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I was self conscious and sex was painful so I...

I was self conscious and sex was painful so I decided to get the procedure done. A couple days after the procedure I was in a ton of pain so I took a picture and sent it to the doctor. He said I developed a hematoma (Day 3 ) and to quit taking Motrin so I did. I asked him which method he used, he stated that he didn't use a wedge or trim method, he used a laser. This made no sense to me. I called the office back later that day to ask if I should be on an antibiotic and did not get a call back. A couple days passed, I sent another picture and he called in an antibiotic immediately. I was told I could return to work in a few days. I was started on Bactrim DS 4 days ago. The doctor said it looks much better (Day 11) , and all I can think is he's saying it to calm me down. I cant sit straight up or drive because of the pain. I am completely depressed, I thought I was getting a little skin clipped off, and I would be right back to work. I had NO IDEA of what I was getting myself into.


Thank you or sharing your experience, I am so sorry to hear how painful this is for you and that you are experiencing difficulties. It must be extremely challenging for you right now, what are you doing o manage the pain?  Were you awake for the procedure or did you have a local?
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He should have talked to you about the method he was going to use for your labiaplasty before the surgery. I got it done 4 days back(Trim - though my doc suggested wedge) and I almost don't feel any pain now(didn't step out of the house for 4 days) and I stopped using Vicodin and I'm planning to get back to work from tomorrow.. I'm sorry this happened to you, but I would now suggest that you consult another doctor simultaneously. Someone more qualified this time.
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Did you not know that he uses a laser? I know this is the method that some surgeons use. This same thing happened to me where I thought it would be a MINOR surgery. I am sorry you are going through this.
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Day 16

I'm still really sore. I just want the pain to go away.


Dear Macy, it seems to me you had the " trim " method with swelling, maybe a hematoma post-op, and possibly an infection ? are you on antibiotics ? give it some time, 6 weeks minimum, for all the initial swelling to settle, then a full 6 months for full healing. good luck Florence Mussat
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I had a labiaplasty done and there was no swelling or pain. I did ice for 3 days, but it always looked completely normal after the surgery. After the sutures were removed on day 5, I was fine and able to do everything. I don't think it's supposed to look like this. Did you have it done by a plastic surgeon instead of a gyno? I did mine in Toronto by Dr. Gerber. I feel so bad for you.
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Labia Reduction Feb 5th, 2014
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6 weeks post op

I have a very asymetrical result, the left side I can still barely touch, I got 3 more stitches out yesterday ( they are now under the skin ). The right side next to clitoral hood is gone, there is nothing left, and the nasty dark skin that hangs all around the bottom is just gross. Im SUPER UPSET with the results.


Has anyone any information or advice on a Dr A Eskander please?
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Can anyone suggest a good surgeon in United Kingdom please?
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Feel free to use our Find A Doctor tool as well, it will show you all the Doctors in your area. Good Luck!


I will be going for a revision within the next few weeks. I will update with pictures at that time.


Hi, praying for you, please what's the full name of ur doctor? Am as cos I live in MI too, and just had a consultation one doctor which he quoted 6000.
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Are you better? Hoping for you. :)
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Looks like your doctor stitched right near your clitoris. Does that hurt? He said he didn't do a wedge or a trim? Sounds like he should be on the "Don't Go Here" list for labiaplasty. These doctors who don't know how to do this surgery should stay away from our privates! Grrrr!!
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Dr. Joe

Its too early to decide, he is answering my calls and trying to re assure me everything will be ok.

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