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Hello, I am 34 year old, and have wrinkles under...

I am 34 year old, and have wrinkles under my eyes, and I had moles/sunspots, scars and sagged upper eyelid. So I decided to have laser resurfacing on my whole face. After a several doctors different appointments I chose, Sciton profractional laser treatment. The doctor said, my face and eyelids get much better, and because of my age I will only need 1 treatment. Well the results are: much better touch on my face and the sunspots/moles are totally gone. But wrinkles and scars are still on my face, and there is no change on my eyelids either. So I am not really happy with that, compared to the money I paid! I had 100 microns on eyelids, 150-200 microns on face. After 5 days I could go back to work, no one can tell that laser resurfacing, and I can still see the micro spots on face caused by laser but only if I check it from very close in the mirror, the doctor said it will heal and gets in couple of months. (He told me that before treatment) Well now all I can do: wait and hope :-(

Hi, I am back to give you feed back about my 2...

Hi, I am back to give you feed back about my 2 month old laser treatment. So the micro pinholes still on my face, causing a connected straight lines on my face. Mainly around my mouth, but also on my forehead, cheeks. So it looks like I have now more little wrinkles on my face with smaller and larger pinholes. Well, I was told that it needs about 4 -6 months to heal, to see the final results. I hope so! Because right now I am very, very disappointed! Is anyone can tell who had good experiences, that Is this normal procedure to go trough?? The other thing, insude area of my eyes are itching very often. I had 100 microns, around my eyes. It doesnt seem to help the wrinkles under my eyes. So anyone, who has good experiences, month by month, please share with me. Thank you. :-(((
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I am so sorry to hear these horror stories! I have had a completely opposite experience. I had Sciton about 6 weeks ago, under general anesthesia, so the doctor went really deep. I had small dots for a few days, along with overall peeling, but the vinegar soaks and tons of aquaphor really helped. I am 34, and had the treatment for acne scaring and wrinkles under the eyes. My skin is very smooth and I see a huge improvement of the scars. The wrinkles are getting better weekly. I am also using post-op skin care products, One of them being a skin brightener. This will help with discolorations ( Dark spots) that lasers can't really help with I have heard others state they had Volume loss. This didn't happen at all with me. It took me a long time to find a doctor that I trusted enough to do this. I don't trust just anybody when it comes to working on my face. It sounds like the problems people have are possibly due to technique and not the lasers themselves. I really hope things improve for all of you that have had a bad experience. Maybe another doctor could help?
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My damage came couple of months later, everything was great in the beginning. Not everyone is the same and you prolly had a better doctor than mine even though i went to one that had over 30 yrs experience
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Was your treatment Profractional (ie fractional ablative)? Since you had a general anaesthetic, it sounds like it was a fully ablative treatment. What kind of improvement did you get in your scars? Many thanks.
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Its six months now for having this shit done to my face... I will tell to everyone not to do this crap!!!! One of my biggest mistake of life!!!
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its been a little over six months for me and Its been hell
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Other who had this kind of treatment? when did you see the result? really the final results?
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I had the same exact laser with the same results as you.
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Hi, I am back after 4 months of SCITON PROFRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT. After 4 month I can tell you that my skin texture got much worse... As like all the others who suffered this kind of thing. I was told that it should start to get really better after 4 months. From close view my skin is like an orange, the dots caused by the laser is making a grid, making lines all over my face. I can feel the the difference. I can feel volume loss on my face, on my skin. My life is in mess, I dont look in the mirror, cant sleep, makes me. I dont like to go to public!! Anyone can help? is chemical peel help this situation?? Or can it get better after 4 months? because I was told so that the final healing start to be seen after 4 months?? Please help!
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Hi Brightcrystall I had this procedure five months ago. I have the same problems you are experiencing. Unfortunately the incompetent derm i went to did it at 600 microns. I only went in for mild acne scars, I am 33 years old. I have pin holes that connect in lines, volume loss in cheeks and under eyes. Looks like i've had a stroke and now I have severe acne. It is devastating. There is a forum that I have been visiting we're everyone is helpful and supportive: iplandlaserdamagesupport At this point I'm looking into fat grafting to try and restore my face. This device should be outlawed.
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Hi, I had the same procedure sciton profractional , they said it was at 100 microns but I think they went deeper because of the volume loss and enlarged and new scars I have all over my face. It looks like I had really bad acne. Before no one except for me could see these faint scars no they jump out at me from reflections in car windows and harsher lighting. I have been beyond depressed. My 10 year old son cries about how devastating his was for me and him. It's been a year and a half and it never looks better only worse. I keep coming to these forums looking for answers and find none.
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I know this is an old post but I can't seem to find any answers to the same problem you have with the pinholes. Did you get fat grafting since then? I am clueless as to how to fix this awful damage. Really appreciate any replies as I am desperate to fix. Thank you
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Thank you for posting your review.  Please let us know how you are doing as you heal more.  I would love to know if the wrinkles and scars improve.

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