I found that the results don't last very long or...

I found that the results don't last very long or maybe it could of been the fact that my eating got out of control and the fat came back,,, one thing I can say for sure is that my SWELL HELL was the Worst I was looking like Mrs. puff on spongeBob... However I'm going back for more next month and this time I will exercise more and keep calories between 600 and 800,, healthy shake for breakfast and lunch and then a healthy small dinner.... wish Me good Luck:)

Good luck!  Keep us posted on everything!

16 more days....

Going for tummy liposuction, back liposuction, sides liposuction, tapering of the hips.. Ok my date is February 13 and I'm so ready, already had my pre-op appointment, picked up my medication went for my EKG and blood work, all of my surgery shopping is done I just wanted to order a workout band by ann cherry.. Soooooo I'm ready to get the show on the road....lol

Stock The House!!! Let's go shopping!!!

Jello- yogurt - smoothies -veggies - fruit - Popsicle - applesauce - pudding - soup crackers- protein shakes - cream of wheat- oatmeal - greens- salads - healthy stove meals- pineapple juice- ginger ale- Gatorade- water- 7- up- sprite... Other recovery items gloves- cotton balls- band aids- 4x4 gauze pads- bacitracin- neosporin - rubbing alcohol- bio-oil- cocoa butter- saline wound wash- scaraway silicone sheets- cleansing cloths- Percocet - vit-d - keflex- ondansetron ......
Ladies can someone tell me how many different stages is it for your binders because I've been hearing that there's a stage 1 stage 2 and so on? I guess it's just best to keep going smaller and smaller depending on how small you wanna be, and can someone tell me what are some of the best binders out there? And do the abdominal board really work?


Ok,, I just ordered my squeem miracle vest.. $55.00 Www.makemeheal.com



Recovery Items....

Think I'm covered!!!! Lol
You look ready to go!  Are you doing anything special these last couple weeks to prepare?
Just an FYI they removed fat cells surgically? Liposuction? Fat cells that are removed won't get fat again. But fat can go into other fat cells. Like your arm pit or face. Where ever extra fat needs to be stored. Or worse new fat cells are created. Any diet under 1200 is not safe. Fasting one to two days at 5-800 can help. Your body can't tell your on a diet and will conserve energy to keep your fat to protect you. Increase energy need and your body will release the fat for energy. When excersizing remember that the first 20 mins of aerobic or cardio is burning sugar in your blood stream. Then goes to fat storage for energy. Also weight training makes your body use more energy at rest. Save your money.
Binders post surgical is for swelling. Not like Elizabethan times. You should not attempt tiny waist by forcing organs or bones to move through mechanics. I have heard excersizing works and giving up processed food.


Ok I got the phone call that my surgery has been moved up so now my new surgery date is feb10, and I'm not sure how to feel about that I'm so scared but at the same time I want my sexy body back.. My mother in law will be staying with me to help out she is truly a blessing, me and my family are planing to go to the winter blast there will be marshmallow roasting, dog sledding exhibitions, snow slide, ice skating, snow shoeing, ice garden carving. And good food. Also we have plans to visit the Henry ford museum I just love the 3d movies. Also the trains and the presidents cars and with this being black history month they will have lots going on in that area as well, Time Is Moving Fast hope I don't chicken out.......lol
Thanks christinabella808 for the Great Info I will keep it in mind durning my getting my body back in shape and healthy journey..
good luck...anytime. I am 53, I had some excess fat taken off my tummy and was still able to gain 70 lbs after that. I have since lost it. But I am always vigilant about eating and exercise-


4 days, 22hours, 46minutes, 39 seconds, :)


Ok, I've moved my surgery date over to April 8 2014 because I wanted to add some more work on my list.. I will be getting vaser ultrasonic liposuction 1/2 back with tapering of the hips also liposuction of the abdomen and sides and I've added Fat Injections to the buttocks...

Asssssss. Comfort..... Lol lol

Picked up my boppy lounger.....

This lady butt looks yummmmmy

My Wish Picture.... she Looks FABULOUS :)

BBL........ ASAP

Ok I've gained some weight and my asssss has gotten bigger.... Omg I'm going for my bbl surgery in April and I long for a lifted:). juicy:) round:) ASSSSSSSS
I should have enough fat now to get a HOT SEXY ASSSS.. And what's up with them pot holes and dents....lol. Soon Them things will be a hot mess of the past soon I will have a Smoking Hot Asssssssss.... Lol. Lol

SpongeBob square pants.. I hate my ass...

Ok, here I go with some pants on and I hate the way my ass looks.. My ass is square and long and there's no shape at all. I dream of a sexy assss I pray to the ASSSS gods please Help this ASSSS.... Lol

Pics... Pics

I'm up early in the morning looking at pictures of what I'll like to have....lol

Sales sales sales

Dots women clothing store here in Michigan is going out of business,,,, Ok, I've been out shopping today picked up 3 outfits for me and a pair of shoes, and I picked up 5 outfits for my daughter, my sister also got about 6 outfits and her daughter got about 8 we tried to closed the store down today,,,, we had so much FUN,,,
I'm excited for you :-) I'm ready for my procedures may 6th can't get here fast enough

Count Down!!!

4 Weeks.... 10 hours.... 3 minutes.... 2 seconds.... :)
I know I've been counting down everyday I pray that I get the results that I want. I dream of a sexy hot ASSSSS.. Lol.
Lol! Keep me posted.


Just wanted to take some more pictures so I'll have them for after my bbl surgery.. And I will try them panties back on after my surgery...
It's a compression garment and you can find it at wwww.makemeheal.com
Excited for you :-) what is squeem?
It's a compression garment and you can find it at www.makemeheal.com

Count Down.... :)

18 Days... 9 Hours... 37 Minutes.... 55 Seconds...

Get your hair done!!!!

Ok it's getting closer to my Surgery date and I'm getting things in order.. Ok I went yesterday and got my hair done $300 and I must say it's looking pretty SEXY..lol. And I've been out getting my food shopping done so I'm good to go, calling my doctor this week to set up a appointment to go over everything I want... So I will update later :)
Have you had surgery with Dr. Hardaway before?
Oh yea here's the site for the compression garment. They are the same brand Dr. Hardaway uses, you should get a second pair of stage one, and two of stage two. One to wear and one to wash. http://www.contemporarydesigninc.com

Surgery history....

Just a little update about my surgery history I've had plastic surgery back in 2012 with dr Hardaway tummy tuck, back liposuction, tapering of the hips and butt injects, in 2013 I had more tummy liposuction, and back liposuction, in 2013 I had a breast reduction that was with a different doctor, and now I'm going for more Butt injects, tummy liposuction, tapering of the hips, back liposuction,, I must get things Tight for SummerTime.. :)
What kind of surgery and did you like her work?
Sorry just saw your update. So you going back to Dr. Hardaway I see. Did you like her work before? Who was your other doc that did your surgery? I had lipo of my thighs ( back and outer) with Dr. Ellen Ozolin and it was the traditional lipo but I honestly saw results right away and never gained the fat back there.
Yes dr Hardaway did a good job on me she is the best plastic surgeon here in Michigan that I know of, but do to my poor eating ways and lack of exercise some of my weight has came back, my bbl that I got done with her I just wish that I could of gotten more fat added and more of a round shape so this time around I'm sure to have enough fat for a nice full juicy round shaped butt :). Because I've gained weight my butt had got bigger and I love that but it lacks shape and it never hurts to add More Fat..lol

Lymphatic Massages.....

LaVida Massage... 1-248-336-8011. 13381 west 10 mile rd oakpark mi 48237. Hours mon- sat 8:30a-9p sun 9:30a-6:30p

COUNT DOWN........

8 DAYS.... 9 HOURS..... 54 MINUTES.... 50 SECONDS....
Hey girl, u'r getting sucked up for real no jokes. Have u had yo procedure yet, am booked for the 3rd of April. So scared now
My surgery is April 8 full steam ahead, It's going down....
I know how that feels! I couldn't sleep the night before cause I was so excited :)


Ok I took down my wish pics because I'm Special and I have my own look and body shape, them pictures only give false hope and most of them are made up and Fake, I am Happy with me and I'm going in for a tune up but I only want to be a healthier me and in better shape, The Only Woman I Wish To Look Like Is me... Love Yourself
Am I going 2 feel anything as they make the incisions?? Am so scared now
Post some before pics, If your sleep you won't feel a thing, and being scared is just normal feelings just focus on your New Hot Sexy Body and that will help you feel Better..
When u say asleep do u mean, general anaeshetic??? That's if PS agrees with that. Will post them lovies, soon

Out with the old, April 8 in with the new... :)

Just wanted to take some pics today, bye bye SpongeBob Square pants Ass... LOL
It all went well, took out 7anh hlf litres. Wanted 2 transfer 2 butt but receptionst didint tell dco & as dowzed of when he came. Imagine all tha money & waist. A bit annoyed with this
Happy to hear everything went well for you, maybe the doc can do something about the butt transfer especially if you paid for them.. God bless and speedy recovery :)
Mst have been so dronk yesterday, cud hardly spell. I didn't pay was dependent on what doc say than pay them later. I don't wanna do this again babe, anxiety's too much & cost also

JUST DAYS AWAY..... :) (APRIL 8 2014)

Ok, I've been cleaning my house, I've been out and got all my shopping done. With my surgery being just days away I'm so ready to get it done and over with, and yes I'm nervous and scared but I also trust in god and I know that I have a Great Dr and nursing staff, my surgery is Tuesday and my mother in law will be staying for two weeks to help out around the house. My family and friends are sure a Great Support Team.. Ok I will update after my Surgery, so send me lots of hugs and well wishes..
Hey lady just checking on you. How did everything go?
All went well & am fine thanx. Results are a bit slow now coz swelling is maximum but waiting
Blessings your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery! Keep us updated ;-)

ASSSSS For DAYSSS.... Thanks Dr. Hardaway :)

My surgery was done this morning, I will update more when I'm feeling better,,,

It's only been a couple of days!!!!

My surgery was Tuesday the 15th and this Swell Hell Shit Is About To Drive Me crazy, and I can't sit or lay on my butt for 3weeks, What In The Hell Was I Thinking:) I'm just so excited to see how everything will look when all the swelling has gone away, I have started eating healthy meals only fruit and vegetables healthy protein shakes. Lean turkey, lean chicken, fish,, NO MORE JUNK FOR ME if it don't have any Good nutritional value I'm No Eating it, ta ta for now :)

( One Week pics ). That Juicy Juicy ASSSSSS ..... Lol

My ASSSS looks and feels so juicy I love the fullness, I pray that all the fat take, Going tomorrow to have my stitches removed.. :)

More Pics.... Sexy sexy :)

One week post op to remove stitches and see how things are going, my dr. Is please to see how things are shaping up, I can't stop myself from taking pictures I Love My New ASS, I've already got people talking and looking at this sexy monster...lol men and women turning heads to get a look at this sexy hot lady. Lol so much fun (thanks dr. Hardaway)
Hey Missy you look great! Happy healing!
Thanks doll :)
Hey you looking real good and you paid 4000? Not bad

Three weeks pics!!!!

I'm still swollen, I'm eating healthy and working out everyday, things are taking Great shape and I must say that I Love My New Shape and so do my husband we are having so much fun in the bedroom....lol he love the way I make this new ASSSS Clap,,,lol Clap clap..... Lol
You look awesome! Any updates??
All's well, not much progress lately but am expecting more. I'm still numb and lumpy also...have started running 5km a day also, atleast 3x a week. I move from size 40-36....exciting
What is 33500R ?
Dr. Michelle Hardaway

Dr. Michelle Hardaway is the BEST Plastic Surgeon here in Michigan....

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