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Had Tummy Tuck 2/24/2011 - Michigan

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck as well as...

I am scheduled to have a tummy tuck as well as liposuction on Thursday, February 24th. I am 31 and have two children and a step daughter. I having been contemplating a tummy tuck for 4 years. I finally made an appointment and scheduled it.

I am so worried about my body having a reaction to the anesthesia and something happening to me. I don't want my kids to be without me.

I am also scared about the procedure. I have 10 days to recover before I have to go back to work. I am a teacher. I am so nervous.

My doctors office called me a couple of weeks ago and told me that they were closing because of heating/cooling issues in the OR at their facility. They called back a week later and told me that the heating and cooling issues have been resolved.

I really like my doctor he has answered all of my questions and makes me feel at ease. I am just so nervous about this. I know I am making the right decision. I am just completely scared right now.

I have added pictures of myself pre-tummy tuck....

I have added pictures of myself pre-tummy tuck. Ugh, how embarrassing.
Runningmom I will be watching and waiting to hear from you. I have my surgery on the 23 in Az. I cant wait to post my pics once I get the disc from my surgeon. I will be excited to see your post when you get back on the blog.. Good Luck and enjoy the nap..... you will wake up looking like a cindarella...LOL
Thanks so much everyone. I am keeping a photo journal. Excited to see the end result. Susanne thanks for all the info. It helps to hear that...it helps akot. 5 days till the big day
Running mom, you will do great. The OR thing happens so as long as it's fixed before you go in. I will be having mine a day before you so you are not and will not be alone. I have three kids as well and one just turned 2. It's scary and I too have some fears but I think a lot of it is also anxiety and under laying happiness to finally look in the mirror naked and not feel so discombobulated :)

4 days until the big day! I am experiencing an...

4 days until the big day! I am experiencing an array of emotions. I am getting to the point now where I just cannot wait to see my new body.

Now, I am starting to feel worried about the emotions I will feel afterward. Am I going to have feelings of regret? WHy am I going to experience different emotions?
Ok Honey72, we can do this (((((hugs))))) for positive thoughts. Your surgery is the 25th right? I will try to get on here the 24th to let you know how it it went, well if I am not sleeping. I have vicodin for the pain. Vicodin makes me a zombie lol
No not at all....I can totally relate to everything you are saying. I have two girls and the thought of leaving my girls behind for something that is elective makes me feel terrible. I am trying to brush off all of these negative thoughts... So i am thinking i will talk myself into feeling excited!
Yes, I have gotten my prescriptions, neosporin, stool softner, sprite, I bought a zip up hoodie to wear the day of my surgery. I am hugging my kids all the time. Because I still have that dying fear. My daughter would be lost without me. I am divorced and her daddy would just be clueless. She and I are so close. It's probably the one thing on my mind the most. I know my son would be ok. But she needs me SO MUCH. I am her life line. Silly, I know. She is only 6. My step daughter, she would be ok too. My husband is a saint and would take good care of her. I keep saying prayers and begging the Lord to not let it be my time. However, I think the Lord knows that she needs me very much :)

My last day of work is Wednesday. I am a teacher and I have so much work to get done before then. I am also getting my masters degree. SO I have two papers to write before I go to bed on Wednesday.

Being so busy is keeping my mind pre-occupied. Am I a freak mommy for feeling these things?

37 hours Surgery time in hours now. My...

37 hours

Surgery time in hours now. My stomach is in knots. Trying to breathe, relax. I could really use a glass of wine right now, or the bottle :)

How are you ladies doing today? Any advice on things that are working to keep you calm???
Everything will go great!! Can't wait to hear about your progress!
Runningmom! Tomorrow is your day! I wish you a smooth, successful surgery and a speedy recovery! You are going to look great! I can't wait to hear from you, I am right behind you though....Friday is my big day! GOOD LUCK RUNNINGMOM!!
My thoughts and prayers to you tomorrow ~ your going to be so proud of your new body!

It's 4:20 am. I am getting ready to head out...

It's 4:20 am. I am getting ready to head out for surgery. Will update you all when I can. Oh goodness.....HERE WE GO!

Thinking about you and sending warm wishes and good thoughts your way :)
GOOD LUCK TODAY!! Can't wait to hear back from you!!
Good luck runningmom you will do great!

Surgery went great! I am home with my kids :) I am...

Surgery went great! I am home with my kids :) I am walking almost upright already. I have no drains. Feeling a bit of pain. I feel like I just got the crap beat out of me. I had a lot of Lipo done. Almost 2 liters. I also had a lot of muscle repair done.

I am wearing the binder right now. It feels nice though. I feel like it is keeping me all nice and tight. I can already see the difference. I want to take the binder off, just to see the results. But scared it will hurt so bad to put it back on. lol

I will take pictures and post them for you. Thanks for the support. So glad that this is all over :)

Hello All, I am 1 day out of surgery. I...

Hello All,

I am 1 day out of surgery. I haven't seen my results. I am wearing a binder. I took the binder of today and literally 10 seconds later I told my hubby to put it back on. I go to my post-op appointment on Tuesday. PS will take off my bandages and I will be able to see my results. I am so excited to see. I already feel like a new lady. As soon as I can post pictures I will. I do not have any drains. PS said I did not need them. Feeling well. Tired and just feel like I had the crap beat out of me :)

I am excited to see what I look like for sure.

Please ask me anything. Having gone through the surgery, I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
Wow, walking upright already . . that's awsome! Wishing you a speedy recovery :-)
I'm glad everything went good for you my fellow michigander, cant wait to see your results, take care
Hope your feeling better soon! I didn't get to see results from my surgery for atleast a 6-7 days! Sure glad i didn't have to change dressings etc by myself and glad the PS didn't want me to shower or do anything with the incision and just let it heal for a bit on it's own. Less chance of anything getting infected. Can't wait to see your results! I'm super excited for you!

Today, I decided to stop taking the vicodin and...

Today, I decided to stop taking the vicodin and switch to tylenol. I am not feeling a lot of pain right now. I just feel like someone punched me in the sides and in my stomach.

My neck and chest muscles hurt really bad. But I think it's from trying to life myself up from the couch without using my stomach muscles. I have no upper body strength so this has been difficult.

I also have not been able to go #2! UGH, I am taking a stool softner. I am hoping that I can go today :) I am having gas pains and bc I can't push (muscle repair) it hurts a lot. That is probably the one thing that is bothering me the most right now.

I can't wait to see my new body. I am wearing the binder and I feel like a whole new me. I have a lot of dressings on my wounds. I don't want to take any of that off. My appointment is on Tuesday. I will let the doctor do all of that.

I wanted to keep you all updated on my progress post-surgery. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks!!! Yeah...I agree with you.
I think we paint such a worse picture in our mind. To be honest, I expected a lot more pain and discomfort. Breathing, deep breaths helped me relax. Also on the way there my hubby and I joked andsang to the radio. That helped calm my nerves a lot. Try to relax as much as possible... Hope that helps
Congrats! So glad to hear it went well. Any advice> Maybe I shouldnt be as afraid as I am.!!

Its been 4 days since my surgery. I won't lie,...

Its been 4 days since my surgery. I won't lie, I am so glad that surgery is over. I was so scared to get this procedure done. I am so so happy that this is not plaguing my thoughts anymore. The past month, whenever I was all alone with my thoughts I worried myself with the effects of anesthesia and the what if's.

Today I feel a bit woozie. My head feels like it is floating. I ate oatmeal and a banana. I just feel strange. Not bad, just different. I still have not been able to have a BM. Perhaps that is what is wrong I am full of S#&T. ~lol~ I really want to be able to go potty. It's probably the most bothersome right now. The gas in my belly keeps building.

I had muscle repair on my abs and also on my obliques. So trying to push gas out, is very hard to do.

I have been sleeping on the couch since Thursday. I really want to sleep in my bead, however my bed sits about 4.5 feet off the ground. I cannot maneuver my body to get into bed right now.

Ok, I am writing a book. I posted a picture of my tummy. Hope you enjoy and I hope I am helping by posting a daily log for you.

Mimsy, where did you get that done at? My throat was irritated as well. How is your headache? I hope you are feeling better.
just got lymphatic massages feeling a lot better. think cough is post extubation irritation. drained at least 500ml from the lipo sites. thanks for the well wishes.

Hurray for the massage!   They are wonderful:) 

Day 5.... Woke up this morning and helped my...

Day 5....

Woke up this morning and helped my husband get the kids ready for school. Well I brushed the girls hair and out their hair in pony tails :) Went for a car ride. Was a little uncomfortable. Came home and my hubby washed my hair and helped me take a sponge bath. Took off my binder. A lot of swelling and I think I still have a fat pocket above my belly button. However, huge difference everywhere else.

I know I am EXTREMELY swollen right now. When will the bulk of the swelling go down?

In 6 weeks we are going to Kalahari indoor waterpark. I am so afraid I am gonna be a huge balloon by then as well.

Feeling a bit of pain. Not much. I am taking milk of megnesia. Still have not had a BM. This is my second day taking the milk of megnesia. I am hoping it works miracles and can go potty.

When will I be able to wear jeans? Right now, I feel like I am bigger than what I was when I went in. I know I am being impatient. This is day 5. I am just worried that I went through all of this and I am not going to be 100% happy.

I guess I am having some different emotions right now.
So glad you are feeling ok. Did you get a new belly button?
I posted new pictures for you all to see. I am very bruised and swollen, but thought I would share.

I see my PS tomorrow. Will let you all know how it goes.
Thank you! I am feeling really good. I finally went potty and that felt WONDERFUL!!!! I am really talking about this a lot. However, it was the one thing that bothered me the most. I did have Lipo. My sides and back are bruised pretty good. I will probably take some updated pictures tomorrow morning to show everyone my progress.

Day #6 Saw the PS today. He said everything is...

Day #6
Saw the PS today. He said everything is looking very good. I am feeling good. I just get SOOO tired after being up for a few hours. I get to shower today and I am so so excited about that. I feel like a new lady. I am already wearing shirts that I was steering away from bc they looked so terrible on me before. Today I wore my favorite red and white polk a dot shirt. It reminds me of the 50's :)

Anyway. Feeling really great and so happy with my results so far.

You did it pls post pics once the bruises heel...U look good!

You're looking great! And I LOVE your daily blog. Thanks so much for keeping us in on your story. It's wonderful and I'm sure it will help tons of other women.

Mimsy? How you doing??

Today I am so so sick. I am very weak and nauseous...

Today I am so so sick. I am very weak and nauseous. I am so scared that something is wrong. I have no energy and I am shaking. I have slept since 900 this morning. I tried eating oatmeal and thought I was going to puke it up. Slept all day. Woke up and had a bowl of sherbet. I feel terrible. I am not sure if it is the TT or if I am getting sick. Should I be worried about something?
Wow you look great!!! I hope you are happy with your results so far.
Today has been 1 week since my surgery. I am feeling good. I am weak and I get tired REALLY fast. And oh yes, the numbness on my hips. This is something that I did not know was going to happen. I tried on my bikini today. And WOWZA....even my hubby was like oooohhh.

However, my hips are numb. I can't feel them. They are numb from the Lipo. Also, I have huge balls on my sides that I need to rub out. They hurt. They go away, but then come back. I think it is my muscles. Not sure.

He lifted my pubic area. So this is weird, but funny. I have this great new tight belly. But when he did a pubic lift, I feel like I now have pubic hair growing up my belly. Well of course I do....he lifted my cha cha. So this will be weird. Shaving way up there. But comical I guess. :)
go girl.. ihad my tt 2/25 and on day 5 i feel great.. u look awesome

Today is day 9. I am feeling good, just sore. I...

Today is day 9. I am feeling good, just sore. I went out for a beer last night with my girlfriends and it was so nice to get out of the house. When we came home, I had to take a pain pill. I felt very sore. Still very swollen, but I am happy with the results. I wore a tight fitted shirt last night and that felt pretty good to be able to do. I haven't wore a fitted tee in years. We are taking our kids to an indoor waterpark in April! Can't wait to rock out my new body :)

I added some new pictures.

I added some new pictures.

Today I decided to weigh myself. Didn't know...

Today I decided to weigh myself. Didn't know if I would lose any weight, but thought I would check it out. I have lost 5 pounds since my surgery. I went in weighing 143 and I am now at 138. I am so so excited about the weight loss. I was stuck in the 140's FOREVER! Such a great feeling. I feel good about my body, I am getting to my goal weight. WOW! What a lifestyle change. Last night my neighbor looked at me and said, "You are so Skinny!" I am not gonna lie, it is such a great feeling to be happy with myself again. I absolutely am 100% happy with this decision. It just feels so great to feel good about ME. I hated looking at myself in the mirror before my TT. I feel like a brand new person.
Hey. . I just wanted to say you look really great. Hope your doing well :-)

I am two weeks post-op! Wow everyday you feel...

I am two weeks post-op! Wow everyday you feel better and get stronger. I am back to work, however by noon I think I could crawl into the corner of my classroom and take a snooze. In the evening I am very sore. But more like someone is constantly pushing on a bruise kind of sore. I will take pictures tomorrow morning and post for you. The bruising has improved by leaps and bounds. I am feeling like myself again! I am so happy with my decision to get a tummy tuck. I feel like a whole new world has opened for me. It is a great feeling!

Here are 3 week post-op pictures. Healing really...

Here are 3 week post-op pictures. Healing really well. Still very swollen on my right side. Riding in a car and doing things is getting much easier. Still extremely tired at night.

your really looking wonderful... How happy you must be... How are you feeling now....
you look so tiny! congrats!

I am one month out. I am now wearing size 6/8...

I am one month out. I am now wearing size 6/8 jeans and feel amazing. I started working out on a treadmill. Just walking. But I feel amazing.
Hi I am having my tummy tuck with lipo in may 12th and have a wedding i just found out about one month later to attend. since you are one month post op just wanted to see if you feel good enough to have a long day as a wedding and reception would bring? I am afraid i will be swollen and wondering on energy level?
You look great!!I'm 11 days post op. Almost standing up, but still a little bit to go. What sz jeans were you b4? My clothes I was wearing b4 are fitting much better, but havent gone down a size. I was a tight tight 10 b4 and now i'm a loose 10. Hoping to be an 8 soon!!!
Congrats on your new tummy. Your posts actually inspired me to sign up for this site so I could respond. :)

I, too, am a teacher and was going to get my TT this summer even though spring break is coming up in a few weeks. I wondered how it is being back at work after only 10 days post TT.

I am one month and 4 days post op. I am living my...

I am one month and 4 days post op. I am living my life pretty usual. I am still wearing the brace, but because the swelling only happens in certain place, the brace becomes very uncomfortable. I am thrilled about the results. I have lost 5 pounds since the surgery and am fitting into my size 8 jeans quite comfortably. I was wearing a size 10. Some of my pants were 12's. I tried on a pair of my dress pants to day and they were HUGE on me.

I find that I get full very quickly. If I try to eat like I used too, I feel very uncomfortable. Almost like I gorged myself. I hate the feeling. My belly feels like a 1000 pounds.

I am finally now this week able to sleep on either of my sides. I haven't be able to do that at all. It stretched my side muscles and I had those repaired. It hurt when I tried to lay on my side. I am so thankful that I dont have to sleep on my back anymore. I havent gotten a real nights sleep in quite some time. So thankful that I can start resting again.

We are taking our kids to an indoor water park the first week in April. I will be 6 weeks post op when we leave. I ordered a bikini from VS. Can't believe I am going to where a 2 piece out in public.

I am anxious to begin running again. I started walking, but with a runners heart this has been difficult. In December I weighed 150. I joined WW and got down to 143 by my surgery. I know not a huge weight loss. More than the weight, it is just great to put on clothes and feel good about myself :)
Wow, seems like your really doing well. I'm a week behind you post op, and am also a runner. My PS said no running till at least 8 weeks, and "them we would see"! What about yours? Did you have lipo? I did on my flanks and upper back, and that's been the worst by far! It hurts so bad! Can't believe your already working again!
My last post was meant for runnigmom
It's been 5 weeks. I ran last night. But I took it so easy. I ran 2 mins at 5 mph then 2 mins at 3 mph.

I have been really upset this week with my stomach...

I have been really upset this week with my stomach. I so swollen so bad and it's like you can't even see a flat tummy. I swell up anytime I do anything. I try not to wear the brace, but if I don't I swell up. I am numb on my sides still. I guess I expected a miracle. I lost weight after the surgery, but now I have gained some weight. Which is frustrating. I joined Weight watchers again. The swelling a fat belly is making me sad. I know it can take up to a year, but I am so impatient.

I see my ps in june. I am going to have to address...

I see my ps in june. I am going to have to address some problem areas... Sigh

Well I just broke down. I don't feel like my...

Well I just broke down. I don't feel like my results are great. My right side is very swollen and looks like something is wrong. I am so sad bc my initial results were beautiful. The results now are far from. I have a fat pocket above my belly button. I can still feel the hernia and my belly hangs when I lean over still. I am just so sad. My hubby says I am swollen. But I dont think it is swelling at al.

I added some photos. Yesterday was an emotional...

I added some photos. Yesterday was an emotional day for me. However, I am just very SWOLLEn on my right side. I bought a string bikini today. Never thought I would do this. Here are the newest pictures.

You look fantastic! I understand your frustration, but you are still rocking that suit!
I feel your pain! But I think you look awesome!
Wow girl you are rocking that bikini! Great color and style for you too!

It has been 6 months since my tummy tuck and to be...

It has been 6 months since my tummy tuck and to be honest I am not thrilled with my results. I see my PS on September 12th and I am going to inquire about getting more lipo. I was told that I would be extremely flat and that is just not the case. I will keep posting...
I wore my binder forever. I didn't want to have to go through this again. I have gone from a size 12 to an 8. I feel like I am complaining when I should be happy. I was very thin and fit. After children and a bad marriage I went from 118 to 153. I am now 138. I should be ecstatic. But I remember my 118 body. I remember rocking a bikini and now after a tummy tuck, two children, a divorce and a new marriage I still hide my body :( I don't want to hide. I want to be proud. They said I would be rock hard flat and I am not... :( Am I being selfish?
Post some 6 months pics and lets see :) Did you have MR as well ??? This can really help to give you that "flat" appearance. Your pics at 2 months are pretty great and I love that pink bikini of yours. I can't say whether getting lipo will be of any help as I can't see what you are looking like at this point, are you still swelling ??? How long did you wear your binder for after surgery ??? The compression garment really helps to mould your shape and also helps flatten the hips ........ hope you get some answers from your PS. Keep us posted !!!
Oh my God I love you you have the same ridge as me! xoxoxoxoxo

I know it will get better!!!! I am also three weeks read my blog. Hang in there!

November 11th, I am getting more liposuction done...

November 11th, I am getting more liposuction done on my abdomen. Met with my PS and he is unhappy with the way my stomach looks as well. I hate to have to go through this again, however I am not happy with the results. :(
I too am not happy with the results. I had my surgery in March. I still look swollen and I am completely numb on my lower stomach. One side has a big lump on it and the other has a flap of skin...I am just sick of looking at it. My doctor says "oh you look great, but for a couple more thousand I can fix it. Going to find another doctor and get his opinion. I think I will hold off on any surgery. I would not have to pay for anesthesia though because I am already numb. Whatever your expectations are of this surgery....you will not get them.
I am so sorry Kathy! I hope you find a doctor that can help you. I just have more fat that needs to be taken care of. I hope I like the results. I have to have faith that it will be better.
Posted new pictures. Getting more lipo on November 11th.

November 11th I am receiving liposuction again. A...

November 11th I am receiving liposuction again. A bit disappointed but hoping it will help.
Can I ask if the lipo revision is going to cost and if so how much? I will add that I think you look great but I totally understand the not loving results as I too am with you! I hope that your revisions next month will help!
Hi runningmom, u appear to be so nice and fit now did u get a mini tuck or full? Did u get a new belly button with your tummy tuck or ps only fixed hernia? I am scheduled to have one next month and your scar looks nice & short.

Received lipo on Friday! I am swollen! My lower...

Received lipo on Friday! I am swollen! My lower stomach...no more hanging, but worried still about my upper belly. We shall see....

How long will the swelling take with just lipo and no tummy tuck?
Hi Runningmom. Who was your PS in Michigan? I'm getting a no drain tuck in Dec. Mi also.
who are you using? How long after you went in for the consult did you get your appointment?
He did not charge me for the revisions. Had surgery on Friday! Hoping these results are good :)
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