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At 43 and a mom. Had 325cc saline implants done,...

At 43 and a mom. Had 325cc saline implants done, under the muscle, along with a lift.

Unlike some other folks, I had no pain (went off pain meds the very next day) and no complications.

HATED the implants immediately after surgery, and that never went away. I was constantly aware of my boobs, and they felt HARD. They are so horribly unnatural.

I started wearing really loose clothing so they wouldn't show.

And worst of all, those foreign things in my chest freaked me out. They had to go.

Was never happy at my post-surgery check ups. After one month, I asked him to take them out. The surgeon, bless his heart, only charged me $700, the cost to use the surgery room at the hospital, and he did the anesthesia himself. I love him.

Getting the lift was awesome, though, which is all I should have done.

Getting implants was THE single biggest, stupidest mistake in my life.

Unless you're like a mastectomy patient, don't do it. Get a lift. That actually adds more volume, too. I'm still an A cup, but they're fuller and perky. And squishy and natural.


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Who was your surgeon in Michigan?? I want mine out so bad!!
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yes, me too!! Who, who who?
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PS I have Meme silicone implants, if that makes a difference....
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Just found this sight. I had silicone implants placed in 1989. For the first year I was pleased. Since then, I'm not. I was veeeeery tiny, 34AAA and only wanted about a B cup. After surgery I was a large C. I am now a DD.......
Same implants. And I was never told that these would " eventually" have to come out or be replaced. I didn't realize that until about 10 years after my BA.
So, here's the scoop...
I'd never have done it. My breasts look beautiful BUT my nipples are sensitive to the point of pain. Horrid pain. I can not run, jog or do any type of jumping- type exercising. Why? PAIN. Pain that feels like electrical shocks. Where I don't have pain, my breasts are numb. Feels like Novocain after dental work. I got these because of low self esteem. And although my self confidence went up, my quality of life went down. I can not afford to have these removed. Mammograms are a JOKE with implants. Once you get beyond the fear of rupture from the mammogram itself, you soon learn that radiological images are pretty much worthless. Insurance demands mammography first, then they will allow ultra sound, etc. but mammography must be done first....the result, loads of unnecessary radiation. As a result, I don't get mamms any more. And I KNOW it is unwise, but IMHO, they should just do the ultrasounds because the mammograms ALWAYS come back as not readable because the implants are in the way.
I also needed an echo-cardio gram last year because of chest pain ( and heart disease runs in my family).... Guess what, they couldn't get a clear image of my heart BECAUSE THE IMPLANT IS IN THE WAY! Three different techs tried, all could not get a clear image. Color me frustrated,scarred and unhappy.
I'm hoping that SOME DAY I will have the $$$$ to get these out.
Until then I hold my breath...
Ladies considering implants, my advice....think it through. Look waaaay into the future. Really, it's not worth it. And realize its not a " one time thing".... They have to be replaced/removed some day.
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Only two years left of school...eight total, so I guess it will have to wait. I'm waiting to hear back from your doctor. I hope he gives me a light at the end of the tunnel!
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Well, you have to make a decision on what's most important to you (school or removal), and then be at peace with that decision. Only you can make that.
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I can't even work one job due to overwhelming class load EVERY semester. I have nothing to sell, can't get a loan, and have no family to ask for help. This is so frustrating. If I could take them out myself....I would!
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I so hope you can manage to get these out. I, too, had a lift, and they looked great immediately. But they were only in two months.

So sorry for all you've gone through.
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Thanks for the info! I understand he cut you a deal, so I won't be that lucky, but there have to be surgeons that will do without anesthesia, right? I know that is a huge expense. All I know is they are saline implants, 350 ccs, and I had a lift when I had them put in(per the doctor's recommendation). I had absolutely beautiful NATURAL breasts that became a little saggy after losing a child and the pregnancy ending abruptly. I was extremely depressed because of my loss and looking at my deflated chest reminded me of what I had just went through.

I hope I can find a doctor who can do a simple surgery. I don't need a lift and will have a full C without the implants. I am just tired of feeling sick and lethargic. I know it is due to the implants. I wish I knew how to post pics so I could show what I'm talking about. I know any surgeon could make this situation with an explantation only. Does anyone understand the capsule tiny and if it is completely necessary? I'm under the muscle since 1999 and have never had capsular contraction. Thanks for listening.
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My doctor would not do it w/out anesthesia and mine were under the muscle. I can't see how they could do it with a local, but I'm no doctor. Just check around. Being saline, it's not very complicated. I would think you'd be back to normal in no time. I really feel for you. Implants are terrible and should only be used in cases of severly mishapen breasts or mastectomies. Women don't understand how unnatural they feel.

I know a woman who had them adn liked them for a few years, but now she doesn't like them anymore. They are bad news. Unfortunately, we tend to get them in times of trauma (miscarriage, divorce, etc), and refuse to read the bad things about what we THINK we want.

Do what you have to do to get the $$ to get them out. Work a 2nd job for a year. Have garage/yards sales. Sell any gold you have. Just get the money and get them out. Good luck to you!!!
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Hi there,

To post photos you'll need to start a "review" (your story) or a discussion in the forum. You'll see options there for posting your photos.

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Dr. Holley out of Kalamazoo. Google him. However, he only took mine out for that cheap becasue he'd just put them in two months previously. He only chraged for the anesthesia and the surgery room. He waived his surgeon's fee because I was so miserable immediately.

You guys have to call around and get quotes. If yours are saline they will come out cheaper and more easily than silicone. With saline, they just puncture it and pull the empty shell out. Small incision. They put me under but I don't know that that is necessary.

Also, I'd had a lift with those cursed implants, and I looked great immediately. I would say that if you did not have the ilft, your boobs may look similar to beofre your implants. If the implants were'n't too huge. No way to tell.

But really, take them out and see. These things should be illegal unless a woman is grossly misformed or has a mastectomy.

Good luck to you guys. Chalk it up to one, expensive lesson. Get a second job if you have to, to pay to get those things OUT.
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I live in Michigan and would lI've the names of the surgeons you ladies have talked about that explained for $700-$1200. It would be a GREAT help! Thank you!
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I also live in Michigan ( Ann Arbor area) and would appreciate info on doctors
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Ladies who have had removal....
Did the breasts snap back after a few months? Can the surgery be done without anesthesia to save costs... Usually done with a local and a sedatives one the surgery would've under a half hour?

I would love to talk to anyone who has had removal. I just want this done so bad, but cannot afford to do a fancy surgery with all the bells and whistles. The cheapest way is all I can afford.

Thanks for any info!
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Hello everyone,
I'm desperately wanting these things out and have been for years, but I can't afford to. I also live in Michigan. If anyone from Michigan could kindly give the name of their surgeon it would GREATLY be appreciated. I've called several places and they want 3-4k JUST FOR A REMOVAL with no lift? I'm a full time student that has no income, so that cost just is not doable. PLEASE HELP with info ladies!!!
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i got my implants at 37-now at 53 i want them out-they are to big and heavy and have fallen- they look like they did when i was pregnant-they are on top of the muscle-so there is nothing holing them in place-it's awful-where can i got for now a lot of money??
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I had the lift and aug done at the same time, October 22, 2010 Had them out December 2010. My scars didn't change but then again I had saline, which can be removed through a small incision. They deflate them before removal. If you have silicone, they will have to make a cut big enough to get the entire implant out.

I'm happy with the results! Have not regretted taking them out for even one second.
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You said you had a lift, did you get that when you got the implants or after they were taken out? I had an augmentation with lift a year and half ago. I absolutely hate them. I too find myself wearing baggy shirts and covering them up. they are much bigger than i wanted, they hurt, the feel so unnatural and Im so unconfortable with them. I have an appt to discuss removal with my dr but am scared of how bad they will look afterwards. How bad the scars I have will look. Do youscars look worse then before?
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Jess it will feel unnatural. At least saline will and don't let anyone tell you differently.

And heres something else I noticed. I looked fat. 5'7 an 130 pounds and a runner. I've also noticed that large breasts do make women look heavier.

And if you're active you can hear tr water sloshing in the saline. I run on quiet country roads without music an I was appalled at how I could hear my implants.

Its a personal decision obviously. But my very strong opinion is that lifts and corrective surgeries are great especially if you're deformed or unbalanced. But doing it just to be BIGGER? Waste of time and money. I could have gone to Europe two times on the money I blew on this folly.
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Hey Jess. I just saw your post, and if you already have concerns about feeling unnatural now, I would advise you to think it through very carefully. I would never recommend anyone to get a BA. Particularly if you don't feel you need a lift as well. I hate giving advices, and I seldom do it (forgive me for that!) but having gone through it, I would say: never undergo unnecessary surgeries!! Good luck, hope you take a smart decision.
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Wow I just stumbled across this post. Reading up on info about BA and removals as well. Im 23 and im slightly Considering a BA. Im a B now but would like maybe a C. Nothing to giant. My concern is That I would feel unnatural afterwards. And after reading these comments lets me know that that is something I may confront. Maybe ill think more about it. Thanks again.
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Thank you very much for your kind comments, GTO. You are lucky that you realized it right after that that was not for you. I guess I repressed my feelings of inadequacy at that point and they surfaced now. *sigh* Best wishes for you, too, and thanks for sharing your story!
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Wishing you the best.

The funny thing you said about expectations is that it's only a small percentage if the population that has these feminine ideals. Unfortunatey, they control the media.

Your average person isn't in favor of breast augmentations it seems. As I read on, men like the real thing much better, even if they're small. My husband didn't like them but didnt tell me that until after I'd taken them out. He was just trying to support me.

Which brings home another point in that people are afraid of "making a judgment." such as your therapist. Or friends. People are afraid to flat out say that something is wrong. I wish they had in my case.

We are here to guide and help each other, and being yes-givers is not always helpful. Which is why I even told you to wait on removal to male sure it's what you want.

Hope you'll come back and tell us how you're doing.
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Hey GTO, thanks for your reply.
The reason is that I have come to an understanding of how we, female gender, subject ourselvs to meet certain expectations that demand that our body is cut, that we feel pain and that we insert a foreign object inside it for the sake of feeling "feminine", and therefore, pleasing the male gender. Me freaking out is the result of becoming progressively feminist throughout the years and realizing that I have nothing to do with the stereotyped version of what is like to be a woman. Nowadays, I feel rather shame when I'm with other girl friends and this issue comes up, because I identify much more with those who would never put it. But I am not one of them, because I did this to my body. I disrespected myself to fit into a pattern. I don't completely regret having the lift, though, because my breasts were in such a bad shape that no therapist would be able to rescue me from my obsession, I'm sure. But I'm still sad that the pressure around me by media, school, friends, parents was so great. Even my therapist at that point cheered my decision of getting implants. I wish I had read these comments here back then, this is the kind of issue that no one talks about: regreting having done boob jobs.
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