Hi Real Self! I am 20 years old and I am more...

Hi Real Self!
I am 20 years old and I am more then ready to have a rhinoplasty. I've always hated the way my nose looks and I never really considered doing anything about it because before I could never imagine getting plastic surgery on my face. I just didn't want a michael jackson nose or something. Now that I am older and I know better and that I have options. I can afford the surgery and I know with a realiable doctor, I can change the way I feel about myself and my nose. Its not that I think I am ugly or anything, It was just always something in the back of my mind. Reading all these reviews makes me feel so much better that I'm definitely not alone in this and there are so many other people that feel the exact same way. By reading everyone elses stories, couldn't make me more sure of my decision. So I am asking for some help. I've done a lot of research online and now its time to start going to some consultations and I've read online what to expect, but now i want some real life perspectives and If anyone has any recommendations that would be amazing.
Some doctors I'm considering are Dr. Charles Boyd, Dr. Pramit Malhotra, Dr. Michael Fozo.
If anyone knows anyone or has had a more personal experience with these doctors other then what you could find out online, I'd love to hear about it.
Also, Some of these dr.'s have a fee for a consultation and I have no problem paying it, because I want a doctor that is good enough to charge a fee just to consult with them, but is that normal? Is it a good thing that I have to pay a fee or is it a rip off? I don't know I'd just like some other peoples opinions.



Most of the doctors I have talked with do charge a consult fee. While it is always great to get a bunch of different opinions, I'm wary of the ones that don't charge fees because I look at it as a cheap marketing ploy.

You are a beautiful woman and you are going to look absolutely fantastic after the surgery!! Best of luck with the consultations =)
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Where in Michigan are you from? If you are around the Troy area, I would consider Dr. Theodore Golden. There are a few reviews on here about him, as well as mine :) I went to a PS who didn't completely didn't do a good job so I went to dr. Golden for my revision on April 9th and I have all good things to say about him!
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I have read your story and you are gorgeous! I hope that my story turns out as well as yours. I am not far from Troy and Dr. Golden is a doctor I have been considering setting up a consultation with, but everyone says hes so scattered and that scares me because I mean this is my face and I want us to be on the same page. I don't know I am just nervous about taking the first steps but thank you so much for reaching out. I have seen many review on dr. Golden and you story included is one that has inspired me to set up a consultation with him.

Okay so yesterday I had a consultation with Dr....

Okay so yesterday I had a consultation with Dr. Malhotra in Ann Arbor and I thought it went really well. I showed up right on schedule and had to fill out a few things so really I was only waiting maybe 10 minutes in the waiting room and maybe another 10-15 in his office. He first came in and gave me the whole run down of how he runs his practice and that people come to him because hes a ENT and plastic sugeon. He speciallizes in Rhinoplasties so that was a plus. He made me feel like I had his full attention and he was really listening to everything I said. He made some suggestions and talked me through some of the things that he'd be doing. He said it would be an open procedure and he would be the only one operating which made me feel better because my mom has warned me that some doctors will let students operate as a learning experience and It made me feel better to know that I wasn't. I brought pictures and he took a look at them after he showed me some before and after pictures of his own and one thing that I loved was that he showed me a few that weren't perfect and it made me feel like he was more honest. Everything that I wanted to change, he had a solution for. Then he took some pictures and examined my nose checking for thick or thin skin and checking if I had a deviated septum, which apparently I do. Then Kellee who I was emailing to schedule the appointment and was adorable and very helpful came in and gave us a couple quotes. Overall I was very pleased and impressed, I know this is only my first consultation but I felt so comfortable and excited. Maybe its just because its all becoming real.


I am actually looking to get surgery in michigan. I happen to live very close to troy and i asked dr. golden about it but he told me that he doesn't do ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. I haven't heard about the doctor you are going to but i just began researching surgeons. I have seen Dr. Fozo's work and i like it. I asked Dr. Fozo about ethnic rhinoplasty and he does do it. Charles boyd was recomennded to me from another doctor on here. We have totally different noses but i think your doctor will give you the results you want. Good luck.
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I think I have choose a doctor and I am probably...

I think I have choose a doctor and I am probably going to set a surgery date for sometime in August inbetween my summer and fall semester of school. I am super excited.


Soo excited you've chosen your doctor! =) Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your journey!
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best of luck to you girl!!
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Yay! who'd ya pick? keep us posted!
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I have scheduled my surgery for August 7th. I am...

I have scheduled my surgery for August 7th. I am in the process of making sure I have time off work to recover and what not. I still need to schedule my appointment to sign all the consent forms, pay for the surgery and talk to the doctor about what's going to happen during the surgery from start to finish. I am soooooo excited :)

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I am addicted to this site!!! Everyones stories...

I am addicted to this site!!! Everyones stories are getting me really pumped for my surgery. I can't stop thinking about it and I am so excited!
the count down begins- 6 weeks :)
What should I be doing to prepare or is it too early to do anything yet?
I need someone to talk to because not many people know that I am having the surgery and the ones that do are either afriad to ask about it or are sick of hear about it lol.


Mine is August 6th! I'm soooo nervous!!! yeah...i know its too early to talk about it...but I kinda want it to be here already and apart of me doesn't! most of all...hoping I chose the right doctor!
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I'm surprisingly not nervous as of now. I'm praying I chose the right doctor. I just try to remember all the things we talked about and how he's a professional and he knows what he's doing blahblah if you've done your homework you'll be fine. If you ever just want to talk about it just message me I feel like its all I think about but I'm trying to not tell everyone that I'm getting it. You know?
your eyes and smile are so gorgeous - I think this will work so good for you. i really can't wait to see your after pics
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Hellooo I went to the doctors today to sign the...

I went to the doctors today to sign the consent forms and pay for the surgery. Today made me more excited than ever for the surgery. I've been waiting for this for so long and now its real, I still can't believe it.


P.S. I had a consultation fee of $200 but it was deducted from my surgery cost. See if they are deducting if from your cost.
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Good luck on your journey. I remember thinking about it all the time before the surgery happened. Don't overthink it. It's not nearly as bad as you think. My pictures look awful because of the swelling and bruising but none of that hurts and the worst of it only sticks around for about 2 days. I looked like a cartoon character, lol. My face was completely back to normal 1 week post op and the pain is nothing like you would probably imagine. Rhinoplasty was much easier than I ever imagined. I think it's because it LOOKS painful. You will be amazed at how great you feel just 1 week after. I felt back to my normal self. Went out to dinner right after cast and splint removal :) I hope you feel great about your surgeon. You should ask him what his revision rate is (percentage of patients that he has to fix his own work). I think the overall nation average is like 15% or something crazy like that. I went with one of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the country and he told me his revision rate is like 2%! I was relieved so much to hear that. You're gonna do great. Did you get to see 3d imaging of what you nose will most likely look like after surgery? I didn't tell many people either. I think I just wanted it to be over with and know everything went well before i started tell people. Now I am an open book about it and am excited to tell people.
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Two weeks until the big day!!! I really don't even...

Two weeks until the big day!!! I really don't even know how to explain how I feel. I don't feel anything I don't even feel like this is really happening because nothing has changed. I'm still working everyday like usual and only a handful of people even know I'm getting the surgery so I'm not talking about it on a daily basis. I've been trying to drink a lot of water because I was told the more hydrated I am the faster my body will be able to bounce back after surgery.

I've been trying to think of things I want to say to my PS right before the surgery so he has it in his mind exactly what I want, I also want to hear his suggestions because he's the expert.
I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions

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Okay so I have exactly 8 days until the surgery,...

Okay so I have exactly 8 days until the surgery, not counting today. I am getting really excited now. I've been watching all these rhinoplasty blogs on youtube seeing peoples changes, opinions, concerns, tips and what not. Sometimes it makes me more excited and calms my nerves a little bit about the surgery and other times it makes me a little more anxious because I am really putting the future of my face in someone elses hands. There are so many people that come out of the surgery hating their new noses and completely regreting it. I am really trying to stay positive, because I feel like at this point anything the doctor does will be an improvement. I can't help thinking back to my consultation and I just keep reevaluating, did I say enough? Did I describe to him exactly what I wanted? Does he know what I want? What if what he thinks looks good isn't what I think will look good. What if I go through all this, spending all this money and it looks like he didn't change anything.
ahh I know I am just freaking out a little because its becoming more and more real as the days go on. Thank god I've been working a lot because I know I'd be going stir crazy at home with all this.

Also I was going to bring more pictures of noses I like to the surgery so I could give him some last minute inspiration or examples of noses I like, but when I mentioned that to my mom she thought it was a bad idea because he will already have plans mapped out in his head of the surgery and bringing last minute pictures would be useless because that was what the consultation was for. Maybe I am just overthinking everything.


Hey there! I'm in Michigan as well (Lansing)! My pre-op is on the 7th and my rhinoplasty is scheduled for August 17th. Who did you end up choosing for your surgeon?
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I really can't believe tomorrow will be the last...

I really can't believe tomorrow will be the last day I have to deal with this nose. Excited doesn't even come close to describing how I feel. Luckly I got today and tomorrow off work so I had time to run around and get some stuff done before the surgery. I am all packed up ready to head over to my moms house tomorrow night because she will be taking care of me for the first few days. I bought one of those neck pillows that you get for an airplane. Hopefully that will do the trick since I never sleep on my back. I want to pick up some groceries tomorrow and I know a lot of people suggest pineapple, jello, pudding, easy to eat foods. I am also going to get a case of water, some straws that bend and maybe some frozen peas. All my prescriptions are filled and ready to go.

It was funny on my last day of work everyone was asking me why I had so much time off and what I was doing. All I could do is smile and for the people that didn't already know I just told them I'd tell them all about it when I got back. I promise to keep everyone posted on my progress and I'll try to take lots of pictures and maybe even videos because I always love reading the reviews with lots of pictures showing their progress.

The next time you see this face, I'll be a changed woman :)))

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My surgery is at 10:45 am. wish me luck :)

My surgery is at 10:45 am. wish me luck :)


I wrote out a full update but my computer just wouldn't post it, it's late so I'll try again tomorrow
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I'm so happy for you!!!!
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hope everything went awesome! :]
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Post op Day 1 Went to bed around 10-11ish last...

Post op Day 1
Went to bed around 10-11ish last night and fell asleep pretty quick, woke up around 12:30, 3:00, 4:15, 5:30, 6:30 and 7 so it was a rough night sleeping which I kinda expected. I got up around 7 and took a shower. I kept having dreams that I got up in the middle of the night and chugged a water and ate chips and they wouldn't let me have the surgery. It was awful, but I felt so silly for thinking like that. My mom drove me to the surgery center are 8 am to arrive at our appointment at 9:45 am. This whole ride there was a breeze, we were talking about other things so it kept me pretty calm. We checked in right at 9:45, the nurse was extremely nice and explained the paperwork and what not and lead us to the waiting room. I waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes, the Olympics were on so that entertained us for the time being. I got called back and I changed into a gown and had to take a pregnancy test. They took me back to a private room, checked my vitals and put my IV in. I almost passed out getting the IV in, I turned really pale and got really sweaty and if I weren't laying down I would have been on the floor. That was probably the worst part of the entire day. To say that getting the IV put in was the worst part of my day is pretty awesome. The doctor came in and brought in my pictures from my consultation and went over exactly what he was going to change. He was awesome and he really put my nerves to rest because I brought a little piece of paper to remind me of all the little things I wanted to say to him before the surgery. After he left the room they gave me a relaxer to calm my nerves some more and they gave me the good shit because I was feeling pretty awesome after that. I said goodbye to my mom and they wheeled me into the operating room, injected the juice and I was out like a light.
The next thing I remember is waking up in phase 2 of recovery which is where they put you in a chair and start feeding you and get you ready to leave. By that point I ate a few crackers and drank some juice no problem and took some good drugs, I was feeling food. They took out my IV and I was walking out like a champ. All the nurses, plus my mom were in shock how well I was doing. I was up, wide awake talking to everyone. My mom hardly had to help me change into my clothes and I needed little help from the nurses to the car. I was awake the whole ride home texting everyone I was alive and healthy. I called my dad and my close friends and told them I was doing well. One I got home I drank an Ensure and planted in on the couch for the rest of the night. A few hours later I ate some soup and watched Titanic. I am hoping the recovery stays this easy because this is a breeze. For anyone who is worried, I am telling you for me the IV was the worst part and its only because I hate needles. Do not be worried at all.

My PS even gave a call a couple hours after I got home to see how I was doing and I told him I was doing great. My Mom was really impressed that he called me personally because I guess its kinda unusual, usually they have their nurses call.

As of right now, even with the cast and being completely covered up, I am so happy I went through with it.

I will update and take more pictures tomorrow!! Thank you everyone that send me all the positive vibes, it must have really helped because today

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Everythings going smooth on day two, I'll post...

Everythings going smooth on day two, I'll post more pictures later :)

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Today started out really well.. I felt pretty good...

Today started out really well.. I felt pretty good this morning even though I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I just laid around a lot today until my brother brought over chili fries, i ate some. baddddd idea. I ended up puking it up and that was extremely painful.

thats really all I have to report.


Oh yeahhh rhinoplasty champs lol how's your first day going?? I just don't suggest eating chili fries on your second day but they were soooo good lol
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It's going well! Finally going to bed soon...I haven't slept since surgery this morning! I don't really have any pain at all. How about you?
Yeahhhhh GIRRRRL! We are both rhinoplasty champs I guess. Sorry you puked though :/
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Okayy so today I woke up and felt okay. Definitely...

okayy so today I woke up and felt okay. Definitely a lot of pressure on my nose so I'm trying to keep up on my meds. I woke up to a knock on my door with get well flowers from my work, so that was really nice. I thought I'd be a lot more swollen, but thank god I'm not just small bruising under my eyes. I feel like my pictures make me look like a zombie, but you can see in one of the pictures the difference already in my profile. The little picture in the corner is right before I went into surgery and the bigger picture was taken yesterday. :)) I cant wait to see whats under this cast. My doctor told my mom he spent a lot more time on my deviated septum because it was much more severe then he could see by just peaking up my nose.

I'll update more later or tomorrow.


You hanging in there? When does your big reveal take place?
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haha it was a silly move but it tasted so good
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Only a MI girl would eat Chili fries! Lol!!
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Just been pretty sluggish today. Woke up around...

Just been pretty sluggish today. Woke up around 5am with a lot of pressure on my nose so I got up and ate something light so I could take some meds. Went back to sleep and woke up again around 10ish and felt a lot better.. I've been trying to keep hydrated. I scheduled my appointment to get my cast off on Monday, August 13th so yay thats exciting. I know a lot of people complained about how itchy their noses were under their casts but I've seemed to be pretty lucky because I haven't had to deal with that (knock on wood) I probably just jinxed myself.
hopefully my pictures are showing some sort of progress because I don't really see it yet.

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I hardly remember making any of these updates so...

I hardly remember making any of these updates so sorry if they sound a little off like im not totally with it. Truth is I am usually half asleep when I remember to update this so thats why. I meant to mention earlier that I've been icing my nose on and off through out the day and I've been cleaning my stitches with hydrogen peroxide and Qtip. My face feels pretty swollen and even though the tip of my nose is smaller then it was originally, it still looks swollen to me. I can't wait to see what my nose will look like once this cast comes off

Also I took a bath earlier and that was probably the best feeling in the world. I havent taken a bath in years...


The big reveal is monday august 13th
Like Michelle and Jules, I'm from Michigan too ... and I LOVE things coated in chili ... coneys, fries, etc. maybe it is a Michigan thing haha.

Hope you're feeling better :)

Today was the first day I ventured out into the...

Today was the first day I ventured out into the world. My mom had to run out to the dry cleaner so I went out with her. I stayed in car, but it was the first day I left the house. I felt pretty good most of today. I can tell the tip of my nose is getting more and more swollen and I am assuming when I get this cast off it will swell up even more. My cast is already basically falling off.


Good luck tomorrow!! I can't wait to see your new nose! The bruising looks like its in the yellow stage...that's the last stage of colors usually! It doesn't look like a lot either!
By the way, I had Chili fries last night! I blame you :)
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I will take full responsibility for you eating chili fries lol they are sooo good :) and I really got lucky with the bruising and swelling. I'll be sure to post pictures right when I get home

Today is the big dayyyy. I get my cast off today...

today is the big dayyyy. I get my cast off today im so excited

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Okay other stories say that getting the cast off...

okay other stories say that getting the cast off isn't that bad and it really isn't because my cast actually fell off a few hours before my appointment today. No one really warns you about getting your stints or the stitches out.. oh my god I'm cringing even things about it. Come to think of it, getting the stints out was probably the most painful part of this whole process. I got there a little early today and they took me right back. I explained how my cast had already fallen off, but they said it wasnt a big deal. He took a look at my nose and said it was healing nicely and got right to work on those stitches. I started to get a little light headed and really pale so he stopped and gave me a few minutes before he started again. He took a few more out and again I felt light headed and got pale so we stopped again. I think that happened about 3 times before he made his way to the stints and he was not gentle. He ripped those babies out like nobodies business and it hurt like hell. Even my friend cringed when he ripped them out and they were covered in boogers. Overall, it sucked but I'm glad its over and I never have to go through that again. I am really swollen right now, but he fixed everything that we went over which I am happy about. Its really weird to look in the mirror its such a small difference but its definitely a difference. I dont know. What do you all think?!


Your nose looks great!! I can't believe how little swelling and bruising you have!! You did it! I can't wait to see more pics!!!
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Good luck today! Can't wait to see pictures! :)
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Good luck today!!
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I felt pretty good today, my nose feels really...

I felt pretty good today, my nose feels really numb and weird so I am getting used to that. I tried putting some make up on to see what I look like without the bruising and what not and putting make up on my nose was a little bit of a challenge. Also my nose has been really runny and my PS said I could blow my nose I just couldn't move it around a lot. Regardless I am still nervous to blow my nose plus I have little dissolvable stitches still at the end of my nose so I try to avoid touching those too much. All in all everything is good I'm slowly getting back to normal, but when I do too much I can definitely feel pressure in my nose and I have a hard time being on my feet for a long time. I start to get light headed and dizzy and I don't really know what thats from.

Aside from that everything is good I am on the right track and all of your comments make me feel so much better because I do like my nose now but I don't know if I love it yet. Everytime I look in the mirror I kinda give myself a long stare and its still hard to believe I actually did it. I said I was going to do it and I went for it. Its still very surreal for me.


You look gorgeous Michelle - you must be so happy
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I am pleased so far, I don't feel like I love it just yet because I am still getting used to it and its still very swollen but I am sure once the swelling is gone I will love it for sure. All in all I am very happy :)
Wow, wonderful result....congrats!
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Everythings good. My nose is obviously still very...

Everythings good. My nose is obviously still very sensitive. Everyone that has seen it has been just so sweet, Everyone says it looks very natural and look like I haven't even gone through surgery so thats a good thing. I have this one lingering bruise under one of my eyes its slowlyyyyy going away, but it seems like its taking forever. I am still pretty nervous to blow my nose, but I've done it once or twice. I ice my nose here and there or whenever I think about it, my mom said even now that will help with the swelling. Just wanted to do a quick update. I'll post a picture in a few days because I'm pretty sure it looks exactly the same since I last posted one. Hope everyones doing well :)


your nose looks so natural and just perfect for your face! congratulations!!
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thank you so much. I think I am in that weird phase where I don't know how i feel about it.
Oh my gosh! Your nose looks so beautiful and natural. It really does look great. I'm sure you're just not used to it yet because it's still so new. It fits your face perfectly =]

Like I've told a few people on here, I think I'm...

Like I've told a few people on here, I think I'm going through that "depressed" phase or whatever, but it doesn't feel like I am sad or anything I just don't feel like I am jumping for joy about my nose. I know this is temporary and I definitely don't regret getting the surgery. I know it its weird. I really do like my profile, its 100% better. I find that my nose is very runny and I am hoping thats temporary too.
all in all nothing new, just want to keep you guys up to date as possible


Michelle, I think the nose looks completely different and in a good way I mean it perfectly fits your pretty face. I hope I get a result as good as yours, I'd be doing back flips.....well....after it healed I would :D
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haha well if you plan on doing flips just make sure you protect your nose lol.
thanks for saying that. I know its different and I really do like it, but i think the swelling is throwing me off.
Are you serious? I see a difference! and the awesome thing is it's going to only get better, just give it time! It's beautiful! don't get discouraged :)

Haha I'm tired of keeping track of the days after...

haha I'm tired of keeping track of the days after surgery soo I just titled his life after rhinoplasty.

Things are good.
I took some pictures today and I still look super swollen which I completely expected because I am.. I'm like uhh 12? days post op or something like that.
Things are looking up though, I know I'll love it down the line. But for now we have kinda love hate relationship.


I think you are going to look very pretty. I had mine on the 16th
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You're nose looks so good! Looks like your natural nose but improved, and not like it was completely changed, which is always a good thing.
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You want that, believe me. You want a smaller, prettier nose, but look the same from the front. that is the most important thing, believe me. And you got that

I keep having these night mares that I'll wake up...

I keep having these night mares that I'll wake up and this whole experience was a dream I didn't actually go through with the surgery lol
then i have other dreams where i did somethign stupid like hit my face or something and all that was for nothing. I've been supersuper careful about my nose and not let anyone come too close i dont know. im weird.

take a look at my progress :)


Congrats, you look great!
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:) thanks
Looking good girl!!!
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My mom and i have talked about it a few times and...

my mom and i have talked about it a few times and i already love my profile. to me it is perfect its from the front that bothers me, I'm trying to hard not to focus on what it looks like right now because its still got a lot of changing to do.
the skin on my nose is always super dry and looks like im always peeling its so annoying.
plus under my nose where they cut me open is all still very numb, but everywhere else i can feel everything just fine.


Your results are fabulous! Hooray!

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Thank you so much, it's getting Better everyday

Still trying to stay positive.. almost 3 week post op

still trying to stay positive..
almost 3 week post op


You are looking fabulous, much better than before from every angel, your doctor did a great job..
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Loving that you are still keeping the updates going, and the pics too :) Again...you look amazing ( I can't say that enough) :D
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haha thanks, Im trying to keep everything as up to date as possible, sometimes it hard to remember to come on here and kinda give the run down of how I'm feeling about everything or how everything literally feels on my face lol
but things are getting better everyday and from what i read everything I'm going through is very normal so thats a good thing

and thank you thank you thank you
it never gets old trust me, because I am so unsure about it
it really does make me feel better that everyone else thinks its great so far.

Well everytime I come on here to update I want so...

Well everytime I come on here to update I want so bad to hit that worth it button, but before I do I want to actually believe that the whole experience was 100% worth it. I'm totally back to my everyday life, I took an extra week off of work just to be on the safe side. So I took 3 weeks total off. My job is pretty physically demanding and I'm constantly reaching for things above my head so I have stuff fall on me all the time and in my eyes it wasn't worth the risk. Plussss I never get that much time off so I was just enjoying the summer while I could. I still have a lot of numbness on the tip of my nose and I feel like I can smile, but its not my normal smile. The little piece of skin inbetween my nostriles.. whatever its called, yeah thats still totally numb. Also for whatever reason my skin has been breaking out a lot lately and I have no idea why I've been washing it daily and trying hard to keep up on it, my mom said it might be like my bodies way to dealing with the surgery, i dont know but i dont like it. I've never really had bad acne and this is over the top..
I've noticed my nose is really runny too and I wouldn't say my breathing is 100% but im hoping all in time these things will resolve themselves.
appearance wise I love my profile and I'm still a little iffy about the front, but i know I will love it in time and even my mom and some of my friends have mentioned that it is starting to look a little more defined so thats nice that even other people are kinda noticing the little things..
I'll try to post most, with school and work started back up at the same time I've been a busy bee



Happy 1 month!!! Looking great! :)
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Look how pretty you are! The nose is super cute from the front, I think we are just our own worst critics.
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I couldn't agree more..
i am beginning to like it more everyday and I find myself thinking about it less and less..

I believe i am 4 weeks today

Breathing is getting better but my nose is kinda...

breathing is getting better but my nose is kinda runny.
everydays getting better :)

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Okay I didnt have a lot of time earlier and I...

okay I didnt have a lot of time earlier and I wanted to make sure I put something up here because its been a few days.
First things first, I feel like my nose is always runny. Its driving me nuts and the one other person I've talked to about it and has had the surgery says they still get a runny nose all the time and they got theirs done 15 years ago.. I mean I guess thats the trade off to have a better looking nose. whatever I'll take it.
Breathing is getting better as I mentioned before. I still feel pretty swollen as I should. The under part of my nose is still completely numb.
uhh i think thats about it, nothing new or exciting. I've started running again so it feels good to be completely back into my old routine.

I'll keep everyone posted.
I posted some newer pictures, let me know what you guys think.
I personally think its looking better everyday, I hardly think about it anymore :)))


You're looking better & better!! :)
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:))) I cant believe its only been a month.
I feel like it happened forever ago, but at the same time I'm glad its only been a month because I still have a lot of changing to do :)

thank you!

I am still dying to press that worth it button....

I am still dying to press that worth it button. Nose is still runny. I've actually bumped it a few times and ouchhhhhhh its like my whole body just freezes up because it hurts so bad. My 1 month check up is on Friday, so I'll be sure to post about that even though I'm sure I'm going to walk in hes going to look at it and say looks good and then it will be over.. yay for driving 45 minutes.
Everyone constantly asks me how its going and I am since its such a slow process im repeatedly saying well its still really swollen and everyones like.. really?! it looks good but i keep forgetting it has so much more changing to do.
With school and work started up I've been really busy but I've been trying to post more.

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Went to see my doctor last friday, I drove 45...

Went to see my doctor last friday, I drove 45 minutes away for a not even 5 minute chitchat with my doctor. I could literally sum up the whole visit for you.
walk in. sit down. doctor comes in, hi you look good still swollen I see. Let me take a peek. okay everything looks good see you in 2 months.
..I doubt I'll go back for the 2 month check up unless something is wrong or whatever and in that case I'll probably just call or look up what I should do.
My mom and I were talking about how once the surgery is over and down with and they have your money, a lot of doctors just kinda stop caring because they got what they wanted and they are trying to focus more on the next patient or supply of income which makes me really sad to hear, but my mom works with doctors on a daily basis and i guess that is the reality of it.
all in all, im good. Nose is still runny and my doctor suggested a spray or whatever to help clean it out so I might look into that.
Sorry I've been taking forever between updates.


Wow your nose is looking awesome! It really is bringing out a more natural smile on your face, and I love to see that :D! I think it's that smile that's a tale-tell sign the surgery was totally worth it!
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Your last photo is really good!!
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Your last photo is really good!!
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I believe right now I'm 8 months post op. I can't...

I believe right now I'm 8 months post op. I can't say I'm 100% happy with my results. My profile I think is perfect but straight on I still feel like my nose is very wide and bulbous. I didn't want my nose to change so drastically that I wouldn't look like myself but I did want it to change enough that I would notice a significant difference. Not much new to report, the tip of my nose is still kinda numb.

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1 year post op

Yesterday was 1 year since my surgery.
I cant say I've seen a whole lot of change in the past few months. Depending on the picture, I sometimes think it looks pinched or still a little wide from the front. I'm indifferent about it sometimes. I wouldn't say I regret getting the surgery, but I wish I would have done a little more research before hand. I could see myself getting a Rhinoplasty Revision surgery at some point in my life, but I don't know if that's worth it either.
I'm content with the way I look, why spend all that money to go changing it just slightly.

I've love to hear you opinions..


Better to be underdone than overdone! Personally I think it is a great result! Glad you are becoming content with it :)
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1 year 3 months post op

Thank you for the positive comments, its been a while since I've been on here and checked out other peoples reviews and comments. I am still back and forth about how I feel about my nose. Most days I don't think twice about it which is already an improvement, because I used to think about it nonstop. I would be that girl that would turn their head a certain way in pictures because my nose only looked "decent" one way. Then all my pictures looked exactly the same. I can proudly say I don't really have that problem anymore. Sometimes from the from I still think my nose looks wide and when I look at my old pictures I think it hasn't really changed all that much, but it definitely has. I know some people might think I am crazy for going under the knife for a slight change, but that slight change has made me much more comfortable and confident in my skin. That is enough for me to say, money well spent.


I had my nose done a year ago and I feel the same exact way, sometimes I think there's not much of a difference but other times I do notice the difference. I also took pics at a certain angle and thought about it all the time. But I am more confident and I don't think about it as much as I use to. I think you can't put a price on a piece of mind and contentment with yourself. For anyone who is thinking about doing it, just do it :)
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Yeah that's kinda how I see it too. I always tell everyone if it bothers you enough to consume your thoughts and change the way you feel about yourself then you should change it.
i think your nose looks great honestly, is it still running?
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1 year 10 months post op

well here I am, you decide what you think..
I'm indifferent.


I think you look great! Improved a lot and very feminine.
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I had a pretty big bump in my profile.
Pramit Malhotra

I had really mixed feelings about my experience with my doctor. I think he is brilliant, but I literally saw him in my consultation and then my surgery and once after. I kept getting all these bills and then I'd have to contact his office asking what they were about and it seems like that happens a few times. Thank god it was all taken care of, but its scary to get a huge bill with your name on it. Especially something you were assured was taken care of.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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