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I went into the doc's to get juvaderm around...

I went into the doc's to get juvaderm around my mouth, the clinician said that I should get botox around my eyes for my crows feet, i did not really want to but she kinda insisted, so I caved... Sorry I ever did that, my eyes look ok, but my smile is severly crooked, called them, they said that the botox could not travel that far, well from what I read and researched since, it can and it did, I look like a freak!

I am so sad, I can only hope that this wears off... Then she had the nerve to imply that I had a stroke, I cannot even believe that she eluded to that, how coincidental botox, stroke... all in a weeks time, well I feel fine but I look like hell! Talk about insult to injury, never again!

Agreed! I think you look great!
Thank you but it looks weird to me, I am improving though, so that is a good sign...
I know I have said it before but, no botox for me...
Well Thank you Britt, that is really kind!!!

I guess a freak is harsh but it is the only way I was able to express my frustration... The worst part ,well, after the obvious worst part lol, is that when I called the clinician to tell her about my lip , she said there is NO WAY that the botox could have affected my lip, then she said she asked 2 of the" plastic surgeons" in the office and they agreed that it was "immpossible" that my lip could be affected by botox around the eyes, that is just wrong in every way, I will not be going to them to get any cosmetic surgery that is for sure lol... So when I do go in to see her I will bring all the literature that I have found online ... I would not have looked online or been this upset if she just said something like, that could possibly happen or don't worry it will wear off, instead she implied that maybe I had a stroke or maybe I have bell's palsy, well I didn't before I got botox, and I don't now either, she actually suggested for me to see my regular doctor, why would I waste my money and his time , I just had botox "that paraly's muscles" injected into my face and now my upper lip is paralysed , hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm quite a coincidence lol... Anyway sorry for rambling on , but she added insult to injury...

Also she called the rep of botox , she told me that he said it was immpossible also, lol... On the list of botox side effects it says that the injections of botox could migrate, I guess he can't read, just sayen lol...

Anyway thank you again and I will keep you posted...


Well I think my lip is improving just a little,...

Well I think my lip is improving just a little, atleast I hope so... It was 2 months yesterday... Let me know what you think, Thanks Denise

I think I am improving, not sure though, it has...

I think I am improving, not sure though, it has been 2 months... Thanks, Denise

What I just noticed looking at my before botox...

What I just noticed looking at my before botox photos and my afters, is that not only is my lip crooked but my whole right side of my face was drooping... Well anyway I feel like it is mostly behind me and maybe in another week or so I will be back to my "Old" self lol...

You are most welcome Lilly =) Hey - consider the following:

1. Many people have their eyebrows waxed to be uneven - with a different archway than the other side of the face, due to the lack of symmetry creating a more interesting look that has a little more character; which in turn, lends them to be noticed.

2. When we study our faces in the mirror, we are most critical of the irregularities that other people find interesting and attractive.

3. There's a rock star that comes to mind (a guitarist) that is in his 60's who has extremely irregular lips (hmm can only imagine from what???) - and many people consider his lips to be one of his most appealing attributes. (won't mention the name - as that would be rude, lol)

So - all in all - if you're happy and confident, the slight difference from one side of the face to the next is sometimes desirable - as many people will find themselves noticing and listening to you a bit more than previously and not knowing why....

Just a few thoughts!!
Thanks Chris, I appreciate the compliment, I wear sunblock and it really does help with my compexion... I did not think I needed botox either, it really was the clinicians idea, but it is behind me, well mostly , there is still some unevenish that I can see, but it does seem to be going away, like I said sometimes it seems almost back to normal and then sometimes it seems uneven... Thanks again...
I think you look just fine. Looking at your features in your photographs - I'm not entirely certain you even needed Botox - you have a very nice complexion, and I don't see any wrinkles that are caused by muscle contraction!

There have been occasions that I've received too much botox in one area - and I can't exactly talk properly. Or.. my smile is crooked. It's a temporary side effect and I now laugh it off .....

No worries, you look great - everything will even out ...


Well the botox has seemed like it has dissappeared...

well the botox has seemed like it has dissappeared , but my upper right lip is still going up more than it did naturally, what is that about, maybe it was the juverderm that caused my uneven upper lip, but I don't think that she put juverderm in my upper lip she put some in my marrianete lines and near my bottom lip, I am so confused???????????????
Hi All -
I got brave and my review was posted so if you want to look at my clown face smile and shed a tear of horror have a look at my photos and cry with me.

Thanks for your support!
Thank you Sara321!

I am so thrilled that you have your smile back!!

I am sinking deeper into the realization that this is going to take a long time to recover from, but also that although it feels permanent, it is not. I have posted a review and uploaded pictures -- they are waiting for review.

Lilly - I ma happy and encouraged to hear of your progress!! Even now I notice that on some days I can muster up a little smile, and on others I can't. Weird!

I'm hanging tough and am trying not to look into mirrors. I am SO SO SO thankful that only ONE side of my face is affected!

Hi Afyregirl (& Lilly and all)

I´ve been writing to this review about my experience with half smile. It WILL pass but you already know it as you´ve gotten Botox for years. Today it´s been 3 months and 3 days for me. Last week I thought I was about 40% recovered, now it seems I could be about 80%! I can almost smile as widely as I used to. And for sure I will not let that substance near me again.

Hope you´ll recover soon!

Well to update, The botox has worn off, or atleast...

Well to update, The botox has worn off, or atleast most of it, it has been a little over 6 months, even though I have got to admit my eyes did look more open when I smiled, probably because my cheeks did not rise when I smiled!!! I would never take that chance again, it was a long six months waiting for the real me to come back... But I still plan on getting Juvaderm, unless someone has heard of issues with that, I have not... Botox Never again!!!
Sounds like blepharospasm !! A side effect of Botox !! X

Dont' get the juvaderm. You can have have just as many problems with that but they will last longer. Just go get a pedicure and then meet your hubby or friends for dinner . I know from experience that these treatments cause anxiety and oftentimes, poor results. Be glad for who you are and just enjoy yourself and do not get any more treatments, such as fillers and botox, that can have lasting negative effects. Life it too short.

That is very good advice skinrenaissance. I hope people thinking about getting any of these treatments take it. Life is too short to waste on bad results from treatments we don't need.
Star Med

The risk of looking like you have had a stroke is not worth getting rid of a couple of wrinkles for a few months, plus I had to pay 300 dollars to look like a freak... Do I sound bitter, I am!

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