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I went into the doc's to get juvaderm around...

I went into the doc's to get juvaderm around my mouth, the clinician said that I should get botox around my eyes for my crows feet, i did not really want to but she kinda insisted, so I caved... Sorry I ever did that, my eyes look ok, but my smile is severly crooked, called them, they said that the botox could not travel that far, well from what I read and researched since, it can and it did, I look like a freak!

I am so sad, I can only hope that this wears off... Then she had the nerve to imply that I had a stroke, I cannot even believe that she eluded to that, how coincidental botox, stroke... all in a weeks time, well I feel fine but I look like hell! Talk about insult to injury, never again!

Well I think my lip is improving just a little,...

Well I think my lip is improving just a little, atleast I hope so... It was 2 months yesterday... Let me know what you think, Thanks Denise

I think I am improving, not sure though, it has...

I think I am improving, not sure though, it has been 2 months... Thanks, Denise

What I just noticed looking at my before botox...

What I just noticed looking at my before botox photos and my afters, is that not only is my lip crooked but my whole right side of my face was drooping... Well anyway I feel like it is mostly behind me and maybe in another week or so I will be back to my "Old" self lol...

Well the botox has seemed like it has dissappeared...

well the botox has seemed like it has dissappeared , but my upper right lip is still going up more than it did naturally, what is that about, maybe it was the juverderm that caused my uneven upper lip, but I don't think that she put juverderm in my upper lip she put some in my marrianete lines and near my bottom lip, I am so confused???????????????

Well to update, The botox has worn off, or atleast...

Well to update, The botox has worn off, or atleast most of it, it has been a little over 6 months, even though I have got to admit my eyes did look more open when I smiled, probably because my cheeks did not rise when I smiled!!! I would never take that chance again, it was a long six months waiting for the real me to come back... But I still plan on getting Juvaderm, unless someone has heard of issues with that, I have not... Botox Never again!!!
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The risk of looking like you have had a stroke is not worth getting rid of a couple of wrinkles for a few months, plus I had to pay 300 dollars to look like a freak... Do I sound bitter, I am!

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Dont' get the juvaderm. You can have have just as many problems with that but they will last longer. Just go get a pedicure and then meet your hubby or friends for dinner . I know from experience that these treatments cause anxiety and oftentimes, poor results. Be glad for who you are and just enjoy yourself and do not get any more treatments, such as fillers and botox, that can have lasting negative effects. Life it too short.

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That is very good advice skinrenaissance. I hope people thinking about getting any of these treatments take it. Life is too short to waste on bad results from treatments we don't need.
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Hi Lilly,
Appreciate hearing your story. Do you mind giving the name of the place in Michigan where you received your Botox treatment? Were you in Ann Arbor by chance?
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OMG! I had botox injected around my mouth (chin area) 2 weeks ago and now I look like I have "muppet mouth." I cannot fully smile without having my upper mouth protrude and my lower mouth looking caved in. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is I am scared my smile will never return or that I have done permanent damage. My PS who has done much other fabulous work for me (I had gastric bypass and subsequent) body lift just gave me 1 injection on each side of my mouth when I complained of lines that no one else saw. I am upset at my vanity and although I have had success with botox in my forehead several times before, I never want to risk this happening again. Please, anyone on here who also had a bad reaction, let me know things really will return to normal. Thank you.
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I had botox injected into my chin area too. What a nightmare! It traveled to under my chin and into my neck muscles! It felt weird to swallow and I was at one point convinced it would keep migrating to other areas and I would surely die a slow death over stupid Botox! I am now stable on day 8 but am left with some swallowing issues. The ugliest issue of all is my completely distorted smile! I wish I looked as good on Lily's worse day as I look right now. It's awful like I had a stroke and now after reading this thread, I wonder if some Botox from my eye area migrated to my smile as well. Its very lopsided and I don't want to leave the house but I have kids so I have to go out and make small talk with people. I HATE it and can't wait for it to slowly get better. How are you doing with your chin area?
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I am happy to say my smile has completely returned to normal! It has been about 13-14 weeks since I had those stupid injections. I think it really started getting better around week 10. It is amazing how changing so few muscles can really distort your looks. I felt self conscious and told several people I was having dental work done. No one would ever have guessed I'd have done something as foolish as having botox placed in this area of my face. Stay heartened... reading these posts is quite scary and frankly has caused me to seriously reconsider doing anything to my face again. Some of these facial procedures can be terrific... unless YOU are the person that has the rare, horrible reaction. Then you are left saying "hold on, I liked how I looked, I just wanted to look rested, or a little younger... I DID NOT want to look different, or in some cases made to look ugly!" I thanked God it was only botox that will eventually wear off and not some surgical procedure that may have been permanent. I know how you are feeling and the frightening prospect of not looking like yourself again... but you will be back to normal in about 3 months (isn't that horrible that it will take that long; I thought the weeks, especially in the beginning, would never pass... but they do). I know the botox is gone because those small aging lines on my chin, that caused me to get the botox in the first place are back. And guess what... I like them a whole lot better than my stupid, embarrassing muppet mouth that even caused a lisp! Please let me know how you progress. I promise, you will look like yourself again. Take care.
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Glad to hear you are back to normal. I am counting each day and 3 months can't get here fast enough. Thank you for the reply. I am living through my computer right now and it's comforting to read other's stories of recovery and talk to others as I am too embarrassed to share with my local friends what I have done.
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I was embarrassed as well and avoided certain people for several weeks. My daughter and sister and 2 close friends knew IMMEDIATELY that I had done something to my mouth because my smile was gone, my lips were thinned and I could not have a full belly laugh without my top teeth protruding (causing them to look like buck teeth). My husband and son did NOT notice until I pointed it out to them; but I did feel some people I saw somewhat irregularly looked at me quite strangely. Ugggg... what a horror. And there was no way in hell I was going to admit to most people my stupid, vain decision. Seriously, who knew something so minor could distort your looks so much. Imagine... your doctor injects botox and if the "look" comes out bad, it remains FROZEN on your face for 3 months! What a nightmare! But it is NOT permanent, and now that I am on THIS side, I have much more appreciation to letting myself age normally. I feel like this was a "warning" of what could go permanently wrong (like you read on these boards). Can you say you had dental work or Bell's Palsy (something i googled to see if i could use that excuse)? It's not a permanent virus and can be explained away.
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Ok that was my first real belly laugh in 10.5 days on reading about the buck teeth and the "men" in the house not noticing. I needed that. No men here have noticed either! I have the opposite issue with my bottom lip just hangs down when I laugh and WAY more drooping on one side. I have like the "My Name Is Earl" brother's character slack jaw thing going on. Very attractice. I do have braces right now so I am going to blame it on that I think. I hope to get them off in a few months and hope that helps. I have a reunion in a few months so my hope is it will be gone by then and hope is better by end of May for a trip. Thank god I am not working and can hide at home most the time. The swallowing sensation is awful though so I hope that starts to get better soon too. The plastic surgeon said I am at the worse point right now and it will only get better from here. I have been seeing them every few days just to be safe. UGGG! What a mess.
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I am glad to hear you went back to "normal." I just had forehead and glabella area injected and my eyebrows are SO heavy that my eyelids are dropping completely onto the tops of my eyes. I look tired all the time when I've never felt better. The lines on my forehead are a lot smoother as well as glabella, but not totally gone. I would give anything to have them back, plus my $425 and have my eyes be able to open up again. I HATE this paralyzed feeling and I will never ever do this again. I just really hope it wears off sooner than later. Yuck. I'm going to do facelift exercises from now on to look more youthful. I would never recommend botox to anyone.
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Hello my dear,
First I'll have to say it's always sad to hear stories like yours. I wish you didn't have to go through this. Secondly after analyzing your pics is clear for me that you did take pics of yourself. Wrong. That's why photographers are considered must be taken by another person. No wonder you got so frustrating bcuz the quality of a pic taken too closed is not even same as the reality . Stop stressing yourself. You are beautiful and I liked your after pics very much. I thing you are just very sensitive and I think you should stop doing anything to your face , first bcuz you're beautiful ,secondly you're to sensitive .
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Had small amount of botox injected 2 wks ago for lines around the mouth, not above the lip. It takes all I can muster to speak appropriately and my wonderful smile is now hidden behind my hand out of embarassment. I can't wait for this to wear off and hope I return to normal. I will never do this again. I tried and learned an awful lesson.
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Don't ever do the face below the eyes! The skin is thinner and the muscles are different...I am so sorry you had a bad experience. Just do your eyes!!! Do mouth/ face with rejuvederm or restalyne only...and you can move your hand...only YOU see the crooked smile ( I always worry about droolng- why I didn't do my face!)
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Wish I had not done botox for my marionette lines but I look like heavy smoker though I am not. Still deep lines but can not lick lips, speak without my mouth feeling like I just finished dental surgery. Cannot wait for this numb mouth to be gone. Note that you dribble when you try to gargle, you cannot blow a bit of fluff off anything normally and my flute playing embochure is gone. Ask lots of questions don't be rushed and note few websites list the concerns as they are just advertisements. First and last time for me.

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I can definitely see how it would have some major down sides, especially if you play the flute. When I had botox done for the first time I considered trying some around my mouth, but the doctor advised against it for my first time, and said only about 50% of her patients likes what it does on the mouth. She said it can make the mouth feel clumsy, and that sounds about right from what you are explaining.

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What doctors in their right mind would do this? seriously? around the MOUTH? what are they thinking? totally crazy.
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I did not read all the posts and you may already have your answer, but on the side that interfered with your smile the eye injection was placed too inferior/low and relaxed the superior portion of a zygomatic muscle that is needed to pull your face up for smiling. I have been injecting for 11 years. I would encourage you to try again however the injection has to be placed at the corner of your eye not below not near your cheek bone area. Also avoid Dysport. LO
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Lynelle , I do have one question, it seemed that the other side of my lip went up more when the side that was most effected was drooping, do you have any info concerning that, I have not had any clear answers about that.... Thanks for any information you can give me... Lilly
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Simply put , the other side was compensating for the lack of movement on the affected side. Those muscles were trying to do all the work. For example that is why the lateral brow pops up when the middle of the forehead is injected. The lateral portion of the frontalis will try to do the work of the entire muscle or overcompensate for the lack of movement in the middle.
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Hi All -
I got brave and my review was posted so if you want to look at my clown face smile and shed a tear of horror have a look at my photos and cry with me.

Thanks for your support!
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Thank you Sara321!

I am so thrilled that you have your smile back!!

I am sinking deeper into the realization that this is going to take a long time to recover from, but also that although it feels permanent, it is not. I have posted a review and uploaded pictures -- they are waiting for review.

Lilly - I ma happy and encouraged to hear of your progress!! Even now I notice that on some days I can muster up a little smile, and on others I can't. Weird!

I'm hanging tough and am trying not to look into mirrors. I am SO SO SO thankful that only ONE side of my face is affected!

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Hi Afyregirl (& Lilly and all)

I´ve been writing to this review about my experience with half smile. It WILL pass but you already know it as you´ve gotten Botox for years. Today it´s been 3 months and 3 days for me. Last week I thought I was about 40% recovered, now it seems I could be about 80%! I can almost smile as widely as I used to. And for sure I will not let that substance near me again.

Hope you´ll recover soon!
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Hi Lilly -
Thank you so much for posting your experience. I stumbled on this thread after realizing that I too have a half smile now after botox injections. I used to have a "showstopper" smile (as my boyfriend calls it) and now I have a half smile, half sneer. SO very depressing.

I am dismayed to learn that this will take months to fully resolve, but am finding great solace in your descriptions about the progress you are making while this stuff wears off.

Thank you for the comfort. I'll be putting my best side forward for the next few months and will be eagerly awaiting the return of my other side.

Your posts say that one day you se improvement and the next it's back. I've been getting Botox for years (this is the first accident) and I can tell you that this is normal when the stuff wears off. It comes and goes during its last legs until finally your muscles take over and regain their strength. Hang in there - I will too!!

I can't believe I did this to myself. I could just cry. Oh well. I guess I'll think of it like a bad haircut that needs to grow out . . . and I'm practicing my pouty look. Ha!
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Thank you, I am glad you posted also, that was the first time I have heard anyone say that botox comes and goes, I thought that was my imagination... It has been 5 months for me and my smile is almost back to normal, but I still see some side effects with my smile, but hopefully like you said , the muscles will get stronger... Good luck to you , don't get discouraged, but it was a long few months for me... Thanks for your insight!!! Lilly
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Honest to goodness, I'm a portrait photographer, and I looked at the photos over and over and cannot see any more than the slightest relaxation of one side, which could happen to anyone at any time when taking photos...especially if you hold the camera yourself (not the most flattering thing to do). I've had botox many times, but by a very, very experienced dermatologist, and I have never had a problem. There is no one more critical of photos than myself (and that's why I had the botox) and I'm telling you that you do not look asymmetrical at all. In fact, if you were entirely symmetrical, you'd look silly. To further underline that, take one of your photos from before and take it into any editing program you like. Cut the photo in half, lengthwise, and get rid of one half. Now copy the other half, flip it horizontally and paste. NOW you will see how wrong a perfectly symmetrical face would look. No one sees what you are seeing! So don't worry about it! :)
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