6 weeks and I am back to tennis this week!

My PS encourages lipo to the stomach first before...

My PS encourages lipo to the stomach first before he will do the tt, so last year in June I had lipo to my abdomen. The recovery was so painful that if not for the hanging apron below the bb from loose skin and over extension above the bb with ripples that I didn't have before the lipo, I would not put myself through this again! My motto was better to put the fork down....oh well, I am scheduled for August 30th for tt and he is still thinking he will have to do a little lipo above the bb. Quite frankly he had his doubts that he could get the barrel look completely gone(I was initially hoping for the tt w/out muscle tightening, but he felt I would not be happy with it and the $ is the same w/or w/out), so I am hoping for the best and a smooth recovery over Labor Day weekend. I will need to have heparin injections for 10 days after, has anyone else? I am a RN and my husband is a physician, so the shots and drains are too familiar to me. I guess you could say too much information is not always helpful ;). I am very comfortable with my ps, he was trained at Duke University which is known for their plastic surgery fellowship. I have always carried weight in my abdomen and high in my abdomen which makes me feel 6 mths pregnant. I have worn cg pretty much 24/7 since my lipo because of the jiggling and numbness, so I know that won't be an issue, I feel insecure w/out. I am 47 with 3 children ages 9, 12, 13, 2 c-sections, the middle child a suction v-bac. My first two boys were large babies 8lbs+. I play tennis at least once a week and I am very self conscious about my mid section. I have not heard any regrets, so I am hopefully anticipating it will be worth it in the end. I get a professional discount from my PS, but including the lipo this is costing me about $10,000

My PS has warned me about acid reflux post tt.....

My PS has warned me about acid reflux post tt...anyone having that problem?

Picked up most of my meds today except the heparin...

Picked up most of my meds today except the heparin injections I have to give myself for 10 days post op, pharmacy had to special order it, it will be in tomorrow. I also noticed he ordered Ativan (anti anxiety) and I am going to need this soon...I am getting so nervous about the surgery that I am feeling nauseous. As a nurse I know perhaps more then most how serious this surgery is and although I want to be excited, I dwell on the complications and impending pain.

My husband just got home(he is a surgeon) and told...

My husband just got home(he is a surgeon) and told me the Ativan was for muscle spasms post op.....and I should not take it unless the PS okayed it for my nerves...:(

Okay...not Ativan...Valium....same coarse of...

Okay...not Ativan...Valium....same coarse of action....

Well tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous. I...

Well tomorrow is the big day and I am nervous. I did however learn that my ps does use marcaine which is the long lasting(96 hrs I think) lidocaine, so that relieves some of my anxiety about the pain afterward. The surgi center says 2 hours for surgery/2 hours for recovery. Still waiting for my Fragmin from Rite Aid....3 days it has taken them to get it in, so I better be able to get it today!

PO day 1 and I am keeping the pain meds going...

PO day 1 and I am keeping the pain meds going around the clock and Valium at night. My PS came over to my house to check on me which I thought was nice. He said I had two hernias he repaired during the surgery. I have 1 drain in and it doesn't seem to bother me. I have more of a burning pain and not a lot of energy. Getting up is the worse, but really more tired then pain when walking. Have not looked at my incision, although the PS said it looked pink and perfect.
oh well done i hope you are ok. all the pain will be worth it in the end! xx
and the worst part is over too :) x

PO day two....a little better today. Trying to...

PO day two....a little better today. Trying to replace some Vicodin with ex Tylenol . Less drain out put. Still not much of an appetite, eating fruit bars and had tuna and crackers yesterday. I am taking colace with every dose of Vicodin and passing gas and stomach rumbling. Still very tired. Pain is about a 4 and still burns.
I know it will be worth it....just got to stabilize my tolerance to the pain and decreased endurance. Thanks for the good wishes.

3rd day post op and I am now curious to see what...

3rd day post op and I am now curious to see what is under the binder, especially since it is starting to itch and rub. I am now just taking 1 Vicodin about every 8 hrs for the incisional burning and some Motrin. Drain output is about 100ccs a day, so there is no hope in having it removed anytime soon. I was able to stand pretty much upright today, but still needed a long nap mid afternoon. I am thinking a shower may be in order tomorrow and feel pretty confident that I will be able to drive my kids to school on Tues(my goal). Thankful for the Sex in the City marathon today.
Tensgurl I just got my first peek under my garment and I cried a little! I am so happy! How are you feeling love?
maybe sleep off as much as you can? how are you feeling now? x

Today is the day I am getting in the shower, even...

Today is the day I am getting in the shower, even though I am disappointed to find that my period was not interested in waiting a week or two to make her appearance....grrrrrrr......will try to take some pics and add. I also feel that elusive BM stirring....Mondays really do stink!
You got to shower! I am so jealous! I took a bird bath last night and it was no fun! I also got to see under my binder. I cried when I saw my results!
I had staples for one of my c section and they didn't bother me at all didn't even hurt when they took them off... im glad u fell so good....
The incisions themselves don't hurt, maybe a little burning and def. itching. Today on post op 4 I feel like a million bucks, still tired, but the shower went great. Like a c/s except they use stitches instead of staples which feel better, less pinching.

Today I got up, made coffee and drove my kids to...

Today I got up, made coffee and drove my kids to school, no problems driving post op day 5 at all and it felt great to be out of the house, although brief. The drain is pinching today and while I was on my iPad I felt liquid on me and since I am also having my period didn't know what to expect, but sure enough the drain had opened and was squirting out(good thing for the period that I was wearing my period underwear, you know what I am saying ladies..so I will just throw them away) so be careful about putting the cap tight on that drain...just saying. Washed my binder yesterday and air dried it, so I was able to put it back on this am....you really do need a back up cg, I have plenty from my previous lipo surgery, I don't suggest going without because you will swell and speaking of swelling, the vajay jay is pretty poufy and that is where the drain is so probably why it is bothersome to me today. I plan to do my drain care and incision care after a nap and will take incision pics then. I would have posted more pics, but as you all know you need to post pics on a desktop and I do all my business on my iPad, but I promise to fire up computer later today. Btw, my husband said I looked great and skinny!!!!!!
try taking laxatives.. and eat prunes or drink prune juice. also cashews are good for bms.
@cherrybabi thanks for the kudos! Yes I had no problem driving with the drain, in fact I was better than when I had my c/s or just lipo. I did nap this afternoon and now I am back in the car to pick up kids. Still no BM! Like how much does a girl gotta eat to poo? I feel like a senior citizen since the idea occupies my mind continuously....
I did Colace and it took about 2 days but when it worked it was like a gift from the Gods! I honestly would not try laxatives they give you the runs which means you lose vitamins and nutrients you need to heal. Colace is stoll softner which makes it easier to go....not poop your brains out.

1 week post op and I can't believe it! Definitely...

1 week post op and I can't believe it! Definitely has its ups and downs. The last couple of days I have been tired and nauseated which I attribute to the fact that I am no longer taking Vicodin like candy. Ibuprofen is my new drug of choice and it seems to be doing the job. My drain is putting out about 100ccs a day, so we won't be breaking up anytime soon;( Did I say how super tired I am just doing adl's (activities of daily living) and it is frustrating cause I want to get out and do things with my flat tum and new bb! My hubster looked at my incision yesterday as he was giving me injection #5 of Fragmin(for DVT prevention)only 4 more to go, and said he was super impressed with my ps work and how my inter tube is gone and no infection! I did have a BM yesterday and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....a little colace, okay a lot of colace slides it right out...I am thinking about going to work on Tues(12 days post op) but it would depend on the drain situation and my job is in an outpt clinic so it may be too much even for a couple hours.
How is your headache love? I hope you are feeling better?

Finding different places to stash a drain has been...

Finding different places to stash a drain has been interesting to say the least. During the early post op days it hung like a key chain from my cg.....now that I am getting out and about the places vary from outfit to outfit. Currently it is in my underpants, yesterday I thought I had solved the problem by putting it in my bra, but it did not drain correctly(gravity obviously), off to the side it looks like some sort of growth. I would like to wear jeans this weekend. What are some of you other tt ladies doing?
Good question....I haven't gotten that for in the process, but I have been wondering about what everyone does with those things.
hello, tensgurl, i also had a bad headache and wondered why with all the meds? But then I thought about a lil cup of coffee or a coke.....And that helped big time....My body needed a lil bit of caffeine............keep er going and take care.............:)
The pumpkin spice latte and ibuprofen seemed to work this afternoon. Thanks, I think my body was screaming for caffeine, but I have just not been wanting it like I use to in the am....

Yesterday was rough. No pain, just running all day...

Yesterday was rough. No pain, just running all day and got swelling and tired. Can't wait to get some endurance back. The drain situation is the worse...cooler weather here have made me looking at other options but even in sweat pants it looks like a have a penis, my jeans won't work at all, thankfully I have plenty of summer dresses that are perfect if I am at home. Drain output on day 10 is down to 80ccs a day and I am hoping it will decrease enough to get it removed this week. Also my last shot today for DVT 's make me happy, the shot doesn't hurt just the Fragmin burns, better then dead with a bld clot or hospitalized.
Lol love the penis comment! I really did "laugh out loud"! I have not left the house yet with mi e but I am only 4 days po.
I like to do Baseball player adjustments to my drain in front of my hubby....he insists I have penis envy....lol.......
LMAO at the penis comment........what a way to start my morning! I keep mine clipped to the top of my binder so with my shirt pulled over it I look like I have three boobs. Like the chic from the movie "Total Recall"!

Perfection, if possible, takes time and on day 12...

Perfection, if possible, takes time and on day 12 I am demanding a picture perfect tummy and drain removal...stat! The problem is, this is some major, I mean MAJOR, surgery. The amount of ladies having this procedure is not in proportion on this site and should not be taken for granted. Having said that, I would do this again in a heartbeat and would encourage and recommend my dr to other ladies. Sore necks, lying on your back, finding a drain stash, lack of energy, itchiness, backaches, NOT sneezing under any circumstances and swelling are the price we will pay $$$ someone to give us our bodies back.....we deserve it!
I TOAST TO THAT! I think we have already forgotten what we looked like pre surgery when I really think about it....of course the trade off was worth it. We just want it all RIGHT NOW. After all the queen always has her way!

Just shy of 2 weeks and I can think of nothing but...

Just shy of 2 weeks and I can think of nothing but getting this damn drain out!!! I have a big football game with tailgate on Saturday night (Go State!!!!!!)but I am certain the drain (and swelling that late in the day) will prevent me from wearing anything but jeggings or sweats. I posted a new picture and I am very pleased with my flatness:). I did notice today all the sutures around my bb that I assume will have to come out:(. My output is down to 60cc in 24 hr so I am assuming next week....the following week (24th) I am scheduled for a 1/2 day of work and playground duty at the kids school. So I have got to get back in the game, mind, body, and spirit.
Tensgurl between you and No more drama I was laughing so hard. My drains are on my hips so I been in big tshirt for weeks. Yes, I too have been stuck with these drains for over 2 weeks. He told me he will take them out at my 3 weeks PO Tuesday. really hate these darn things. But I just keep saying to myself my Dr knows best. Even though I want to strangle him at this point.
I know....I am just being a whiny baby, hopefully today will be a better day( and less drainage) thanks for the pep talk!
I just called my ps and he said no way can my hubby pull my drain because possible Seroma, my hubby doesn't feel pulling it is a big deal, but won't go against the ps! PS said probably 3weeks?????? I need to put myself in time out I am sooooo irritated!! Yeah if it was Halloween I could be a Chippendale dancer with my package I got going on.......grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

At day 19 my output has finally decreased...some.....

At day 19 my output has finally decreased...some......40cc...even after the hectic day I had yesterday with a football game and tailgate with lots of walking on campus. My tummy was so rock hard with swelling that you could bounce a quarter off it! I even put compression stockings on at night because my legs felt heavy. Had my first alcohol too....2 glasses white wine which tasted pretty good. I plan on taking it easy today.
I know how you feel! I'm 12 days PO and still have one of my drains in, my output is around 20cc every 24 hours, so I'm hoping they will pull it this week. I have to return to work and like you said hiding this darn thing is hard! Best of luck on your healing:)

After calling the ps office and whining about my...

After calling the ps office and whining about my drain, they want to see me tomorrow. I am writing this with ice pack on my tummy just because it feels so good, since the itching and swelling is driving me insane. One day I will have low output, the next day it will be back up, so we'll see what will happen.
You look great! Were u able to get your drain out?
CONGRATS! It's get so much better now! :)
It's better already! Thanks:)

I could hold my hubby off no longer, once I got...

I could hold my hubby off no longer, once I got the drain out he was salivating all over himself, so I gave it a try.....nothing athlectic on my part, however He didn't complain;). I made sure he gave me a nice looooong massage all over and that felt great! In other news, I am still taking it day by day. I start off great, but by the end of the day I feel like road kill in August. I am back to work Monday, which makes me a little anxious(they don't know anything) so they'll be expecting me to be my usual self. I also got a bill yesterday from anesthesia for $2,700.00 that I was not expecting to be that much, I got nothing in writing that it would be that much, basically I got nothing in writing period, so I will own that costly mistake. So that brings my vanity total to about $13,000......wow....not that I wouldn't do it all over again, but geeze. Toodles!
You could have been asleep and he wouldn't have complained! Men...........GOTTA LOVE THEM! LOL!
You got that right !

After 3 weeks of shooing the cat away, I am now...

After 3 weeks of shooing the cat away, I am now encouraging him to knead his bread on my tummy! However, if you are a cat owner, you know that they don't do what you want them to do.....nevertheless girls massage your tummies and if you can get a lymphatic massage, do it, it feels great!
It should be against website rules to write any updates that contain humor. I found myself giggling at the period undies comment and it didn't feel good, lol.

Does the tummy massage really help? Does it hurt or feel weird?

Your after pics are looking good!
"knead his bread" Oh my cat loves to do that when I am trying to sleep! LOL!

Well tomorrow is the day to test my endurance to...

Well tomorrow is the day to test my endurance to the max....I am a RN in an outpatient clinic so there will be a lot of walking, standing, bending. Today even though I am moisturizing daily, sometimes twice daily with a thick vitamin E cream, my scabs are tight and flaking off. I am double compressed because my original binder has stretched out so much I don't feel supported enough without additional layers. I am massaging twice daily and still have swelling by the end of the day. All in all I am looking forward to getting back amongst the working, because I am so sick of talk shows, game shows and judge shows on TV. Wish me luck, no one knows at work and although I have weight restrictions, I will need to be acting like my old self.
Hoping your first day back went well. I hope you didn't over-exert yourself. Did people mention how great you look?
It really is encouraged by my ps...feels a little weird because you are still numb, but it doesn't hurt. Laughter is better than a sneeze....thank you for the complement!

It felt great to be back to work yesterday! Had a...

It felt great to be back to work yesterday! Had a great nights sleep and today ran some errands and still feeling good. My incision is dry and flaky no matter the amt of lotion I apply, so it feels tight and pinches when I bend, and it makes you think you are going to pop it open. Got a massage this am and the symmetry is looking good. My pubic area swelling has gone down, but it definitely got a facelift of sorts, kinda trying to get use to that. I am in need of some landscaping, but I am certain that it will be easier now that I have a direct line of site now that the tummy is out of the way! Lol! Hope all you ladies out there are having a great day too.....Toodles !
You'll be okay, just tired. I probably could have gone back earlier, but I work per diem so I can decide when I want to work.
Your after pics are great. I work in a hospital, 12 hour shifts so I am concerned about going back to work after 4 weeks off post op. I hope my return to work goes as well as yours did.
Omg... Your taking 4 weeks off.... I'm only taking 9 days.... YIKES!!!!!

Saw the ps this morning and he took the rest of my...

Saw the ps this morning and he took the rest of my stitches out and said I looked great and 4 weeks out no more cg! Feeling a little insecure without it, but I do have a Flexes brand bra and abd shaper on just to give a little support and keep things smooth. I am excited to get back to tennis since my thighs look bigger now that my tummy is smaller...lol...my hubby said I am never satisfied. I need to tone and tennis makes for nice legs. Toodles ladies!

I had been taking Clartin every day since my...

I had been taking Clartin every day since my surgery to avoid the dreaded sneeze.....having experienced the liquid going down the wrong tube gag 7 days out, this kinda of involuntary pain I wanted no part. However my schedule of "to dos" yesterday and a forgotten allergy pill admist prime allergy season, the enviable happened.....Gesundheit! The most amazing thing ladies, it did not hurt! Granted I am famous to my friends for my "cat sneezes", but I assure you that 4 weeks out it is okay to sneeze without fear.

Today I remembered my allergy pill.....don't want to tempt fate! Toodles!
Sneezing without discomfort is a huge milestone! Congrats!!

Really it is amazing how fast the last couple of...

Really it is amazing how fast the last couple of weeks have flown by. I am pretty much back to normal, although I still feel a little tight lying on my stomach in bed and am still getting swelling around my umbilical region....oh and the vajay jay is still big, but getting better. No more itching and sneezing no longer freaks me out. Still wearing compression of some sort everyday even though my ps said I didn't have to, to keep the swelling down. I am concerned that my upper tummy is a little more rounded then I would like(he did warn me he wasn't sure he would be able to get it flat) but I can't judge until I get to the 1 year mark.

You look fantastic!
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