Lower Eyelid Surgery - Mid Missouri, MO

Tomorrow (Oct. 10th) I finally fulfill a 10 year...

Tomorrow (Oct. 10th) I finally fulfill a 10 year wish of having these bags taken care of.
I will post pictures as I heal. It will be done in the surgeons office, and I will give details as to how long the procedure is, etc. I want to thank so many others that have posted their experiences on this board, it has helped me a lot. I have been taking my arnica montana, and Bromelain. I have the frozen peas, and pillows propped up as I have read on here.

Day 2

Lower eyelids done

Day 2

Very swollen and bruised but not painful


Large under eye bags

Fifth day after lower lid surgery

Should I be concerned about the little bumps (bags?????) right under my iris on both eyes ? The surgery site is not painful but itchy. I will keep icing because I'm worried about the swelling :-(

6th day after lower eyelid

I can notice swelling is going down- bruising is getting smaller but not turning yellow yet.

Stitches out tomorrow

Swelling really down-bruising going away

Stitches out, now just steri strips

Didn't hurt - can see swelling more that was under tape.

8 days out

Yikes! Lots of swelling! After the tape came off yesterday- I was very happy with improvement- then toda- Wow! Lots if swelling! I am wondering what I have done to cause this?

Nine days out

Bruises have "shrunk" down. Under eyes still lioks and feels swollen.

Nine days out

Tenth day out

Hummm -cant decide about swelling- all tapes came off today, yippee- no pain, but still sleeping upright and icing.

11th day

As the bruises fade, I'm feeling better with my eyes.

12 Days post

Bruises have faded more, feels fine. While I still have bags, they aren't as bad, but not sure if I am going to be really satisfied, as I didn't want to see bags any more!

Before surgery

14 Days post

I'm not happy today.

Little better today

15 days post- iced this morning- and I swear water came out of my eyes - not crying

16th day

I will stop updating everyday now that progress has slowed down.
I don't know what to think- maybe I was too old for this to do much good?

16th day


19 days post

Trying to be patient

I don't think the right eye took :-(

It has been 26 days now, and while I am pretty happy with the left eye. The right eye doesn't look like anything has been done to it (in my frustrated opinion) I am posting two views. Depending on the lighting, it can look better or worse.

One month later-glad I did it

While I expected not to have any undereye bags after surgery- i believe that they are much better than before- especially the left one. My right eye seems almost like it wasn't touched- but it was!

Dr said my eyes looked good, I just still had swelling

You be the judge

Dr said my eyes look good - just still some swelling

You be the judge

6 weeks out

I still have bags, but I don't think they look as bad as "before" surgery. Please let me know what you think.

Update from Oct. 10, 2013 surgery

Although better, I feel like I still look like someone who needs their under eye bags removed.

Very conflicted

Four months out- why am I so vain? I just thought the bags would look better by now. Not very patient I guess.

Four months (almost) out

Still wish I had no bags, but hanging in there.

Review update per request

Update for 1-27-2014

Eyess February 4, 2014

Here's an update per RealSelf request

Five months, not thrilled with results

I feel like I have doomed myself by not being more positive about my outcome. I doubt how I took care of myself, and am blaming my diet, sleeping habits, did I ice enough, ice too much? I don't know.
I just feel like I don't really see a big difference. Some yes, but nothing to say "I'm happy I did it!"

Update picture

My Dr. says wait two more months before trying something else.

April 2 2014

One of the doctors on Real Self said I needed filler in my tear trough, which makes sense after I looked at his web site.
My Dr. said she studied my before and after pictures and did not want to remove any more fat, but I may want to try a laser treatment

Still waiting

Almost 7 months- still not happy

This is it

My PS says there isn't anything more she can do about the "puffy" look. I do have one bump that she is going to examine in before and after pictures to see if she can tweak it in the office. I will go back in September. To say I am disappointed is an understatement, especially after seeing so many great results on realself. I must resign myself that I waited too long to have this done at 61 instead of 51. So let this be a lesson to all of you youngsters: Don't wait- if something is bothering you, go for it while you are still able to benefit and enjoy it. I will post a picture from today, even though I have no eye make up on. :-)
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Good luck on your knee replacement surgery! When you're up to re-visiting this issue, I hope you get a second opinion from an expert eyelid revisionist, as it does look as though your PS was far too conservative with the fat removal. I have a similar issue with my left eye (I think). But even if you decide to do nothing about it, know that you are very beautiful as you are! :-)
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I didn't have skin removed, just the fat, but in my humble opinion, a little more fat could have been taken out :-). I remember she said "you don't want to risk taking too much out, because then you get hollow eyes, which is worse." I guess we are all our own worst critics, because I think you look fabulous!
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thank you but yup we are our own worst critics and when i see everyone with smooth under eyes i wonder why i have so many wrinkles. don't get me wrong, i'm still happy my bags are gone and i have to remember i'm not 30 anymore. i was worried about hollow eyes myself but so far not too bad, i don't think it will shrink any more so i should be ok.
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did you have skin removed from lowers because you don't seem to have any wrinkles. i'm only 5 weeks out so i can't judge yet but one of my undereyes seems to be a tad puffier than the other. i had a transcongunctival (no skin removed) so now i have to deal with all my wrinkles but i was afraid of problems associated with skin removal so went for the trans. surgery. even though you still have some puffiness it's a lot better than before and the skin there looks great.
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I didn't have skin removed, just the fat, but in my humble opinion, a little more fat could have been taken out :-). I remember she said "you don't want to risk taking too much out, because then you get hollow eyes, which is worse." I guess we are all our own worst critics, because I think you look fabulous!
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My cousin went to a doctor in Denver to get rid of the bags under her eyes. He results were phenomenal. She looked 15 years younger. No bags, just sooth skin. She looked great, I was envious. Could be the skilled hands of the doctor. I don't know. She was 47.
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You know, I am not opposed to traveling anywhere for smooth eyes. She was a lot younger, though. Do you happen to know the name of the doctor?
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Have you had the lasering done yet? I think you look beautiful, even though your results are not what you hoped. Perhaps a second opinion would help?
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No, actually I was now told that that wouldn't really help with the bags, I am still considering a second opinion. It does look better than before, and now I am looking at having a knee replacement, so I think I will put this on hold for a little while :-)
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Hang in there Peacefiful! Is it just the photo, but your left eye looks really good, and the issue is only with your right eye? Isn't this the month when your doctor said she would try the laser treatment -- how will this address the issue? If so, is there a definite date when this will be done? That will give you something to look forward to.
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I'm hanging in here Joejah, thank you. I was told that I really don't need the laser as it wouldn't help with the bags.
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Looking at your photos, I agree that filling your tear trough would help to create a smooth transition from upper cheek to lower eyelid and get rid of the hollow. But before you have a temporary filler injected, PLEASE do your research on complications that can occur when injected to the lower eyelid. I suffered terribly from a biofilm infection caused by Restylane injected to my lower eyelids, as many others on RealSelf have reported as well. The infection causes repeated swelling, redness and tenderness and is very hard to get rid of. Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists are as yet unaware of this risk or how to treat it. The treatment is a long course of powerful antibiotics and removal of the filler, either by dissolution with hyaluronidase or surgically. After my infection was treated, I was left with worse sagginess, bagginess and lumps that before. Most fillers have not been approved for use in the tear trough area, and it is considered off-label. The oculoplastic surgeon who performed my eyelid surgery (and removed the last of the remaining Restylane) says that he does not favor temporary fillers under the eyes and feels that they are way overused by doctors unaware of the risks. He is teaching other doctors about these risks and doing research on biofilm infections. My surgeon prefers fat transfer under the eyes, which is what I had done at the time of my surgery. Unlike temporary fillers, one's own fat cannot harbor a biofilm infection. Biofilm colonies form when a foreign substance or implant is introduced to the body. I would also urge you to also research fat transfer as an option. Additionally, fat is a more permanent solution than temporary fillers. Not telling you all this to scare you. You will find many photos here and success stories of fillers under the eyes, but if you do your research, you will also find a lot of sad stories of these persistent infections. You can read my full story here: http://www.realself.com/review/new-york-ny-disastrous-result-injecting-restylane-tear-troughs
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SadieBee, thank you so much for the good information. My PS didn't suggest it, it was one of the Drs. on RealSelf that suggested it. I am really just holding for now, will go back on May 8th and see what she thinks at that time. Again, thank you so much for sharing your experience and information- and in my humble opinion- You Look Fabulous! I am jealous.
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thank you sadiebee for sharing your story
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Hi Peaceiful, you seem discouraged. I noticed that you posed a question to the realself docs, and one responded that your results are "sub-optimal." I'm not sure if it's reflective of the lighting (i.e., your before pic is darker), but there DOES seem to be a difference between your before and current pics. And, yes, you're right - it's not a dramatic change, but it IS there. The bottom line is that YOU need to be happy with the final results. Do you still have confidence in your doc? Also, I know it can be hard, but STOP beating yourself up!!! You did nothing wrong! From what I've read and seen, we all heal at VERY different rates. So you may be taking a bit longer than others to resolve swelling and heal fully. I'm praying that in 2 months, your doc will be able to get you where you'd like to be with your eyes! :-)
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Joejah, thank you so much for your comments. I do have confidence in my Dr., and will give it a couple more months.
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As others have commented, there is definitely a noticeable improvement from your before pictures! I understand your frustration, though. At 7 weeks, I still have big pouches under my eyes, especially when I smile. I keep telling myself to give it 3 months, but reading that you still feel you have bags at 5 months makes me worry. (As you may have gathered from my posts, I'm a worrier!) What does your doctor say? Does s/he still think you have swelling at 5 months? I've seen some lower bleph photos here where people look bag-free after a week or two. Not me. Even though I know that everyone heals differently, it's hard not to question sometimes.
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My Dr. does think that I still have swelling. That's why she wants to wait another 8 weeks and see how it is going. Before the surgery she said she didn't want to take out too much fat, because I would then be hollow. Well, in my opinion she didn't take out enough! She also mentioned that putting an injectable between the eye and cheek bone would fill in the "valley" I have. So I am going to just hang in there, I guess!
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Hanging in there is the name of the game, I guess! Helps to have company.
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Don't be too hard on yourself. There is a big improvement from your before photo. I understand some of what you are going through, it is amazing that eyes can change hour to hour and how your mood, food, etc can affect your appearance. Maybe springtime will help? Have you talked with your surgeon?
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Peaciful: I actually see a difference in your pictures. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think we all expect much more than we get because we buy into all the hype that's out there. We are also much more judgmental on ourselves than other people are. It does look better. Find peace in your decision.
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I appreciate you sharing your journey. I think it looks great! I understand your struggle and feel the same way about hoping my bags will be completely gone. I wish I had done mine before 50 so the fine lines and creapy skin would be less noticeable and I could apply my makeup smoothly. How long did it take the scar to heal so you felt comfortable applying cover up.,
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Hi Peaceiful - Hope you're feeling more encouraged b/c,as an objective observer, I do see a remarkable difference between your pre-surgery pics your newest 3month-post pics. Perhaps the swelling took a bit longer to subside, but you're looking really good! Hope you feel as good as you look! :-)
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Thank you so much. Even though I have been very impatient. I would do it all over again, because I don't think I look tired, or mad all the time. :-) Thank you for the encouragement!
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Sallify, you look wonderful! I have my pre op with Dr. Hornig tomorrow and I am getting very nervous. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your healing. Also, Your list of homeopathics. Today I am going to pickup some Arnica ointment. I bruise very easily too. Thanks, Lee.
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