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I have been looking to get rid of scars on my face...

I have been looking to get rid of scars on my face forever(15yrs). Finaly decided to try this since I was told this treatment could be done on almost any skin. I am an Asian Indian male 33+. So I went to get my first treatement at American Laser Skincare (ALS) fka American Laser Center. Four weeks ago I got my first treatment and I was little scared because I don't trust any sales person..yes I am right on that. I was told the for the first 3 days you will have the little dots on the skin, so I could get the treatment on Friday and Monday, I am all ready to go to work. Well, it took about 8 days to clear my face.

The first 3 days you will see the swollen on the area (during this time it looked like all my scars were gone). Gradually it will start to fade and little dots from the treatment gets darker and shed off by the 8th day. On the 9th day, I was back to the way I was...Now after almost 4 weeks, I don't see any difference, before and after treatment. They say, it take about 3 to 4 treatments to see the effect.

My 2nd appointment is set on a weekday because on my skin it is hard to notice the dots, unless you come very close to my face. I have pictures, but haven't had a chance to edit to post, yet. The cost is too much, I wonder the machine itself costs that much. Since some scars are little deep, I am getting 8 treatments, 2 sets of 4 with 2 months of gap between these two treatments. Normally you need only 4 treatment, but accoring to the sales person I need 8 (sure, like I believe that). Anyway, I just want to look handsome again..lol so I didn't care going through 8 treatments.


Sorry to hear you didn't see any change after the first treatment. Hopefully as you do more a change will be more obvious.

Since you mentioned it took about 8 days to clear up, did you just go to work on the Monday following the treatment anyways?

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I am attaching some pictures, there are more, but...

I am attaching some pictures, there are more, but I thought this is enought to see what's like the days after.


I am considering this treatment form my acne scar. But I must shave for my work. So, I am not sure how will this work. Could you please help me with this concern. Thnx.
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How soon can you shave after the treatment
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Oh, the swelling looks uncomfortable :( That's great though that you are able to go to work & not need a lot of downtime after the treatment.

How long do you wait between now & your next treatment?

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5th Day after 2nd treatment: I think the 2nd time...

5th Day after 2nd treatment: I think the 2nd time healing was faster. Almost all spots are cleared.


I mean, the grids are missing on the scars. and on the places where i don't have scars. I am worried more about the spots where i have scars.
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I got my ematrix treatment. The setting was C. It was painful especially in the forehead. It was burning only for a while. But i was fine after that. This is the second day. Now i see all those grids. They said it is for the full face. I told them not to miss any spot. But still I see that the grids are missing in some spots. I am not sure it is because they missed the spots or that is how it is supposed to be. Anybody got any idea?
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BK, that's strange. You should get treated on ALL spots, every 4 weeks. Sounds like you're not doing the whole face so 100 pulses is probably right. However, each spot needs to get treated each time. I'm no expert but so far that's what I've learned from this forum and from my mom's experience.
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Got the 3rd treatment couple of days ago. Since I...

Got the 3rd treatment couple of days ago. Since I wasn't seeing any improvement after two treatments, they changed the level from B-32 to A-48, which is the top. The lady was doing did few spots couple of times over it. It was little more painful and down time is longer than pervous ones. However, I noticed the grids start to disappear on the 4th day.


Iam glad I stumbled upon this forum. I have recently invested in this ematrix for my clinic. There is 3 programmes, A, B and C. C is the highest mode that is used to treat scars and lines. A and B are used to treat more superficial issues like pores, pigmentation etc. Because of the radio frequency mechanism it has fewer side effects and is ofcourse safer for people with colored skin. I use programme C to treat scars and wrinkles but it all depends on your skin texture too. Hope you will see a good result following your 3rd session!
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FYI: I don't answer private email msgs.
Ram, I would wait b4 spend any money on this. The only reason I took chance because I couldn't find any Indians who have done this and I wanted to get rid of my scars so badly. That's the main reason I even decided to post so that people might find it useful and won't waste money or spend money.
Many times when you ask people who have done this, you ask question on their post won't reply either.
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Thanks for the replay bro..appreciate it

After 3 treatments(4 Months), I am starting to...

After 3 treatments(4 Months), I am starting to think that it was just a waste of money. I don't see any difference. The only thing it does help to remove the top layer of your skin, but that even doesn't cost $2000. There are many other ways to peal your skin.


Hi BK,

I am 25Male. Indian with fare skin.

I am planing for the eMetrix, by paying 2000$ for 8 treatment for my Cheek and near by eyebrow are.

The only reason for me doing this is, i want to have skin flat on cheeks are. Because of pimples my skin is not in level for Cheeks area. But i do not have red/black spot on face.

I have been told by American Skin care people is....They will pull my skin and They will make it flat in 4 treatment. That is what they told but i really dont believe after reading notes....up there.
If spot does exist, because of pimple it goes away if i use "oxy" products in a week.

I believe you would have done 5 treatment so far. What percentage of difference did you noticed?

Should i move ahead or not?

Please reply.
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Hi SkPatel,
About specifying spots for treatment, they never follow. The tip on the gun has upto 100 shots (the one at American laser skincare).
I wanted to do the eMatrix for the same reason you mentioned, LEVEL my skin; so there won't be any "empty spots". I know the black spot will fade away as days go by.
what I have done so far? My 1st treatment was in January. I have done 3 treatments and I skipped last month on my 4th treatment since I had some tan from sun. If the collagen supposed to be created every 28 days or so, my skin is the same way as they were before I got treatment. .... now let me tell you this ... on my last treatment, which was almost 2months ago, I had the eMatrix level at 48. Since then, I am not seeing anything, but who knows, may be i will notice something after couple of treatments at 48.
My advise, wait till someone says that it works and they had the same acne marks as you and I. I was told by ALS that after 4 treatments, they will do the Microdermabrasion so it will even out the skin. Well, my question is, if eMatrix is going to level the skin, why do you need the Microdermabrasion. The reply, it is just to clean and smoothen the skin.

BK-india, good to hear from you, but what a bummer that you aren't seeing much change. :-/ I really appreciate you keeping us informed of what you are seeing. Please continue to, perhaps more collagen will be produced over the next few months and a change will be evident (??).

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Last week I got my 4th treatment. Now all the dots...

Last week I got my 4th treatment. Now all the dots are cleared. ... Well I am not expecting results like the laser, but I expect what I was told, after two treatments you will start to notice difference. Well, after almost 5 months and 4 treatments, I should have seen something. On the 3rd treatment, they decided to go up higher because they weren't seeing anything from the last two treatments. So they decided to set the settings all the way up, and went through some spots more than once; fortunately I didn't get any scars from it.
On my 4th treatment they kept the same settings. ......looking at the pictures I have take before treatment.... :-(

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Jason T and to others, My 1st and 2nd...

Jason T and to others,

My 1st and 2nd treatments were set at level B-32.
3rd and 4th treatments were at level A-38.
I never used any cream before treatment. 3days after the treatment, I just used water to keep my face fresh and applied some lotion, the one doesn't have much acid in it. Read the label to know what's in the lotion if you are buying.
When you do at A-38 the pain is little stronger, but could still tolerate.


I would never see this being worth $2000 and it is also VERY PAINFUL when getting it even with numbing creme. I have had 5 to 7 treatments and sometimes it was called "skin tightening" and/or matrix from $75 to $150...last was level 55 with 195 passes and if there is a result, it is very very subtle and from reading various comments on Matrix, it seems that it takes six months to really see result which I'm told is building of collegen below the surface. I didn't have any redness or marks after any treatment.
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So sorry to hear you didn't see good results from this BK-Indian :( I can definitely understand how upsetting that must be. Please continue to keep us posted if you see any changes (good or bad) over the next few months.

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Couple of weeks ago I got my first...

Couple of weeks ago I got my first Microdermabrasion. I don't anything else to update here, everything is just the same.


Hi BK,
I am Asian American & I recently just got Ematrix done on my face as well. At first I was amazed at all the results I was seeing from the other clients & YES, I did go to the same place you go except in a different state, & the lady told me that I should start seeing results within my fourth treatment as well. However, my scars are not too deep & its not that bad. After the treatment, my face was forever red & had little dots all over it. Lets say I was not expecting this much pain after the treatment. I'm looking at your pictures & they seemed to be clearing. Now you said it took you about 8 days for the redness to disappear? woah. Thats not good in my shoes. I'm not sure If I want to proceed with my other treatments even though I did pay for it =[. Wish, I would just accept the scars & not waste a dime on it.
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Hi bx,
In my case the redness was gone in few days, but the dots took up to 8 days. If you take a picture of a spot where you got the treatment and zoom in the picture pretty good, you could see the dots and how deep it penetrated your skin. I think, it depends how fast the skin heals, and some might take longer to clear. Whatever you do, DON'T TRY TO PEAL those dots.
BK, I have had the Ematrix last year. I had AMAZING results. I am very knowledgable of all plastic surgery techniques, and have experienced almost every procedure. YES, THE EMATRIX DOES work wonders for pock scarring. You must understand, this is a cumulative process, and I even saw results for after a year of beginning. I have very sensitive skin to scarring, and I was amazed at the amount my scars had filled in- BUT IT TAKES TIME. your collegen does not rebuild itself in 3-4 MONTHS! you need to educate yourself on this topic, because it is completely false. And I have been a client of AML for ten years. My skin following the treatments looked AMAZING, YES. but once you discontinue these treatments, the 'glow' and plump look essentially goes back to the way it was. NOT FOR THE SCARRING. I am speaking of dents/divits/holes. This machine is the best on the market, and if you had a bad experience, then it would have been the technician not knowing how to calibrate the levels. I actually have scarred my cheek in 2 areas last week, and I purchased another package of EMatrix because i was shocked at the results the first time..AND YES- AML does lie to promote many of their services, but several of them are well worth the money. IF you are considering Ematrix for scarring- THIS is the best choice. Fraxel targets an overall damage repair, but the Ematrix continues to build your collegen where the scars have developed even now, after one year since the 1st initial treatment. You really need to educate yourself on skin and regeneration issues, because you are giving false information to the public. also, if you invest money in this type of service, DO YOUR RESEARCH...and to expect scars to 'fill in' after 4 months is ridiculous. I am an expert on this topic, and if you really would like to discuss it, you can email me. But i know you do not discuss via email...I have to say- AML DOES push their services...but in this case- you are completely uneducated and unrealistic. I am half iranian and half german. My skin scars terribly easily, and actually, you would be a fool to expect results so quickly. My scar was deep, and after even 1.5 years, IT IS STILL filling in and leveling. PLEASE do not blog away on topics you have no education on.
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Thanks for everyone's support. Otherwise this page...

Thanks for everyone's support. Otherwise this page would have been pretty boring. Well, since some people, who are in this business, wanted to claim that eMatrix does "Miracle", I thought I post a new picture. I just took these 2 pictures few minutes ago. This is after 7 Months 3 Weeks and couple of days. You could be the judge and see if it has changed any.


Hello, I received one ematrix treatment so far... I didn't have any noticeable scarring, sun damage or wrinkles to begin with but I did wanted to change the texture and to minimize the size of the pores around my cheeks. I have to say that I AM COMPLETELY SATISIFIED. I received the B-32 program and it took me 8 days to completely heal. The redness went away after two days of the treatment and the grid-like appearance and little scabs disappeared after 7 days. Today is day 12 after my treatment and face literaly feels like a baby butt! :-) My after care was extremely strict though! Everyday I would cleanse my skin with a gentle lotion-type cleanser (I used Pevonia brand), then Jane Iredale hydrating mist, then an emollient cream (also from Pevonia), a drop of organic SPF during the day, then on top Dermarest (a medicated moisturizer for sensitive skin) non-steroidal with 1% pramoxide HCL (helps to rebuild skin barrier properties and its also a topical analgesic anti-itch). I would do this TWICE a day. I would spray the hydrating mist a couple of time more a day. AFTER CARE IS JUST AS IMPORTANT if you want to see results!!!! Also, after each treatment, results will continue to be seen for the next 6 months... Think about it. For how long you have had those blemishes? Have you been taking care of your skin prior treatments? What home care you have been using prior treatment? Alcohol is not a home treatment, you will only make things worse in the long run. You need at least the three steps: Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer. And regular facials are a must, since we live in an environment full of environmental toxins and what not. Also, drink plenty of clean water: Spring water is best. Eat clean, no smoking, no alcohol drinking, wear SPF at all times... All of this play a huge role in the healing process.
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I don't see any pictures attached. I had a dermatoligst also recommend Ematrix for my mild acne scars and melasma. Its somewhat new technology, so I'm waiting to see how people like it.

P.S. I'm 41 half Asian half German :-) fair complexion

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well from personal point of view and previous experience all i can tell you is no. the reason is because this technique is new and not alot od dermatologist even heard of perform and the statistic of patient who satisfy with the result are low. now if i were you i would went to more than one dermatologist or skin care center and have a consultation and see if anything spark your interest and make sure you mention about ematrix cause like i said some doctor doesn't even heard about it or heard of it but doesn't recommended because the result are not good. i wasted $3,000 for this useless treatment and my acne scarring wasn't severe at all and the result were dissappointed. sometimes the dermatologist you went recommended for you maybe he or she just wanted you as an experiment. but again you have to be pretty skeptical about this because its a new technique.

I don't want to spend too much time updating the...

I don't want to spend too much time updating the post, but nothing to say. However, wait for my review in Feb 2013. I have lot to say about this whole treatment experience, but I think I should wait till February 2013. You will appreciate it.


I am new to this thread and as I was reading the comments I was thinking the same thing that other posters were saying about one particular poster although I had to use my context clues because apparently most of them were deleted. :) Anyway, I am almost positive the "person in question" is promoting eMatrix. She sounds like an employee of American Laser Centers posing as "a regular person whose second language is English" (yeah right) Both American Laser Centers I've been to (2 in different states bc I moved and was able to continue my treatment) are extremely pushy in making you buy their procedures and products that haven't been proven to work yet. And her quote "I don't have acne scars" and "my face is smooth as a baby's behind" makes you want to say "then you don't know what I'm going through". I've had this experience with many dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and estheticians who want to prescribe medicines, perform lasers and injections, and sell peels and creams, respectively. No one seemed to know how or have a desire to solve the problem. In fact, I think in many cases, it was less apathy and more lack of knowledge. Sometimes I felt like I knew more than they did about the less popular procedures. I had a dermatologist inject my cysts with cortisone not realizing that it was a short term solution and caused deeper scarring down the line bc it broke down good collagen, and did more harm than just acne alone. In my experience with American Laser Centers, their hair removal and resurfacing lasers were expensive and did not work for me, microdermabrasion made my skin look good for a day, and they stopped returning phone calls and emails with my questions and concerns once I turned down the eMatrix. For $5000 they should have at least faked that they valued me as a customer. That was years ago. I still pay monthly for procedures that never showed any improvement. Then I had the derma fillers from a local plastic surgeon and it lasted less than 2 months. I believed I might be one of the lucky few whose filler lasted a whole year. I know silicone injections are supposed to be permanent but I am hard pressed to find anyone who will not promote the more popular and temporary fillers. $500 later I was back at square one. So after years of avoiding mirrors and social events, I took matters into my own hands. I bought a $30 (1.5mm) derma roller from the Internet (you will see many people advising against "cheap" derma rollers but the professional grade ones are not available to anyone who isn't a clinician so what choice do we desperate few have besides finding a clinic that even performs it-one dermatologist I talked to never even heard of it). I also use Tretinoin (ONE good thing my Dr prescribed) and Vitamin E oil-it's an antioxidant and must be the natural stuff: D-Alpha tocopheral or tocopheral acetate, not DL-Alpha bc that's synthetic and not good for skin. I also read where Vitamin E and C work best when put together so I have a separate Vitamin C cream that I use with the Vitamin E oil. The roller literally worked the first time I used it although I also read where that's just the micro-swelling and will go back down. I have two big rolling scars on each cheek from cystic acne. The one looks like a knife wound - it's long and vertical under my cheekbone and the other is shallow and the size of a small lima bean and right smack in the center of my other cheek, it casts shadows and adds years to my face. I also have a few small boxcars on my jawline that aren't too obvious and therefore less of a concern. And one big cyst decided to settle on the right side of my mouth and is now a crease that looks like a deep frown line-FUN! I must say that $30 derma roller from ebay + $100 (Vitamin C cream from a skin care web site was pricey but I was desperate and now I'm thinking I probably didn't have to pay that much although I love it-it actually makes my face glow and plumps my skin but I don't know if I am allowed to mention the brand name) + $2.50 Vitamin E Oil from a drug store + Tretinoin $3 insurance co-pay = $135.50 as opposed to $5000 It's been 5 days since I used the roller and I still see improvement. I think it's because my scars were so wide and shallow it responded well. The frown line one is still there but has improved. Even if the initial results don't last, I still believe this, along with Vitamins A, C, and E is the best and least expensive collagen-producing and long term solution. Don't give those laser centers another dime. I've read more negative comments about personal experiences with the laser whether it's Fraxel Repair or Restore or the E-matrix and the positive ones are usually either someone who saw just a small improvement or fake comments. The V-beam is the only one that seems promising but that's for surface imperfections, (sun damage, hyper pigmentation, uneven tone) not pitted scars like I have. Or had. Here's to hope :)
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Thanks for letting us know that you plan to update in Feb. We'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts then. :)

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Hi ehmakeup, You said this is your first treatment and it's been only 12 days when you post this, but you know the results will last for about 6 months? You know that for sure and not even curious.... I am just wondering how do you know that for sure and you are explaining like "... non-steroidal with 1% pramoxide HCL..." Everybody is talking about acne scars and you are discussing about treatment on a clear skin. I hope you are not trying to sell or get publicity for this service here. However, if you are happy we are happy that's all it matters. I didn't want to reply the first day when I saw it, but now happen to read it again, just so curious to know.

This might be my last post as I have had my last...

This might be my last post as I have had my last treatment last month I have seen all the effects and waited more than a year. THIS IS TOTALLY A WASTE OF MONEY! In my case and mostly in anybody else's case the effects won't last more than two - three weeks. The effect you get out of this treatment is not what you want to present in front of others. At first interview they claimed that I will have NO SCARS on my face by the end of last treatment and will start seeing the difference after 3 treatments. All that was a total LIE! Even after 5-6 treatments they tried to convince me that they are surprised to see no results. In addition, they will contact the main office and tried to do something, which was a total garbage. For my 7th treatment I had a different technician, and she even said that there is no difference by looking at the before pictures. So basically, I gave them $2000 to torture me 8 times.

It doesn't matter what type of skin you have, the treatment doesn't have the power to penetrate under your skin layer or top to re-grow that damaged part.

If anybody doesn't believe my statement and have money to spend and want to feel the pain ... go ahead ... go for it. You are not going to see anything different. If anyone says that I am wrong...question them.. they most likely work for this!


Thanks a lot for sharing experience with us.Iwas going to do this procedure in Kuwait by next year but after reading your horrible experience with this shitty center iquitt
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i was ripped off too from American Laser in Chicago...EMATRIX HURTS LIKE HELL.. and does nothing else but leaves hot red squares not to mention i had 2 or 3 treatments didnt notice anything but the pain, that was in the winter the following summer my face hypermigmented so bad in large spots people were starring at me i couldn't even cover it with makeup, The following fall i got 7 fotofacials from American laser and they didn't do a damn thing what a waste of money not to mention they keep trying to sell you more packages WTF!!! before that waste of money and pain i must have had at least 25 vela shape's for cellulite well that don't work either. My face is still hyperpigmented and looks worse than before i started. EVERYONE OUT THERE THINKING OF GOING TO AMERICAN LASER PLEASE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME AND ALOT OF MONEY, I also went there for 4 years for hair removal yes 4 YEARS buts that's another long story.
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I am sorry to hear that you got ripped off too. I wish I had listened to my innner insticts to walked away from these liers when they were lieing to my face. Now I regret loosing money and in addtion bigger black marks and darker.

Thanks for everyone posting "Thank you".

I am happy to see that people find this post useful.

It's going to be almost 2years since I got my first treatment and nothing has changed. If I get time, I will post new pictures so you could see how it looks after 2years.

Thank you!


The new laser for hair removal works wonders. It is the same laser used in doctors offices. Granted the old lase laser sucked. As far as ematrix, 1 treat take 3-6 months for max results and stimulates collagen for 1 year per 1 treatment. I hope they used program c on you. That might explain no results.
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Thanks. Good for you. I just hope that it had worked for me and they would have used the right frequency. Because you have no idea that I am now spending soooooo much more money to fix the damage they caused. I will never recommend this treatment to any of my friends I will tell you that!!! But I am glad that it has worked for you, as you can see most people on this thread had bad experience with this treatment so be glad that you are not one of us. Have a good day.
I am sorry to hear about your experience with American Laser...there laser treatments as far as i am concerned just dont work, that's why they keep offering you specials on more treatments plus they push more packages because they HAVE TO sell sell sell. Maybe you should consult with some plastic surgeons to see what treatments can help with your scaring or dermatologists that do laser treatments. Back in the day when i worked for a plastic surgeon patients had laser resurfacing with excellent results but that was about 14 years ago. Now there are so many more newer treatments for different skin issues. I went to high school with a guy who had really bad facial acne scars similar to yours but much worse, about 7 years later i saw him at a store and i don't know what he had done but his face was totally clear and smooth just like a baby. I was so shocked that i didn't have the nerve to ask him what he had done ( i wish i would have asked him because it was amazing) so don't give up, there are treatments out there to help you. Get alot of consults and different opinions and do your research on them. Good luck to you!
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