Mommy Makeover Feb 2011 - Michigan

I am 29 yrs old and married to a wonderful husband...

I am 29 yrs old and married to a wonderful husband and hava 1 daughter. i have been wanting this mommy makeover for the last 10 yrs.. and now that it has actually come up.. its like a dream.. im so excited and so nervous at the same time..i just hope and pray that i go in ok and come out ok.. ive never had any type of surgery not even a tooth pulled out:) so im a bit" well the story w/ me is i want this for myself i want to feel comftorable agian in my own body.. i want to be able to feel youthful again.. not that iam way old or anything but i would like to go on trips w friends and family and be able to have a cute swimsuit not some granny looking one..:( i just want to be happy w/ myself again.. my husband loves me the way iam and wouldnt change anythin about me.. but im not doing this for anyone but me... :)

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Well so went to ahve my mamogram done this last...

well so went to ahve my mamogram done this last week and everythin went fine but in the ultrasound they did they found a bengin cyst which means (not cancer) thank god but my ps told me that i should still have it checked out by a breast specialists jus to make sure nothin interfers w/ my sx? so i have made an appionment w/ the specialsit for this comin week.. i hope to god and pray that nothin comes of it.. and that he says it should be fine and not have to remove anythin maybe just biposy it ... idk.. but im so nervous i dont want my sx to be pushed back for anythin... i guess maybe caus im havin an implant put it i should make sure the cyst is nothin.. when i had my mamo the dr there said just to come back in 6 months and have it checkd agin but by then i would have my implants.. so maybe its alot harder to check w/ thos... :) well i will update agin.. plse pray for me and hope all goes well..:) thanks


It is day 10 and I am actually feeling pretty good :) I went to the gym for the first time this morning, just to walk on the treadmill but it feels good to get some normalcy back in my life!

I know how scared you are about going under, I had those same fears and I have been under before. You really don't even realize you are going under and then before you know it you are awake in recovery!

I was a 42 DD before my weight loss but before surgery but before surgery I was a 38 C. Due to the weight loss I had lost a ton of tissue in my breasts, which you can see if you look at my pictures. She ended up taking me to the top of a C cup (400CC), which seemed like they would look to big but now that I have them, they look natural on my frame. Your doctor will tell you his/her thoughts on size but make sure you are very vocal about what you want too. I looked at pictures and gave her an idea of what I am after. Right now they are very firm and very high but with time they will fall, in fact just in 10 days I have noticed a difference.
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hello... yes that is what ive heard about goion under is that u go to slepp nad before u know it ur up in recovery... were u in pain when u woke rite up? so for ur breast u were that a 42 dd wow.. then after weight loss u were a 38 c? see im orginaly a full c cup before i had my daughter.. and ive lost so much tisse since then i mean i still have a little but there so saggy... im afraid of goin to big or to small ... and i know at first they are goin to be so huge but whn they go down from swellin then they will look firmer... lol im stuck between a 400cc and a 375 cc? i know not much diff but really there idk im so confused.. did u have saline or gel? im havin saline ...
Hi there! I'm in Michigan too and just had my surgery December 9. You will go in fine and you will come out fine. I know it is hard not to worry, I was worried too, but it is done and I feel great :)
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Ok so today i went to my dr appointment with the...

ok so today i went to my dr appointment with the breast specialists.. and he says that they cyst is def probn nothin to woirry about and if i were not even havin surgery he would tell me jsut to come back in 6 months or so to get a follow up .. but since im having implants he advises that we jsut go ahead and schedule me for a biopsy... :( great... im sure and he is sure that it still isnt anythin but just for peace of mind were gonna do it.. i guess better to be safe than sorry.... rite.. well this is it and after this is all said and done and its all cleared.. no more testing .. ill be ready for surgery... my lab work came bacak great so that was a plus:) now im jsut ready for all of this to be done with.....
like im really tryin to be excited for christmas but i just cant.. idk im so stressed out with evcerythin else in my life with te surgery and the cyst .. and my husband being gone all the time and work.. i feel like a break is all i need sad to say but the only vac break i will get is when im in recovery.... ( i hope) well ladies have amerry christmas.. and for the girls whou have been giving me advice through out all of this im so thankful for u ... i need this site... i never in a million yrs tht there would be anythin like this site.. who woman help[ eachother out... :) i hope to take u along with my journey....

have a merry christmas...:) i will post agian after i have my biopsy....


I wear my garment on and off. Yes, I got the full TT and implants done at the same time. Honestly, having them both done together is the best way to have it done and as long as you stay on schedule with your pain meds, you will be fine. The breasts did bother me more then the tummy but because they are so swollen afterwards I swear they bump everything LOL
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You are in some pain which makes taking your pain meds on time so important. The pain isn't really that bad and is very tolerable but you really do need to be on a regular schedule with your pain meds. Yes I was a DD and went down to a C after losing weight, now I am a full C and I love it :) Huge is an understatement LOL Right after you kind of feel like they are right under your chin but within the first few days they fall quite a bit. I have saline and she went with 400CC. At first I thought she went way to big but now that they have had time to settle I think she did use the right size.
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ya that is what ive hears.. well glad to here that the pain is tolerable.. i just cant wait the anticipatation is killing well i think im gonna go with a 400 cc i hope that will be but im leaning more toward that way... i guess id rather be a little to big then to small....
thanks for ur advice.... its so are u still havign to wear ur garments? did u also get a tummytuck? im pretty nervpous about that more than the boobs i think... i just hope the scar over time will heal....

Well iam 34 days till surgery:)i cant wait feels...

well iam 34 days till surgery:)i cant wait feels like forever.... my clearence is a go.. i enede up not even gettin my biospy the dr said it was un nessecary to even get it... that the tissue was normal and to jsut f/u in 6 months and even thou i will have my implants by then they said it is ok the will still be able to do an ultrasound.... so thank god for that... i was so worried about that but now i feel better... this site in all honesty is the only thing thatkeeps me goin and postive about having my surgery... i hear all the stories from all u ladies and i hope my recovery goes just as well as ur's and i love all the advice that is given on here.... well i will keep u posted...

:) 4 more weeks


Getting closer and I am so excited for you :) Happy New Year my fellow Michiganian!
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4 more weeks...omg.. i cant wait.... im so ready...

4 more weeks...omg.. i cant wait.... im so ready for all this t =o be done and over with.. and jsut to start the healing process...


Feeling good! Can hardly believe it is 2011 :)
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thank u i hope u had a good new yr as well.. how are u feeling? hopefully ur doing great:)

Welll today was a very stressful day inb and out...

welll today was a very stressful day inb and out of the hospital my dad was ve4ry sick w a horrible migrane and myt little sis is very sick w/ streph throat... ugh .. i hope they both get better...
now im worried that i will be sick and m=not be able to get my sx:( so far im ok... i have less than 4 weeks till my BIG DAY..... im so nervous....


HEY girlie....I just found your post! I am so excited for you and cant wait to follow you through your journey!!! There will be lots of ups and downs so we are here for you!!!
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thanks jeenbob... yes i will continueing to let u know how iam doing.. i lovet this site and how u get to talk to som many diff women who have expereinced what iam gonna go thru... u guys are all awsome..:)
Hello, I just found your post. I had a lot of problems picking a size. I really think it depends on your frame. I am 5'5" and was 122 lbs before surgery. I was at 34C before surgery and went with a 339cc silicone implant and I had a lift. Now I am a 34D and in some bras a VERY full 34C. I really fretted over what size to pick cause I knew I would be stuck with whatever I chose. It was hard to get answers from others on this subject but I think it is because it is a personal choice and it really depends on your body type.
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Wow ladies here iam all paid off on my surgery...

wow ladies here iam all paid off on my surgery today :) so relived.... yay 3 more weeks and ill have a new body.. cant wait..


Congrats on paying for the surgery, now all that is left to do is count down the days :)
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Okay girls.. this countdown is klilling me... did...

okay girls.. this countdown is klilling me... did anyone out ther have nightmares weeks before surgery? i cant belive the bad dreams that iam having:( 19 more days) i cant beleive it but honestly it is taking forever.. i feel like that is all i ever think about and when iam gettin dressed i keep lookin at my naked body and thinkin to myself wow this is it... and iam jus thopeing it is goin to be alot better then what it si now.... at times i feel selfish that iam even goin thru this procedures and that we so could of used much more= of this money on somethin elese.. but idk then i stop and think about why not do this for me ya kno.... and that i do deserve it damn

then after givin my self a little pep talk then im ok..ha ah

so my husband is starting to get so nervous... i can tell. he just is startin to get worried.. and i know that he will be there for me as much as he possibly can.. at least he can come home for the first few days... thank god... i dont know what i would do w/out him:)

well that is all for now... :)


It is so natural to be worried about having surgery. I was scared and so was my husband but now five weeks out, I am so glad that I did it :) In a few weeks you will be recovering and happy you did it too!
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Well here iam tomorrow is my presurgical day ......

well here iam tomorrow is my presurgical day ... kinda nervous but more excited that its getting so close....:) i have like a list of questions for my ps for well 2 more weeks cldnt be any longer seems like forever.... ..........................i will updated everyone tomorrow...


Time flies :)
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Ok ladies so my presurigical was today... a little...

ok ladies so my presurigical was today... a little less nervous.. lol im just glad i have all my questions answered and now i can have a little peace of mind... hmm so spoke to my dr about the breast implants... i have been so damn confuesed on the size and we as in me my husband and my ps. decided on 400 cc silcone high profile :) i ws a bit confused on the high profile and moderate.. which now i understand what they both mean.. and honestly there is a pretty big difference in both of em... so my ps suggest that the 400 cc highprofile will give me what iam looking for...well so now iam in ease... lol well here goes my count down.... it will be here before u know it... oh and ya she did give me some valuim..... so thank goodness i can relax.. before sx.. well


Next week is the big week for both of us....
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I know:) ims o excited.. i hav a little set back hopefully it wont be anythin but i came down with a little sore throat yesterday and im thinking its nothing to big.. iam on an antibiotic that the dr i work for prescribed to me but ,, i am scheduled to see my pcp dr tomorrow afternoon just to make sure it snot a bad infection or anything serious,. i did speak w/ my ps and she said i should be fine but she advised me to go see my pcp jsut incase.. she said they rarely cancel sx due to a viral conditoins unless its a bad upper respt infection or a bad bacterial infct... but lets hope it all goes well and i dont get bad ..:( i do have 8 days till sx so im thinkin by then ill be just fine..
i would hate to reschedule this sx tha ti have worked myself up for awhile now... that would be a disaster..
so when is urs? are u nervous? iam so nervous but more or less getting excited... plse keep me posted and i will do the same.. what are u having done again?
Yes I know:) ya I ws kinda nervous tht 400 wld b to gig but I'm pretty confident in it:) I will keep u posted:)
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Wow here iam 6 days away,,, well iam feelin much...

wow here iam 6 days away,,, well iam feelin much better my sore throat is just about gone. and iam alomst done w/ the antibiotics... i went to my pcp dr today and he said i was good to go and my throat was jus fine... here i was thinki8n i was gettin streph throat and the whole time he said it was just sinus drainage,,, thank god...

today got my prescriptions filled that my ps gave me... i have celebrex for the antiinflamatory and vicodin 5 mg for the pain and phinagren for naseau caus the pain medication will make me sick more than likely.. and zanax for my nerves... which ive been good and had not taken any.. but i think i will this weekend caus im freakin.. lol im so nervous but so excited the closer it gets... i feel really good about it and have faith in my dr... well ladies i will keep u posted,.., u all look so beautiful by the way the ones who are in recovery ,., and i hope to be joined by u guys soon:)

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Wow what a night.. my emotins is like a...

wow what a night.. my emotins is like a rollercoaster right now up and down.. i kno alot of it is ny nerves for my sx... but dman did anyone else go through an emotinal melt down before hand lol:)

im ok now.. im tryin to keep tellin myself that i need not to be stressed and have a good set of mind goin into this,,, but that just doesnt seem to be goin as i plan,,, well im ok now and im hopein to sty unstress,,,,
here we go 5 more days:)


Lol;) yup thts exactly what I'm feelin! Well my husband works outta town so I've jus been feelin all alone! He will b home tuesd for me nd sty a week to help me after surgery! Hopefully ill b ok after he leaves me:( so what is it like to go under? I'm so nervous! 4 more dys not countin today! Lol
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You bet I went through an emotional break down; I completely freaked! Though a couple days before the procedure I felt very at ease and the morning of surgery I was not nervous one bit :)
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When I got my first set I thought 400 would be bib ,but on me it didn't look big!, some people with 350 cc look huge! I really don't understand it! If u don't mind me being mosey what are your pre surgery stats?
I'm glad your going with the high profile , I am too.

Here we go 3 more days... :) so excited... well we...

here we go 3 more days... :) so excited... well we are about to get hit with a really bad storm good thing its comin now and not on my sx day that would suck if it got canceled due to sx that would jus be my luck..:( but i think we will be okay suppose to hit on tomorrow night into weds.. and stop late weds night they are callin for 18 in toal..l crazy...
welll im so ready to get this done and over with... :) lasyt day of workl for me is tomoro and i dont go back till march 1:)


I think you told me, this is your first sx right? Ooooo it is the BEST sleep! You are gonna do great!
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Thank god the storm is about done.... her ei go...

thank god the storm is about done.... her ei go tomorrow is my big day... so technicaly 1 more day.... im so nervous.. but very excited.... as of rite now they want me there by 11 am... so i wqonder what time i will actualy go back to the or,.,, hmmm well im ready just gotta go the store get my last minute stuff....
so is there any advice for the ride home? i was thinkin bring pillows one for my bottm and some5thin to hold.... lol idk am i thinkin to

well ladies i will updat more later.....:)


Thanks;) I don't think ill b able to sleep much, like a kid on xmas eve, lol waitin for xmas day to open all the gifts lol, but yes I will post as soon as I'm up to it ( hopefully) soon;)
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Nope, you are going to be just fine! Post when you can and remember to relax and get lots of sleep :)
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Ya I live in detroit mi, well monroe I shld say but we got about 10 or so inc, a lot of snow but its not rely snowin much nemore! I jus hope I'm still good to go, haven't heard ne diff so I will b at the sx center by 11 tomorro:) yes it is intrestin tht we get so calm, I'm a little nervous but not to much, I jus wanna wake up ok nd not b throwin up! Lol :)
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Well ladies here iam the big day.. my life is...

well ladies here iam the big day.. my life is about to change today and i hope its all for the best:) im pretty calm rite now.. i dont have to be at the sx center till 11 so i will leave here about 9:45 or so ihave been up all night thou.. no and this mornin i get up at 6 am ... not nervous just excited.. cant wait to start this day and come home and start my recovery... i hope it all goes well...

thanks girls for all ur support and advises i couldnt have went throught this w/out ya... i will update soon as im up to it...:)


I hope everything went ok...I know it did. Rest, take pain meds, know that it wont be this bad again. Each day is better. Cant wait to hear from you!!!
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OMG! So excited for you! I will checking to see when you give us an update! :)

Today iam very sore... my stomach is brubing and...

today iam very sore... my stomach is brubing and feels so tight.. i tht for a min there that myb the binder was to tight but we unwrapped it and it was stil tight... its jsut my tummyn muscles i guess... the stomach is flat but i cant relly take a good look at it... my insicion site burns like hell... my lipo isnt to bad just all bruised up... overall my boobs are fine.. its my tummy thatq bothers me the most... whn my husband and sis try to get me up to go to the bathroom damn does it hurt..... hurts more to sit back down...
any advise on how i can get more comftorable in this recliner chair? welll i will update later again..:) thanks ladies


Getting up and down is seriously the worst problem I faced. I spent the first day in bed and then after that I would move back and forth from the couch to the bed. Trust me when I say with each day you notice improvement. Hang in there!
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And now the healing begins! I had to keep on my original binder until day 6 and then I moved in to the binder I purchased. I really is a blur isn't it LOL Well get lots of rest, admire the new girls as best you can and dream about that new bikini you're going to buy...don't look outside though or it ruins the entire moment :)
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Hi jenbob, wow the pain has been tolerable but its whn I get up nd down from the chair is whn my stomach feels like its splittin open! Othr thn tht my boobs look awsome as fr as I can see em! I get my bandages off tomorrow! Can't wait to actuly see it! I'm nervous about puttin my garmnt on that I boght the dr wants me to put it on but I hurt so bad I can't imagaine havin my husband and sis tryin to put that on me! Well I have been takin my meds every 4 hrs and thy do help ! Well I'm gld I made it through ok! ;) relly I don't remebr a thing it ws all a blur! Well I will ttys;)
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Well today was my 1st postop to us 45 min to get...

well today was my 1st postop to us 45 min to get ther and the visit only to took about 8 min total,,, crazy .. my husband has been so wonderful to me and my babysis . and my mother... everyone has been very helpful my daughter who is 10 is constantly askin me how iam and if i need anythin at all .. she is to cute like my litle nurse...
so yes went for my postop visit and she basicaly jsut took the bandage off and looked at everythin and told me to go home and shower.. and that i boy it felt good... i did get a little dizzy and nasueated feelin when i got out of the shower as my husband and sister was dryin me off myabe everythin was goin to fast for me and seeing my body all bruised up and stitched up and cut but it only lasted for a few seconds did seriously think i was gonna pass out.. but it did go awsy..
so yes the soothin water being poured on me was amazing... didnt realize how good a shower could (did any of u feel that ) so she said by monday or tues when im in the shower the strips could be peeled off... and im am now startin my healing... and boy has it been a nitch to get up and down but honetly today im doin better then what i was yesterday so each day does seem to get a little easier... im relly nervous about my husband goin back outta town nex tues and leavin me... it scare me actually.. bu tmy sis does live w me and i know she will be here but she does work durin the day to and im hopein i will be okay while she is gone and my daughete durin the day.. but i gotta get through this...
well my boobies are pretty high and the ps says they will drop and go down alot in the next few weeks... they do look nice thou:) im happy w the outcome so far... and my tummy does look flat just very sore and lookks yucky around the incsion site.. but in time i will start to love it im sure... well that is it for now girls ") gnite yall


Yes lotion does help, its werid caus its rite around my breat the top nd thn wher I had my lipo of th flanks, on btw I did poop! Lol it ws such a relief! Lol weid caus I didn't even have to push it jus came out! Lol so yay tht ws an excitment! Well I'm jus takin it dy by day!
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OMG I was the queen of itching :) I felt like I was literally going to rip my skin off I itched so much! Even now I get so dry and itchy; I use tons of lotion and it does help.
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Christina, I did not know that you itched! Did you ever peel? My tosro is peeling right now. All around my belly, except scar area.

Well iam now 5 dys out of sx... the last few days...

well iam now 5 dys out of sx... the last few days wre a blur.. but i cant ell each day does get better then said each day has its good and bad days tho.. lastnite was one of my bad nights.. i was so uncomftorable i couldnt sleep nor find a way to try... my lipo of the flanks was burnin.... and itchy.. i have been takin my meds regulary every 4 1/2 hrs and i dont have a whole lot but my baxk is so damn sore...

im a bit emotinal this mornin caus my husband will be leaving me tomorrow mornin..:( he has to go back to mississippi to go back to work he was only home for a week for my sx:( i wish he didnt have to go back .. my sis does live w us but she works to so im gonna have to try and do this on my own now..i am walkin bymyself now but still very slow... plse god give me the strenght to get thru this bymyself... well tht is it for now... i will updatee later...


Yay;) it goes by fst thts for sur! I took off 3 wks of work I dnt go back till mar 1 I hope ill b good by thn! I'm a medical asst for a foot doctor I dnt do much liftin at all the jus some benidn for xrys but I kno ill hav to b careful doin tht whn I go back! I'm gld ur drainage slowd down! I don't have drain tubes my ps don't use tubes she does wht thy call quiltin stitches! Xtra stitches inside, it's a hard to explain but it less complications w/out the tubes I guess! But my stri strips for the boobs nd tummy r still on! I wnt em off! But I guess thy will fall off in the shower so hopein by the time I see her fridy thy will b off!:)
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My nurse said that if all my strips were not off by my appointment Wednesday she would take them off, but then replace them again before I leave. I had a friend that had a tummy tuck without the drains too, I guess each PS has a different opinion.
Lol thts exactly how mine feels, weird isn't it! I rely hate wearing the binder! But I can see how I need to wear it caus of the swelling! I can't wait for my tape to come off so I can see wht the scar is gonna look like nd how drk it is! Its like rippin mu skin the steri strips! Jus on the corner,but tomorrow will be 6 dys for me! So I'm feelin bettr dy by dy! Slowly!
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Omg today was awful:( my husband left which i...

omg today was awful:( my husband left which i balled my freakin eyes out.. and then i was like hypervenialting that it hurt my stomach to cry:( lol but i was just so sad that he had to lv me agin... he works in tuplo ms.. and rite now back in r hometown there is no work so he has to work outts state for awhile.. which rite now we have no choice caus of money... but soon enuf he will be home w me:) i think the hardeset part was just seein him go and missin him so fast .. he took such good care of me while he was here.. im so thankful for him i rely am...

so overalll when he left i just sat cried for a little (cause of course im an emotinal wreck) u were rite jenbob u do go to an emotinal rollercoster when havin this sx...) lol but thn my mother inlaw came over and i was ok.... which i then fell asleep for a bit while she sat and babysat

i relly didint need her here i was doing ok.. im walkin much better now not all the way straight but gets better day by day....i am havin some swelling... and th eboobs dropped a little but still so i do love em thou... so iam waitin for my 2nd postop this friday im hopein theses damn steri strips will fall off soon in the shower maybe tomorrow.... they itch and the one corner is lifting so makes it hurt.. i did bleed a little makes me scared that i will get an infection but doens tlook like anythin is open i think it was just the scab peeling.. the shit hurt like hell tho... lol well that is it ladies thanks:) will update pics soon...


Awsome can't wait to see em;) good luck w / ur drains ull do jus fine!
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Yes it sure is an emotinal rollercoaster:) nd ya we both r in the erly stges of healing but I have confident we both will come outta this jus beautiful;)
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Ok... so tomorrow will be a week yay..... im doing...

ok... so tomorrow will be a week yay..... im doing really good pain wise.. not to much at all jus uncomftorable in this damn but o well beauty is pain rite
so today mom came over and hung out w/ me all day and cooked breakfast for us.. and her and i actually got to talken about the old days.. when i was younger..and reallY it was nice.. i alwys knew she strugglesd as a young child growin up in the phillipines.. (which by the wya that is wher im from..) i came here to the states when i was 4.. so dont know much about wher i grew up.. so me and mom got to talkin some... and it was nice for her to talk about it to me.. in all reality my mom is my bestfriend and she is my everythin.. i dont know what i would do w/out her honselty... and she is ready to go on this same journey as me.. soon in apr 2011.... so i will be there for her like she is w/ me..:) and we will both look hot this
well anyws.. so thn ma gave me a shower lets see its my 3rd one since sx im goin every other day for showers... i love em i cant wait for those so my steri strips came off today both breast on the bottom and the tummy.. wow the tummy looks weried.. there is some scabbing.. so ma went to go =get me what is called aquphor lotion/oint? my ps wants me to start applyin that to the incsion sites... hmm? she said it wil help the scabbing... but ya my tummy looks good in the front jus not the incsion site... but i guess in time it will heal and it will start to look normal...i stil have alot of swelling..:( i hate it makes me feel like a fat ass.. and i think im gettin rdy to start the monthly visit from aunt flow which makes it even worse... so my boobs are still huge.. whn will i actually be able to tell that they dropped at all?
well girls... iam doin good w/ no regerets and i hope to keep healing...:) friday will be my 2nd posop w/ my ps we will see what she sys..:)

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Yay today was my 2nd postop and my ps says iam,...

yay today was my 2nd postop and my ps says iam, doing great healing good... im so happy.. iam now wearing my body garment.. wow didnt think i was gonna get that on but with some help i sure did.. i actually like wearing it alot better then that binder... she says i dont have to weaR the binder as long as i have my garment on but i still may at night that is when i seem to swell the most and in the mornings... so we will see but iam almost standing straight today.. tryin not to over due myself to much but did manage to clean the living room some and the kitchen.. i cant tell thou i get tired relly fast.. but just tryin to regain some of my strenght back slowly and it feels damn good... well that is it for now ladies.. i hope everyone out there who is goin through this is doi ng just as good:)

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Yay today was my 2nd postop and my ps says iam,...

yay today was my 2nd postop and my ps says iam, doing great healing good... im so happy.. iam now wearing my body garment.. wow didnt think i was gonna get that on but with some help i sure did.. i actually like wearing it alot better then that binder... she says i dont have to weaR the binder as long as i have my garment on but i still may at night that is when i seem to swell the most and in the mornings... so we will see but iam almost standing straight today.. tryin not to over due myself to much but did manage to clean the living room some and the kitchen.. i cant tell thou i get tired relly fast.. but just tryin to regain some of my strenght back slowly and it feels damn good... well that is it for now ladies.. i hope everyone out there who is goin through this is doi ng just as good:)

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Alrite ladies.. how long does this sweelin in the...

alrite ladies.. how long does this sweelin in the tummy stay? i feel like a fat cow.. Well i think my monthly is comin also so that doesnt help much.. but i did step on the good old scale and it shows the same exact weight that i was before i had sx im at 122... thank god.. but i feel huge and my tummy doest seem as flat.. i know its all; swelling but when or does it go away.. should i be doing anythin to try to get rid of this swellin. iam takin my antiinflamtory meds.. and wearin my compression body garment which i hate. but need it.. at least its so i can just sqwat down and pee when needed.. nsry tmi.. lol so if any advice plse give i need it.. thanks girls overall im doin good just really gassy at times and jsut tired,, but i keep tellin myself the dramatic changes wont be anle to see for at least 6 months... im content rite now besides the damn swellin in my tummy..:(


Thanks;) yes I've been one of the lucky ones so far:) nd I felt like my wait ws forever to whn I ws waitin, but sur does fly by fast. These nex few dys jus do wht u can to catch up w the house cleanin, have u taken ne vitmains? I thinl a lot of reasons i$ doin so good is my ps had me taken vit c nd multi every dy for 2 wks befor sx nd afr!
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I am so happy to hear you are doing so good! I heard the swelling can be bad for a few months. Hopefully, it will not last too much longer for you.
I am really excited! Only 6 days left, but it feels like a year. LOL
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Hi ther;) I'm doin well graduated tro my bed finally! I'm so super excited to sleep in my bed! It sucks to sleep in tht recliner for sur! I'm not havin much pain at all actually, I relly never had pain to much it ws all jus uncomftorable w my back m$ostly, nd iam lovein my results my boobs r the best part! Lol thy r strtin to go down finally, nd feel much softer alrdy, my tummy is very swollen tho! I can't wait till tht is gone but thy sy it can last weeks, so I'm goin on 2 wks this thurs nd I can honestly sy I feel great nd lovein it all. How r u doin? Gettin excited I'm sur,
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Hi ladies:) k so tomorrow iam 2 weeks...:) yay.....

hi ladies:) k so tomorrow iam 2 weeks...:) yay.. it feels longer actually... so i have 1 more week then i go back to work:( im just relly happy that iam doing well and walking straight now and very little pain... through all of this i had very little pain... at times i still have like sharpe needle pin pain... on my flanks were i had ipo and some on the stitches that are dissovable... but other than that im doing good.. boobns have went down alot.. amazing,,, so om glad i went bigger... cause i can already tell a difference in the size... today i went to the store and bought me some xtra sports bras... i was tryin on like 5 diff i know that im not b=gonna be able to tell exactly what size iam just yet but the bra that i was wearing that they gave me to wear was getting to be so uncomftorabole and a l,ittle tight feeling it was casuin wrinkle on my and pressure so i didnt wanna get sore on em... but i was told its ok to just as long as iam wearing somesort of support bra... for the next few weeks... but it feels good to have a diff pair on...
so newys i have my 2 wk check up this friday... over all things are great... ?:) still have some swelling on th tummy but ive heard that it can last for awhile.. so iam continueing to wear my compression garment.. i actualy ordered another one .... so i can switch off and on... well that is it for now ladies,... ttys.. good luck to all those sx comin up very soon... u will do great:0

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Hi ladies... well today was my 2 week p/op.. and...

hi ladies... well today was my 2 week p/op.. and ps says iam healing so wonderful .. and fast... the girls have finaly dropped some and they feel less hard.. today the nurse went over the massages and excersises to me and thy flet weird... but i can def feel a diffrence when i do them... so i guess i have to do them everyday for a few weeks,,,
over all iam doing really good and i can tell a huge diff everyday,,,, im so glad i went through this and to all the ladies out there who is or just had the procedures... belve me each day ios diff and dont get down on urself.. the results pay off in time,, honestly being only 2 weeks out im so happy w/ my results and i would def do it allover again... w.out any thought...
the tummy still has some swelling and each day is worse or better,,, today was one of the good days,,,
i still have 1 whole week till i go back to work.. im enjoyin every bit off.. i actully go see my husband finally this sunday in mississippi... just till thursday.. its a long drive and i know ill be uncomftorable but i wont be driving my brother in law will be.. he works w/ him there and he happened to come home this wknd and is goin back sunday so o thought hay why not go w/ him and see my honey.. who i havne tsee in 2 weeks... he left me shortly after my sx:( which i was not prepared for... so he has not seem the results that iam getting each day with my body.. i send him pics but they jsut dont do justice sometimes ya know... so he is relly excited for me to come... we wont be doin a whole lot caus i am still recovering.. but just being w/ him is enuf...
well ladies that is it for now iam goin to post pics soon i just havent been able to caus my laptop is broke dman virus... so i have been usein my daughters little notebook to post these updates.. the keyboard is so damn and her does not have where i can put my memory card in for pics.. weird... just one of thos little notebook computers... wel soon though i will ...:) take cara ya all gnite.. gluck


Aww well thank u hope it was readable lol, nehow I'm actualy goin to see him in mississippi sundy till thurs long drive! But I will b a passanger my brotherin law is drivin me they work together, I figured why not I'm doin so well and I want him to see how iam healing! I'm sooo excited:)
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Loved reading your journey, I hope your husband will be home soon...but really there is no one lime our mamas!
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Hi ladies.. well i made it down here to...

hi ladies.. well i made it down here to mississippi.. it was a very long 12 hr dirve.. but my brother in law was sweet enuf to stop every few hrs for me.. lol it wasnt to bad though.. just my back mostly... was a bit uncomftorable... so newys i have a question.. i ordered me some silcone sheetings.. for my tummy tuck scar.. my dr says im healed enuf to go ahead and start applying any scar creams on them or tape.. and im 3 weeks now so everythin so far looks good i have one little sore spot but it htink its where the scab is peeling.. newys so ive heard alot baout this silcone sheeting and they say it works wonders.. any of u have heard it or tried it? i really want to try whatever i can to make it look better.. i mean i knew that it was gonna be yucky.. lol and actually it not to bad jsut dont like the feel of it.. its bumpy and raised.. but def hides under the panty lines... i just want it to smooth out more and flatten it and that is what this silcone sheetin is suppose to help do... so i ordered it it wasnt cheap 100 bcks for 2 ... so i hope it works good... lol
well plse get back to me if u can anyone...:)


mommy of 4 what did u order? the silcone sheeting?
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Yes mam! For my boobs and tummy. Hope it does wonders!lol
ya i hope it does to.. lol how does ur tummytuck scar look? i know im erly on but just worries me that it wont flatten.. lol idk im over thinkin it.. my ps sys it will.. just feels and looks werid...

Hi ladies.. well iam 3 weeks goin on 4 weeks this...

hi ladies.. well iam 3 weeks goin on 4 weeks this thurs.. yay.. im movin rite along.. i jsut had my 3 week postyop this past friday and she sys im doin wonderful.. and lookibn relly good... i dont go back and see her for another 3 weeks and by that time i will be @ 6 weeks.. so crzy time flew by so fast..
i actually go back to work this tues mar 1:(
] in some ways i wish i didnt have to but i know i do.. lol and actually it will make the time go by faster to have my husband be home... my little mini vacatio last week when i went to see him was so nice even thou we didnt get to do much because . he worked it was still nice i did nothin but jsut relax:0 and i so needed it caus i know when i go back to work i wil be so tired...

so overall im not havin any pain my tummy looks so good and iam happy with it.. my inscison is slowly buyt surely improving iam now useing what they call silcone sheeting.. (expensive) but i canb tell it will do some wonders... they say results can take up to 3 months and im fine with that.. i jsut want it to fade as much as it possibly can.. i know it will never be 100 perecent gone but i just want it smoother... iy loks good thou.. i just got to keep remindin myself i still erly on with healing....
at times i have some sharp shootin pains but my ps sys that is normal and in time it will go awy.. my boobs have dropped alot and the swellin has gone down alot also.. i love
i am continuin to massage em well doin the breast excerscies... do any of u do em? makes em a little sore but helps alot i can alrdy tell how much softer they are..
well that is it for now ladies..:) i hope everyonwe is doin well...

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Hi ladies... okay so i need ur help.... i have so...

hi ladies... okay so i need ur help.... i have so much swelling in my tummy i feel so fat and (harsh) but true... i mean i love my new belly just hate the selling i feel so bloated.. like im whioch of course im not.. i mayb gettin ready to start my monthly thou.. idk but this swelling is killling me...
iam at my 1 month mark.. yay,... tomorrow..
i went back to work this week and it was'nt so bad it did kick my ass today thou.. exaustion kicked in for sure... and my job was not at all about sitting down.. i work in a medical office bringin patient's back to rooms doin xrays and etc.. so i was quit bsy this week,,
but it di feel good to be back to work.. and back on my feet..
so back to the swellin.. it almos feels like i have alot of gas alot of pressure.. do any of u feel the same?:( im very happy with my results but i just hate the swelling.. how long does it last.. and what can i take for it? I did read somewhere there was some over the counter meds u cld take for swelling... does anyone know pof any? iam willin to try whatever...i did take some gas-x... lol which i just now took so we will see if that helps w/ the pressure at all..

so overall iam doing really good,, just cant wait to see my final results over the next few months... i do love the breast.. so crzy to think at first i was like OMG they are huge... and kinda wished i wld of went smaller.. and now im so glad i went as big as i did cause they for sure drop ladies.. for those who are early on they do drop and swelling goes down...
i'am so happy w/ em now and they are getting so much softer where they actually feel natural:)
well ladies plse plse.. let me kno of any advice...
thanks girls.. ya 'll have a good night...


Would love to see the pics! I'm glad your doing well and cant believe you were feeling normal in 2.4 to 3 weeks. That's awsome!
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I meant 2.5 months not 2.4 LOL !!

Well i survived my first week back to work.. wsnt...

well i survived my first week back to work.. wsnt so bad... i actualy liked being back in a way cause if i sat around any longer id prob gain so much weight lol... i did start workin out 2 days ago. started my eliptical which that was awsome and felt so good to be be back on it... werid at first but i am thriven to keep me in shape for summer and get more of my abs to pop out... lol
today is a very borein day it is down purin all day i hate it.. kinda depressing... my basement is leakin water all over in my carpewt... there is nothin i can relly do thou.. this is when i need my husband.. i swer this sucks...
i just want him home so bad... lately in the last few dys i think a little bit of depression is strtin to set in some..which i did read that after surgery depression can set in.. i mean i love my results so far. but i feel so fat caus of my swelling...:( and the fact that all i can wear is leggings and sweats , and sweat capri's is drivein me nutz....
i know my husband of all peps.. keeps tellin me to be patient.. and that he loves me and iam beautiful and will look even more amazing in time.. he alwys finds wys to make me smile...
(is it his job)
idk him not bein home puts a toll on me as well... but i just keep tellin myself to be strong and take this time to take care of myself and that way when he is finaly home for good i can suprise him on his brand new wife..:) lol caus the old one needed a few touch
so question ladies.. does it seem like ur pubic area is so swollen and even kinda raised up? weird huh.. idk i asked my ps my last visit if that was normal and she said yes... but weird caus im startin to shave higher thn
just wondering if any of u are expereincing this...:)


Oh my god I feel exactly the same way you do, when I read your lates post about still feeling so swollen I was like oh my god she is reading my mind ! Lol and yes I also feel my pubic area is higher, weird ! I am still wearing my garments and I hated it's looks like I have no butt, because it's one of those that it's for the whole body. I hate not been able to use my regular clothes. I can't wait to be able to use regular clothes. Are you able to sleep good ? Not me I'm still having a hard time sleeping on my back I hate it I hate it, I am only sleeping a couple of hours. Take care and keep in touch
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Wow thts a ways away;) I live in detroit michigan;) I jus emaild u 2 pics I will email u some mor but its a befor and after the befor has my drawings frm my ps lol it ws the dy of my consult when she showed me what she cld do lol but I will email u one of my breast I jus didn't have a chance to! Lol my email is incase u dnt reconize the email adress, my rteal name is dee;)tell me wht u think! Thanks
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Got it! I think you look so good! Your stomach is so flat...

Ok.. so i'am 5 weeks this week yay... doin...

ok.. so i'am 5 weeks this week yay... doin really good swellin has been ok these last 2 days.. except for when i eat... then ya i feel extremely huge:( \
so i have this weddin to go to nex wknd which i tht hay why not borrow a cute dress from my sister (right) cause she also has big boobies... lol and i tht well i should be able to fill em in.. and ya i do but damn i think it may be to they look huge in the tight idk now that i have all this clevage and perky boobs im so gonna have to be careful what i wear... i dont know i imagined i woulod def have to go up in size for my tops of course but dresses are weird.... idk hope i can find somethin for my comfort....:(
dont get me wrong lovein my body so far.. but i just can twait til all the swellin is gone and back to normal.... so far now i just gotta be patient...
it doesnt help im gettin rdy to start my monthly... :(
well ladies have a good night:) 


Lol! Oh ya I know since sx I think the whole period thing is off! But I'm def strtin caus my moods r up and down and my boobs r sore! Lol I kno I can't belv we r 5 wks out to crzy time flys:) but we both look good:)
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Show those boobies off girl! Lol
I'm ext really swollen in my upper abdomen after I eat! It sucks! I'll try to get some 5 week post op pics of myself posted tomorrow! I can't believe we are 5 weeks out! I was suppose to start last Thursday but didn't, I figure the surgery has my cycle all screwed up!
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Hi ther:) well I'm glad u can relate to what I'm sayin it so damn frustrating isn't it? Lol idk I guess we don't realize the outcome after sx untill it happens, ya I can't wait to wear reg clothes and actually kno wht size jeans I wear! Everythin I try on now is tight nd I feel gross in em! Lol I mean don't get me wrong I love my results jus the swellin drives me nutz nd wher I had lipo on my flanks itch and burn @ sometimes tht is annoyin! Lol but no I have not ben able to sleep well! I still can't sleep on my sides nd iam a side sleeper! So tht is a bummer! But iam only 5 wks this week nd ps says that it can take up to 6 mnths to. A year jus to b able to sleep relly good on ur side or belly! Crzy huh! But over all my breast are doin relly good still sore everynow and then! Well I hope ur doin jus as good! I will keep in touch u do the same!
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Hey ladies.. well iam 5 weeks posp :) gettin there...

hey ladies.. well iam 5 weeks posp :) gettin there.... i go nec week to my ps for my 6 week follow up.... then i can go to get sized and get into a real bra.. iam so tired of wearing theses sports bra... ps sys i can go ahead and sleep w/out a bra but idk kinda weird i know...
ill give it one more week and then try..:)
so im doing really good scar on th tt is lookin good everyday.. the silcon sheet has helped alot i can def tell a diff everyday.. i did have to take it dd for one day the other day thou i bnoticed an irritatiopn spot on the inscion so therefore i let it ait out for one night wiht just some ointment.. seems to look better today so i put it back on and then just left that area alone...
the boobs are3 great.. a little sore cause im so gettin ready to start,, ive been an emotinal wreck the last few days... doesnt help my husband is still gone...; he does come home this thurs thoujust for a wknd so we can go to our friends wedding... yay:) excited to dress up and look beautifuol for one night,,lol
well over all im doin great ladies and i wish all of u the best of luck who are gettin ready to go throu this and the ones who had it doen already i hope u are al doin well:) 


K I will email it! U know mine turn red on the tt thn it clears up! But the incsion under my breast r aloms so unoticiable!
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Ya send me a pic. Mine seems so much redder under my breasts and the scars have stretched out a bit
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Hi ther:) my scar is comin along! I'm happy w it:) I will email u an updated pic frm my phone! I mean it alwys cld look bettter but can't complain jus gotta b patient! Ur's looks good! I'm jealouse lol
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Hey ladies:) well iam 7 weeks postop this week and...

hey ladies:) well iam 7 weeks postop this week and feeling good.... i went to my 6 week postop last friay.. and ps was very proud of how i looked... she says im doin wonderful... overall iam doing good with no pain relly jus sometimes i have sharp pain in my lipo of the flanks.. but other than that im good... sleeping is so much better.. i can kinda sleep on my side now which is awsome caus ima side sleeper...
,y tummy is very flat..:) and i do still have some swelling on my lower part mostly on my tt scar is lookin relly good.. much flatter.. i ran out of the silcone sheets but i will be gettin more.... for sure that stuff helps... i highky recommend that for everyone...i just use it on my tt scar.. the breast are fine u can barely see where i had any cuts.. im so thankful...
but this past fridy...i actually wore my first bikini in 11 yrs.. :) my husband and kids and i went to a indoor water park.. and i t was awsome.. felt rel uncomftorable at first for some reason... .lol prob caus its been so long.. and i literaly felt like i was getin weird looks.. so i would constanly ask my husband if i looked okay,, lol but it did feel so good to be that confidence again... i just know in time i will feel and look even better..
welll i hope everyone is doing good:)


Email me some of your recent pics! Lol
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Ya mine are red somedays and sometimes not!

Hi ladies:) ill be 8 weeks this this week:) yay.....

hi ladies:) ill be 8 weeks this this week:) yay.. lol im dong great... i hope all u as wellla re the same..:0
ive been doing a really good workout lately im jsut scare4d ill gsain weight in my tummy so i try to push myself a little hardereach workout i do... but i alwys feel better after im finished...
my breask are doing wonderful i just love em..haha.. i constantly stare at em in the mirror.. any of u do that? or is it just
the tummy is good as well i still have my good and bad days with the swelling... but i guess that is normal... i dont wear my spanx s often as i should so i think i will start wearing that...
my lipo is doing better i still get the itchyness some times but , doing good...
im goion top start tannin soon to get a little bronze color on me.. well ladies for all of u who is thinking of doing this.. go for it life is to short and u only live once:_

ps sys its ok to jsut cover up my tt scar...? which i will.. for sure.. i wouldbnt want them to get any darker ... it is kinda dark but def alot flatter... im very happy with it..
and yes mommy of 4 i know what u mean about the belly button scar ring thing i wish it would go away but in time im sure it will..
overall ladies everythin is strting to fall back into place in my life my husband willbe comin home soon :) for good for awhile... (i hope)i just miss him like crazy...
and he will finally get to see me


Just checking in on you?
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Yup I hate it! Lol but can't complain to much! I jus emaild u some pics:) u still wearing ne compression garments?
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Just read your update! I'm with u on. The swelling I haven't had any for about a week and then today for no reason it popped up in my upper abs!
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Hi ladies.. first off i hope everyone is doing...

hi ladies.. first off i hope everyone is doing great.. lookin at all ur pics before and ecspecially after...WOW .. u guys are so beautifull.... i hope everyone is havin a good healing journey..
im doing great.. my husband got to come home for r anniv and it ws def nice 11 yrs.... crazy time fly's by so fast..
so over all iam doin good my scars are healing very well.. my o0nly concern is my bellybutton scar its a little dark.. im hopein it fades in time... :) but i cant complain everythin else is awsome.. lovein every min of it...
im always asked if i could do it all over again would and i def say HELL YA... lol i love it... i really do i dont regeret a thing.. so glad and thankful i was able to do this... and thankful for my husband support..
i advise anyone who is thinkin to do this regardless of age.. and as long as ur healthy go ahead.....:)


Just read all your posts! I would love to see your before and after pics!
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hi ther.. iam doing well:) friday was my 11 yr anniv... so my husband came home for the weekend ") lovein evry minute with him... its awsome..
oh btw girl iu look awsome in ur new updated pics...still have the swelling here in there.. and my tt scar is startin to lay flatter .. and my breast scar i sjust about faded... the bellybutton scar not my fav.. but im keepin a silcone sheet over it and that bead in it to.. so we will see in time i guess...l :)
so how about u? i hope all is good..

Well here iam 2 months... yay... im doing very...

well here iam 2 months... yay... im doing very good... everythin is pretty much well healed.. iam still applying my silcone gel and scar creams... and iam doing good wth it gracefully every day...:) working out ,,, hmm im tryin.. lol.. im just so work work ... alll i do... but now that the weather is geting warmer im goin to start runnin... (mommy of 4) u make me jealouse.. lol

anwys my mom just had her sx 2 days ago and she is doing wonderful,,, i have been taking care of her... weird to think it was me less thatn 2 months ago... lol told my husband now i know what thy went throught takin care of but i love her and proud of her and she is doing wonderful...
well ladies i will update again soon.. ttys..


Hey 48161mcity..I just read one of yourf post where you mentioned putting a bead in your belly button...I have heard others do that as well? I am seven weeks post op...when did you start doing that? For how long?..your ahead of me on recovery and have tons of questions for you...that's awesome that your mom had a makeover as well!!
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Yes ! We did beside she had lipo of outter thighs and not me I had the full tt and lift w silcone implants 400 cc high profile and lipo of flanks! She had tt and lift withe 350 c c modrate profile and lipo flanks and thighs:) she is doin awsome tho:)
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I'm glad to hear the both of you are doing good. Keep me updated on your recovery. I like to know what to look forward to!

Wow here iam short of one week to 3 months......

wow here iam short of one week to 3 months... today i actually go for my 3 month posotp... i made it one week earlier cause iam takin my mom to her 1 week postop so i decide heck,,. i might as well jus have her look at me to so i dont have to drive back up ther nex week..:)

well tt is doin great still the occasional swelling.. after ive worked out usually..(cant wait for it to go away fully) lol but i love it and it is everythin i hoped..:)
pain i have none.. sometimes i will have some sharp shootin nerver pain on the sides where i was lipoed.. but honestly i dont notice much on the lipo no that its bad but idk maybe after the swellin goes down i will notice more:)
breast...:) hmmm no problems in that area.. i love it or should i say them... thy are getting much softer every day seems like... they did drop and swelling went down but iam truly happy w/ them....

overalll everythin has been amazing... i would do it all over agian if i had to:)


i love that last post! us mommies work hard and i know as guilty as we may feel about it sometimes we so deserve to feel good about our bodies! yea for us milfs
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Wow... here iam, 3 months postop it is o crazy.......

wow... here iam, 3 months postop it is o crazy.... lol
iam doing very good back to all my normal routine.... im tryin to stay in fit.. my goal is to drop 5 to 10 nmore pounds... :)im going to start watchin what i eat with my calori intake... i think maybe stay at 1200 a day intake... and no pop... that is my goal... i do work out every day.. i astarted a new workout video called hiphop abs... damn it kicks my ass.. lol but that is what it is suppose to do rite... lol
iam also startin up my shakes again.... its a meal replacement that u do 2wice a day... with lots of protein... it worked the first time i did it and i lost 5 pds... so hopein i get abck on track with that... i also am startin to run my dog again... i was very nervous about that caus he is a huge dog... 85 pnd pitbull..but sweet as ever.... he ust to pull me alot but he has suprised me ... he does not pull me at all... thank god... lol
i think its almost like he knows not to...haha..

so over all my breast are awsome:) i love em... they have dropped alot in the last 3 months.. they feel so naturall so glad i went with silcone.... u can barely see the scars underneath where the implant was placed:0

the tummy is doin very good to every now and then i still get alot of swelling when i over due myself... rite on the icsion site.... but the scar is fadeing everyday.. im hopeing for it to fade even more.... i use silcone cream every day 3 times a day and i am also usin silcone sheeting... works awsome ladies...

lipo.. hmmmm idk somedays i say i can def tell and others im like nah u cant.. but idk i m sleepin on my side now:) which it took awhile..

pain is less everyday ladies jsut remeber we have to remeber what we put our bodies through.. and in time maybe a yr from now i will feel normal once

it has been an awsome journey that i would do all over again and again...
will update again:)
take care...


Oh..Hello48161mcity..My inpiration is always be the one who's giving me such a joy to be around with...looking at you reminds me of me...hello can you tell i'm always following things you u my sweet Dee.....My daughter..My Best friend for life...
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Hi ladies,) wow a year and 2 months already. crzy....

hi ladies,) wow a year and 2 months already. crzy.. well im doin ptetty good. everythin is 100% healed and closed. lol i lovr my breast. they are still perky.. hehe and my tummy is doin good .. im not really happy with the weight that iam at rite now. im trying to get back i shape. ive gained some weight not a whole.lot but honselty it is so tru that after you get a tummytuck the fat u gain goes else where and its gone to my ass. l i now have a jlo booty.. i do like it but dont want it to gt any bigger. lol i jus need to tone up for sur and ill b fine... the scars look good its fadeing little by little. i dont like my belly button at all though and i plan on getting tht revoses it scard up bad and its dark and closed in. the one thing i wished is my ps would have told me about the belly button possinly scaring and closein in. and i wished i wouldmof started to put the marble in it soner. but what can u do.. otherwise everytjing else is good. i do still get some swellung in the bottom by my scarrin of tummytuck but not to bad and i also still get some shooting pains from time to time in the boobs. overall iam very happy with my mommy makeover jus need to tone it up. and belve me will;) hope everyone else ia doing good and i will keep ya all in my prayers... for those who are really considering this sx. go for it. remeber we only live once and dont let anyone else tell u tht cant or shouldnt do it for urself. thats who u should defenintly do it for is you and noonee else... whatever makes u happy is all that matters;) gnite girls...

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Dr. Lambie (novi mi)

this has been such a up and down journey for me and honestly i wouldnt have changed anythin about it.. it was all so worth it:)

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