thinks he can do for you? I saw someone mention implants (I was also told that option) However if you recall my size/flatness - you might even show your PS that fullness is possible with a creative approach of using supplemental tissue. But I'm sure you will be pleased regardless. I think it's fantastic your dedication in losing the weight ahead of time....I totally could've used it. But I couldn't be more pleased! Thankfully you will have a lot of Support/Sage advice by the time it's your turn. Speaking of - I really need to post an update.
Hey PayudaraGoddess!!! I didn't get a lot, just a few 2 packs!!! :) Right now I am a 34DDDD, but my band size is actually a 32, so if I bought 32's, I'd be a 32I, I think? He can get me to a C with no problem, I am definitely requesting a SMALL C... I don't want to even look at a D cup EVER!!! That's why I will ask for a 32C ;) I'll even bring in a bra for him to see the size I want. I plan on losing all (or most of) the extra weight I've been carrying also, so I think that when my hubby sees the size they will look "normal" on my frame, not too small, like he fears. I will NOT get any implants. My PS didn't even mention it, he said he can use the tissue that's there to create the fullness on top :)
I sure hope you mean 34DDD (4x be higher be F) lol. Well note if you want to get a jump start - Playtex front closure/then sports (best cheapest bra for recovery) you want 2 sizes UP from your initial bandwitth you wear for swelling. TRUST me, and it might be a month or so before you can wear a "real" wireless bra. Wearing one today & let me tell you you need the room being active. Remember the PS will have to adjust according to what your "body" will allow, bloodflow etc to remove - but sounds reasonable. He may keep asking you for your realistic goals - you won't really know your true size til it settles down. As it is - I was a 38K - I am now fitting in a 40DD. But that could change as it takes a good 6 mos they say for the girls to settle. Fantastic your PS has experienced this before, I was a very unique case - lucky me! lol. man 32...sigh...that would also mean a great small waist...I'll get there.

Getting healthy!

I started to see a Chiropractic Kinesiologist. It's... Interesting. I am still up in the air about all this "energy" stuff, and being able to tell that something is off in one part of my body by pushing down on my arm... But he's very knowledgable, and hasn't broken me yet ;-) I'm on supplements now and everything! I will definitely ask him what he thinks about supplements for post surgery healing/swelling. I'm sure they have all that kind of stuff there. I'm getting healthy!!!! 8-D
I am going to my PCP in 2 weeks, for a follow up from my car accident. I am still in considerable pain, and I want him to have another look at my back to rule out anything other than the weight of my breasts. Both the physical therapist and the chiropractor believe that this is a factor, but I want to be absolutely sure. I will definitely get the surgery, I am just nervous that the back pain won't go away like I've heard so many women say it has for them. I go on the 27th for my appointment. I will tell him my plans for the BR, who knows, maybe he can even offer some guidance, as far as insurance goes.
The weather here in the northeast has been amazing the last few days! It's been mid-high 70's sunny, and absolutely perfect. The mornings & nights have been in the upper 50's-lower 60's and it's been nothing short of sublime! I love love love the fall. I know it's August, but this is definitely early fall weather, and I am in HEAVEN!!! :-))
Ok, well, I hope all our friends who have had surgery are healing well, and quickly. All our friends who are waiting, doing so patiently and productively ;) and those of you who are trying to decide if/if not, I hope you are find what you are looking for! There are so many wonderful, supportive, insightful, informative, courageous, and caring women on this forum. I am so happy I found this little community
Oh for the love of....I hit post before I pasted my text. I swear I'm not an idiot -_- Anyway, my note about cups: Cup sizes are really half imaginary numbers. My surgeon says C cup all day long but there is no way my new ones are C, I think I'm a B. According to bra size calculators I could be either a 36AA or a 34B/C, go figure. I think C is a "normal" size so that's what they say when patients push for a size to be discussed. What happens in surgery is much better - the way they do the measurements, there is no way (assuming your surgeon is good of course) that the new boobies won't be totally proportional, since they calculate the new nipple position based on the location of your sternal notch and stuff like that. The biggest differences in size come from two things. One is the fullness on top, which is controlled by the natural fullness you have already, which a lot of surgeons don't like to mess with (difficult to shape the new breast if you do). The second is the size of the flaps surrounding the pedicle (basically the bits that become the new under-boob.
Izzie!!! I'm so sorry I didn't respond to you before today!!!! Thank you for all your input! I am slightly worried about the "fullness" because, while I am full, the tissue has sunk down to the base of my breast, so I'm flat on my chest where the breast should sit. I think the "lift" procedure he does should help this, but I definitely need to voice my concerns to him further. Although, I've seen women with similar starting breasts achieve a nice, full, lifted result, so hopefully it'll work for me too!!! :))
Oh!!!!! And you look WONDERFUL!!!!!! :-D

Off the wagon?

Yikes! I've NOT been eating healthy anymore, since vacation... :-/ well, I guess I have to start over. It's ok though. Rome wasn't built in a day, right? :) Hope all you ladies are healing up we'll, and wishing everyone who has surgeries coming up the best of luck!!!!

Dr visit this week

I went to my PCP this week, still because I have back pain. I wanted to make sure that there was no damage that we were missing. I had an X-ray on Tuesday, which came back normal, and he followed that with an MRI, which I had done today, and that came back normal as well! That is such a relief! So my PCP says that he will help in any way he can to try and get my procedure covered under insurance! I've still got a ways to go before surgery so this could be really great :) I'll try not to get my hopes up, though. My chiropractor also says that he will write something up for me.

Ok, well, that's it for my news. Other than I'm still very much off my diet :( I really need to get back on track!!!

Hope all you lovely ladies who are healing are doing well, and all of you who are waiting, are feeling great!
You are doing the right thing by getting all your paper work taken care of now. That will make insurance things that much easier. Don't worry about the diet. Slow and steady will work, that way you don't feel deprived. That's when diets fail. When you feel like you are not getting to enjoy life. Keep us posted!:)
Thanks! You're definitely right! I will be getting back on track again, this week :)
I has a similar situation, except my insurance DID approve my surgery, but my surgeon refused! He said 575 g removal would leave me a small B...not happening. He said I would blame him for taking so much, even if it was my choice to proceed, and declined to do the procedure. I am paying for my reduction out of pocket and removing about 250-300 g with the lollipop lift. My husband was glad I had such a forthcoming doctor. He was too expensive without insurance, so he lost me as a patient by telling me the truth. I will always appreciate that. Good luck getting back on the wagon!

Summer's over!

Today officially marks the end of summer. I start my classes today, yay! I'm so nervous/excited. I know everything will be good, it's just so overwhelming.

I absolutely need to get my eating back on track. It's ridiculous. I did so well, and one dessert (not even joking), was my undoing. I swear I have some sort of eating disorder. When I'm good, I do really good & I feel so much better when I'm eating healthy. So why would I not want to eat good? Because I love sugar :( grr... So pretty much, my lifestyle change cannot include desserts. Once I take them out of my diet I should be ok, and have them in the house without eating them. I wish it weren't this difficult. It's not hard to gain the weight, how could it be so hard to get rid of it!!! I want to scream!!!! Ok. I'm done. :)

I hope all our friends who are healing are doing so without complications.

All who have surgeries set the today, or this week, BEST OF LUCK!!!!!

Everyone else, have a beautiful day :)
Hi Tamjoy, I just read your story. I too am 5'4. In the beginning of this year I weighed 135lbs. I decided in February that this year is the year for my BR. So I started dieting and exercising right away. Then I must have done to much to quickly, cause I pulled a muscle in my groin area. I wasn't able to continue working out after that. So all I could do was diet. Diet is such a dirty word. What I really did was cut a lot of food that I knew was high in fat and calorie's out of my diet. And I tried to do portion control (not a lot of seconds at every meal). I wasn't always successful. Like you, I have 2 kids and a husband, and they were not on a diet. When I lived alone it was so easy to diet, cause I wasn't bringing any bad foods into my house, but when you live with a family it makes it harder to keep the bad stuff away. Eventually I did lose 10lbs this year, through watching what I eat alone, but it was very hard and took a lot of self control. I am not a foodie, but my sister is, so I know its 10 times harder for you, cause you love food, and probably love to cook. I hate cooking, if I could choose to take a meal pill instead of eating I'd choose the meal pill. My one weakness is Chinese food, I love chicken lomein. Wine is also my weakness, I love wine and when I have a few drinks I always seem to snack to much. So I had to cut a lot of wine and chicken lomein from my diet this year. So I got down to 125lbs, and then had my BR about a week and a few days ago. Before my breast were so big that they made my waist and hips look small, but afterwards my waist and hips looked larger then my breast, which I'm trying not to be to hard on my self about. I've been going for walks with my son for the last 3 days which makes me feel better. My back under my bra measures 30-31in. around my breast before I measured 37-38in and now I'm 34in. Around my belly button I measured 32in and right under at the pooch I'm about 34in. I wear size 9/29 jeans. I have no muscle I'm all squishy. I've had a little pooch sticking out under my belly button since I had my daughter 3years ago. I used to be hour glass shape and now after my BR I'm pear shaped. I think if I stop eating the chips and Halloween candy, my husband keeps bringing in the house, and if I keep taking walks with my son everyday, I'm hoping to be back in my size 7 jeans by Christmas, or at least by Easter. Yesterday I ate 2 small Hershey bars and 3 small Kit Kats from our Halloween candy jar. I just want you to know I feel for you, and in a lot of ways, I'm in the same boat as you. I too am 5'4 and want to get back down to a more comfortable size. And after my BR, maybe I can't run just yet, but I feel a lot less self conscious while I'm out and about in my sweats walking around, and that feels great. I always felt like everyone was looking at me and my big chest, and now I look like a normal women, and it feels great. Also I too have those same bra's. I was wearing my support bra after surgery and it was so uncomfortable, that I was having a hard time sleeping. But after I bought that comfy bra, I've been so much more comfortable at night. Since its not a front closure bra, I step into it and then pull it up over my chest, and then carefully slip my arms into it. I don't know what your procedure is going to be, but I had the anchor incision, dissolvable stiches, and surgical glue over my incisions. I was able to put the bra on without popping a stich. I'm so sorry to hear your insurance wouldn't cover your surgery. They should know, no one size fit's all. You have a petite frame and 600grams could make you too small. I was busting out of my 34DDD and my PS took out 550grams each, and now I look like I'm 34B/32C. I haven't gotten measured yet, but I think that's my size. I know I'm bigger then an A cup, but I don't have enough breast to make my cleavage squish together, so I don't think I'm a 34C. I think if my PS would have taken out 600grams I would have been left with an A cup, and trust me, going from a DDD to a B is shocking enough. It sounds like you have a good doctor, and I think you made the right choice by not taking out that much. We want to be smaller but we aren't looking to go down to a mastectomy. I'm starting to feel better about my small size breast, I was a little put off by how small I was at first, but now I'm starting to get used to it. I'm very happy with my size now, although I would have liked to have kept a little more cleavage. Maybe that will come later, when I can squeeze them into a push up bra. Good luck on your surgery I hope you and your husband love your new breast. My husband is starting to come around, it took some time for both of us to get used to how much smaller they are now. And don't worry to much if your not down to the size you want to be by December. What is most important is that your healthy pre surgery and healthy post surgery. I'm sure come spring you'll be ready to start working out harder and will be looking great by summer time :)
Hi there, HappilyMarried! Thank you so much for the response. Unfortunately I've actually gained weight recently :(( I'm going to see my GYN in a week to check things out & get my hormones in check. Since my hysterectomy I've had the hardest time with my weight and moods :( hopefully he can get me straightened out... I'm having a really rough week, I'm sick and my house flooded from a broken water filter... Ok. I'm done whining. :-/
I'm sorry tamjoy, I cant image how hard that must be for you. I hope your GYN can help you with your hormones and your health. I hope you get better soon, hopefully before your surgery. Our house flooded to a few months ago. Our local cable company stuck a fiber optics cable through our houses main sewage pipe. It got clogged and caused a flood in our basement. The water came up the drain in my husbands bathroom from under his toilet, and up the drain in our laundry room, flooding our carpet. So I know where your coming from on the flood issue, and it sucks having a house flood. I'm sorry your having a rough week tamjoy, I hope things get better for you soon.


Well, I've not lost weight, I've gained!!! I'm so upset about this. I'm going to my GYN to try and get straightened out with hormone therapy, which I should have been on since having my hysterectomy a few years ago. I'm just having a really bad week. Feeling down today. Ok. That's all I'm going to write. Still on track for Dec 30th. Still working on ins. Hope everyone's doing well. Healing and resting and waiting patiently :)
Hey Tam, I don't remember how small you want to go, but honestly you might not want to lose weight. If your ins states a certain amount must be removed for them to cover it, it could give you more room to work with. Is your ins asking you to lose? If not then just wait, enjoy the Holidays why deal with extra stress, still see your doctor about bio-available hormones, keep your head girl, just stay healthy so your body can heal after surgery! P.S. no hormones for at least 2 wks before surgery. Smooches, feel better girly!
Thanks, Ava! You are looking so great!!! I had no idea about the hormones, why is that???
Hormones; possibly thins blood, slows healing depending on type.

Is it December 30th yet?

Cannot wait for this day to finally come!
Got myself a workout partner a couple days! Hopefully that will get me in line :)
Now on hormones from my GYN. Hopefully this helps with the moods!!!
Hope all you ladies are healing nicely, and those waiting (like myself), are doing so patiently :))
Hi Tamjoy - I'm definitely a B haha quite small and more than I thought but quite happy about how he managed to get all the sagging stretched skin to form little boobies - so yep if you communicate well you won't be left too big maybe too little lol hope your keeping on the fitness thing it really is the best thing - i wish I had more time to slim down beforehand - use to your advantage you won't be sorry =^..^=
Thanks B! I really appreciate the words of wisdom :)
You're on the right track! I know it's still abit away but it's gonna fly by once the holidays get rolling! Pretty new bra, to bad it won't fit after! ;-)

Cranky :(

I'm feeling quite cranky lately. I have been exercising but not very motivated to. My workouts are sub-par, at best. I'm so busy with school, and getting ready for show time for Miracle on 34th Street, the play my little girl and I are in together :) Plus the PTO responsibilities at the kids school... I am so stressed.
I went today to finally get my blood work drawn to check my hormone levels and my counts and stuff to see if there's a reason I'm such a basket case, lol.
Well, I'm only a month away from my pre-op appt! It's Dec 4th! I can't believe it's getting so close now!! :))
Ok, I hope everyone is doing well, that healing is going smoothly, and everyone is staying positive!!!!! I really appreciate this little community
The wait must be exhausting you! What size are you hoping to get to? Are you doing implants or just a reduction/lift?
Breast size I'm hoping for, a big B, small C. Waiting is soooo hard! Ugh! I hate it :( lol. But it's getting closer and closer :)
I'm scheduled for January 13th and am going to try to get in the best shape I can before. Running (as painful as it is), yoga and healthy eating will be the best prep for me. Thanks for the inspiration!

Busy, busy...

Hello all!
Can I just tell you how READY I am for Dec 30th to get here :(( I am so impatiently waiting. Nothing is helping to take the edge off. School is going fine. I'm super busy with stuff at the kids' school. I just want everything to hurry and pass by. So sad b/c Christmas is right around the corner & I know I won't enjoy it fully b/c I'll be anticipating surgery.
I have not lost weight, in fact I have gained!!!! :'-( it's so frustrating!!! These hormones are really throwing me for a loop. Hopefully it gets better quick.
Ok, I'm done complaining! High point: time is flying. I can't believe I have just a month and a half before my big day!!!
Thank you, wonderful ladies, for posting all your good, and bad, (and even scary sometimes) reviews. The knowledge I've gained on here is immeasurable :))
Are you super excited!? What's going on lately, hope it is all good!
AVA, I'm good! Crazy excited!!!! :))
Super excited for you!!! :D

Wowzers, where'd November go!?!?

Hi all! Thank you to AVA 07- I needed a prompt for a really quick update.
I am so very excited!!! Just got my reminder call for my pre-op on Weds!!! What?!? Lol.
I also got my paperwork for work, to hand in for my time off. Crazy. Hopefully all that goes without incident. I didn't tell my supervisor exactly what kind of surgery I was having, for, while it IS necessary, it's NOT something that if I don't get it I won't be able to live, and I don't want her giving me grief for it... Hopefully my MD's can write how necessary it really is...
To be quite honest, I really don't care. The only issue, is that I don't have any sick, or leave time. So I won't get paid :-/ it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make!
Ok, Ladies! Hopefully y'all are doing well!!!! Xoxoxo
Good luck Tamjoy I hope you get a wonderful BR in Dec :) can't wait to see your results. Even with all my troubles I'm so glad to have smaller breast :)
Thank you, Happily! I'm very excited, and being positive and hoping for the best :))

Pre-op tomorrow!!!!

Hey ladies :) tomorrow I go for my pre-op!!! Wow! How time has flown! Just as I had suspected, being immersed in school, (both the kids and mine (; ), and the theater, has really made the waiting more bearable :)) I can't wait for tomorrow! Yay! Ok. I'll let you guys know how tomorrow goes!
Hope all of you are healing up quickly and non eventfully, and waiting patiently and productively :))
Hope it goes well :) not long now!!
So excited!!!!! I know! My PS said, ok, I'll see you in a couple of WEEKS!!!! Whoa!


Weds I went for my pre-op appt!!! I paid my surgeon fees and got my instructions and my hibiclens :)) I am so excited! I expressed my nervousness to him and he was "realistically optimistic" (for lack of a better term). He said that while there is always the possibility of complications, he does not fear I have anything to worry about. Given the fact that I don't smoke or really drink, and am in the normal (albeit upper level) BMI range, he thinks that I will be fine. I will definitely remain in this state of cautious/realistic optimism. I am not expecting perfect breasts like I have gotten implants. I am expecting scars, I know what I am doing. I expressed to him that I was worried about symmetry (asymmetry, to be exact) and asked him how he insures a symmetrical result. He doesn't perform the surgery with the patient in the sitting position, but after both breasts are cut and the tissue manipulated, be sits the patient up to see how they sit. I was happy to hear that :) I was also very interested to find out that my surgeon actually worked with Dr. Hall-Finley, the plastic surgeon who developed the so-named procedure, of cutting the breast without the anchor incision across the bottom of the breast, also called the "lollipop" incision (which is the method he is using on me) :)) very cool stuff!!! He also told me about Arnica for swelling and bruising. So, I am nervous, but more excited about my upcoming BR!!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Hope everyone is doing really well!!!!
Hey! I am really excited for you! Time has really going by quickly and for me there are only 7 weeks. It doesn't seem so long to me because i have very busy weeks in front of me, yeay! It is really good that he is using the Hall Findlay on you! I am getting the Hall Findlay too, but my surgeon told me that he does a little anchor, because he has always scar revisions with the lollipop version. I am ok with his decision but i also heard that the lollipop gives more perkyness. So i guess you always have some good or bad. We will see! Everything is better than now for me :)
Hey Jas!!! I will definitely ask my surgeon about the issue of scar revision! He never said anything about that when we discussed it. It's so funny, I was telling my Hubby about the "pencil test" well he wanted to try, of course. So I was changing the other night, and there was a bottle of tanning cream on my dresser, yeah, it fit completely under my boob :-/ he thought it was hysterical, I was just disgusted... Luckily he is very supportive about the whole thing, and he really does know how much pain and discomfort I am in. I cannot wait!!! So exciting!!!!
Oh if i see my pic with the candle it is the same feeling for me, i feel disgusted too, but i think somehow it is over the point ridiculous. But because i know i won't have to live with them any longer, i can look at it and smile about it. I guess it is better to ask your ps again about the scaring and decide on your own than having to regret something later. You can't loose something asking him i think.

Exactly 3 weeks to go!!!!!!

Got a call from PS office to schedule my first and second post op appts! Also, they asked if I can come in at 6:15 am instead of 11:30 on my surgery day :)) Which really works out great. I was dreading having the whole morning to WAIT some more!!!! ;) haha... I can't believe how soon my day will finally be here! This is so surreal... It's finally hit me that this is really going to happen. And SOON!!! ohmygosh!!!!!!!
I hope everyone is healing up well, waiting patiently, resting, and being positive :)))
So so happy for you!
Hi, do you feel slightly obsessed? I know I find it hard to think about anything else. My surgery is 3rd january, so not far behind you. I am planning to get in some Arnica. What size cup are you? You look similar to me in a vest, I am UK G cup and my contract says that 500g+ will be taken from each side. I really want a C cup but may end up with a D.
Hi! I am so sorry! I thought I responded to this! Yes, I'm definitely obsessed, now that I have less to think about ;) I ordered my arnica online. I am a DDD/E cup. My surgeon is planning on about 350 g from both sides, give or take. (One side is larger than the other). I will probably be a C after. If I'm a D, I'll be really upset... :))

December 16th

Exactly 2 weeks to go!!!! Wow. One final down, one to go. The play is over. Christmas shopping is well underway. My house is in "show mode" which means it's cleaner than necessary and we've put all our clutter away. I think I'm ready for this surgery! I really cannot believe how the time has flown by! Thank goodness for keeping busy :) I really hope everyone is doing well. Healing great, and waiting patiently :))
I'm so excited for you !! Just days away!! :) hugs for you! You have waited soooo long!!
Thank you so much!!! I know!!! So insane! I am so excited/nervous, such crazy emotions right now! I just want good results. I want my hubby to look at them (eventually) and think they make me look beautiful. That's all I can hope for :) Merry Christmas, Nubbins, and thank you for all the support :))
It's getting closer.... I want you to know I'm truly excited for you, I'm so team Tam! I check your posts to make sure I haven't missed something! LOL, I'm here anytime if you any questions, in box me if you feel it's to personal for this form. May the days continue to fly by! ( Is it by or bye? , having a moment...)

Oh Boy!!!

Can you believe how fast the week has gone by!? I can't believe that next weekend will be my last weekend working until after my surgery!!! Since my last post, I have finished my finals at school, and done a lot of Christmas shopping :) My house is a little bit of a mess, but I ROCKED my final exam!!!!
I also got word from my job that my FMLA was approved! Which means that even though I will be taking unpaid leave, I will not get in trouble for it, and I will still have a job waiting for me when I return :) Thank God, He is surely looking out for me :))
I am getting a little nervous, but I am really more excited than anything! I can't wait until I can be free from the back and neck-aches and just be comfortable in my own skin :))
I hope everyone's doing well, healing happily and resting. Who ever is waiting for their turn, (like me!!!), is waiting patiently. Your time will be here before you know it! Just take it from me and keep busy, lol!!! :)
The waiting really is the hardest part. I was pretty frantic on the day of my surgery and envisioned myself running down the street in my surgery gown. :) It happened quickly after that. I have mostly slept since coming home, which is important. The body needs to heal! I hope your meds don't upset your tummy. :(
Hi there, Gingela! Thank you for the encouragement! I am very excited, sprinkled with some nervousness ;) I will gladly walk ino that room, and I can't wait to see my results following :))
My date got moved up to the 31st. I hope that you have a great Christmas and your surgery is pain free.

T-minus 7 days!

Well actually 6, b/c I'm getting it done in the morning!!! Haha. It's coming quick! So, how am I feeling today? Crappy :(( apparently I am allergic to great news... Friday, after finding out about my awesome final exam grade, my daughter woke up sick in the middle if the night. Today I found out my grade for my other class is around an A, (woo-hoo!!! Lol), and I feel lousy now :(( I feel kinda stomach bug-ish :( so, on that note, I'm going to bed!
Happy healing friends, and Merry Christmas, if I don't get on here again before then :))
Hey congratulations to the great results and the exam! And a merry christmas :) Not loooong now! :)
Happy Christmas, tamjoy :-)
Hi, hope you get well soon, I am also counting down the days. My husband has a filthy cold and apparently this can be infectious for up to 2 weeks so I am really worried about catching it and having to postpone the surgery! Have moved into the spare room!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas today!!!

Tomorrow Morning!!!!

Well. I never thought this day would come! I am so beyond excited!!!! I have to be there at 6:15am. It is 10:45 pm now. I should be sleeping already, but I'm too wound up!!! Lol.
Ending 2013 on a high note, and beginning 2014 with this surgery. I am truly blessed, to be able to do this, and I pray for a wonderful, positive, experience. Night, all!!!
Good luck Tamjoy!!! I'm so excited for you! Much love your way !! xoxoxo
I'm praying for you girl. I hope it all goes well, and your pain is minimal!

I'm on the "other side"!!!

Hello Ladies! Thank you so much for all your well wishes, they definitely helped! I am feeling really good, all things considered! I am taking Tylenol with Codiene, and ibuprofen :) and that's it! I have to keep on the pain, but the worse I've felt is probably a 5 on the pain scale! My doctor alled a little while ago and was very pleased with his results :) He did let me know that my L side was significantly bigger than the right, so my swelling will be worse on that side.
I got up this am at 5:30 & did my hibiclens, and we walked out the door at 5:50am. When I got there I made my payments and signed numerous documents. Then went in back and was given gown and scrubs to wear, and a patch behind my ear for nausea. After that I went to my little pre-op room and my IV was started with antibiotics. Then the anestesiologist came in, followed by my MD who marked me up. Then I went to the bathroom one more time and was walked into the OR. They had me lay on the table and then they adjusted me and put oxygen on me, which I think had something in it, lol. Because I asked if they started the meds yet, and the next thing I remember I was trying to wake up from anesthesia! It took a while to come out of it, because they tried initially & I was very uncomfortable and nauseaus. When I finally came to, about 3 hours later, the nurse said "hi! You're up! And you're smiling!!!" I must have felt pretty great at that point :)) I got to go home at around 2:30, I think. I couldn't wait! Lol.
I got home and have been relaxing on the recliner, my hubby's been awesome :) I did eat some stuff and have been keeping up on pain meds. I think that's so important, I don't think I'd be able to tolerate the pain without it.
Also, I'm all bandages up & can't take them off until weds! I can't see my boobies :(( I Amos excited to see them! Ok. I'm falling asleep while writing, I'll keep you guys posted!
well done you, hope you keep on top of any pain,
Thank you! I am definitely staying on pain meds! :)
Congrats! Good energy your way to continued success!

Day 2!

Well, I'm feeling good! Still can't wait to take a peek at the new girls! I'm definitely sore, but it's tolerable :)) I am going to be able to take the bandage off tomorrow to shower! So crazy! It's so surreal to me, that I've actually had the surgery!
My Surgeon called last night to check in, and he said how happy he is with the results. He did also tell me that I'll "probably" be a C-cup, "possibly" a D. I really hope it's a C! He said that having broader shoulders smaller breasts may not be flattering on my frame. I totally understand where he's coming from, but I REALLY hope it's a C. Fingers crossed!!!! I already feel lighter! It's unbelievable, really! So, I cannot wait for the big reveal!!!
Thank you, everyone, for all the positive energy, thoughts and prayers being sent my way! Honestly, I'm so, so, soooooo happy!!!
Woohoooo so happy for you that you finally made it !! Congratulations and a happy new year =)) Can't wait for your updates ! I hope you can enjoy relaxing and healing will be as quick and easy as it can be!
Hi! Thank you, I am doing really great! There is just discomfort, not actual pain! I am so relieved :) I just can't wait for the big unveiling!!! I keep trying to sneak peeks, but they're heavily wrapped! Lol.
Congratulations on your new boobs for the new year! Good luck with your recovery.

Still feeling pretty good!

Hi all!
Just wanted to let you lovely ladies know that I'm feeling pretty darn great! We even had people over last night and I was able to sit at the kitchen table with everyone for several hours! Although no one would let me do anything, lol. But just the fact that I had enough energy to hang out was great!
Then I took my meds and passed out! Oh! And thank you all for the advice about taking something to help you "go." I did last night, thank goodness! Now I'm going to take a rest!
I haven't seen my new girls yet. I feel very safe with this wrap around my chest, and I don't want to take it off! I'm definitely nervous about that, but excited at the same time :))
Thank you all for your well wishes, I appreciate every one of the comments that have been written to me :)
Good luck to any girls going in this week, and happy healing to those of us who are on the other side!
Congrats on your surgery - you are going to love the awesome change in your life :-)
Thank you! I'm already so happy!!
I admire your patience - I seem to remember running upstairs and taking off my surgical bra the minute I walked in the door.

Successful shower!

I took a shower!!! Yay! I also got to see my girls! They look a little weird, I'm sure only because of being bound so tightly. But I now have my Hanes sports bra w/the front close on and I feel like this will definitely round out the shape :))
Otherwise, I'm taped up and have some gauze in the bra in case I have any bleeding/oozing. I noticed some bright red blood on my tape after I showered, so hopefully that's nothing :( I still feel really good! A bit tired, but not too shabby!
Oh! And my right nipple has feeling! Not left yet, but I'm hoping it will come back soon :))
My hubby helped me take dressing off and I was so nervous for him to see them, but he was a real champ! He even said he thought the size & shape looked good :))

After shower

You sound so happy, I'm glad it's going so Well! I'm truly, truly so glad to see you on this side! :)
Thank you AVA!!! I feel so good! I'm taking it easy, and am looking forward to my first PO visit tomorrow! Although it's supposed to snow pretty bad. Hopefully we can get out on the road!!! ;)

Appt delayed due to weather

Office called an moved my PO appt from Friday to Sat. That's ok. I'm sure everything will be fine :)) I am still feeling really good, a bit tired, but not overly so. I am definitely doing a lot of laying around, so as I not over-do it :) snow day has put a bit of a wrench in my plans of peace and quiet, lol. The kids are home today, and it's looking like tomorrow as well...
But we will be fine, I'm sure. They will learn to be more self sufficient in the next few days, haha.
So I am still very optimistic about my new boobies! In the bra they are very padded with gauze, and they look a bit big, but they are also swollen, so I think I'm going to love them! I have that really nice rounded shape on the upper part of my breasts, which I hope stays that way, because it looks so nice in the bra! I keep forgetting that I don't have all that weight to hold up any more so I'm constantly reminding myself to drop my shoulders. It's a hard thing to do. Ok. I'm going to rest now. Here's a couple pics of my cleavage ;) haha. This is the best angle I can get!
Hope everyone's healing nicely, and uneventfully. And good luck to our friends out there with upcoming surgery dates!!!
Nice cleavage! Any zingers or that "let down" feeling yet? I hope snow passes quickly! Healthy Healing!
Hey AVA! You know what, I don't think I've gotten them yet. I felt that weird vibration that someone wrote about. But it didn't last long. And I don't think I'm gonna feel that "let down" feeling until the tape is off. It's really holding me up! I'm so curious about what it'll be like when that's off & it's just paper tape and stitches holding everything together!!! :)
Cool - yes I remember that - realizing that I was hunching and tensing my shoulders to take the weight that was no longer there! It wears off - you get used to it in a good way. :-)


Ok. The heavy taping is giving them a really weird shape, lol. But I've seen this is some others pics too and with time they settle into a nice shape :)
They look great. Mine had that weird tape as well. Try are gonna be perfect :-)
Thank you! I'm hoping! Lol. I remain positive :))
looking good and doing well for just 3 days. don't overdo things

Ok. Done with this recliner!

When did folks start sleeping in bed again? I've woken up with a headache the last 2 days now :((
On a side note, I didn't take pain meds last night before bed, and I still feel pretty decent! A little soreness, but nothing unbearable :)) Thank The Lord! I just feel so fortunate!!!!!
Thank all if you for your support and well wishes! I hope that my story helps at least one person in their decision to have this life changing surgery!
Happy healing to the post op peeps, at whatever stage you're in! Good luck to any of our girls going in today!!!!
Just read your review, so happy for you. You look great and I'm sure you are thrilled to be small now. I was so thrilled when I got home from surgery I was really wound up. My sister laughed at me, because I made up a song for her to video to my husband. "I'm too sexy for my boobs, yeah yeah yeah" Haha , it was funny...she says it'll be a good one for black mail :) My husband was still in Qatar on the Persian Gulf. He is home now and very supportive. Today he vacuumed the house and unloaded the dishwasher. Still being babied LOL. About the recliner, I never did that. I slept with propped up pillows, one on each side of me to rest my arms on, and one for under my knees (A must for easing lower back strain) It ended up very comfortable. Usually I had my remote and water bottle and book, etc. right by my side in the bed. That way I when I got comfortable and drowsy enough I just turned off the TV with the remote. I watched lots of old movies. Books were hard to read because I would get too drowsy with the meds. I never got past a few paragraphs. Well I hope something here will help you. I'm 6 weeks post op now and still sleep on my back. I feel too much pressure on my boobs to sleep on my side. But the day will come and I can't wait. I am very happy for you and wish you lots of blessings with your recovery. If you want any other suggestions for getting thru the first few weeks, I would be happy to share some of the things that helped me. xoxo
Thank you so much! I did read your review & thought your song was very funny! Lol. It's so wonderful having a supportive hubby! Mine is wonderful! He's really been picking up the slack for me :) in addition to holidays and school and community theater, we're also trying to sell our house! So he's had to keep everything "show ready" since I've been out of commission! Thank you for the great advice, I'll have to try a couple of those ideas!
You are welcome. Wow do you have a lot on your plate! I remember keeping the house show ready! I'm glad you have a supportive husband, that makes a world of difference :) My husband just left this morning at 6am, so it's a little sad right now. We will see each other once a month probably. My 17 yr old is still at home and we don't want to relocate him till he graduates. Oh well, it was lovely having my husband home the past 2 weeks. And he loved the new me.

Tried the bed

Hey Ladies!!!
The last 2 nights I spent in my bed. The first night I slept pretty well. Other than smooshing my left boob while trying to reach back to fix a pillow :( ouch! That hurt!
Last night was terrible. I took a Percocet with a zofran, b/c I was in a lot of discomfort from doing too much yesterday. I slept like garbage. Or should I say, I didn't really sleep at all :(( I don't know if the meds kept me awake, or being out of the house, or what, but I was NOT sleeping.
So, I will be relocating back to the recliner tonight. Hopefully that helps. I'm so tired!!!
Now, for the real stuff. I had my 1st Post Op visit yesterday. It went really well! My PS is very pleased with my new breasts. He talked about one area of (slight) concern with me, which is a little pocket of fat under the L breast. He said that was the breast he took more tissue from & if he took any more from that area, b/c of the type of tissue there it would end up looking hollowed out. I am fine with that. I know that natural breasts are not symmetrical, and I was not expecting perfectly symmetric results.
As of this moment, I am extremely pleased, and I feel wonderful about my results :)) and, I'm sure that when the swelling goes down I will be even happier!
I'm posting a pic of something I was Soooooooooo happy about. Last night we went to a friends house & it was the first time since my surgery putting "real" clothes on. I looked in my closet, and started to reach for the old standby sweater, (cozy & covered up), but instead I grabbed the size M button up from old navy. I was a little nervous, but wasn't completely expecting it to be able to button. Well... It did!!!!! I've not been able to button a (normal sized) shirt in... I don't even know how long!!!! Check it!!!
Happy healing, and good luck to all!!!!! From One Happy Chick!!!!
I am so happy for you !!!! :)) Can't wait to button up again too =)) I think you look georgeous already, he made you a nice shape as far as one can see. I can see tha tlefty is a lot more swollen, but that is reasonable if he has taken more on this side. Good luck an dkeep us update =))
Thank you so much! I am very excited, and can't wait for you to feel the same!!! :))
It's the little victories! You look so cute in your little shirt! I hope you get some sleep, usually would take a tiny bit of benadryl like 0.5 tsp 1 hr before bed, it helped of small glass of wine, use discretion you are taking payments still.


Hi friends! OH, I feel so much better, right now. My hubby washed my hair for me! I hadn't been able to wash it, because I couldn't hold my arms up over my head for the amount of time needed to do it, so it was DIRTY!!! haha... I just leaned over the utility sink so he could use the sprayer, and it worked out pretty well. I did have to stand up periodically b/c I don't like the way they feel when I lean forward yet :-/
It was back to the recliner for me last night, and I've come to the conclusion that I don't think I'll be sleeping a lot. At least not until I get my daytime routine back again... I think that because I've been lounging around for the last week, I'm just not sleepy enough to go to sleep at a normal time at night. Plus, I had to take a laxative the last two days because I hadn't gone since New Years Eve. But then all of a sudden, it worked TOO good :( So half my night was in the bathroom, sadly, and that's just not fun, getting up and down. (sorry for the TMI, lol)
OK, done complaining :))
I have to say, I can't get enough of my new boobs! (that's figuratively, not literally, literally, there seems to be JUST enough ;) Like our 16 year old friend Amy Snow says, "I can't stop looking at them and touching them!" haha.
What an amazing feeling! I'm not adjusting my straps, or band, I'm just cupping them, and poking at them, and generally just in AWE of how cute and pert they are!!!!
So, currently, I am wearing the Hanes front close sports bra. The 38 is a little loose, but fits the cups perfectly. The 36 fits around the band, but I have to leave the top 2 hooks opened in order to not have the girls being squeezed on the top. But they don't spill out the sides or anything! How awesome is that!???!! I still think I need to get a couple more size 38's, but I couldn't be more excited to be wearing a soft, cotton, Walmart, cheapie bra, and being totally supported!!!!! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world :)))
Hope everyone's doing so well, wether healing, waiting, going in today, or on day 100 of new boobies! Happy, positive, vibes to all!!!!!! xo
So glad you are enjoying - it is wonderful.
Thanks! Yes it truly is :) I can't wait until I can play dress up with all my summer stuff!!! It's all put away right now, but I'll be pulling it out before long :))
One of the best things I did for myself was go and have someone wash and blow-dry my hair. It was the best $30.00 I spent each time (I did it about three times) :D It's totally worth it!!!


Ugh. This relaxing thing? I thought it was going to be easier! Lol. I can't sleep still. Moved to the bed in the middle of the night, last night. Still didn't sleep well. Thinking I'm gonna try a PM ibuprofen tonight.
Boobies are feeling good. I can't wait for my next PO on the 15th to see how I'm healing. I'm very curious to see how they will look when the tape comes off!!! Waiting, waiting, and more waiting!!! Lol.
No new, exciting news for today, really. :)
Hope all are doing really great & everyone has quick and easy recovery and surgeries :))
All your relaxing will really pay off. Remember you only have one chance to heal right. This is it! :) I'm 7 weeks post op...feels like only yesterday I was where you are...time will go quick! Best wishes for continued healing, you look great!
Thank you so much! I appreciate it :))
Sorry your bored :-/ the wait to see them sans the tape ugh! I found out I can't shower till drains come, yucky, hope they come out quick. If a neck pillow in the recliner doesn't work I used a body pillow in bed, I formed an A with it put a mushy pillow across the tpo of the A , I loved so much I slept like that for 2 months! I wish I could do it for this upcoming sx, but climbing into my very tall bed even with a stool, is not a good idea! Stay blessed sister!

New pics

Noticing how much bigger my L is than my R. Fingers crossed, the left is just still considerably more swollen, as it had more work done to it :)

Other pics didn't update :(

I'm not putting them up again, I'm already dressed, lol. Sorry! I'll try again next time!
Hello! Sorry I've been absent- my thoughts have been with you though. You're looking great! My righty was bigger than my lefty for ages and ages but evened up in month 4- so please don't fret, although you seem very positive anyway which is fantastic. Will message you properly as well as soon as I get the chance. Much love xxxx
Thank you! Yes, I took inspiration from you, in the positivity department :)) I look forward to hearing from you again. Xoxoxo
You don't know how reassuring to hear this, my right side is a lot bigger and it worries me. I am 7 weeks post op, sure there is a cup size difference.

Two Weeks :)))

Hey ladies! I can't believe I'm 2 weeks today!!!!! How unbelievable!!! For someone who never thought this day would come, this is truly amazing...

I count my blessings every day that I was able to have this life changing surgery!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm still doing well :) I'm taking my recovery day by day, and still feeling good! I've been out and about, and eating pretty good and generally keeping positive. I am sore, sometimes more than others. If I do a lot during the day I'm definitely feeling it more. But my energy is pretty much normal, which is good and bad, lol. With my energy so high it's hard to take it easy! ;)

I have my 2 week appointment on Weds. I will hopefully get this tape off, it's really starting to irritate me! I've been cutting the edges when it starts to peel off, but I want clean tape!!! I also want to see how my incisions are doing. I feel like they have to be doing well. I just can't wait to see what they look like with nothing on them!!!!! I'm nervous and excited, and just really anxious to look at them. Also, I can't wait to properly clean them! I hate seeing the dried blood under the tape, it's so gross!!!

Anyhoo.... That's all I have for now :)

I hope everyone is doing really well. Healing good and waiting patiently for their procedure :) xoxoxo
Glad to see you healing well - you are doing awesome :-)
Thanks! Time and rest, that's all I can do. The rest is in the hands of my PS and God :))
Looking good Tamjoy! I would check with your doc about the asymmetry just to make sure there isn't a hematoma or seroma collecting under the skin. Continue to take it easy! :)

2 Week PO appt

Ok. So, the tape came off, and...

I'm not unhappy, but it wasn't quite what I expected to see under there? That's the best way I can describe it. I know my PS is experienced and very well regarded in our community. I was a little surprised at first. All I saw at first was really bumpy incisions and a spot that wasn't closed yet. I know that sounds terrible. However the doctor told me that the incisions and the skin surrounding them will smooth out. The left side is bigger, and there is more swelling on the underside. He told me that, also, should straighten itself out, in time. I do have a "dog ear", I think. A bit of skin that's been sutured kind of in a little ball, right under the R breast.

Let me reiterate. I am NOT unhappy.

After getting home, I looked at them again. They are smoother than they were at the office. What I was seeing was much due to the tape! Duh. OH! And they stayed up! It wasn't just the tape holding them there, like I feared, lol. As far as the asymmetry goes, only time will tell. :)

I was having a bit of a "downer" day today. I think it was nerves. I was nervous about the tape coming off. I was thinking about life. I was just in a mood. Then while driving, people were driving like fools. Everything just annoyed me. But I'm better now :))

I know I've heard "it takes more energy to be positive/ it's easier to be negative" that type of thing. I know people actually get upset with people for being too positive. Someone actually said that recently! They wish she'd just go off one day. You know, even my cousin said to me a couple years ago that it was hard to talk to me b/c my life was so good. B/c I didn't complain enough. That's kind of sad, because, what's the point of complaining? I would rather focus on the good, and forget about the stupid, petty, things that may or may not be bugging me... I'd rather enjoy my time talking to friends/family about the good stuff, rather than feel bad & bring others down. Is that so bad?

Ok. That was me venting ;) thanks for listening, my RF girls.
I hope everyone's doing really well! I send positive vibes to all of you :))

And here's some pics!
They are really cute and pretty and I am very sure everything will smooth out over time, it is early days. You got yourself a bit wound up today - no chance it is PMT? I read someone else's review when they were really tense and then realised that was what it was!
lol. Thank you! I am sure they will :)) I've been sitting home, alone, and bored. I've seen a few movies that have my brain going. That's all. I've had a lot of time to think about my life, and the people in it. I think I got it all out of my system, lol ;)


Just wanted to let you all know. My husband is a gem... He has been totally AMAZING with everything. This evening when he came home I showed him. I had already talked to him, and expressed a little of my concerns that I posted above. He had NO problems with anything he saw! He said they looked really good, and he said he doesn't really notice the size difference. He even asked if he could touch them! I let him, and he put his hands over them and said "perfect" lol. He's very happy with the size and shape. I couldn't be happier right now, just having that... His reaction was just... awesome...
That is all :))
Glad to see you doing well - its great to have a loving and supportive hubby - im so thankful my hubby has been amazing during this healing process :-)
So wonderful! Supportive, haha. Even with small boobies, we still need support ;))
Yes we do :-)


Oh ladies, I think having the tape on was offering extra support to the girls, b/c since it was removed, I've been so sore! Man! I had to start taking ibuprofen again! Hey, anyone else experience rib tenderness, right below the breasts? I think I remember someone saying they had it, but I can't remember who or why. I didn't have any lipo. It's not debilitating, just feels bruised, almost. Oh well, this too shall pass :)
On a brighter note, I did a little retail therapy today. Haha. I got a little something for the whole family. Plus a few new T's, and a tank for me :)) I'm pretty thrifty. Most of my shopping is done from the clearance racks, but today as I walked through the store, a shirt caught my eye. It was a blue and green plaid flannel shirt. I looked at it longingly, then started to walk away because I can't wear button up shirts. But then remembered! I turned back. I picked out a size M, and I bought it! It was the only item I paid full price for, lol. (What can I say? I'm a 90's grunge chick, haha) when I was in HS, I used to wear my dad's flannel shirts, and mostly to hide myself. But this is a slim fit, and I can't wait to rock it :D woo hoo! Oh happy day!
Ok. I hope everyone's feeling great, recovering nicely, patiently waiting, and thinking positively! Sending good vibes out to you all!
Your last update made me smile ;)) It is funny you walked away having in mind you couldn't wear button ups and then realizing your new options =)) whoohooooo This is giving -me- a lot of hope and i believe staying positive is grrreat! I believe people who try to get you off your positiveness collect bad energy with this. And it is NOT healthy to grief or to envy..
You are absolutely right!!! :))
Ah the little victories, my favorite thing to hear, I'm happy for you getting buy a top you like!

Public appearances...

Hello! Today I went out with my hubby, and dressed in fitted clothes!!! I wore a v-neck, tunic length shirt, over fitted jeans and riding boots. I wore the shirt once before, and felt really self conscious. Constantly making sure my boobs were where they should be and my bra wasn't showing. Today, I felt like a supermodel in it! I wasn't constantly pulling straps and adjusting myself, or looking at myself to make sure I was decent.

I dropped the kids to my M-I-L and she said I looked great and THINNER! (and I have definitely NOT lost weight!) She said she thinks my PS was right to not make me too small, b/c she thinks the size looks just right :)
We then met my S-I-L and her boyfriend. It was the first time I've seen her since surgery also. She was floored when she saw me! Her jaw actually dropped! It was quite funny, actually. She couldn't take her eyes off of me and she said they were "perfect" :)) I was so happy! Everyone has been so supportive and it is so wonderful to have that... Ah, I am so, very, blessed :))) and you know what? I didn't take any pictures!!! Lol. Go figure! I'll put the outfit on again tomorrow and take a pic ;)

Hope everyone is doing as good as I am! (Yes, I'm still sore, but nothing's gonna bring me down!!!) I'm on top of the world!
Love and positive thoughts being sent to all of you!!! Xoxoxo

I bought this shirt years ago...

I was so happy to read your post, you really do look great! I'm so happy your happy :) I'm a 90's grunge chick too! Keep posting we love to hear how happy you are :)
Thank you!! :)) I wish this feeling on everyone. If my attitude can brighten someone's day, it's like fuel for my fire! It makes tamping down the negativity so much easier, when you see your positivity affecting others :))


Hi ladies! I have a few questions.

1) Is there something I can do to get swelling to go down? I still feel really puffy and I've been drinking water and taking the Arnica sublingual tablets (I have to admit, I don't take them regularly, though). I feel like my left nipple is puffy today, for some reason. It's been quite cold here and I've been feeling my nipples react to that, which is good, but my PS said no nipple stimulation for 6 weeks. Hmmm. Also, I just don't feel like my bras are supportive enough. I actually doubled up yesterday, but that made me feel more squished in than held up. The size 38 sports bras are too big around the band, but they cover my boobs. The 36's are good around the band but they don't fit the girls... Grrrr.

Question 2) my skin is peeling all over my boobs. It feels irritated, not red or hot. Just feels almost like a reaction if get from tape. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

Thanks ladies! I appreciate any input!
Hope everyone is feeling great!!!
I used to wear 2 bras - the surgery and a spanx bra to try to keep compressed and stop the swelling. On the lipo sites at the sides I would tuck in these blocks of foam that were in after the surgery into the sides of my bra again to keep pressure on the skin and stop it filling with fluid. I found resting and reclining on the 45 degree pillow helped - trying not to be on the computer too much. It really is a process that takes the time that it takes. Lymphatic massage may help. It does get better........promise.
Thank you very much! I really am trying to relax as much as possible... I will definitely try the compression top, and see if I can rig something to put on my "side boobs". I didn't have lipo, but I am really sore on the outside of both breasts. Maybe some extra support or some pressure on the sides is what I need :))
roll up a washcloth and tuck in,,really helps when sleeping too!

Thank You!

To all the lovely ladies who responded to my inquiry :) I really appreciate the advice and information.

Now, I am on the hunt for a soft cup bra. The nurse at my PS office said that if I feel like I need more support I can go ahead and get an adjustable regular bra, as long as it's wire-free :) Anyone know where they sell Warners bra's? I found a couple at Marshall's and they were super soft, and really comfortable, but they didn't have a D cup, which with swelling, I think I need. The C was okay, but I felt squished. I'll be heading to Kohls to see if they have anything.

I really am so happy I happened across this forum :)) What an incredible feeling, knowing that I'm not alone in my journey. Not that I don't have support from my family and friends, but they don't FULLY understand.

Whoa! As I am writing this, I think I have experienced REAL zingers! Holy crow! I thought I had been getting something that zinged, but MOMMA!!! I think that was a real one... That was fairly intense...

Okay then. Best wishes and much love to all going in, coming out, healing, revealing, and enjoying their new lives :)) xoxoxo
Just want to say you look fantastic. If mine look half as good as yours once the tapes off, I'll be happy :-)
Hi! I jut checked your profile out! You look great already! What a difference, eh? I hope you're really happy with your results, and if you take anything away from my review, the most important thing is STAY POSITIVE! :)) you'll do great! I can't wait to see how your journey progresses!
Thanks tamjoy. Once again, wishing there was a like button on this site!

The Verdict is in!

Ok Ladies! I just tried on about 30 different bras! I found one that I really like! I'll upload the pics. Kohls had the Warner bras, yay! And they were bogo 50%! Woo-hoo!

So, a few hours, 4 bras, 3 dresses, 2 accessories, and 1 shirt later, I'm glad to be home!!! Lol. I went a little nuts! I had a 30% off coupon though!!! And everything except 2 of the bras and the gloves were on clearance :) (and even still, they were on sale) lol. Look at me justifying my shopping addiction...

Anyhoo... The bras run in sizes S, M, L, XL, but they have the adjustable close back. I got the L, it feels so comfortable! You guys should really try them!!! I'm so excited :)))
So fun shopping now!! Congrats!
Yay! I can't wait to do it again when I'm COMPLETELY healed!!! :))
And might I add, you look AMAZING!!!! What beautiful results you got! :))

Crazy stabbing pains?

So today started some pretty intense pain! I'm thinking they're "zingers", they're so intense that I actually get goose bumps! I also noticed some stitches poking through near my R nipple, where I seem to be getting a lot of the pain. I am also having pretty constant pain on my side boobs. Mostly the right side. I'm starting to worry a bit, as I do have one little spot that isn't fully closed yet. But there isn't any redness that I can see, or doesn't seem to be hot to the touch. I don't know. Maybe I'll call my PS office to just be sure.
Ok. Goodnight ladies!
I am so happy you have finally made it this far, isn't it fantastic - you look as you should. My zingers didn't last very long, so I hope yours will as that's more reconnection/sensitivity. My swelling, skin moisturizing & scar healing in early stages was all thanks to Country Divine's Ultra Emu Oil - http://lbemuoil.com/ . I am not a dealer & if you remember following me before I have photos that show the difference. It's all natural, and good for just about everything, I've used emu at least the 5 yrs & knew this is what would be my greatest asset. (The owners are awesome) . Healing isn't easy but at least you can see the reward!!!
Thank you! I appreciate your information! I may definitely try the emu oil! I'll be seeing my PS weds so I'll be sure to bring up all concerns then :))
Went bra shopping today. Couldn't find any Warner bra that were my size. I couldn't find anything larger than a 36C. I probably need a 36/38DD. I loved the look and feel. Do you still think you have swelling? I think you had surgery about the same time.

4 weeks tomorrow!!!

Wow. It's hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I was suffering from almost debilitating back pain and extremely poor body image.

I already feel more comfortable in my own skin. I know thy may sound crazy, but I really do. I still forget that I can wear things that I used to not be able to. I can't wait to be completely healed so I can wear all the fun summer tops and dresses I've never been able to wear before!!!

I am so happy I made the decision to finally do this, I know that the back pain was the final deciding factor, but I wish I did it years ago!!! I think my quality of life will be 100% more amazing :)))

Anyone on the fence, DO IT!!!! completely worth it!!!!!

All my Real friends, I hope everyone's healing well, feeling well, waiting, anticipating, and above all, staying positive! Xoxoxo
You are doing great - I look forward to heaing your great results !!!!
Thank you!!! :))
inspiring stuff, looking forward to getting to where you are and beyond!

4 weeks!

Hello beautiful Realfriends!

Yesterday was 4 weeks since my BR. I continue to be in amazement of how wonderful I feel! I'm going to describe how I feel the best I can.

I now feel like the person I should have felt like my whole life. I have never, ever, not once in my life, felt confident with my breasts. Even at my thinnest, I felt like my boobs were too saggy, and still too big for my smaller frame. Now I know my "new" breasts are by no means tiny, but I love them! Even with their faults, if they're a little asymmetrical, a little bruised, and scarred, I feel like they're more "me" than the old ones.

I've read a lot I reviews where women are unhappy with their results, and/or picking out every imperfection they can find. Many women go through an "emotional" period shortly after their surgery.

I have felt NOTHING like that. Not once have I had a moment of doubt about wether I did the right thing, chose the right surgeon, or thought I "lost" something or some part of myself when I woke up with smaller breasts. I expected scars, and I didn't expect perfection. Humans are imperfect. And I am definitely human ;)

From the moment I woke up after my surgery, all I have felt was complete peace with myself. Like I was a caterpillar waking up, and emerging from my cocoon a beautiful butterfly. Knowing, that this is exactly where I am supposed to be in the evolution of ME. I was so ready for this...

I think that sums it up :))

I hope that anyone reading this, who has been having a hard time, or having doubts about wether or not they made the right decision, will try to see the positive aspects of their surgery. I cannot stress enough how much a positive attitude can help in the way you look at yourself...

You are all beautiful people. It doesn't matter what's on the outside, if you don't feel good on the inside, all you will see are the imperfections.

I choose to see past the imperfections, and embrace the new me, the butterfly who' ready to spread her wings and show the world her true colors!!!

Anyone doing research about BR & trying to decide if they want it or not, I've realized that it's such a personal decision and you have to be ready for it. If you are truly ready to make the decision, DO IT! It will be one of the best things you will have ever done for yourself!

Best of luck and positive thoughts going out to everyone, in all stages of their BR's, from waiting to recovering, to out living their lives after surgery!! Xoxoxo

A name change

I've decided to change the name of my review, from here, on out :))
Yay! Everything I'd looking good!
thank you! :)
What an awesome update! The pics are great too. You are looking great and are such an inspiration to so many. I do believe that positivity has really helped in my recovery. At time I question whether something is normal, so it has been great to be able to have all of you :) I too have yet to have been overly emotional. I think we will escape gang side effect. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement to so many :)

4 Week PO and, things that make you go, hmmmmm...

Hi ALL!!!!

I had my 4 week PO appt today, and my PS and I chatted for a little bit. I told him how much better I feel about myself and how he did a really fantastic job on my new boobies :))

However, I have some confusion today...

While my positivity is for real, I am so much happier than I was before... I still think he left me a little larger than I was hoping. But I would absolutely deal with this, if there was no easy fix. My issue is that I don't think he explained ALL my options ahead of time, and made a decision based purely on aesthetics. If I knew he couldn't take out as much tissue doing the lollipop incision, I would definitely have said to use the anchor incision. I was expecting the anchor incision scars, so this wouldn't have bothered me.
He agrees that I am still big. He says to give it a few months, and see where I'm at when things are more "settled". If I still feel like I am too full, then he said he can do a procedure right in the office which will reduce some of the fullness without the need for excessive down-time. Either lipo some extra tissue out, or cut out a little extra skin under the breast and stitch it back up, which would be superficial, just skin, no tissue removed. The latter would basically just make them "tighter".

Now, the reason behind this confusion.

Last night I did the stupid thing of trying on some of my old bra's, and found, like some of you shortly after surgery, that some still fit... Now, I was VERY surprised, because I feel so much smaller!

But, of course, it got me thinking, and then I was agitated, and annoyed. Here's the crazy part: when I measured myself before the surgery, my bust measured 47 or 49 inches around, 33 inches around the band. I now measure 38 inches around the bust!!!! That is either 9 or11 INCHES SMALLER!!!

My band is now 32 inches (but I wear a 34 comfortably), so that is a difference of 4 inches. If I remember correctly, each inch is a cup size, right? Which will leave me with a 34D. But measurement-wise, (if I go by the actual 32"), I am actually a 32DDD? What the what?

I repeat: I am very happy to be lifted and I FEEL smaller, so that is definitely positive. I am just surprised by how I actually measure up. Which I think may be a lesson to us all: I don't think the measurements mean ANYTHING!!! I think they are a jumping-off point. Like ok, based on these measurements you should wear this size bra, however, you can also wear this size, or that size, depending on your body type. I forget who wrote the review recently, but someone just said something close to this. I know that I shouldn't have tried on my old bra's. Now I'm wondering how the heck I fit into them before!!!! So crazy! AND I didn't want to have to pay an arm and a leg for bras anymore. If I'm a 34D or DD, I think I'll still be stuck paying more, and having a hard time finding those sizes in regular stores.

Ugh. OK, I'm happy to get that off my chest ;) hahaha...pun intended.

Please don't think I am being negative. Just after the bra debacle, I feel more like I got just a lift, rather than a reduction. If that IS the case, I think I overpaid ;) My PS was VERY understanding, and he said he would take care of it if I am not content with the results... Another reason he's so wonderful :))

See, I'm still being positive, and I still feel like a beautiful butterfly. I guess my point in telling you this is to make sure you talk to your PS. If you guys are on the same page, you'll be better off. I didn't make myself as clear to him as I should have. He did a beautiful job, just a bit bigger than I wanted :)

Love to you all xoxoxo
Tamjoy a lot of the time we think we used to fit those bras but we didn't - I have had a sizeable difference in my reduction but even I tried on a bra that I thought would be really big - I should check the size it may even be a D and it fit me "not bad" I thought I won't have to throw this one out haha we made them fit in those old days - remember the boob sitting over, under and to the side maybe a little too much? So don't worry you look so wonderful and once everything settles in your body and your mind all this worry will be in vain. Try not to worry :)
Thank you so much Becup :))
Sooooo true!

Feeling better :)

Hello Ladies :)

I first want to thank all of my beautiful BR sisters for understanding where I was coming from the other day :) I really appreciate the support! I literally said the day before that, that I hadn't experienced any "emotional roller coasters" since my BR. Well, I guess that's why it's named a roller coaster. You don't know exactly what you'll experience or how you'll experience the darn emotions!

I am feeling much better, after many thoughtful and considerate comments and replies from you all, and from family members, I definitely should wait and see how I feel after a few more months :) I have gone through such a change, (a metamorphosis, if you will), that I really need time to heal and get to know this new butterfly that I have become. I still LOVE my new boobies :))
Hi there, glad you are feeling more yourself. I saw mine today and they are great!!! Piccies on my review.
Yay!!! You look great!!! :)) And thank you!

Clothing pics!

Ok, so, in the pics they look tremendously smaller ;)
You look great!
Thank you!!! :))
You look great! Very well proportioned. Your PS sounds like he's willing to work with you if you need to go down a little, and that sounds really good. Over all they have great shape and you look really good Tamjoy :)

5 weeks!?!?!

Wow. It's hard to believe 5weeks has passed so quickly and very uneventfully!! I feel pretty amazing :) I'd really like to thank you all for the lovely comments :))

I went to a birthday party for one of my good friends, and my GIRLS got an awful lot of attention! (I didn't actually show anyone, but they were examining them pretty thoroughly through my shirt, haha) my friends all think they look awesome :))

My hubby is still really happy with the way they look. I tried on some lingerie I got for my bridal shower 11 years ago, (while I've put it on once or twice since then, I was never comfortable in it), well, it fit better than it ever has, with the girls staying in the correct place! Yay!!! That was awesome, especially considering Valentines Day is coming up ;-O lol

So I've noticed changes in the last week. My breasts are not puckered anymore on the bottom! The scars and the skin under them is really smooth now!!! I still have a little puckering around the nipples, but that's from the stitches. When they dissolve that should go away :)) There is still some lumpiness in there, near where the incisions were made, but they don't LOOK lumpy. That will more than likely go away with time :)
I will post pis tomorrow :))

I hope everyone is feeling great and healing well and happy :)
Always great to hear about the puckering smoothing out.
Yeah, it's really awesome! :))

5 week Pics!

Ok, here's 5 weeks :) I put a couple closer shots so you can see the scars and skin. There's some skin flaking off of the scars, but that's it. One spot where there's a scab from PS removing a stitch. He said he'll fix the dog ear. You can definitely see the size difference, Left is much fuller on the bottom.
But the shape is great & the scars look really good :))
Aside from still being a little bigger than I hoped, I'm really thrilled with everything and I would do this a million times over!!!!! :))
;) I love your new look! It looks cute how you dress :) I can understand that you are overall happy but would like some more balance in them. If he can even them out with not much of a big surgery i would go for it i guess. But my difference is very very light at this point. If my left will drop even more and righty stays bigger i don't know if i would ask him to do something about it. As it is now i am happy. I think you have a beautiful shape and the size doesn't look too big on the pictures. What size are you now? Could you find out the difference between the two? XO!
Thank you!!!! YOU definitely look fantastic!!!!! :)) yeah, I actually don't even see the difference unless I look at them in the mirror or in the pics. From the top they look even :) Last night I tried on a 36D bra with a push-up, and it looked really nice, left has a bit of popping out at the cleavage and side. But not horribly so :))
Looking very nice! Don't worry yet about the Lefty being bigger, is still pretty early , you may get lucky and it shrinks on it's own. I seen one gal who had one bigger for weeks, then it ended up being the smaller one in the end. That didn't happen to me , but at least we know it can! Keep up the great healing, thank you again for sharing your journey girl!!!

Some thoughts...

Hello Beautiful ladies :))

I had a thought last night. I have a couple bras that I bought a few years ago that I knew didn't fit, but I was looking for a specific style to wear with a specific dress. You know how it is, we can never find the right bra to go with those low-cut dresses... Well I have a 36D push-up bra sitting in my closet for years now, and last night I put it on. Whoa!!! It looked great!!!! The left side had a bit of "popping out" on the side and cleavage, but it wasn't too bad! That was a Kohls bra that I probably paid like $15.00 for on clearance, AND it was a push up, so it had the extra padding in there! I've been saying that I'm not happy being "big" still, but I have to say, I think I looked pretty good in that bra ;)

So I came to the conclusion that I don't think righty needs to be altered any. I think if I can get lefty to match, I (and my husband), would be very happy :)) He really likes them! I am so surprised! It looks to me like he completely see's past the scars and just notices how much better they look (and how much more confident I am with them)!!!! I am one happy girl :)))

You know, one of the reasons I was so unhappy last week when I wrote that post? I have a dress that I bought years ago, it's been sitting in my closet for that long, but I couldn't wear it. I had been holding on to it, because I love it, and it's so my style, and I couldn't bear to part with it. Last summer I let a friend borrow it, and said that I wanted it back, because I hoped to wear it after surgery... Well, I also tried that dress on when I tried the bras on, obviously it didn't fit still :( But I have decided that I'm ok with that. So I'll let it go. Maybe I'll give it to the friend who borrowed it. She's flat chested, (the lucky b#&@*, lol), so it looked really good on her, and she really liked it. And I'm ok. I took it out of the closet the other night and folded it up, but then hung it back in there, before I decided that I'm ok with my new size. So I will take it out again, this time for good... Well, I guess that means I'll just have to buy another one!!!!! hahahahaha!!!!! Oh man... I think I need a support group!!!!! lmao!

Thanks for listening, ladies, I know most of you understand what I'm going through, and I appreciate being able to just say things on here :))

I hope all the ladies healing are doing so swiftly and uneventfully. I wish everyone going in today, tomorrow or sometime soon, the best of luck!

Remember, above all, be POSITIVE! Positivity will, without a doubt, be your best asset through any stage of you BR journey. If you can remain positive, even through the ups and downs that you will inevitably experience, you will find healing and waiting will be that much easier. Xoxoxoxo :))
I too took down my pics because I saw a few creepy posts. Not on my page but others and I just got weirded out by the fact that these posts were on this site ( obviously from men) and that an administrator didnt remove them. Also - I too have had a lot of rib pain. Did you ever find out what causes it? I almost feel like there are small bands being pulled down to my stomach... super weird.
Hey! Yeah, but I put the after shots up b/c I want people to see what it's like and know what to expect :) the administrator took care I the creep that was commenting back then and honestly I haven't had a problem since. I'm so sorry you've had such a hard time with your experience :( that rib pain went away after the first couple weeks for me. I think it was just internal bruising. Make sure you pay close attention to your body, if you feel like something's not right, physically, not just aesthetically, get someone to look at you. If your PS isn't taking care of you after the surgery, someone should... Best of luck.
Oh my gosh! I totally commented about the wrong review!! Sorry! I hope you're doing well after your removal and lift!!! :))


I am having some pain, sharp pain, on my right nipple today!!! It started late last night. It feels like any time my bra rubs on it it's sending a painful sensation. It's not pleasant at all. I'm a little worried, as my hubby was horsing around the other day and picked me up off the couch, and kind of smooshed my boob :( I may call the PS office just to see if I should be worried or anything... That's the nipple that I've had sensation in from the get-go. I'd really hate for anything to happen to it!!! lol. On a brighter note, it feels like lefty may be getting a tiny bit of sensation back :) That's all today. Not much difference from yesterday ;))
I love your posts. Your comments about clothes and bra have convinced me to just get rid of stuff I hope to fit into one day, theres no point really - much more fun to get new stuff ;) That stripy top looks so cool on you anyway, i love that!
Hi Zip!!! Thank you so much for the lovely comments! I urge you to definitely either put it away out of your reach, or get rid of it ;)) Even for someone as positive as me, having them there was just too much temptation, and proved to be detrimental to my well being ;)) And yes! Shopping is definitely more fun! I love the striped sweater. Another of my fabulous Kohls finds :)) I read your review and I think Raboobsel said it best, this is YOUR decision. While your hubs may have an opinion, ultimately, it is what you want that matters :) everything will go great! I look forward to following your journey!!! ((Hugs))
I bet you look great in that push up bra. You have such a good positive attitude. A great example for us women on here. Today I woke up with sore throat and aches and pains, even my breasts are hard and sensitive today. My skin feels super sensitive too. I think it's some kind of flu, but it's crazy how my breasts are feeling today. I will be 12 weeks this coming Tues. But I am amazed that you are already almost 6 weeks! Keep up the good healing tamjoy :)

Has anyone ever "popped" an internal stitch?

Well, I called the PS office yesterday, and they said they think the pain is normal, just sensation coming back and all that. I'm scheduled to see him weds, b/c I really don't feel like I can do my job yet. He'll prob keep me out another 2 weeks, just to be absolutely sure everything is healed. I'll have him look at the spot I'm concerned about.
I think I may have popped a few internal stitches that hadn't yet dissolved :( I have a little bump, at the outside of my Right areola (sp?). Looks and feels like it's something under my skin. So that's my guess. Hopefully it'll be ok. Like the shape won't change if the stitch did pop. I'm going to try not to pay attention to it too much, but the sensation I'm getting will make it difficult. It's a really odd, uncomfortable pain.
Ah, well, I guess we'll see.
Hope everyone else is going great! Enjoy your weekend!!! :))
It could be a stitch and if so it will make its way to the surface and if it does i would get it pulled out by your ps ! ( If you don't want to do it on your own then, but i wouldn't try to pop anything but wait till it comes to the surface )
It's actually pretty hard to pop a stitch, a may be a stitch trying to push through. You are going to be fine, you will see!
I don't know what all happens to give weird sensations. I remember one day my areola on the left was dimpled in underneath. It went away in a day or so. I don't think the stitches internally come to the surface though, do they? I would think they just dissolve where they are. ??? You'll be ok and I don't think anything will change the nipple sensation if you already have good feeling there. I still do not have much feeling on the right and my areola on the right is more flat and puffy. The left is even with the surface of my breast. The nipple on that side is responsive and more normal than the one on the right. I'm hoping the right will look more normal when it's all healed.

6 weeks!!!!! What????

Good evening, my realself friends!

Well, today marks 6 weeks post op for me!!! I cannot even believe how fast the time has flown by!!! I had a very busy weekend, with something going on all three days! Even this morning before I had to go to class we had something going on, along with a sick boy at home :( I'm exhausted, I tell ya!!! :)

So, how do I feel 6 weeks after my BR? Aside from the recent injury, (I'll call it that, lol), I feel pretty amazing! I don't feel completely confident in my skin yet, but I'm getting closer every day!

In honor of being the big S-I-X (week), I wore an underwire bra today!!!! My PS said I could start again at 6 weeks. I wore a VS full coverage, (I think), cotton, underwire bra, no padding just lined. It's one of the bras that I bought before a vacation a few years ago and wore for that week and pretty much put weight on right after that and wasn't able to fit back into them after the summer! Today I put it on at about 10 am, and I'm STILL wearing it, and I have not had to adjust anything on it ALL DAY!!!!! Never once. It feels awesome, and liberating, and totally freeing, to not have to find a corner to adjust yourself or be pulling at your straps or band or sticking your hand into your shirt to put your girls back into the holster! I could cry tears of joy right now!!! Which truly goes to show you, I think Becup said, that we wear bras that we don't really fit into. We squish and squeeze ourselves into these sizes. Really, I KNOW I'm smaller than I was before. I have to get past that "number" and realize that it shouldn't matter, as long as I'm not in pain anymore, and am happy with the actual results. I think they look great, and with a little tweaking they really will be better than I ever dreamed they'd be :))

Last night I went to a small event at Victorias Secret at the mall. They had a DJ and raffle prizes and stuff, pretty good event sales going on too :) Unfortunately I didn't win a prize, but I got measured, and, sure enough, I'm definitely a 34DD right now. Righty (smaller one) fits perfectly in that size, while lefty has a bit of overflow, it's not anything horrible, though. While I was a bit disappointed, I was a bit happy too. I have a bunch of bras that I bought a few years ago, (including the above mentioned one, when I was super fit) that are 34DD! Thank goodness I didn't give them away like I intended!!! They're practically brand new!!! I did end up buying a cute lacy one. But they have a sports bra that's AMAZING!!!! I'll post pics. When I got into that thing, I felt more secure than I don't even know! lmao... It's awesome! I can't wait to wear it to the gym!!! ;)

OH!!! I also forgot to mention! After my post the other day about the dress that I have to give away, I ended up going to Kohls. I found the CUTEST baby-doll dress/top! It's a grey, lace v-neck I think it's too short to wear as a dress, but I was thinking leggings and boots for Valentines day! It's a babydoll! I could NEVER wear one of those before!!!! Come on, you all know you've tried it too! Empire waisted gowns, and baby-doll dresses or tops, that come halfway up your boobs! I've always loved that look, but was never able to pull it off. Until now ;) I'll have to do a little fashion show for you guys, in honor of the upcoming NY Fashion Week, lol.

I highly recommend having this surgery to anyone who's thinking about it! I know that I'm just scratching the surface of the life-changing benefits that come along with it. I feel taller, I feel lighter on my feet, I feel like I can be looked at as a person, not a walking sex-toy ;) haha... Come on, you know you feel that way too ;-P

Thank you, to everyone who's posted amazing, supportive, and extremely caring comments to me throughout my journey. I appreciate every word that has been written.

I hope everyone out there is doing really well, and I wish for speedy recoveries and beautiful results, and positive attitudes!!!! That is all :)))))) Goodnight!!!!
Wow. I can't believe it's already been six weeks for your surgery. I remember having so much empathy for you, because it seemed like your surgery was so far away!! And now- you are so over the hard part of post-op!! I'm so happy for you :D I think you look amazing :)
Thanks Kitty!!! I can't believe how fast everything came up! I was very busy through fall, and then the holidays, now busy again, I think that helps time to move fast ;) I'm really happy with my results, still holding out hope that they'll shrink down a bit more, but I can live with it if not :)) YOU look so amazing! I'm really happy for you!


No fashion show yet, but here's the bra I wore all day. I remembered being at VS and seeing this really cute bra, and in one of my fav colors! I loved it then, and I love it even more now!!! :) Wore it from 10am to about 10pm. Still can't get over the lack of pain in back or shoulders, they used to have such deep grooves from the straps all the time!!!! :)) Oh happy day!!!! Haha
You look beautiful! And bra size really shouldn't matter. You are so tiny (size 34 band) that of course you'd need DD cups! If you were a bit bigger, you'd probably only need a C! Congrats on feeling so great! You deserve it! :)
Thank you so much :)
I have overflow in my left too- I bought a bra last week and was a bit confused as to what size to by but I went with the smaller one and just kind of popped the bra over the left a little so not too much popped over hehehe kind of recalled the old days of doing this to a huge extent but just a little is not bad I think


One thing I didn't mention above? I can sleep on my side now! It's more comfortable to sleep on my left side than the right. I can lay for a few minutes on the right. That's really exciting stuff for me!! haha... I also laid on my stomach for a minute the other night, just to try. I don't think I could do it all night, but it didn't hurt. :))
Wow, just read your story from beginning to now, you are too funny, so real and refreshing! So glad you have shared and continue to share your experience. I pray you continue to feel taller and lighter on your feet :-) I especially appreciate you sharing your concerns about your post op size...that's one of my concerns too..I will make sure to get on the same page as my ps. Thanks again for sharing...
Thank you! What a sweet comment :) What I understand now about the process, is that the surgeon really does know what will suit your frame, and I appreciate that, but if you don't want to be bigger still, I feel like it's your choice. That being said, I have come to the decision that I won't have him remove any tissue from my smaller breast. Even though I'm not "small" I'm still smaller than I was, by quite a bit and my back pain has gone away completely! I don't feel the need to undergo more revision than I need, I just want to heal and not worry about my boobs anymore, lol! :)) Thanks again for reading my story, I've found writing on here very therapeutic these last several months, since I was waiting over the summer through now. :)) Best of luck to you with your surgery!!! Just to address a couple of your questions, the shoulder grooves are MUCH improved, and I FULLY intend to wear a two piece this summer!!! :)) I already feel more comfortable in my skin. That outfit pictured above? I've not worn something that short in probably 10 years! I never thought I could pull something like that off! You already look fantastic, imagine, once you have your surgery?!?! You're going to be on top of the world!!! Yay for you!!!
Ahhhh, a good nights sleep. Sounds amazing

Valentines Outfit

Hey ladies :) just a couple pics before I start my day :) I felt amazing in this outfit :))
You look great, I only hope mine turn out as well as yours did. It helped reading your posts as I have a hubby that wasn't so sure about this whole thing but like you said they don't really know what it feels like. I really relate to being self conscious and wanting to be non noticed because of the large breasts Im 5'2" and 130lbs so anytime I lost weight my boobs look huge too. Then I had another blow to my self image when I needed to have the illiostomy done and its permanent so I have a bag now which Im vain I will admit it and it really hit me hard after it was all done. So this BR surgery really helped me stop wearing "baggy clothing" and started to feel sexy again even though its only 4 weeks after it sure did change my view of myself. My hubby still not so sure he really liked the hanging bombs..lol Not me and for that he is being supportive but he is still in mourning.
Awww, thanks! I appreciate the nice comments! As for your self image? It only gets better! I feel so amazing, my self confidence is getting better by the day :)) sooooo funny that you said hubby is "mourning"! The day of my surgery he sent out a text when I was done about the "loss" of his two best friends!!! Haha. Guys are so weird!!! Congrats on your surgery and I can't wait to hear how your doing as your recovery progresses!!! :))
You look beautiful in your Valentine's day dress! It isn't too short - it is perfect. And what a wonderful feeling to have that lovely cleavage without all the problems of huge breasts :)

I missed an update!!!

Hello to all my beautiful Realfriends! I have been out of the loop for a few weeks! Our nasty weather took a toll on my computer time, what with the kids being home from school for an extended President's Day Weekend!

Week 6 came and went with nothing really new to report. I have been sleeping on my side more and more with no issues, but I had started doing that already :) Now, as we got into the 7 week mark I was feeling like a champ! I am so ready to start working out and getting my upper body strength back up. This is super important as part of my job includes lifting and transferring people. I am hoping beyond hope, that we have no more snow days this year! I was really hoping to have gone back to the gym this past week, but with all the crazy extra days off I had to concentrate on my household duties :-/

So... Intimate issues... My PS said no nipple stim for 6 weeks. So we gave it an extra week, just to be sure, tried at the beginning of week 7 and it was a little weird. I wasn't sure I liked the way things felt. But I think I was also a bit nervous. Well, at the end of the week 7 we tried again, and WHOA!!!! Let me tell you... It worked out MUCH better ;) The left side gets little "jolts" of feeling. Like, one minute I don't feel much, then I'll get a little feeling, or a moderate feeling. The right one DEFINITELY has feeling! And it still works quite well ;)) I asked my husband afterwords what he thought. I was very curious as to how he was going to feel about being intimate with them. He said that he liked it, but he liked my old ones too. He also said that the Right one is more healed than the Left. I was a bit confused, but he explained that it doesn't feel the same. I thought that was so interesting that he could actually feel that difference! He said that one difference between old and new was that he didn't have to "look" for them, they were right where they should be, no scooping them up from the sides of me when I lay on my back!!! hahahaha... he was very polite and didn't say anything negative about my old ones at all, he's such a great guy, lol.

That's about it, really. I'm almost into week 8, and I can't reiterate enough how unbelievably happy I am that I was able to get this surgery. I feel so amazing, like I am the luckiest girl in the world :))) I'll post my 7 week photos from my phone :)

God bless all of you, and I hope everyone is doing really well, and healing and waiting patiently :)) Thank you for taking the time to comment on my review and for always being so supportive. I still continue to be so thankful for all or you lovely ladies!!!! :))

7 week pics

You look good and you sound great! Ya I would go back to work with a note, don't lift anyone for another 6 wks, if there's 3 of you on an average size person, maybe, but not for another 4 wks for that... Truly listen to your body on that. I'm you and the hubby are back on uh hem, "speaking" terms ;-)
Thanks AVA!!!! :) I'm feeling much better this week, and I'm glad to have the extra time to get myself stronger :))
Looking great, Tamjoy xx

8 weeks have flown by!!!

Well Ladies, 8 weeks...

I already said how happy I am, and how much more confident I feel. Have I mentioned how much more I am smiling? How people notice that I sit straighter? I'm not hunched over and "hiding" myself any more? Have I said that I am actually happy to show my husband pictures of myself in a bathing suit or a bra, or that I can walk around my room getting dressed without a bra or shirt on and feel completely at ease with him in the room?

This surgery has changed my life, and has already, completely, opened me up to the kind of person I have always thought myself to be. I am not afraid anymore. I didn't think it would hit me this hard, this fast. I thought there was going to be a period of still feeling like my boobs are the starring attraction of ME, but nothing. I just feel HAPPY.

Something really fantastic happened this weekend, and I'm so happy I want to yell it from the tops of buildings! I tried on bikini tops from Victoria's Secret PINK, and they fit!!! I had to buy a Large, but gosh-darn-it, they FIT!!!!!! I bought two, the same top, but different colors, and they were only $20.00 each! ($40.00 for the whole suit!) I've NEVER bought a $40.00 bathing suit!!! EVER!!!!! If I can tell you how ridiculously happy I was, it wouldn't correctly convey my actual feelings that night. I felt AWESOME! And that's not even the really fantastic thing that happened!!! (They didn't actually have my size in both, but I bought the one that fit, and another in the smaller size and exchanged it at another store, so I could get it at the sale price)

I was at an after-hours event that the store was having. They had a DJ and some scratch off tickets that you could win a prize if you got a winning ticket. (I didn't win with my ticket) They also had the bathing suit on special, and some special dollar-off deals, too (like $25 off $100 purchase, $50 off $200 purchase, etc.)

Well, with my new-found confidence, I asked the sales associate if I could get another scratch off ticket, as she had a whole stack in her hand, and there weren't still people lining up outside the store. (what's the worst that can happen? she'd say no?) She fanned them out in front of her and joked, "sure, I'll just tell them you grabbed it out of my hand" and laughed. I was so surprised that she said yes, and asked if she was sure, then proceeded to choose a ticket. (As I scratched it off, I was talking to her, telling her how I was in need of some cute new clothes, as I had gotten the reduction, and was so excited about the bathing suit, and I was a little bummed that they didn't have anymore in my size.) I looked down at the ticket that I was scratching, and I'm sure you can guess what happened next....


Ladies, I was awarded with about $225.00 worth of free stuff from the PINK store!!!! I got to choose 5 panties, a bralette, yoga pants, sweatpants, a tank top, and perfume!!!

When I say that being positive has changed my life, I truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, that God and the universe are watching, and when you are positive and do good things, you will be awarded!!! I am putting myself out there, and feeling amazing doing it!

I hope you all get on the positivity train, and I hope that you also experience the amazing benefits that it can have on your soul...

Much love to you all, and I hope everyone's doing as amazing as me :))
what a great experience, lovely to share your happiness
Thank you so much! I love that you guys just "get" it. It's so amazing to have this kind of support :))

8 week Pics

Ok, just so you know, I'm aware that I need to lose a few lbs before I can actually wear the bikinis in public ;)) haha.
You look great and I am happy to see you healthy and happy and happy with your results !!!
Thank you so much! I'm doing really good :)
Your updates made me smile so much =))) I started reading from the valentine post and you look so beautiful on these pictures, but not just because of the dress, it is your face and smile that looks stunning and your happiness radiates through :)) Thank you for writing about the intimate "stuff" ;) my hub and i didn't try yet.. i am a bit afraid to be honest, i don't know.. because they still hurt and he couldn't touch them as normal.. and braless is no option. I don't feel comfortable enough for that :/ But anyway, i really think if someone deserved this WIN than you :)) You are right, i do believe, you get what you give and you have been such and angel for so many here, that someone must have heard it ! I can so understand the feeling you have about beeing naked and comfortable about it, i do feel the same, but still a bit insecure and shy :D I guess because my hub also fears because he could hurt me ect. It has been such a journey and it was / is great to be able to be a part of yours too =) Loads of Love =) Xo

9 weeks!

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update. I'm doing great. I've started going to the gym and doing some upper body exercising to help me get my strength back. I went a few days last week and I'm hoping to do more each week :) Unfortunately I'm a fighting a scratchy throat right now, so I've been home resting today drinking a lot of hot lemon water. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I'll be feeling much better tomorrow :)

As far as my lovely lady lumps ;) I'm really doing well! No changes from last week, so I'm not posting any pics this week. I did start using Mederma for scars last week, but I don't do it every single day, so I'm not sure how it's going to work. We'll see... Oh, I also have a couple of stitches coming through, which is just weird. They don't hurt, I just find them annoying. I'll just trim them down.

Anyways, that's all for now... I hope everyone is doing well. Healing swiftly and painlessly, and keeping a positive attitude :))

Thanks for listening!
It is always nice reading your updates. Hope you feel better soon!
Thanks! :)
It's so good to hear from you again Tamjoy. So sorry to hear about your throat. Hope you are feeling better soon. Wonderful news that you are back at the gym and working out. It's really nice having a fitness buddy too. I would like that. Right now I'm kinda in a slump (what's new with me?) just out of the routine. My hubby was home and we got iced in so no swimming. Then I ate junk all weekend. Uggg. So when I read about you girls getting back into fitness I feel motivated to do the same. You look great and your frame looks small and trim. Won't be long you WILL be beach ready I'm sure!! :) :)

Hi! 10 weeks and a day ;)

Hello!!! I've been so busy!!! Trying to sell our house and having school and homework and tests, ahhhhhh!!!!! Lol. Aaaaaaand, my little sister in law got engaged so I've been spending time wit her while she's planning stuff, soooooo, literally no time for much of anything else!!!
I feel so bad that I have no idea how any one else is doing with recovery or anything!!! :(
As for me, I'm doing well! I'm pretty sure I have an appt with my PS this week, I have to call & make sure, lol. I will be going back I work this weekend!!!! Yikes!!! I've enjoyed my time off so very much, it makes me sad, buuuuuut, I really need a pay check!!! Lol!
At this next appt, my PS and I will schedule the revision of the L-side (larger) breast, and removing the dog ear on the R-side under the breast. He says it'll be a quick, in office, procedure, and will require very little down-time. So hopefully that's the case, b/c I'm out of time!!!
Anyways, that's it for me! I'll post some new pics. Maybe you guys can tell me if there's any changes. To me they look very much the same these last few weeks.
I hope all of you wonderful ladies are doing well!!!! :)) xoxoxo
Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep us posted on your revisions-I am still waiting to hear back from insurance. You'll have to post new pics. Good luck selling your house. Sounds like you are plenty busy.
Hey! Never got to respond to this! Sorry :( See new post for info on revisions, and pics! ;)
Hey Tamjoy- I'm so glad to hear that you are totally getting busy with life and doing things :) xo

11 week update! (A few days late)

Hello!!!! :))

11 weeks already! (And 2 days, to be exact :-P)

Well, well, well... Let's see... Hee-hee. Ok. I am feeling great! I started work again this past weekend! Man, I can honestly say that I LOVE being a stay at home mom... Lol. But work went great. My co-workers are wonderful, I really am lucky :)) by the end of my shift my feet, legs, and back were killing me from standing for probably about 7 1/2 hours. Ugh. Not used to that yet! However, after I slept, I felt much better and night 2 wasn't as bad :) now I'm done for the week, and on spring break from school, too! Yay!

Today I went to my PS for my 3 month check up. We discussed the revision for my L breast and for the dog ear under the R breast. I may have a little bit lipo'd from each side, as well. He said we should wait a couple more months before scheduling anything because we can see that the difference has changed some since last month. I am also in the process of losing weight, so he said that we should wait until I'm done before he does any revisions b/c there may be some extra skin to remove if I lose any weight from my breasts . However, he said that the skin should retract, so, I guess we'll see :))
He did think that I am fine, without removing any extra tissue, but I said that I would be fine if I could fit into my 34DD bras without any spillage over the top/sides (which I currently have). I think that's fair. I paid for my results and I think that if insurance had covered it, I'd be perfectly fine with the incredible results I have. I don't have anymore pain in my back, neck, or shoulders, and I feel so much better about myself. However, since I paid out of pocket, I think I should have the results I was hoping for. (And I am even compromising on that, I wanted to be a C cup, not a DD...) That's what I want. I may lose that spillage as I lose more weight, too, if that's the case, then he will just need to fix the difference and the dog ear, and even that's gotten smaller. So all in all, I think I'm in great shape, for the time being!

Oh! And... I have my "before" pics!!! I've uploaded them on here, the difference is ASTOUNDING to me!!! Wow. I couldn't believe that's what I used to deal with!!!!

I've been so crazy busy, and out of the loop! We're trying to sell out house right now, so we always have to be "show ready". It's a pain in the butt! Lol. I also have homework and school projects which all take time away from hanging out on Realself :-( I hope everyone's doing well!!!!

Good luck, and God Bless all of you!!!! :))
Well I know what it feels like to be a DD after thinking I was going to be a C or D at most. With you it is even more of a difference because you have a smaller under bust than I do. I think you look great and that tattoo picture is amazing. Good luck with your weight loss - far better to lose it before any revisions.
I appreciate the understanding! I know a lot of women look at the results and say they're definitely smaller, and not understand what my "issue" is with them. I will reiterate: to me, they are perfect in every other way except a bit bigger than I hoped to end up. That's all. I love them, and I feel amazing. I'm still up in the air about revisions. I think I'll wait to see if they lose volume with weight loss. Maybe that's all I'll need ;)
Hey Tam thank you for yur update :) It is nice to know you are doing fine and everything goes well. It is really a big difference from your before to the post op picture! I just wondered about my own pre op pic and i still can't believe how i lived with these saggy things all my life... I think you absolutely deserve the best result your ps can give you! So i hope everything goes fine with your revision and you will get what you want. You look georgeous already :))

12 weeks!?!?

Wow. So unbelievable that it's been 3 MONTHS already!!!! I am feeling good. Back to work for a few weeks now. I still get a back ache while working, but am usually better after I sleep :) I am still in a 34DD, seems that the L, bigger breast, has been slowly shrinking down. To be quite honest, I have been too busy to really check them out too much! Haha. I'm still obsessed with buying new clothes to fit my new boobs, though! I need to stop, for real... Lol.
I'm still working on the weight loss. It's slow going, but I'm not gaining! I'm planning on fitting into my new bikinis before summer!!! ;)

I guess that's about it. Super busy, we find out this week if we'll be moving at the end of the month!!! So crazy!!!! So if you don't hear from me for a while, it's b/c in packing & moving!!! :))

Thanks for listening! Stay positive!
The before/after pic with the tattoo is amazing, haha! It really shows the difference! Looks like you healed really well.
Thank you so much! Yes, I love how perky they are!!!! :))

13 weeks

Hi Ladies!

Today is 2 days past the 13 week mark. I am feeling about 98.5% "normal". I put this in quotations b/c, firstly, I have never actually been normal, lol, and secondly, I am better than normal! I am finally happy with myself most of the time. Like many others on here, I am getting less and less obsessed with my breasts. Don't get me wrong, I love looking at myself in clothes now, and also still notice that wearing bras is so much better now! ;)

I tried on some more of my clothes today :)) I have noticed that as the weeks progress, I am increasingly pleased with the results. It appears that with a loss of 10lbs over the last month or so, I've lost a little more volume in both breasts. I had been about 39 inches around the bust, and I'm 38 1/2" now. (that may not seem like a big jump, but it really does make a difference!) I am still a 34DD, but they are fitting much better :)

I absolutely cannot wait for nice weather, with all of the exciting clothing options I have! I've been stocking up, as I've written in the past ;) Oh, just to wear 1 tank top at a time (instead of layering 2,3, or 4!) and not feel like I'm busting out of it or my bra, will be so amazing!!!
I didn't take pic of the girls this week, but I got a few shots in a dress that I bought on clearance in January, I think! I CANNOT WAIT to wear this dress in public! :))

As you can tell, I'm still on my positivity train ;) I hope, beyond hope, that everyone can have the same feelings that I've had throughout this whole journey. It has been a completely life-changing experience. I would 1,000,000% do this again.

Thanks for listening and stay positive!!!!! :))
Hi there! You look great, I missed your last update! Love the dress. Hugs
HI! Thank you! I am back to 100%, as far as activity! I have been having some pain in my breasts, near the nipple scars, in the last couple weeks. I am wondering if it is from the heavy lifting at work :-/ Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about that... I am still concerned about the fullness, b/c I've lost some weight, and I definitely see that the fullness is definitely falling to the bottom of my breasts again. Hopefully with some minor adjustments, aka, a little liposuction and skin trimming, he can fix this. I love the shape of them, I hope he can fix them without the shape being altered. They look great, and if these were the boobs I was born with, I'd be a happy camper ;)
I agree, they look great. I'm glad you are doing well. For the most part I don't have any discomfort, although I've noticed if I have a hop in my step coming down the stairs my boobs feel a little achy. So my revision is in two weeks and I guess I'll be back to all the sensitivity again. But fortunately I've been told the recovery is really quick. :))


Hi all!

It's been quite a while! Just a quick update. I'm going next week for my (almost) 5 month check-up! I can't believe it's been that long! We'll discuss my revision. I am definitely interested in getting a little volume removed. I'm still popping out of my 34DD's. Not as much as before, but I'm still not comfortable... I just didn't want to be "down" for any part of my summer. I'm still deciding if I will do it next month or if I'll wait until the winter... Decisions, decisions...

We are moving next week!!!!! It is both a relief and a burden! I'm so excited to start this new chapter of our lives, but it's soooooo much work!!!!

I have finals this week and next week for my spring semester at school. I cannot tell you how excited to see this school year end!!!

And this last bit of news isn't as good as the rest... My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last week! I am still in disbelief over this. He's doing better now, but he was in really rough shape for a few weeks! So my new job is getting all the information I can about this condition, and schooling myself and my family about it all. It's going to be a while until he feels "normal" again, but we're working on it!

Thanks for listening, RealSelf friends!
Hi! I just read through ALL of your updates. I've really been following all these Real ladies' reviews as I await insurance approval. Thanks for being so open, honest, and positive! Sounds like your husband is pretty terrific, too. Congrats on your successful surgery and recovery...you look great!
Thank you so much for posting a comment! You've given me the push to add a new update to my review! :)) yes, I had an optimal experience in every way possible! I know ther are some in here that struggle with some hard times in recovery, but I have truly been blessed! I thank God every day for the opportunity to have this life changing surgery and for giving my PS the skills and talent to do such a wonderful job! Good luck with your approval process and remember BE POSITIVE!!! :))
Hi TamJoy, thinking of you and hope your move is going good. xxx

It's been soooooo long!!!!!

First off, THANK YOU to all who showed concern and support when I last posted about my sons diagnosis! I haven't been on since then, and hadn't read any comments. You are an extraordinary bunch of women and I am humbled by the level of compassion you all have shown through my whole journey! XOXOXOXO

Next. My son is doing wonderful. We have managed to get his numbers under control, and he's really adjusting amazingly :)) he's about to start pump therapy in a couple weeks and hopefully that brings on a whole new feeling of freedom for him. Right now he gets 3 injections of insulin a day. With the pump, he'll get a needle once every 3 DAYS, to insert the new pump tubing :)) that will be so awesome for him!!!

Now, my BR results/feelings: I am still doing so great! I have no discomfort, no limitations, and I still love having these perky, small*er* girls!!!!!
I am very happy with the shape, they're really perfect! However, I'm still planning on having some of the fullness removed this winter. Just a little, though. If I can lose some weight this fall, I may change my mind, as I may lose some if the volume that way. I just haven't had a chance with everything else going on in our lives! But my attitude remains positive, and I am sooooo grateful to have had this surgery and I would still HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who struggles with back aches and discomfort due to large breasts! I can't even tell you how much my confidence has soared, through this whole process! I'm not afraid to walk around naked in front of my husband anymore, and for that reason alone, it's worth it!!!!

Again, thank you all so much, you're all so awesome!!!!! I wouldn't have made it through the wait and recovery without you!!!
Oh my word! I just spent like 30 minutes reading your whole review. What a darling you are! I'm 7.8 days post op :) and love reading about people who've gone before, and aren't obsessed with boobs every second any longer! Normal life with darling, inconspicuous boobs. Xo
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed my journey! Good luck to you on your road to recovery! It's one of the best decisions I've ever made, and one of the nicest things I've ever done for myself :) while I am going to get a revision, I am still happy and would do it again in a heartbeat :-D
Thank you! What will you have revised? Size?

Revision Scheduled!

Hello All!!
OhToBeAB asked about my revision, so I figured I'd answer it here :)
I'm going to have my revision done on 10/22! I will be having some of the fullness removed from the bottom of both breasts. That's all. He'll make a short incision under the breast and a crescent shape like a sideways "D", and remove some tissue and skin. Supposedly very easy and quick with minimal healing time.
So here I'm going again! I'm excited and a little nervous, because I love the shape. So fingers crossed, and pray that my surgeon be on his best game that day so I can have similarly great results this time around :-D
Positivity all around!! Xoxo
I think you have a wonderful attitude and wish I could say the same about myself! I too am planning a revision but have no details yet about what it'll entail. Will yours be done under local or general anesthesia and did your Dr. say how much he would take out?
Thanks for the update! I have heard some surgeons have covered the cost of revisions. Is this the car for toy, may I ask? At 2 was out, i'm still measuring about a D, and am waiting to see how these lovlies fluff out :)...... I haven't had the convo with my surgeon yet to ask why he took out so much less (100-150gper side) than we had decided. Best of luck! I'm really anticipating seeing your results!

Tomorrow's the Day!

It's REVISION day tomorrow!! I'm so nervous. I think I'm more nervous about this, than I was about going for the initial surgery!! Probably has to do with the fact that I love the shape and am worried that this may end up changing it! Yikes! He's an unbelievable surgeon, I know I shouldn't be panicking. I'm still positive, though, for sure!

Well, I'm going to take a few pics tonight, I still have my bathing suits out, so I'll snap some with the bikini tops I already had, and the ones I didn't get to wear this year b/c I was bigger than I hoped I'd be. I'm still amazed at how great the scars are looking! I never dreamed they could be that good!

Well, wish me luck! I'll let you know how it goes :)
To all the ladies out there waiting, and recovering, and enjoying their wonderful, new, little boobies ;) positivity and healing vibes sent to you!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it all goes to plan :) can't wait to see the new ones! xx
Thanks my friend!!! Me either!! :-) I hope you are well!! I just looked at your last update & commented. Holy smokes, little lady! Seeing your before pics again... Your results are just stunning, great shape and lift. You look wonderful! I'm just so happy for you!!!! :)) I'll keep you posted as to how it goes tomorrow. Thanks again for your continued support :) xoxo

Sore but good!

Hi all! This'll be quick, I'm having trouble with posting! I'm feeling sore, and tired, but really good otherwise! Hopefully I can sleep alright tonight, and I'll post more about the procedure then!
Xoxo thanks for all the support!!!
Glad to hear! Sleep tight

It's been a full 24 hours...

Ok ladies, here's the scoop.

My PS ended up just doing some lipo of the breast tissue. I REALLY hope this worked, I trusted his decision, and I am really hoping for a good result. He took out a total of about 200grams. (is that the measurement?) I am hoping he took more out of the L one, b/c that was the bigger of the two, and as of right now, it is still considerably bigger :( Hopefully this is just swelling...

The procedure itself was VERY uncomfortable!!! It hurt to have the anesthetic administered, with at giant syringe INTO the breast tissue!!!! It felt like (and I suppose he actually was) stabbing me repeatedly in the boobs!!! :O After he did that he waited a few minutes for the burning to subside and then proceeded to make two tiny holes, one in each breast, which he used to push the lipo wand(?) in and again stab my boobs repeatedly from the inside. This was not pleasant, and actually a few times it really hurt! Most of the time it was just VERY uncomfortable. But it didn't last long. Maybe 45 minutes? I'm not actually sure, I just know that I was in and out of his office in less than and hour and a half!

Now, my worries... Loose skin. He and his nurse both assure me that the skin will tighten. I am just freaking out because I had very saggy boobs before and it's something I thought I wouldn't have to worry about for a very long time. I hope he's right, because I will be very unhappy if it doesn't retract. Next, I know I am probably swelling a lot right now, but it seems like the left breast is still bigger than the right. Maybe, if he took more out from that side, it's just more swollen. I'll keep my fingers crossed that that's all it is, and wait out the results!! :)

So, in a nutshell, the procedure was uncomfortable, but I feel great right now. I've been taking 800mg Ibuprofen every 8 hours, and the pain and soreness aren't unbearable. I was even able to sleep on my side last night!!! :)) Yay!!!
Here's a few pics I took yesterday. The markings are still visible. I took some pics with my 36D bras on just for haha's this morning.
Oh! Question: Does anyone know if there's a product or exercise for tightening skin on the chest? I had started exercising before getting injured at work last month, but I am hoping to get back into it when I'm released from my doctors care. Will chest exercises work? Any/all input is very appreciated and helpful! Thanks ladies!!!

Pic before procedure

Forgot I took these the night before.
Dr. Wilfred Brown

I am so happy with Dr. Brown. He and his staff have been unbelievably wonderful. I would recommend him to anyone going for this procedure, for sure! I have had a very worry free recovery, for the most part, but I did call the office with a concern and they quickly had a nurse on the line with me. She answered my question very professionally and courteously. Other than that, I haven't had to contact him via email or phone, so I can guess that he would have been very quick to respond, based on the experience that I've had so far.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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