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I "thought" I had really did my homework...

I "thought" I had really did my homework on this before having it done. I saw all the amazing before and after pictures on this site and thought this would help with some fine lines on my face. I had 2 treatments done. It hurts really bad but I thought, no pain no gain. Well my skin has a very bad texture to it now. It's not like I look horribly disfigured from just looking at me, but photos and close up I can see the terrible affect it had on my skin. I'm just hoping I don't stay this way forever or get worse, but i'm assuming it will.

Now that I am reserching ways to help heal my skin I am reading all the horror stories and about what this really does to you. I thought it was "like a sunburn" but now I'm reading just how deep this goes. And it's obvious from my pics that this does more damage than that.

I know this has made a big difference for some people, as they have great pics. But I believe it depends on the person, and I wish I hadn't done it now. There is a chance you will regret this, and it's not worth taking like I did.

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How is your skin now, 7 months later? I had a fraxel exactly 3 weeks ago and feel that is ruin the texture of my skin too. Everyone keeps saying it's only been 3 weeks, but something is NOT right. I am devastated. Would love to hear back to see how your skin is doing now. I'm terrified!

I added pics of my skin now. It's still badly...

I added pics of my skin now. It's still badly damaged. Notice the surounding skin, above and below my eye, where the laser was not used, it's smooth.
Whay kind of treatment did you have..restore or repair. How many sessions and what were your setting. My skin was ths way but it resolved within 8 months and became smooth
I don't remember if it was called restore or repair, but I know it was the milder laser that you do in sessions, not the strong one that you do one time. I was supposed to have 6 treatments done, I only had 2. I told them to use the lowest setting possible.
Well, I took 3 sessions of the fraxel treatment for the acne scars, the first one, was at the end of December 2010, but after 4 months I don't see any kind of improve, but what I see, is that the fraxel cause me little pimples again, and the texture of my skin is not the same. I went to the specialist to ask her about my concerns, but obviously she said that my skin is better and she sees a lot of improvement. I still have an other treatment to take but I'm not going to take it after reading all this comments, absolutely not!!
And I was thinking that after 2 treatments I was going to see a lot of difference, but it didn't happen, and I mean I didn't expect a drastic change, but even a small change ocurr

I thought I should add, that this is not really...

I thought I should add, that this is not really noticable by just looking at me. It's mostly visable close up and in pics. However, when I put on my makeup, it shows it alot more, so I pretty much stopped wearing face makeup. It settles into the "texture" making it move visable.

@BKB: I had an IPL treatment too that messed with teh texture of my skin. I'm inclined to agree with you that is happens because of drying the skin out. I've noticed on nights when I go to bed with Cetaphil moisturizer with RestoraDerm that my skin looks A LOT better the next day.

The psychological scars of having the skin on your face messed up is very bad, I know. I got so bad at one poitn that I was washing my face probably 40 times a day, hoping to "wash away some of the problems." Please make sure you arent guilty of this too and drying your skin out! Ive started washing before bed with Cetaphil, pat drying my face and living quite a bit of water behind. And then I put Cetaphil Restoraderm on. It seems to help.
Did you get scaly dry feel with enlarged pores, or welts, or both? Redness? Is the skin more or less sensitive? I think it will go away for you over time. Have you been to see a dermatologist? You may need a prescription cream, or some slight exfoliator (which they would recommend) Could be that Refissa (viamin A 0.05% for texture) would work well for you. And washing your face more than once per day is most likely not a good idea- . Best
Did you have REPAIR or RESTORE? And what were the settings each time?

So far I've tried a couple of creams that the...

So far I've tried a couple of creams that the dermatologist perscribed. The first one was Bionect 0.2% hyaluronic acid sodium salt gel. I did not see any improvement.

I am currently using Atralin (tretinoin) gel 0.005%. It's been a few months but no noticable change yet.
One question for anyone that knows. Pleas tell me. I had a botched laser job in December 13, 2013. When I wake every morning, my pores in my sinus area are large and deep craters. I put cetaphil or other gentle lotions on them they almost disappear. I do not wash it off. They stay small until the morning, I do lubricate with lotion or cetaphil before I sleep. Happens everyday. I reapply lotion they shrink in seconds? Does that mean there is still a chance for regeneration and strengthen them? I read pores do not actually open and close, no muscle. I guess collagen damage from IPL? I was hoping damage oil glands or cellular walls were rebuilding slowly. Hoping they would repair themselves even though I am 10 months post. Is that happening anyone else? Did anyone heal after ten month post, who wasn't on accutane? Or this same everybody? I know not everyone had IPL near the nose. I am one of the unlucky ones. I am afraid all those who have healed do not read this stuff anymore. Is this something that goes on for the rest of my life?
I don't know of anyone who went back to "normal" completely. As far as I know as least personally pores do not improve. You may just be filling them and it eventually it is absorbed and so it appears thereafter . Just a guess
Unfortunately laser'S bad results are more common than doctors say and there is another worse point in that: light and heat affect the dermal papillae permanently and scars happen to be formed throughout the connective tissue an so, skin becomes rubber like after some sessions. CO2 or Fraxel or any kind.
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They dismissed my concerns. Their before and after photos do not show the damage done. But mine did and they said I looked fine. Of course I understand they don't want to be blamed. It was really the laser company that is to blame, but unless they take these things seriously they will just keep doing it.

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