My Tummy Tuck journey (taking it 1 day at a time)

Having a tummy tuck on Monday july the 15th and...

Having a tummy tuck on Monday july the 15th and very exited a little nervous. I have been on youtube, makemeheal and here. Getting as much help as possible. I have 4 kids and my last baby was 8 years ago and she was 9.4. Wasn't able to lose the weight then got fibromyalga and couldnt really work out, so I cant wait to share my story photos will be posted next week after surgery. Also I rented a hospital bed for $100 for the month just hecause I have a big house and will have to leave out for radiation for the scar right after surgery for 5 days straight.
Prayers your way! I'm excited to be where you are but I'm sure my nerves will take hold of me! You will do fantastic and please keep us all updated!
Best wishes and will be thinking of you!!
Wishing you the best of luck wit your sx

Before pictures 12 hours and counting

12 hours till surgery yikes!!!!! Lol Getting the house ready and counting down the hours im so excited. Some times I think I should have lost weight first but I will get right into it once my body allows me to. Im 5'10 and 245 lowest weight ive been is 135 and my goal is 175. 135 was toooooo small for me im gonna weigh myself before surgery then every 2 weeks since im starting my juice and eating healthy diet after surgery. Any who im ramblong cause im bored and anxious and have no one to ramble to. Thanks every one for your comments this site and the people on here really makes me feel good :-)
Good luck.
Thanks so much!!!
Ty will update right after surgery

2nd day post op

surgery went well no pain at all long as i'm lying still. but soon as I try to walk the room spends and I can't stand straight up . about to be discharged in a fea. so happy I rented a hospital bed though makes it a little easier to get in and out off. will post pictures soon. thanks you all !!

swelling anyone

Have any ome experienced swelling . Im a little worried even though its omly me 2nd day post op right under my breast its like I can pinch it its like aa budge. Doctor says swelling and fluids hut eveyone else says there tummy is tight right after please help?
I am almost 6 months and still swell. If he gave you a garment wear it always! Try n reduce the swelling with Bromelain, pineapples and a tight compression garment. Rest!
ok thanks a lot.

3 day post op

Im oing realky great still no pain only discomfort standing up. Also vant stand to long because I get really dizz. Im so happy I went through with and cant wait till I really get to see my new tummy still nervous about the swelling but praying to God that is all it is and it will go away. My pain meds im on is Norco the highest mg. And I promise I have absolutely no pain. It also helped me having the hospital bed at home and I bought one of those high seats dont even have to squat down to go lol. I attached a picture in vase it can help someone else it was about $30
Congrats and I'm glad your recovery is going so well thus far! I can't wait to see your post op pics! Happy Healing!!
So happy for you, cant wait to see your pics, happy healing :)

3 day post op pic

Thanks I posted 1 but will post hetter omes standing up within the week. Thamks again for all the support you guys

4 days p/o drains driving me crazy

A little worried about how my results will turn out still havent seen my tummy. I get to shower tomorrow so I will definitely take pictures. I really am supirised I have not been in pain at all onky discomfort sitting ans standing or walking to long and of coarse these darn drains. The drains is the worst part for me im hoping they will come out on Wednesday when I see the doctor that will make this process a lot easier.

is it normal to be tired???

Im 5 days p/o and every time I walk around after a few minutes im extremely tired and dizzy sometimes even nauseas. Have anybody else experienced this, what should
I do?

10 days po and 2 drains removed

I had a total of 3 drains but doctor wanted to leave 1 in for 2 more days since its draining even though its under 25. Removing the drains is a little irratable for 2 seconds then just put pressure on it till burning sensation goes away. It was not to bad.

Tips that helped me

I bought a small plastic bin and kept all the lil things like
lip balm,
Peppermints ( helped me when i felt nauseas. I also used the thin unscented panty liners as my surgical dressing more convenient. I rented a hospital bed but only used it twice my bed was much more comfy and pain was at zero besides those darn drains...
It was also easy for me to lay a week worth of whatever clothing I would need to slide on out so no one would have to look for me
To shower with drain I used the thick blue workout band and just hung over my neck like a scarf then pinned drains to it 100% big help.
Great advice, Happy healing
no problem and you will do great !!! I will be looking out for your journey after surgery.
Really happy for you!!! I was surprised that my throat did not hurt at all, do there was no need for the cough drops that I purchased. I also had no pain whatsoever with my TT & MR, I was just uncomfortable at times. Just know that it will all be worth it : )

11 dayss post op also 1 more tip maternity yoga pants

Still very bloated also I cant stop passing gas I know to much information but its crazy how much I pass gas lol... on another note maternity yoga pants and stretch pant or pants from there in general are the bomb fit your legs so you can still be cute whjile recovering ans wide sloose stretch band up top hope that helps.
Thanks and keep up updated on yours as well :-)

final drain removed the way you breath totally helps!!

Final drain removed at 2 weeks and I can say it feels great to have it free from restriction down there geesh.... on another note it truly helps taking that giantic deep breath in while they pull it out then blowing it out hard as heck when there done.I can tell my tummy went down some im 15 day po wore regular clothes today will be posting pics by the end of the week.

prepare ( write down any question you may have for you doc)

just was thinking it is a good idea for newbies or any one who has to go back and see there doctor to write down all the question you may have in reguards to whatever procedure your getting done or had done, especially if you're not satisfied with your results what will your sergent be able to do for you. Just thought about that cause I always forgot all my questions I wanted to ask.

just continued from last post

My doc did say if I wasnt happy he would do more lipo for me.

3 weeks po and idk how I feel about my results :-(

3 weeks po and idk if im happy about it because I still have the bulk of fat under my bra and I have what people call dog ears the fat on the side of your stomach. I know I am a little swollenand I do have some fluid in my stomach from where they took drains out I was still draining. I am on antibiotics for it so that it wont get infected and form seroma.

I just dont feel like any lipo was done and I dont feel like my muscles were tightened either. I am grateful to have a flatter stomach totally better than what it was but just respect it better results. I even looked and some other reviews where our stomach were about the same size or bigger and there's look great no dog ears or pouches o i still have a pouch when i sit down :-( . But hey I will just take it 1 day at a time, I am more determined now to eat healthier and get in shape cant wait to start working out.

People who keloid or get scars easily

I had radiation for 5 days after surgery so that I would form a keloid. My naval and scar is dark because of the radiation. So I am using some Oleeva scar silicone and keloo-cote scar gel to prevent any bad scars because i do keloid. Im also mixing up almond oil, she butter, cocoa butter, and cocunut oil in a container same amount each to help with the darkness and appearance of scar. Someone else on you tube used this for 4 months and got good results. Everthing that is mixed together came from an health store and was organic. Hope this can help someone else. I began yesterday so I will keep my scar therapy with pics updated.

6 week op and inner stiches rejecting my body looks like white tissue around front of incision

Ilast week I had been leaking from incision for about a week and noticed I was swollen I thought it was seroma and doc said maybe a little. This week it was pouting out like clear yellow fluid especially after a shower but I never seen a whole. Anyway went to doc yesterday and he said the inner stitches I may be allergic to. So my body was trying to spit them out thet ended up coming up to the surface and they took maybe 6 out. I was worried because they didnt drain me but they saud I would be fine just dlean it everyday with antibiotic ointment and peroxide, keep gaul on it and come back in a week. Has any one ekse had this problem ? Just hoping it wont open up..

HELP!!!!!!!! have 3 holes in my incinsion now :(

Cleaned wound today and noticed 3 holes were they removed some of the sutures. Im putting antibiotic oinment and gauls on it but does anyone know howmlomg before my incision heal?
Thanks for the preparation tips. Wish I would have gotten a raised toilet seat after my C sections. I have added this to my supply list. I wish you well. Provide an update when you can.

still on this journey to recovery

Im still on my journey to recovery does anyone knoe how long it takes the holes to close? My draining from the holes finally slowed like all the way down I just dont know when the incision is gonna start to close. I go to doctor tomorrow so I hope tgere is good news.
Thanks, I just updated my cuurent situation im still dealing with, but forgot to post full tummy I will though next week thanks again

my doctor wants to redo incision in front where hole is

He wants to refo the incision so thatbhe can close it up using something different than the dissovables ones. Im a little nervous but he said the hole will get bigger :-((. He wanted to do it monday but he said I can give it a week so I see him next week to schedule to go back to hospital. Smh I just want to be healed already im almost 2 mo po. Praying and taking it 1 day at a time.
Hey, how are you? I hope you're well. Just checking in on you. My wound closed!! :)
My body also is in the process of rejecting the sutures. It sucks and it does hurt and is very bothersome at times. I had gone a week or so ago and had a good bit removed. My holes have all pretty much closed up but I have noticed at the bottom, there are 2 more that have surfaced, and just this morning I'm getting that burning feeling at the upper left part of my incision. I'm frustrated that my body just won't behave, why is it so darn stubborn!!! smh... My husband asked me over the weekend if I still feel that this has been worth it? I said absolutely, I'm used to stuff like this happening in my life, so this is just a normal thing for me. I look great in my jeans and shirts, and that had been my goal from the beginning. I am not thrilled with this un-healing part, but then I think about my luck always being crappy, and I just shrug it off. You will heal, your body is just pissed off at you at the moment. I too felt as though I wouldn't get my desired results, but I am getting them. Each day, each week is bringing me closer and closer, your results will eventually get better and better ;) My Dr. advised me against putting anything on my incision, I only covered it with REAL gauze pads to keep it from being irritated by my Spanx. At first when it started opening, I used some of the cream that I put on my drain sites, but after 4 days of it, he told me to stop using it. Like I said, I am all healed up except for the bottom where I am feeling the ones that have surfaced. I will have to call and drive all the way there to have them cut and removed. Thankfully I am still so numb that it shouldn't bother me. Good luck, and be a patient, patient..... :)
Very well put my body is definitely pissed at me lol. Thanks I hate that others have to go through this but it does help me knowing others have went through this and it will get better :-)
Dr Hajaar

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