Revision surgery a success! New pics!!!!!!

I have six kids ages 10,12,14,15,17,and 19. I have...

I have six kids ages 10,12,14,15,17,and 19. I have always had a pouch but after I turned 40 it just got worse. I workout six days a week. We looked into a tummy tuck a few years ago but the kids were still small and we didn't have the extra money. Finally the kids are older and we have the extra money. I do feel extremely guilty sometimes that I am using this money on myself, and not a family vacation. My husband is the best, we are more in love now than when we were married 21 years ago. He has convinced me this is something I should do and deserve. I am very excited but nervous too. My surgery is scheduled for November 6 at 8 am. I am getting a full tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks and saddle bags (saddle bags is such a bad name):)

My PS says plastic surgery is a work of art, so I am hoping I will look great. I am most nervous about recovery, our kids are very active in sports and my friends will wonder why I am not at events for a few weeks. My older kids know and understand, we are not telling extended family or friends although I am sure most would be very supportive. I am just more of a private person. Luckily I am a stay at home mom so I will have all the recovery time I need least during the day while the kids are at school. I have bought most of the supplies my PS office recommended, and most listed on this site. I had my pre op apt last week, now just passing the days waiting. It's funny because some days I am more motivated to eat healthy and work out harder, and some days I have no motivation to work out at all. Did anyone else have that problem? Mostly I am so anxious to see the new me.

One week from today at this time I will be getting...

One week from today at this time I will be getting my tt!! So excited!!!!! I have been nesting like a pregnant out cupboards, the refrigerator, the closets and stock pilling food:)

We have some good friends that have invited us to...

We have some good friends that have invited us to join them in Vegas for a weekend in December. Will I be ready to travel at that time and will I be able to walk around, how about night clubs...dancing? Just wondering if I will be up for it or not.

My TT is scheduled for Nov.6th...election

My TT is scheduled for Nov.6th...election is coming fast now!! Not sleeping very well at night...keep waking up and thinking about all I want to do before the surgery!! Restocking food again today:) Kids are in heaven and eating it as fast as I buy it!! So glad its November:) Just hope these last few days go fast.

I can't believe I only have two more days until my...

I can't believe I only have two more days until my tt mr and lipo!! I am ready to get the surgery over and start recovering already. Nights are so long. I keep waking up thinking about the surgery and not being able to fall back asleep!! Luckily we have some good friends in town today so that will help this day go faster!! Good luck to everyone having surgery tomorrow!

I can't believe my tt is tomorrow! I am a nervous...

I can't believe my tt is tomorrow! I am a nervous wreck this morning!! Feeling unprepared!! What am I forgetting?? Surgery is at 8am tomorrow. Doing last minute grocery store shopping, laundry and cleaning house today. Hope my hubby survives! Can't even believe it!

Couldn't sleep last night at all...saw every hour...

Couldn't sleep last night at all...saw every hour on the hour and then some...guess I will have plenty of time to catch up on my sleep during recovery. Going to vote and then to my PS office! Wish me luck! I'll let you all know how it goes. Hoping to be back home by late afternoon.

Hello!! I made it to the flat side. everything...

Hello!! I made it to the flat side. everything went well PS said he is very happy. MY problem is puking 3 times now... well back to resting

This pics are from this afternoon! I'm so excited...

This pics are from this afternoon! I'm so excited to see the differences in my body already. The bruising is from the lipo of course and right now that hurts the worst! I'm going to the PS Friday to get the drain removed and then I will be able to shower. :) I have learned to drink water slowly because coughing is not fun!! I am still very light headed and dizzy and feel faint if I stand for too long. Hoping that goes away tomorrow. Sponge bath by hubby today.. Tomorrow hair washing in the sink. Little steps. I have to say I love the frozen veggie ice packs .. They take the last little edge off the pain. Glad to be on the way to a new sexy me:)

It's amazing how much better I feel today. Not...

It's amazing how much better I feel today. Not standing straight but not in as much pain either. Going to see PS tomorrow and hopefully will get the drain out.. Nothing really coming out anymore. Getting tired of eating all non salty foods..but have seen the belly twice and it is awesome!! I love it!! Lipo is a killer! Thighs r begging for mercy:)

Have my post op apt with my PS today. Love him and...

Have my post op apt with my PS today. Love him and all the staff there. They pulled out my one drain...thank God. I really hated it...felt like it was pulling all the time. The nurse said well it looks like it was already pulled loose...who knows in my drugged state in the beginning I probably tried to pull it out. When they pulled the drain she said take a deep breathe in let out. I was so surprised how long the drain was inside me:/ It wasn't bad just a burning sensation. Then they pulled out my stitches from lipo on my thighs and back redressed my tummy (which looks so great), and put me in my CG. I love and hate the CG. It holds everything tight and firm so I can stand straighter and feel more secure...but it almost feels too tight sometimes. In general I feel good today. DId the sponge bath and braided my hair got dressed in sweats and put on make-up:) That was enough for today. Tomorrow I will take a shower and post pics of my awesome tt and new belly button:)

This morning was a great morning! I got to shower...

This morning was a great morning! I got to shower this morning!! It was so great! I felt pretty strong and then towards the end I was getting a little light headed. Was trying to go all day without pain meds, but couldn't make it. The shower and the fact that the kids are home so I am up and about more = pain meds. I am feeling the swelling and my lower body is lumpy but am so happy with the difference already. I bruise very easy so don't let those scare you...and they do look better. Was nice to get out of the CG for the shower, but felt equally as good to put it back on after. Overall feeling better good and pretty strong and able to stand almost straight.

Today is the best I have felt yet. I managed to go...

Today is the best I have felt yet. I managed to go to the grocery store and movie store with my hubby yesterday. It was so nice to be outside. I was exhausted later but it was so worth it. I am able to do more and more around the house and have only taken one pain med in the last 24 hours and that was to help me sleep last night...I just can't get comfortable enough to get a deep sleep. I was able to lay on my side now which helps, it just doesn't feel comfortable to stay in any one position for a long time. I have posted new pics. I am happy with my tummy so far, not much swelling there yet. My flanks and hips I sure hope are swollen because they are not exactly where I want them to be yet. As you can see from the thighs are still so bruised from the lipo!!! I have some hard spots, some numb spots, and some lumpy spots...interesting combination. Happy Healing Ladies!!

I hate to complain but last night was so bad.. I...

I hate to complain but last night was so bad.. I keep getting headaches in the evening .. Keeps me up and I was swollen last night.. Couldn't get comfortable on my back. This morning I was real light headed and had to lay down a few times while getting dressed. I guess everyone has good and bad days. Going to PS tomorrow to start pulling staples and stitches out. Tummy is bigger on left side than right.. Going to ask about that. Hope everyone has a great day today!

Today I had a post op apt. They said everything is...

Today I had a post op apt. They said everything is healing great, not much swelling, but new bruises popping up all the time. Now my entire tummy is a green shade...beautiful:) They removed half of my staples and a few stitches. I am feeling so much better today...lots more energy. My PS said I can even do 3 pound hand weights for some arm exercises. Going back next week to get the rest of the stitches and staples out.

Today I am post op day 9...swelling today, I think...

Today I am post op day 9...swelling today, I think I did too much yesterday. When you are feeling strong though it is hard to slow yourself down. Going to try to rest more this afternoon. The best news of the day is I am finally able to wear one pair of pre tt jeans. I feel like they fit me the same as before the tt, but since it is only day 9 maybe we are going in the right direction. I was a little disappointed by my pics today, didn't look very good today, but I am feeling good so I guess I won't look in the mirror too much:) I am also down 2 pounds as of now. Happy Healing Ladies!!

Good morning friends:) This morning I squeezed for...

Good morning friends:) This morning I squeezed for this first time...I tried to stop it, but no I couldn't I tensed my body up so tight and ouch that hurt. I am not doing that again!! Swelling is down this morning but I am sure that will not last as the day goes on. Washed my CG and have it by the fire waiting for it to dry. Sometimes I can't wait to get out of it, but 20 minutes later I want the security it brings back. Does everyone have more than one? Did you get a smaller size for the second one? Sometimes I think I am going to need a smaller one but when the swelling starts I think I may not be able to breathe in the smaller size. Overall it is a great day...I can do all my normal stay at home mom duties just move a little slower. I have realized that 3 hours max on my feet and then I have to sit or lay down for awhile. Not sleepy just my body is tired. I guess Black Friday shopping is out and I will have to be online this year. Hope everyone is feeling great and glad it's Friday:)

Today is day 11 post op. Was light headed this...

Today is day 11 post op. Was light headed this morning and no idea why. I'm not on pain meds just Motrin every now and then. Feeling better this afternoon. My question is about the CG.. How long does everyone wear one? My PS said at least 2 weeks but would like 3 months. I can't imagine wearing this thing 24/7 for three months!! Right now I need it but will I still need it in a month? 2 months? My upper abs are really getting some definition now. Will post pics tomorrow :)

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here my hubby...

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here my hubby and I went for a walk. We ended up walking two miles at a pretty good pace...I am paying for that today. FIrst time I took off my CG in the morning and was disappointed. I could feel it was tight last night and put ice on it...I just must have done too much yesterday. I am going to try to take it easy today, but the sun is shinning again and it is going to be mid 50s here. Too pretty to pass up:) Hope everyone is healing on this beautiful Sunday. I did post new pics, and the swelling is easy to see. My left side is also more swollen and bruised than my that common? I am calling the dr tomorrow to see if I can get this stitches and staples out earlier than skin is healing fast and actually starting to cover the staples and other spots are red and irritated. I am down 3.5 pounds since surgery. Happy healing!!

Hello Ladies!! I am feeling great. I have started...

Hello Ladies!! I am feeling great. I have started walking again..although at a slower pace. Feels so nice to be able to be outside on these nice fall days we are having. I need to get these last staples and stitches out...I can feel them pulling all day on my skin and my skin around them is red and irritated. Calling the PS this morning to see if I can move my apt up from Wednesday. Swelling went down a little from yesterday..had ice packs on last night. Hope everyone has a great Monday! Happy Healing Friends!!

Two weeks post op today:) Heading to a post op PS...

Two weeks post op today:) Heading to a post op PS apt this afternoon to get the rest of my stitches and staples out!! I'm so excited. They have been poking me long enough!! Still not sleeping well at night...keep getting these headaches that just start at night and as soon as I get up in the morning they go away. Anyone else having this problem?? Plus my right hip bone was throbbing last night...maybe it is waking up from the lipo but couldn't find a good position to sleep in. I know I am gonna need a nap today!! Swelling is going down a little everyday. I think I keep looking everyday for the big moment when it will be done and I will see a huge is such a gradual process. Frustrating!! Happy healing everyone.

Went to the dr today and they pulled all the...

Went to the dr today and they pulled all the staples...whohoo!! pulled some of the belly button stitches and then left the tummy ones in...said not ready yet..come back Monday. UGH!! I want to really start healing..these baby steps are a killer. I have 6 kids I should have patience..nope:) The good news is the nurse said "honey don't go shopping are going to get much tighter and firmer still"! That is exciting. Who knows what this old body will look like in a few months!!

Hello Ladies!! Here are some things I am thankful...

Hello Ladies!! Here are some things I am thankful for:
My family and especially my hubby
Wife beater t-shirts that go under the CG and save my skin
Gaze pads that cover the incision
Flushable wipes so when I go potty and keep this CG on I still feel fresh;)
My bed...ahhh
Pain meds..don't need them anymore but loved them in the beginning
My CG which helps shape my new body
Water...drinking all day and night
Realself which gives us all a place to connect and let our frustrations out!!
Happy Thanksgiving ladies....and shop online today and tomorrow..most deals can be found online:)

I have done way too much over this holiday weekend...

I have done way too much over this holiday weekend and boy am I paying the price!! I had 20 people over for thanksgiving dinner and although my daughters helped me cook, by the end of the night my CG was so tight I knew I was very swollen!! Friday I went shopping and to the movies. Saturday we went to the tree farm, cut down our tree, came home and decorated it. It is 19 feet tall:) This morning I was so tired and swollen but we went to church. Since I have been home from church all I have done is rested.. Well and done laundry;) I guess I am going to have to live with some swelling because I am having a hard time slowing down. I am laying here thinking about all the shopping I still need to do and all the presents I need to wrap... Hmmmm. This is a hard time of year to stay home and rest...

Today I am three weeks post op. I am feeling great...

Today I am three weeks post op. I am feeling great and strong, although I still get tired in the afternoons and evenings. Last night we had some great friends come through town and we went to dinner. I was very happy to be able to fit into my favorite pair of Miss Me Jeans and realize that with a tank top gauze and my CG on they were loose. I said to my hubby...boy this tt is really gonna cost you once I go shopping:) We went to meet our friends at a Mexican Restaurant...ok forget low sodium!! It tasted great and I had a nice drink or two too!! What a great night. I am paying the price in swelling today but it was so worth it. Hope everyone is healing well. My scar looks great I think, and I start scar treatment on next Monday already. I don't go back to the PS until 3 months...the nurse said don't overdue it listen to your body. My body said Mexican last night;);)!! Have a great day friends!!

Ok don't know what is up with the one weird pic....

Ok don't know what is up with the one weird pic..would delete but don't know how.

So i think my cg is getting too big...a good thing...

So i think my cg is getting too big...a good thing because my swelling must be going down some, but not sure what to wear...I put on my full body spanx and it feels ok...not sure if it is tight enough. I am going to keep it on for awhile and see. I am not thrilled with the pics today...feel like I should have more results now. Of course some look better than others. I am in pre tt jeans today and they are way too big so something must be going right. This morning I put on my old favorite sweats over my cg while the kids were getting ready for school. After a few minutes my daughter your pants are falling down. Made me smile...I know we are our own worst critics...but come on...lets get to the end of this recovery already!!

In some ways I find it hard to believe it has been...

In some ways I find it hard to believe it has been 4 weeks already, and in other ways I want this recovery over already!! I am really feeling strong. I still have swelling at the end of the day...all the way down my legs and into my feet. I do need to rest usually in the late afternoon and again before bed. Being on your feet all day makes me tired...I don't sleep, just put my feet up. I feel like my CG is getting very loose, but at 4 weeks post op am not going to order a new one...I just have my hubby put my binder on over top of the CG at night so I can barely breathe:) I am walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes every day...slowing picking up speed...was at 3.4 today. I am also doing weights for the arms, and squats. I still feel like my left side is more swollen than my right, I am sure that is totally common. In fact before my surgery my PS had me look down and see I was already different on each side. I am very happy with my results so far, and can't wait to see what I will look like in 6 months!! Still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the smaller tummy I have...I put on tight shirts and can't believe that is me:) I started scar treatment about a week ago, and think my scar is really small and not very red. In the pics you can see the scar treatment on and then off after a shower. My PS just repositions your old belly button, so I don't see much difference except it is a little irritated. In that pic you can see the difference in the swelling side to side:) Happy healing ladies!!

Ok my belly button pic is upside is the...

Ok my belly button pic is upside is the one of the scar..others sideways...weird!

So I am having a slight problem after my surgery....

So I am having a slight problem after my surgery. It may be tmi but I have frequent yeast infections. I have had these all my life and when pregnant they were so bad one time I had to have a complete Betadine wash inside to clean out my yeast infections! I knew the antibiotic was going to cause an infection so I called in an oral medicine from my OBGYN to fight it off. Unfortunately I can't seem to totally get rid of the infection. I got to thinking the only thing different I am doing now is wearing this CG all the time. My CG goes from mid thigh up my back and has straps that come over my shoulders. It has an opening for bathroom breaks. I have been using over the counter medicine and my prescription and still no relief. So last night I decided to be a rebel and go without the CG while I slept!! Such a rebel!! I was amazed that my body is still so sore from the lipo, and without the CG on it felt much more tender!! When I woke up this morning I was not that much more swollen than usual. I did put my CG on right away and it felt a little tighter in my upper abs...funny not the lower part where the surgery was...probably more where the MR was. I have decided I am going to keep sleeping without the CG so I can try to fight this yeast infection off!! Wish me luck!! Happy Healing Ladies!!

Today makes 5 weeks for me. I am doing great. Just...

Today makes 5 weeks for me. I am doing great. Just the same...wish the swelling would go away. I went Christmas shopping yesterday and was walking fast through the mall, when I got home my CG was tight. I just think we should at least get a sneak peak at the final results...then I would have no patience. I feel like I have not changed much at all in the last week. The lipo is a it going to actually work or not??? The only place I see any difference at all is in my bra line. We have some very close friends that invited us to Vegas this weekend. At first I didn't think I would be able to go, but as long as I rest a little I should be fine..swelling is there either way! We are even going to a night club one night...lets see if this new body still has some moves!! I'll post a pic in my sexy dress when we are def looks better with no gut:) Hope everyone has a great day and is healing!! Good luck to everyone going in today! xoxox

Well we made it back from a weekend trip to Vegas!...

Well we made it back from a weekend trip to Vegas! We had a great time but I did get worn out. We went to two night clubs there and the pink dress I wore the second night. I think it looks pretty good but I was swollen for sure. I did have to rest in the afternoons and after three late nights slept on the plane ride home!! Yesterday I tried to take it easy but lets be realistic it is almost Christmas. I am beginning to believe that I will never be totally flat in my stomach. I don't see much change so I am trying to just deal with it. I know in my mind it is better than it was but it is NOT what I thought I would look like after a tt. I am working out more now and tried to do a sit way, that burns!! Time to run! Shopping and wrapping to do:) Hope everyone is healing well and hanging in there!!

So I hit 8 weeks on New Years Day:) My hubby went...

So I hit 8 weeks on New Years Day:) My hubby went out to parties and clubs with some friends on New Years Eve and I felt great, but the next day so tired and very swollen. Kind of ...ok not kind of very tired of the entire swelling game. All of a sudden my new issue is itching!! OMG!! Where the heck did that come from. I have dreams that I am scratching my incision so hard that I open it up and pull apart my internal stitches. It is driving me crazy!! You would think that by 8 weeks you would not have any new issues with recovery but this just started for me. Also I spit an internal stitch. So now I have a little spot of bleeding and scab on my incision line. Hoping it will clear up soon. I am working out everyday and harder than before, but still not back to where I was. I tried to do some crunches the other day, and after 5 decided no way it hurts. My energy level is getting better now, but again not back to where I was before surgery. Don't see my PS until 3 months so waiting to see what I look like then. I am happy with how I look but I still have a pouch so if it stays I guess we will have to talk about a revision. They told me that since I have so many stretch marks my healing would be slower than some...waiting to see. Hope everyone is healing well, and best of luck to those getting ready.

Today makes 9 weeks. I need to update pics and...

Today makes 9 weeks. I need to update pics and will get to that hopefully tomorrow. So I think I have a slight addiction problem. People told me it would be this way...I am addicted to my CG!! I want to wear it all the time!! I don't wear it on weekends, we have been seeing friends and going out to dinners....but come Monday I put it on and want to keep it on all the time. I feel like it gives me more energy, protects me from clothes rubbing my incision ...makes me feel better...but I know I can't wear it forever!! I wear spanx sometimes but no comparing to my beloved there a CG recovery program??:) Everything else is going well. I am starting to jog slowly in my workouts, am back to lifting what I was pre surgery for my arms...still no abs. I have a little swelling but can still see some progress. My spitting stitch seems to be healed...for now, and my scar looks pretty great. I'll post pics tomorrow!! Happy Healing Ladies!! Good luck to those about to go through this adventure.

Just thought I would add a few pics after working...

Just thought I would add a few pics after working out in the morning. Hoping there is still some swelling or I am heading for revision!! Still in love with my CG:) Just wearing layers of tank tops to keep it tight!!

Well Ladies...I haven't posted in awhile...I have...

Well Ladies...I haven't posted in awhile...I have been feeling kinda bad about my surgery...I look like I have a butt in the front...not flat at all..I was seeing this from the beginning, and kept hoping for better results but it is not going to get there. Saw my PS today for 3 month post op and he agreed. He said sometimes this happens (lucky me)..and that since I had 6 kids in 8 years I have very stretchy skin. The good news is he will do the revision at no cost to me...he does the procedures in his office anyway. He wants me to wait six months, but since that is June I am going to go through the summer and have it in September. He is going to reposition the belly button again (how many times can they reattach the same belly button?) and then remove more tissue and skin. He hopes for no drain..although he told me to be prepared for one. He may have to make my scar a little longer on the sides to be able to pull the skin tight and flat. Since there will be no muscle repair or lipo this time the recovery should be easier. I am torn between relieved that he agrees I need it and will do it for free, and depressed that I need it. I am a puker so I am not thrilled about going through all that again. Plus it is still so fresh in my mind...the pain meds, the tiredness, not being able to work out...not sounding fun at all. I am really glad I never told anyone because I am not flat and during the summer everyone will not see much improvement from before. My PS is also doing some laser treatments free of charge in the meantime...I will have 9 sessions ...3x a week for the next 3 weeks...he said that may help pull the skin tighter and get some of the tissue. Had the first treatment today, its lay down for 20 minutes and a laser goes over your tummy..didn't feel a thing...but they said drink tons of water and wear that good old CG everyday while I do it. HMMMMM. Not sure what to think at this point at all.
Hope everyone else is having a successful recovery and is actually FLAT:)

My PS started me on zerona treatments on Monday. ...

My PS started me on zerona treatments on Monday. I will go three times a week for six weeks. It is a laser treatment to help shrink my not flat stomach! It feels like nothing...20 minutes of laying there while a red laser goes over my stomach....we shall see if this does anything...not hoping for much at this point.

Well I have my revision surgery scheduled for next...

Well I have my revision surgery scheduled for next Monday the 29th. I was going to wait for fall, but I am so bothered by my tummy I decided to not wait. I am hoping that since I am not getting MR or Lipo this time my recovery will be much faster. My PS has agreed that I need the revision and since he does the surgery in his office I am getting the surgery with NO CHARGE to me. It is so nice to find a doctor who is willing to admit I need this revision and stand by his word. The only cost to me is the prescriptions I had to have filled and I did get my blood work redone. I have posted new pics taken today. It is obvious my skin has stretched and I need a tummy tuck:( I am not looking forward to the recovery or taking time off of working out and life in general. Wish me luck!!

Tomorrow is my revision. I am so nervous about it...

Tomorrow is my revision. I am so nervous about it. I keep having dreams where I wake up and still have my tummy!!! I have my fingers crossed it is fast and easy and flat:)

Made it to the flat side!!! My surgery was...

Made it to the flat side!!! My surgery was yesterday!! No drains this time but a full tummy tuck revision. I am actually flat this time!!!:) pictures tomorrow! So tired!
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I'm Having a revision in the fall don't want to be out for summer.... And I'm struggling with my weight up and down with this 10 pounds but I guess goin on 2 cruises in less that 3 mths can do it....
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I understand the weight issues!! I was so struggling too.. So when they said I could have my revision at the end of April or fall I decided to go for it because I knew I might as well go under the knife:) in down almost 8 now since my revision! And although the Cg is a pain at least it is just like granny panties and not like my old one that went up over my shoulders :) I went dancing last weekend for a few hours on Saturday and was pretty swollen Sunday but it was worth it to have some fun!!:) the revision is a piece of cake!!
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So happy for you and your revision. I go this month to my PS and I know I need a revision I'm not sure how much work needs to be done but I have dog ears, one bigger than the other. Then I have a weird bump above my belly button. We will see I guess I'm hoping this all can be done in the office. With little pain lol but I have came to far not to have this fixed
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Don't be too worried. I love my revision. Yes I had to do the entire tuck over again and my incision is longer but my recovery has been so much easier. I am 5 weeks yesterday and am working out arms and legs and walking 5 miles every day. My tummy is great..I'll post pics at 6 weeks. I still get swollen and tired but it is just what I wanted from my original tuck. My PS even posted my pics on his web site:) Hang in there and let me know how you apt goes. I am so glad I got mine redone!!
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You look great!!!!!!!! Are you loving it?
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I am loving it! Thanks! This revision is so much easier.. No MR so I can use my abs to move around! One week and one day post op and still flat!!:) love it!!
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Oh that is great news. I am very swollen due to the lipo sucks.. But I am 3 weeks out today and just got back in my jeans lol.. You look great. I get my BB tap off next week I will post pics.
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Awesome!! You got the FLAT look you were going for now!! Congrats!! Speedy recovery!
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Thanks! I'm so happy and recovery is flying by!! Can't wait to get stitches out .. Feeling really good:)
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Your revision looks fantastic! I am getting smartlipo to upper abs and bra fat on May 14. I hope I am done and get the results I like. I love my TT but did not realize upper Abs would look so bad, said they cannot lipo them when they do full TT as it is too much trauma to the body.
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I had bra lipo done with first tt.. U will love the results.. I thought lipo was more painful than the tt! Good luck!!
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I had lipo on love handles with TT. I am getting smartlipo on bra fat and upper abs. I hope this gives me the look I want. I had smartlipo and symphony done on my neck and did not see any difference. I hope I am not wasting my money, that really conerns me. My ps recommended cool sculpting instead but after much research I decided smartlipo produced more results.... Too many tricky decisions.
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Yes!! Thanks!!
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Great ! Happy healing
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Good luck today!
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Good luck :)
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Healing thoughts your way
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Thanks! Headed there now!
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I will be thinking of you tomorrow and praying for fast, easy and flat!!
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Hoping for flat!!;)
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Good luck tomorrow. Im sure all will be fine and youll be better. Happy healing
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Thanks so much!
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Awesome! So sorry that you have to go back under but so glad you get to fix it. Your healing will be way easier with just pulling the skin down. Can't wait to see the finished product! Prayers sent your way for tomorrow :-)
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Thanks so much!! Busy time of year so need to recover quickly:)
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