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Scheduled my BA for February 28th!! I have been...

Scheduled my BA for February 28th!! I have been waiting forever to do this and now it's 2 weeks away!! So excited and nervous but I know it will all be worth it in the end. Only real concern is caring for my little 18 month old after surgery. I am scheduled for a Friday surgery my husband will take care of me that day and the weekend I have my friends coming over to help me until Tuesday. Hoping 5 days of rest and care will be good enough to be on my own with kids on day 6! :/
Getting a list ready and trying to remember all that I need preop/postop. Scheduling preop appt this week. I will try on sizers again this week but for my consultation I felt good with a 450CC.... I Cannot wait until I'm healed and have boobs!!!!

Wow this is real!

Tomorrow morning!!!! 9:30am! Feeling very excited and nervous all at the same time :)
Can't believe it's happening finally.
I have cleaned my entire house, all laundry is done and now I'm just waiting patiently.... Feeling bad for my kids hope recovery is a breeze

All Done! I have boobs!

Just got home feeling great just my peck muscles are sore under my armpits too. A little dazed but overall feeling great!

In the car

Going to Bed

Today flew by, I can't believe It has happened and I have boobies!!! Everything at the surgical center was smooth and seamless. Everyone was so friendly and caring I had a great experience there. Car ride home was nice except for the few potholes :/
Haven't felt nauseous or sick at all and I was able to eat 3 bowls of soup and crackers. Feeling great! The 15 bottles of water I consumed really helped flush all of the anesthesia out of my system.
Just climbed in bed I feel very tight all my chest muscles and under my arm pit but overall no severe pain. I'm all cozy in bed with my heating pad, lots of pillows and blankets. Ive prepared myself for tomorrow being the worst day (day 2). So overall surgery day and back home day 1 has been great and tolerable. :)
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Congratulations! We'd love an update to your review when you're feeling up to it!
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I got my shower in bright and early! Couldn't wait :) How are you?
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Hey really?! How was it!? Ok nervous haha to unwrap but I really want my shower Did it hurt taking it off or were they sensitive in the shower?!
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It didn't hurt but as soon as they were free they felt heavy like when milk comes in!
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Ugh I hate that feeling lol I'm going to unwrap around nap time for my little one and shower then
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Day 2 and I'm feeling very sore but not as bad as I thought! Trying to hide from my little one so sad but last night when she saw me all she wanted me to do was hold her and it was heart breaking. I'm excited to unwrap them and see them I have to wait 48 hours so Sunday will be the big reveal! Thanks for all your support!! So nice to check and see positive posts :)
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Good to hear you are doing so good! Great job on the water!
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Rest up love :-D congrats! Yyaayy boobies!!!
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Thank you!!
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Good luck!!!
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Thanks!!! You too!!!! :)
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Good luck on the 28th! Just in case, here is a list of recovery supplies you may want to have on hand prior to your surgery. Keep us posted!
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My surgery is also the 28th! Very concerned about caring for my kids also. Good luck!
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Good luck - you will love them on day 10!! Give yourself as much time as possible to heal with help. I have a 20 month old and by day 6 I could do most things. Hide away when your friends are helping you and rest in your bedroom. I even had to locky door so I could rest when all really wanted was to snuggle with her, I knew it was for the best. I will be thinking of you!!
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You're story sounds so much like mines! I have an 18 mth old and I want 450s too! Please update about your recovery. Because my hubby is also taking care of me friday through the weekend but I'm on my own (with a little one) after that. ..yikes!
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I will have updates for you! I'm scheduled for February 28th!! It's all I'm thinking about lately :) But of course I'm nervous for my little one feeling neglected since I won't be able to hold her for a little while :(
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