No One Noticed, 17 Days Later - Michigan

I feel foolish for spending that kind of money....

I feel foolish for spending that kind of money. Yes, the big grabful of tummy fat is mostly gone, but not even my husband has noticed! I stayed at a friends after so he didn't know (my bad). Down 2 pounds. Waist down an inch.

It looks like a spot wasn't done as well on one side of my belly, I don't think it is swelling either. Also the doc laid his arm on my breast for a while which was weird and uncomfortable, then at my two week check I had botox done and he pressed his crotch against my knee and thigh. Who does that!? Doesn't that seem inappropriate? Makes me not want to go back. I am just sick about it.

Dr. agreed I need touch up on small roll that...

Dr. agreed I need touch up on small roll that seems to have been missed. But, he says for me to lose ten pounds first and then it'll cost about $400. Hmm I shouldn't have to lose that first, I lost 25 before doing the lip already. I weight 158 and was told by my regular physician that I 'sure don't look like you weight 158'! and that was unsolicited.
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i just don't know. His inappropriate touching put me off. Guess I thought I would be smaller.

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You look GREAT! I too wish more people would "notice" but my mom (the only person that knows I did this) tells me it's because I wore very flattering clothes that hid my fat belly well...and I'm still wearing them because I'm swollen and wearing compression garments.

@HIG: it feels like lumps of know, the stuff in the top part of your ear. My lumps can be tender to touch, but I'm massaging them daily and they do seem to be shrinking.
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What would be the best way for me to imagine what these lumps feel like that form?
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was this dr in Kansas city you should report him
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hey how is it going? are your results still coming. You look great :)
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BIG WOW! Congrats!
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I am posting photos from today just 3 days shy of 4 weeks. Big difference. Admittedly I have been eating very light and walking. Wow
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there is definitely a difference, no question!
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That is such a big change. People are crazy not to notice. You look awesome
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I hope so, Very happy for you though that must be a very happy and exciting time lol. I have got alot of those pants. I got my time of the month so i'm hoping that has alot to do with the swelling.... crossing my fingers.
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I am doing pretty good, So swollen it's crazy.... I hope it's supposed to be like that. I think I am going through a little state of depression right now lol. My day 3 pics looked pretty good, but I haven't gotten that small since. Kinda sucky and disappointing, I have no idea why I was told not to wear the garments anymore, but I am wearing them anyways. Today is one week and zero on improvement. :(
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I felt the same way you are at one week up to two weeks! Really bummed at myself. But I have to say that the last few days are very different. My waist is 1 1/2 inch smaller. I am currently wearing knee length light cotton shorts that were the prompt for me to do the surgery. The shorts barely buttoned, my stomach hung over, and my hips were like squares. Today I put them on and thought 'my god it is working! No more hips and I can reach my whole arm down in them (snug). Still lumpy. Not doing any massage or water drinking, but walking and low fat eating. I bet you feel very different in a week and a half or so.
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Interesting that you were told not to wear your garment anymore. Why is that? I wear mine during the day, it is a tight one but it is oddly comfortable. I need to get the before photo from the doctors office, and I did take one yesterday but I would like to do another without the garment marks, then I will put them here. Getting older is hard :) I am just not ready. The way I managed keeping it secret was telling my hubby I was going to an event with a friend and staying over night (not unusual) then coincidentally I got a period the next day so i just casually mentioned I was very crampy so he knew I was out of commission for a week. Then it felt too late to confess! I think the reason everyone seems to start exercising and dieting after is wanting to make sure it wasn't all for nothing. Since it is contouring you want to make sure the contours count. How are you doing?
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I was told today by my doc not to wear my garments anymore. How long did u wear yours for? I am sure you look amazing, men a lot of the time don't seem to notice unless they are told to. I don't think my man would, I think he would just catch on when I say omg don't touch me... (because of the tenderness lol)
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Yes, the nurse was in there. But I am suspecting she just keeps quiet. I reread my post and realize I give the impression there is no improvement. There is, I just am thinking now that it't not $6000 worth. I do look better, I think, but someone should say something? My daughter said her friend commented that I look good, looked thinner. But gosh that creeper doctor, wow. I will say that at five days I was discouraged, when up and down, on day 14 was very encouraged. It's true when they say good and bad days
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That doesnt seem right, kinds nasty actually... You had a nurse in there also? That would be very uncomfortable. Are you able to post any before and after pictures? It's crazy your husband didnt notice although if you didnt tell him maybe you just need a bit more healing time? I am 5 days out and I look the same as when I went in:( kinda discouraging hey. I would try and find a new doc. Good luck.
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