Feeling better and liking my new boobs!

Im sooooo excited to finally be getting this...

Im sooooo excited to finally be getting this procedure done. Im 31 with three kids and have a sagging issue with my boobs. I was first gonna get just implants last December but was surprised with you need a lift too! So that equalled more money I jus decided to wait til april. Im not nervous at all jus anxious. I want to get big as I can get without looking too fake. Im getting saline implants under the muscle and my ps is doing anchor lift. I have been taking vitamins and walking everyday to get in shape and get my body ready for surgery.

Cant stop looking at ba reviews and questions. ...

Cant stop looking at ba reviews and questions. But im learning a lot and I think I wanna get 600cc. My dr will let letcme know if that's possible. I judt figure go big or go home. Im paying too much money for a little change. I dontvwant porn boobs but I want them big. Thinking about going bra shopping tgis weekend to get some sports bras. Ive been going back and forth on whether or not to get the silicone sheets. Guess I will talk to my dr to see what he recommends.

So today I got a great deal on danskin sports bras...

So today I got a great deal on danskin sports bras at walmart! I paid $9 each for the front zip foam sports bras. They feel really good and I saw another woman on here used those after her ba. I like that they zip and have a wide band at the bottom so I don't have to worry about rubbing my stitches. Patiently waitly.....

Im sooooo mad I may have to wait until april 11...

Im sooooo mad I may have to wait until april 11 now to get my new girls! Ugh but the dr is thinking about setting up another date for the 3rd which I hope he does so I can have a full 10 days to heal before going to work versus 3! Im so readycto get this started! ; (

Sooi im super excited I got a call tiday saying...

Sooi im super excited I got a call tiday saying they had an earlier date available for me!!! Yay I get to get my bobbies in less than two weeks now! My preop appt is wed. Im jus so excited I cant stop smiling!

Well tomorrow is my pre op appt and im super...

Well tomorrow is my pre op appt and im super excited ti try on sizers and see what ima gonna look like. I went to walgreens today and picked up sum paper tape and this stuf called scarguard md. Its liquid and has silicone, cortisone and vitamin E in it. All are supposed to help with appearance not be so noticeable. Well I have exactly a week tomorrow until I get my boobs and I cant wait!!!!!

Soooo today was my pre op appt. I went and took my...

Soooo today was my pre op appt. I went and took my pregnancy test first thenwent to the appt. We took before pix first then we tried on sizers. The dr nnormally like to start off with 300 cc and I was like lwts not even waste our time cuz I want them bigger! So we started with 500cc and its ok then I went to 550cc and I liked that size alot. Then we went to 600cc and I was like yep this is the size for me so if I loose any under the muscle I will still be a pretty good size. I got my prescriptions and left the bra that im going to wear home there so I wont have to remember that. Im super excited and now its jus waiting game. I will find out next week what time to show up for surgery. I hope its early because I cant eat or drink after10:30pm and thats goona be hard if I have an afternoon surgery time. My nurse Kim was the best today! She me feel really comfortable about the size I had chosen. And answered all my questions. One week to go and im ready!!!!

Three days left and im super excited! I still...

Three days left and im super excited! I still have to get food together thatvim gonna need for the week. House is almost done so there will be no cleaning to worry about. Count down city this way! Lol

Sooo tomorrow is the big day and im super excited...

Sooo tomorrow is the big day and im super excited and cant wait. I got food for my kids and some fruit and juice for me. I cant eat aftet 10:30pm but im not hungry lol. Well I will update tomorrow! !

Just found out I have to be thete at 5:30am!!!...

Just found out I have to be thete at 5:30am!!! Super early but im ready to get this over with ! Yay im taking a sleeping pill tonight because we havevto becout the door by 3:30am. Well i wish all the ladys that got theirs today happy healing.

So im made thru. 600cc on the right and 520 on the...

So im made thru. 600cc on the right and 520 on the left. Cant wait to see what they look like.

Well I made it thru the first two days which were...

Well I made it thru the first two days which were horrible. But today im on way less pain meds and jus being extremely still so I dont bust open any stitches. We changed the dressing today and they look really weird right now but I still like the size they are and eonder how small they are gonna get.i don't think they will get that much smaller because I got large size implants. Well next appointment is Tuesday and we will see if he takes the stitches out. Resting til then happy healing ladys.

Well today is day 6 post op and I had a check up...

Well today is day 6 post op and I had a check up today . Dr. SAMPSON said everything is looking good and I can get my stitches out next Monday. I haven't been in pain so I haven't taken any meds yay me! Took my first full shower today and I feel like a million bucks!!! I was feeling down yesterday sbout doing this but today's shower made a world of difference. I think my incisions just needed a good massage with water cuz they feel good now. I washed with dail antibacterial soap to keep all germs away. I blow dried my incisions and put on fresh dressings and I feel great! I have been having nightmares for the past week so I got a script for ambein. Its weird I will wake up cold snd sweating from them. So im happy thus far just riding this slowing train to full recovery lol.

Well im just 3 days shy of being 3 weeks and I...

Well im just 3 days shy of being 3 weeks and I cant wait to be completed with this healing process! ! One breast is doing really well and drying up andvim waiting for the scabs to fall off. The bigger one is a little on the slow side in one spot. It doesn't seem to be open but still a little fluid. I don't know its hard to explain. I definitely though this would be an easier process then it is. I love the size of my breast and cant wait for them to heal up. Oh had a little acne thing going on for a few days and read about that and found out its ftom the stress of the surgery. I learn something new everyday about these boobies! Lol they are dropping nicely and other than that not much is going on. I go to the ps tomorrow to get the last of my stitches out so we shall see if that helps the big heal faster.
Jackson Plastic Surgeon

He did my bbl and I loved the results so I decided to use him again.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Im very much interested with getting the BBL. Ive decided to go with Dr. Sampson. I stay in Michigan.
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Can you post pics? Im 5'7 and about 155 and dr said she would do up to 500cc. Any bigger and i think and i will look fat :-( decisions decisions!! Lol Thanks!!
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I cant from my phone to this site until I get to a computer. But I can text u pix if that helps . Inbox me a number if you want otherwise I will try and do it fron a computer this weekend.
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Congrats on your girls! I'm wondering what your stats are? I'm 5'1 but I have a thick waist and butt, planning on going with 500ccs (right boob overfilled since it's smaller) don't know if that'll be too big. :)
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Im 5'5 1/2inches last time onbrge scsle it said 200lbs. But I know I dontv look it. Im really happy with the size and the way they have turned out.i have saline 600cc right and 520 cc left. They fit Your body perfectly . But at the end of the day its what you really want thats most important because you have to live with them.
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Thanks :) and you're so right about getting what you truly want, I just don't want to be the one to say I wish I went bigger :(
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Im fown to 192 so im still losing weight yay me!!!
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Woohoo!!! :) happy for you girl. I'm trying to get down to 120 by my surgery date. I'm at 127 now :/
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Thats great! My goal weight is about 185. That way I still have curves that I got now. Sounds like a lot but I dont look like I weigh 192 now lol. Keep exercising and eating right and you will make your goal!
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Stitches out?
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Did you get your appointment time for tomorrow? I'm so excited. I'm eating everything tomorrow night I can before 1030...lol
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Lol no not yet. But I aint even been hungry im so excited! !!! I hope its early. I m out getting last minute stuff fir me and the kids. Ima call her if I dont hear frim them by 3pm I will text u pix when im done! Cant wait
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After your bbl with dr Sampson how long did it take for your butt to get soft again?
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Ummm maybe 2 months
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Is Kim the blonde with the silicone boob job? If so she was really nice.
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Yes she is my girl I love her. She cool and was like get em big cuz they look good with that big butt and they really do
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Silicone or saline? What size? I'm sooo jealous girl you're body gonna right for summer!!!!
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Saline and I dont want anything less than 500 cc lol. I want them big ! Lol yes im getting summer ready!
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What happened with April 4?
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He is booked. Im sooo mad
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What date you going now????!?! So happy for you.
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The 3rd girl! The day before you! Amy called me earlier and said I cud have that day! Im soo happy! I cud scream! Lol
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Girl all I can say is ass & titties. Can't wait to see your pics!! You're gonna be so happy, he does a good boob job.
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I'm scheduled with him for April 4th for my BBL....sooo nervous
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