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It's only the first day and I do notice good...

It's only the first day and I do notice good results on my upper lip fine lines and the lines from my nose to mouth. Both my husband and daughters noticed it right away. I already have some lift under my eyes also. I had the lower face and neck done. I did not have any bruising, but under my chin is pretty sore and to me it looks swollen.

The bad part? It is really, really painful. I had the topical numbing cream and a painkiller that was only slightly stronger than Motrin. Definitely NOT enough. On a pain tolerance scale I am medium, and I literally screamed a few times. I was crying it hurt that bad. It was like tiny razor blades - a steely feeling that was horrible. I would not do it again without some really strong pain killer.

As for the results, I do see some already and I will update this as it goes forward.


Hi counselor31,

Aside from the pain, it's great that your family is already seeing results. If you do go back, maybe they have stronger pain meds for you. We'd love to see pictures. And please do keep us updated how things progress.

Thanks so much and have a great week!


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One week and I DO see more results!! Under my chin...

One week and I DO see more results!! Under my chin is still tender, but better. While I don't see a lift there yet, it's only been a week. I can see an uplift change in my jawline and a huge change in the lines from my nose to mouth. They are 10 years younger already (I'm turning 50 and this was my birthday present to self)!! Under my eyes I've lost about 1/3 of the hollows. I am definitely looking forward to the next few months! But, I still have to say I would not do it again without much stronger pain killers. If my doctor isn't doing more to minimize the pain, yet the results keep up, when the time comes down the road I would just go to a doctor that does. I'll let you know in 30 days.


One week isn't enough time to judge positive results. You're seeing swelling and mistaking that for a restoration of youthful volume to your face. Observre what the result is at 6 months or a year.
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After reading quite a few reviews it comes to mind that many, if not most people, don't understand that to evaluate any procedure like this you need to wait about 6 months minimum to get an idea of the final result. This is because the body needs this time to heal, and for swelling to go down. Many mistake this swelling as a positive result of the treatment but in fact it's the body's healing response. Reviewing the results of a procedure like this after a few days or even a few weeks is pointless. Of all medical prcedures, plastic procedures take the longest before you can tell if the treatment was effective-from functional as well as aesthetic points of view. Botox and dermal fillers are somewhat the exception to this rule.
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Hi counselor31,

So far I'm having a parallel experience; I had Ulthera done in the same facial areas around the same time, with the same early results.

It really was quite painful for me too, and I had no pain killer except for some Tylenol just before the treatment. So far it seems to have been worth it. I'll be watching your updates with great interest--please be sure to come back! :)
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See latest comment below. For some reason, my...

See latest comment below. For some reason, my browser would not let me update, so I put it under comments. I'll post again at 60 days.


Hi,I'm glad you've had such great results. Please post your doctor's name. Thanks
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Thanks for the update--very helpful! I'm having the opposite effect--immediate improvement on the jawline (still okay after a month) but very little on the face/nasolabial folds. Please keep us posted regularly. :)
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So, it is a bit under a month since I had the Ultherapy. The sensitivity under my jaw has finally gone away. It didn't hurt, but it was tender to the touch. I have continued to see improvement, and the difference in the lines from my nose to mouth are virtually gone (it was not just initial swelling). My jaw line has taken longer, but I can see the skin under my chin is receding and my jaw line is sharpening. My brother, who had not seen me in a few months and did not know I had Ultherapy, saw me last weekend and commented on how great I looked. My husband, always skeptical, confirms he can see the difference. I still would not do it without strong pain medication, but I will likely do it again when the time comes (hopefully not for a few years!)
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It's been 5 months since I had the Ultherapy -...

It's been 5 months since I had the Ultherapy - and . . . I definitely notice a difference. I had a colleague even ask me if I'd lost weight (no, I have not). The lines from my nose to mouth are virtually gone. My cheekbones look higher and more sculpted, and even my chin, which was the least effected shows considerable improvement!! I would definitely recommend it IF you go to someone with adequate pain medication. I would not go back to the practitioner I used unless they really up the meds.


its a bit unfair not to give the doctors name after you have given all the other information.
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Thanks to share your experience. Could you tell me the name of the place where you went. I'm comparing different options and would like to be sure I am considering yours. Thank you
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I live in the Birmingham area and have spoken to two doctors regarding this procedure. Did your doctor actually do the procedure? Both places I visited indicated a nurse does the work. They were equivalent in the pain medications given as well. As with everything even the Dr.'s do not agree on all points regarding this procedure. Would you be willing to indicate if your Dr. was East or West of Old Woodward?
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Name not provided

Since it is only the first day, I cannot say whether it was worth the money and the pain. Well, definitely not worth the pain - I would not do it again irrespective of results unless I had a much stronger pain killer.

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