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I'm scheduled for sx @ 7am in the morning. I'm...

I'm scheduled for sx @ 7am in the morning. I'm scared and excited all at once. I can sleep so I'm posting my journey here. As u can see I have absolutely noassatall. Lol. I'm 5'5 130 and have always been self conscious about my rear. I hate walking in front of ppl its so bad. So I've decided, since I only live once y not. Lol. I'm scheduled for implants and lipo of the flanks at 7am. I'm all prepared thanks to u all and I'm ready to get the healing process in affect. I was told not to eat pass 10 pm so I'm laying in bed drinking some much needed water ????. I'm going with Dr Hainer in Michigan. He choose a couple of sizes from 400 to 460cc. I don't want an outrageous ass just something to hold my pants up and looks good in a bathing suit. So I'm going to try to get some rest now. I know I have a world of pain to endur tomorrow. !of burning bridges just keeping it real with myself. Lol. I had a tummy tuck and lipo twice 4 years ago and it was very agonizing for the first 3-4 days. So I'm no rooky to sx. I will do my best to keep u guys posted but I know I'll be resting for a while. Wish me luck. Thanks guys!! ????????????
Good luck!!! Hope everything goes well, post pics!!!

I made it

Got checked into hospital at 7 IV started and Dr showed up by 8. Took 2 hours to complete. Now I'm home from the hospital and laying down on my stomach. The pain is bad but tolerable as I have been keeping up with my pain pills. Can't imagin not taking any, high five to those that tough it out. My butt is huge from all the swelling and I still don't know what size implants I have. I have to call my Dr ?Monday and check with him as he was gone when I awoke from sx. Here are a few pics I took. Will post more as the days go by. But as of now, even with the pain I still think it was worth it.
Hi sweetie, how r u feeling? Hope everything went well with ur SX. I'm dying to see ur post op pics :)
Thanks dear. I just posted more pics. And I will post more as the days go by.
Congrats hun!! Happy healing!

3rd day post op

Its day three. I'm walking around and doing small things around the house. I can't stand to long or I get light headed.. I'm eating more but still no BM. I pee like crazy from keeping myself hydrated but I have yet to sit on the toilet. I find it more comfortable using the little vomit dish that they give u at the hospital. Just place it between myself and the garmentgarment, stand over the tolet and flush when done. I can't imagin sitting on anything at this point in recovery. My stomach aches from laying down all day but I get up frequently to walk around and get the blood flowing. My butt is super tight. I don't see any dimples or dents so far Besides the ones i got from wearing the drain's and garment all dayday..I will post more pics as I go along. I still dont know what size implants were used, but it has to be between 400-460. Thats what he ordered. He said he would trim the implant down if he needed to and would not force what wont fit. Which makes me happy. Because some ppl go bigger than whats allowed and that puts more stress on the body and prolongs the healing process. Gotta go lay back dow now. But i will Keep you all posted!!
I woke up feeling depressed today. Because my neck, back, knees and belly are in so much pain from laying down all day. I get up pretty often to walk around.. As a matter of fact I think I over did it a bit yesterday.. I had to make myself lay down. Now if feeling the blues and wonder f I made the right choice. I'm ready to sit down and lay on my back. My butt is super hard And I still can't st on the toilet.. Anyone else feeling this :(
Oh sweetie hang in there...the blues will that your first cosmetic xs? If so u have chose a tough one to recover from but u will be ok....after all has passed u gonna look in the mirror and say" that's the best decision I've ever made!" =)
No this is not my first sx, I had TT done 4 yrs ago and went through the same thing. This is a piece of cake com paired to having that done. Geez!! I was soooo depressed thinking why did I do this to myself. But I am very happy I did. My belly is still shrinking years later. I just got caught up in my emotions. I do feel better though. I just hope they take theses drains out at my post op tomorrow. I'm sure that will help too. Thanks so much for encouragement. It helps ;)

day 5 post op

I woke up feeling depressed today. Because my neck, back, knees and belly are in so much pain from laying down all day. I get up pretty often to walk around.. As a matter of fact I think I over did it a bit yesterday. But my spirits were up and I was able to cook, fold a few clothes and dust around the house.. Nothing to serious but I had to make myself lay down. Now its raining all day today and im feeling the blues wondering if I made the right choice. I'm ready to sit down and lay on my back. My butt is super hard and up high, and I still can't sit on the toilet.. Anyone else feeling this :(

Day 6 post op

OK I went to have my drains taken out. Oh what a relief that is. The left side is a little sore because she had to tug and pull as the drain was surrounded by the implant. Now I feel mush better. I'm walking around and doing lots of little things around the house. Going to the bathroom is getting easier but im still afraid to sit all the way down. I'm still swollen but not as much as I was. I'm almost off the pain meds. Think I'll switch to Tylenol I should be fine :)

day 6

I forgot to mention I got 400 cc's Round- intramuscular and a little fat grafting on the flanks and back to surround the implant.

day 7 post op

Well I feel absolutely great. I still feel a slight tingle on the left side down to the calf but ibuprofen helped with that. . On a scale of 1-10 I'm an 8 so far in my eyes. The implants are slowly taking form. And I'm very pleased so far. Still i can't bend to much, still pretty swollen.. I tried on my favorite spandex legging and holly smokes!! It was banging in them. I even stopped wearing them because my but was to flat and they only look good on ppl with butts. Now I satisfied. Can't wait to heal up.
You look good sweetie . So happy for you :) happy healing
Hey babe! Ur butt looks amazing!! Your doc did an incredible job. I'm happy for you that ur feeling good. May I suggest stretching? I know you can't bend but pointing ur toes and fully extending ur legs can stretch them and reaching strait forward with both arms can stretch ur arms and back. Just saying stretching normally makes ur body and muscles feel good so that might help. Anyway just wanted to let you know you look great;•}
Hey lady!! Thanks so much for your support. I don't know what I would have done without you guys. I feel great and I seem to be healing just like most of the other girls. No complications at all. Just a little nerve tension here and there. But that's mostly after a long of standing or walking. I will definitely try the stretches. Cuz as of now, I can barely put socks and shoes on. Lol. And I'm like Lexi. Jumping out of the hatchback of our suv. Lol. Beats staying in the house all day ;)

11 days post op

I'm going to my 2nd post op today. Hopefully all is good and incision is in tacked. I practiced sitting down yesterday. Not to much just getting my body use to the feeling. My butt is still super hard and very high. Impatiently waiting for my final results. Oops!! Forgot to mention I started waist training again. Absolutely love how it flattens and gives a toned look.
Yea I'm going to have to get one like that. I think the one I ordered is about the same size but it doesn't have hookeyes, it's just super tight and stretchy. Where did u get that one from? Is that the one Lexi is talking about?
Yes I ran it across her too. I ordered mine from 1800cinchers. It flattens the belly and give the ass a more profound look. I were it everyday to work and off she goes as soon as I get home. Lol. The initial reason for me getting it is because I had a TT fee years back and I want to maintain my investment. But its hands down a way to slim your waist without using a corset.
Oh I'm def going to get me one. I have an ass already and I'm busting A to tone her up , I have dimples now on my butt( cellulite from aging & children & living lol) I have a lingerie corset and I know what you mean about profounding the butt bc it takes me from a 5/6 to a 3/4 and looks like it doubles the size of my butt!! Thank you;•}

12 days post op

Nothing much has changed since my last post. But it seems like it dropped a bit and is starting to take form.

more pics day 12

If not already asked, why round?
Hey Michigan sister your looking GREAT... :)
Thanks sis!!
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My preop appt went very well.

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