Lip Liner Tattoo to Cover a Dog Bite - Middleburg, VA

I was bit by a dog when I was about 18, I am now...

I was bit by a dog when I was about 18, I am now 22. I am very OCD when it comes to how I look and being young I don't always wear makeup and my looks are not overly but important enough to me. I went through multiple plastic surgeries to get my lip looking mostly normal and I should have just left it alone. My lip was slightly deformed and a chunk of color was missing where the scar traveled down from slightly under my nose into my lip. I decided to get tattoo lip liner to cover it up. I had only one session when I regretted my decision. I told the woman I do not wear makeup often and wanted it to look as natural as possible. I was recommended to her by my plastic surgeon and put my trust in her. The liner faded into my lips just fine except for two dark lines on my right side where the scar is. The scar is now still visible since the ink has faded there and the two dark lines are still too dark and the natural shape of my lip was never where the tattoo now is. Here is a photo. Most everyone who knows about the tattoo tells me no one notices and that it looks fine. I can not bring myself to forget about it and it is constantly on my mind, literally poisoning my mind, it makes me depressed and I cannot for a second forget about it. I don't know if I should get it removed or what to do..
HI...I think you should really forget about it, move on with your life and be happy,,,the tattoo is not noticeable and so it is the scar also... ...your lips are simply Amazing..believe me
Thank you, that makes me feel worlds better
HI, No human is perfect, even models are "photoshopped". I am told that almost every magazine image has been "corrected". Medical and cosmetic interventions are good to improve significant deformity but become dangerous when applied to tiny imperfections - they run the risk of making things worse or adding new problems. I think what you describe is not at all obvious in the photo, in fact I see an attractive young woman, with nice lips and absolutely no abnormality on the right side where you say the problem exists. I think that you are insightful when you say you are "OCD" about it. Be kind to yourself and let it go. If you can't I would suggest that you have some counselling rather that take more risks with treatment.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your extremely encouraging words. I still never feel good about it but it does make it easier to think that others don't notice. I would still like to maybe meet another professional cosmetic tattoo technician who could finish or fix it. Last time I attempted to meet another woman she made me feel terrible about the tattoo that is already there so I'd like to avoid that. I live in Fredericksburg va if anyone knows someone near here. Again I am afraid to have it look worse thought
I do not see anything wrong with your lip! Anyone who does not know you got bit when you were younger would not see anything "wrong" with you. I think you may just be paranoid because you know that it happened, but really it is so miniscule that you can't even tell otherwise and you honestly shouldn't be so stressed out about it :)
Hey there. To be honest, I dont see anything wrong with it and I hardly noticed the scar. If I were you, I'd leave it alone but obviously thats your descision, youre the one who has to be happy :) I think your lips look great and you are very beautiful, so please dont feel so down about this!
Honestly, that woman who made you feel terrible probably just wanted your money. Some of those ppl are pros at that and play off any possible insecurity they see us having...even if it is more our own harsh judgement on ourselves whereas others do not even notice. I agree w/ are beautiful!! Go out and ask random ppl (not a cosmetic clinic) and see what they say....or if you do go, get many opinions from a few places..
Astrid Schneider

Nice german woman, did not make an attempt to contact me or ease my worries when I canceled my second session with her. After the first session I was so afraid about the results that I saw her again a few weeks after and she just assured me it would be perfect when she was done, but I was not convinced.

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