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I'm super excited about getting my TT and lipo...

I'm super excited about getting my TT and lipo. I'm 21 years old, 5'4 170lbs. I've been overweight my whole life. In high school I tipped the scale at 205 and lost a big chunk of weight and got down to 130, but of course keeping weight off is extremely difficult to do and over 3 years I gained some weight back here and there. I've been staying at the weight I am now for 2 years. I've been talking about getting a tummy tuck ever since I was 16. I've never had any children. I don't see myself having any either. My PS isn't going to do any muscle repair due to my age and the whole child thing. When I went in for my consultation I didn't know I was going to be so emotional. Threw my eyes I'm a fat girl. I have always been one even when I weighed 130 I still had fat rolls around my tummy. It was so hard to show my PS my tummy cause not even my mom has seen my stomach..but when my PS told me you are not fat and you need to realize that I wanted to cry and that my tummy is just mostly extra skin and a little fat. It's still hard to believe her. This whole thing is just sounds to good to be true. This person and stomach is all I know. I cant wait to feel comfortable with my self and other people. I go in for my pre-op appt Nov 12th and my surgery is Jan 3rd. It seems sooo far away.

One week from now I'm going to go for my first...

One week from now I'm going to go for my first physical in about 6 years. It's a very long time, I know. I'm excited for it though. Hopefully everything will go well so I will be a-okay for the surgery.

I'm all clear for surgery! yay. My procedure...

I'm all clear for surgery! yay. My procedure had to get rescheduled for a sooner date. It's now November 17th. It's just around the corner. :) The only thing I'm nervous about is going back to work. My job involves lifting large and small dogs(grooming/asst). I guess I'm just going to have to take it extremely easy.

I don't think today could have gone any worse....

I don't think today could have gone any worse. The surgery is off. After rescheduling my pre-op appt and surgery date three times due to the PS surgeon's random leave of absence.. I got a phone call the morning of my pre-op with the receptionist telling me that the PS is leaving sooner then they had thought and now she in unable to do my surgery which was one week from today. After I hung up with her the water works immediately started. How crummy is it to wake up this morning and think wow my life is going to change in an amazing way one week from today to someone telling you in less then a minute that, that isn't going to happen.

I'm so unbelievably depressed right now. I had everything ready too. I took two weeks off, my family was all ready for it, my mind set was all ready.

I just don't know what to think right now. I guess start all over. I'm certainly going to do my homework with the next PS.

Today I went and had a consultation with Dr....

Today I went and had a consultation with Dr. Michelle Hardaway. The overall experience was great. Everyone was just so welcoming and full of knowledge. I'm extremely happy that I didn't end up getting my surgery done from Dr. Awada. I'm thinking about scheduling the surgery for the end of December. I pray that this is the one! :)

My surgery is scheduled for January 3rd. :):):)

My surgery is scheduled for January 3rd. :):):)

I'm 3 days post op and I'm feeling okay. I...

I'm 3 days post op and I'm feeling okay. I get my drains out today, yay! So far my experience has been alright. All yesterday I had a fever over 100.0. It finally broke this morning. Every time I get up to move around my head feels like its going to explode and I have barley gotten a good nights sleep. The most I've slept was 4 hours straight.

I'm still very very swollen. I know it will go down but It still makes me nervous. I'll post some pics in a couple of days.

There is some "rippling" on my one side....

There is some "rippling" on my one side.. I wonder if it will go away with the swelling? There is a lot of swelling around my belly button though. So far I'm pretty pleased. My new tummy is 10 times better then my old. I'm still hunched over. I can't wait to stand straight again. I have scoliosis so this surgery has been hell on my back.

It's been a little over 2 weeks now and I feel...

It's been a little over 2 weeks now and I feel pretty good! It's weird trying to stand straight up cause my stomach is so tight. The scabs are starting to come off when I apply the healing cream (gross lol). I'm back at work. Taking things slow. Lifting only small dogs. I find taking a shower is more exhausting than going to work haha. I also noticed the rippling is slowing going down. Hurray! I'm starting to see the sunny side of this whole experience.

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hey how is everything i am going with the same doc how are you
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Can't wait to see your pics. Keep updating us!

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It is good to hear from you :)  You are in the worst stage of the recovery right now so just hold on.  Sleeping will not be easy at all but just do the best you can.  Take a nap as needed in the day and stay on top of your pain meds. 

Drink your fluids and eat healthy.   Are you taking a stool softener? 
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Hello! Yes I'm taking a stool softener. It's helped a lot. I have to keep one of my drains in for a couple more days. Having the one taken out was one of the most weird, painful, and uncomfortable experiences I've ever been through. I'm dreading the day the other one comes out. :-X
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The second drain coming out could feel completely different.  I do now that you will be glad when it is out though.  Just another step towards normal :)
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That is good news!  I am so glad you found a good surgeon in your search. 

This will all happen for you before you know it.  I think you are going to be happy in the end and I am glad you are feeling better about this entire event. 

I know it is hard to wait for something you want so badly.  All good things are worth waiting for. 
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Thanks! I'm super happy about my new PS and her staff.
The only thing I'm nervous about is the breathing tube and what if they left a surgical instrument underneath my skin, lol.
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The breathing tube is not a problem.  You could get a little sore and scratchy throat but that would be mild if anything.  I never had any problems at all with that.  You do not even know what and when they do this.  You are put out before they even place the tube. 

The OR staff have some really good techs who are responsible for counting the sponges, instruments etc before you are closed up so no worries there.   I know you read about these things in the news from time to time but I wouldn't't stress about are too funny!  

You are going to do great and look wonderful in the end!  I am so excited for you:)
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What a huge bummer!! But Kimmers is right, a flaky surgeon is not what you want. Check out a list of Detroit doctors who do Tummy Tucks here.

Please keep us updated! I wonder if there's any chance of finding a good, board certified surgeon who could do it the same week?

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Thanks kimmers25 and angiemcc. I will defiantly keep updating. I'm trying to set up a couple consultations within the next two weeks. Another thing.. I hope the other surgeons are in the same price range. I'm really comfortable at 5,500. We shall see.
Again thanks :)
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I look forward to hearing back on your update :)
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Just read your update..don't be upset.  I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.  I think that all this means is that there is a better surgeon out there just waiting for you.   I know it is very disappointing but it is not the end.  Your surgery will happen but with a little delay. 

Just use this time to focus on finding another surgeon and doing your homework.   It was just simply meant to be this much as it stinks to you right now it will be ok in the end.
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Very exciting...the time will fly by and your surgery day will be here before you know it. You will feel like a new woman in a few weeks and be happy you went through with the procedure. Look forward to seeing the after pictures. Keep reading up on will find a large amount of really good information and tips from other patients and surgeons. Best site I ever found to research my procedures.
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I can relate to you with the children thoughts. I never wanted children I have always heard that "as you get older you will change." The older I get (now 28) the more my view cements. If you are set on not having children, go for it. The surgery is uncomfortable, but at 8 days post op today, my view is already brighter
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He is right your not fat in 12 days post op surfing post On My phone when I'm well I will post pictures I thought I was far too I kept my mouth shut and both nurse n PS at different times told me I have alot of loose skin I'm talking loose I weight 170 I'm 5'6 I am seeing results every day that extra loose skin is gone! Please think it through that's alot of money n pain n Your so young your going to have kids one day I would wait n save your money if your not married by the time your 25 and still want it Do it. I am very Happy But I'm 40 n done having kids the pain was awful n with every surgery their is a risk after reading alot of stories most women over 30 with kids are very Happy because we are stretched n sagged for years younger girls Who get it done want perfectiin Remember even though I'm very Happy you cannot achieve perfection u will have a scar Good Lu k
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Thanks for your comment. I've thought about it for years. Kids are great and everything but they are just not for me, lol. I have a little niece and nephew and that's good enough for me. I'm well aware of having a pretty big scar. That doesn't bother me. I just tell myself, I'd much rather have a huge scar then the stomach I have now. I'm trapped and haunted by my tummy everyday. I'm young and I just want to enjoy life. Again thanks for the comment!
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I'm so excited for you! 

You never know how you'll feel at 28 or 33 about having children, but it seems like a tummy tuck is something you really deserve. I think, with a full Tummy Tuck, your expectations are realistic. I've seen some amazing results. Just be sure you're really happy and comfortable with the plastic surgeon you've chosen and have seen his or her Before and After shots.

And, when your treatment is done, please come back and tell us how it went and if it was worth it!

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Thank you! :)
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