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New and Optimistic - Michigan

I am "that" person that had braces,...

I am "that" person that had braces, didn't wear the retainers and now my teeth have shifted over the past 10+ years. I've become increasingly sensitive to it. I think about it all the time, I even try to smile a certain way so that people cannot see my teeth at all. My bottom teeth have gotten the worst in that I have severe crowding and one tooth has spread to the back. My front two teeth are now uneven as well, the situation got bad. I didn't know if Invisalign would be an option, but my dentist said I was! I've read a lot of feedback about going to an orthodontist instead of a dentist. I think that may be true for many people, but I trust my dentist and she was very realistic about the expectations. I say go with somebody you really trust.

My mom is 59 and decided to take the plunge as well. I'm on my first set of aligners, and she's on her 2nd. It's exciting to have a buddy in this process, and we have the best laughs when we take them out to eat, etc. She has always wanted straight teeth but her family has always been her priority. I'm glad she's finally doing something for her (Happy Belated Mother's Day to any moms out there lol)! At first I was concerned that people were going to judge us but my mom assured me that if anybody is that vain we probably shouldn't care what they think to begin with. Also, she reminded me that we're much more fortunate to some people who would love the opportunity but cannot afford it. So true!

The Pros:
It really isn't as noticeable as traditional braces. I do a fair amount of public speaking at work, and since people are at a distance I don't feel they can tell as much. I went from maybe flossing once a day, to flossing/brushing 4 times a day. Also, I've made better decisions on my diet, and I hardly have pop at all now and drink water constantly. At least I feel like when people see my crooked teeth closer, they know I'm doing something about it. That's just comforting in and of itself.

The Cons:
I have 9 attachments on my teeth. My friends say it kind of looks like "bling" on some of them because it's so big. I've started to get used to it, and at the end of the day my dentist was very clear about it BEFORE I got my Invisalign, so at the end of the day it was my decision. The bottom tray was very hard to get out the first couple of days but it's gotten much better. My friend had coordinated a wine tasting so the timing of it all was a little bit of a challenge for me since I have to keep my aligners in for at least 22 hours a day.

I'm following everything to the letter, I will not mess up my teeth again!


Hi NAE, sounds like you and your Mom are off to a great start!
I also have 9 attatchments, 4 on the top, and 5 on the bottom. Like you my bottom aligner is much tougher to remove. In fact I've cracked my bottom aligners twice during removal. Once on tray #2, and once on tray #3. I've now adapted my removal technique around the location of my attatchments which has made removal easier overall. I have two attatchments on my lower left, and three attatchments on my lower right side. What I do now is remove the aligner from left to right, starting with the side with fewer attatchments. I pop the aligner off of my back molars and work it around to my front teeth with my left hand, and then with my right thumb I find the furthest back attatchment on my right side, put my fingernail under the aligner, and pop it off. So far so good for me, no more cracked aligners. I hope some of this shared experience will help you. It took me six weeks to perfect my technique. I'm starting tray #7 next week. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm looking forward to your updates. Good luck with your treatment you two!
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That is so cool you & your mom are going through this together! It sounds like she has a pretty good outlook on things. :)

Please keep us updated on how you two are doing with your trays!

P.S. Don't be too hard on yourself for letting things slide back after your braces. It sounds like you are doing everything you can now to get things back to where you want them, so focus on how awesome you are doing with that!

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Glad to hear you have a "partner in crime" so to speak ;) 

If you have any questions about Invisalign, feel free to message me, and I will do my best to help you.

Looking forward to updates on your review, I wish you luck on your Invisalign treatment. 

I'm currently on Aligner #3. 

Take care - Jake
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Starting to see some mild changes. I am on tray 4...

Starting to see some mild changes. I am on tray 4 of 34 (yes, 34!) and my front teeth look more even. My middle tooth on the bottom is supposed to be pushed to the front entirely. I hope that's true!


That is awesome you are seeing some changes already!! Did you get to see your Clincheck video? It would be interesting to see how they are intending to move that bottom tooth to the front.

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Starting to notice a lot of improvement with my...

Starting to notice a lot of improvement with my bottom crowding. I am on tray 13/34 so I still have a long way to go, but I'm happy so far.


So happy to hear about a 59 yr old having the treatment! Im 50 and thought maybe I was too old - I would love to hear how ur mum is going!

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