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34 Years Old a Mother of 2 - Lost Weight, Time for my Tummy Tuck

I'm 34 years old a mother of 2, I have been...

I'm 34 years old a mother of 2, I have been overweight since my teenage years. My highest all time weight was 260lbs. About 3 years ago, I began excersing and eating right. Towards the end of last year I got to my all time low of 179lbs., so I decided it was time for my tummy tuck.

I was not able to actually schedule it till 3/26/10. I quit smoking becuase I knew it would be detrimental to the recovery for my tummy tuck. Since then I have put on weight, I am currently weighing 192 lbs and I am 5'6". I have stopped gaining weight but have had a real hard time loosing the weight that I did gain.

I feel really upset about having gained that weight, especially when I'm so close to having my procedure. My goal is not to have a perfect body but as close to a normal one as I can. I've lived with this horrible figure all my life and feel as though I can not wait any longer to have it done. Your feedback would be greatly accepted and appreciated. Thank you.


i am so happy for you.i have been considering a mommy makeover. i will be looking forward for your update and your photo's of your new body. i look like that too girl....... i have four children and i can't get the weight off now, 220lbs,5'7 and full of stretch marks. i need to find myself again. good luck!

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if your goal weight was 179 and you are now at 192 thats about a 20lb difference. when you get the TT they will take off about 5lbs of skin and fat. thats a 15lb difference. to me 15lbs is not a massive amount of weight to lose and when you get that new tummy when the doctor tells you its okay to work out, if your serious about looking good you will do so. and it will not be that hard to get rid of the few extra pounds you want to lose. i say start trying to eat more healthy now and get into that habit. stay away from fried foods, bake everything. eat your meals on a small saucer plate. and after you finish wait 15 mins after that if your still hungry take a little more. but more than likely you wont be hungry. eat slowly and chew and enjoy the food. make sure you eat breakfast everyday and stay away from sugar. you will be fine. good luck with your TT and keep us posted.
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I agree with everything here... you should be fine, you can do it! Just remember what you eat is what you have to work off tomorrow! So stay healthy! Good luck on your surgery!

3/18/2010 6:41 pm Just wanted to gibe a big thank...

3/18/2010 6:41 pm Just wanted to gibe a big thank you to everyone for their words of encourgement.. Every little bit makes a big difference. Believe it or not your words put me a little more at ease about the weight gain. I will keep everyone potsted, I have added some before and after pics, I have my final appointment with my surgeon tomorrow to take by before pics, I am so anxious it's not even funny, and not to mentioned excited. I have been watching what I what I eat like a hawk. Trying not to put on not even an ounce till then! Will keep you all posted.. Till then.. :D


Hi Annabella: You are a pretty girl and have a nice figure even befor your tt so i can imagine when you get ride of the tummy, girl go for it you will look great. Keep up with your diet and watch your salt intake and keep away from fried foods. After a while eating healthy you will eventually get use to it. Good luck on you surgery and keep me posted.
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I also just had my tummy tuck on Monday the 15th. And I love it. I had a big pocket of fat that was right under my belly button and had been there since I hit puberty. It always made me look pregnant so I was constantly stressing about it. After having two children the fat just got loose and more unsightly in my eyes. After surgery I pretty much slept the whole day waking up every couple hours to drink some water and eat some soup and walk around then back to sleep I went. The second day was slightly more painful (probably because all the anesthesia wore off) and moving around was a bit difficult. But by day 3 I was already feeling slightly better. Today I am moving around alot, and getting in and out of bed is no longer a challenge and I can go without my med's entirely. I was lucky enough that they didn't have to put drains in, although drains are very common for a tummy tuck and I was expecting them, but I guess I got lucky. You will love your tummy tuck, just allow yourself time to rest, rest, rest. And don't be alarmed if the skin all around your tummy tuck is numb after surgery, this is normal. Although I'm not sure how long it last I've been told it can last several months. Be excited for the day of your surgery, this a gift your giving yourself and you deserve it!
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Your such a little cutie, go for it! :) You'll be so happy you did... Watch your salt afterwards, and drink tons of water!
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3/22/2010 6:48 pmFirst off, thanks to all who have...

3/22/2010 6:48 pm

First off, thanks to all who have left comments, it's incredible how every little bit helps. I don't have a doubt in my mind now about having the surgery. Although I swore that I'd remain calm, cool and collect about the whole thing.. I can actually say that every day that passes that pushes me near to my surgery date 3/26/2010, makes me a little more anxious, nervous, excited, scared.. etc. etc. Not to mention curious.. I can't stop thinking about how my stomach will look.. becuase I am not at my ideal weight, I know there's only so much stomach that can be removed. I know or at least I hope that my stomach can't get any worse than what it is right now.. I weighed myself and that 192lbs. seem to be imprinted in me, not a pound less or more! I guess it's bitter-sweet.

Some random questions and thoughts

I wonder if I should start taking a stool softner yet?What should I get at the grocery store to eat while I"m home recovering? I hope my scar is symmetrical.. that really concerns me. I'm having my surgery on Friday and returning to work on the following Mon, 10 days, wonder if that will be enough time.. I sit at a desk all day..hmmm..

I have so many last things to do, I feel as though I'm going away on a long trip, and in a way I am, I'm in for a long journey to someday have a normal looking body... I will keep everyone posted, again thank you all for you comments..Till then..:)


I was 5'5 200lbs,b4 surgery. So if u want it go for it! My doc said I could lose 30 - 40 after surgery and my results be fine!
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3/26/10 5:20pmwell im home...brief update for...

3/26/10 5:20pm

well im home...brief update for now

surgery began around 9 am arrived home around 3pm, lying in bed in pain pharmacy is taking long filling my pain meds.. the majority of my pain when lying still is obviously in the inscision area, when moving (and actually more painful than the inscion is the abdominal cramps..didnt expect that pain.. bad bad abdminal cramps, i guess from the muscle tightning. havent eaten anything just drinking gatorade YAY pain meds are here! thank God gonna have some chicken broth with the pills will update soon :)

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3/30/10 4 days post-op Well I gotta say with each...


4 days post-op

Well I gotta say with each passing day.. I feel a little better, have only had progress as far as my recovery, Thank God! Have had no real setbacks.. Only taking one pain med at night to sleep. Tried to get off taking the pain meds during the day as soon as I could. They were making me feel real dizzy and I even had a few faint spells.

I'm almost walking upright but it feels like i can't stand completely straight, the stomach area is completely numb and feels really tight. Taking deep breaths, laughing, coughing and talking loud are still hard. I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again all snugly with just ONE PILLOW!

I have been eating healthy, have not had anything greasy, or salty or with too much condiments... I haven't really been hungry but have to eat, i know it helps with the healing process. Oh, and I finally pooped, lol, Thank God it was a "smooth" process.

And last but not least.. I HAVEN"T SEEN MY STOMACH.. haven't brought up the courage to do so.. My boyfriend and my mom have removed my binder to reposition it(which by the way is driving me insane) but I haven't seen anything, I ask them "how does it look" "how is my belly button"."Do I still have my stretch marks?. etc,etc, I have looked in the mirror with the binder on and can obviously tell that my body contour is different but I guess I'm just scared to look still. Maybe I'll get up the courage to do so today and I will post some pics.. I really want to share the pics.

I'm seeing my surgeon on Friday for my week follow-up, I think one of my drains is coming out, hopefully both! But in no hurry, I know they are important. I know once they come out, it will make a world of a difference.

Till now, I have no regrets... anxious for time to take its course and for me to be my active self again..

Till then.. :)



Look forward to your post Tummy Tuck pictures, I hope you continue to feel better as each day passes! :)
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4/1/20106 days Post-opSo I've decided today is the...


6 days Post-op

So I've decided today is the day that I will look and explore my new stomach.. And I will hopefully do so long enough to take pictures.. I do have a concern though.. the binder that I'm wearing is starting to fit big and when I sit it kinda scrunches in the middle ab area, I'm just concerned with it leaving those indentations on my back or stomach..  I have some padding underneath though.. I guess I should just ride it out till tomorrow when I go for my one week follow up.. I've been walking pretty much straight already, went to Target and Ross yesterday and the day before that went to the park.. my walk is slow and steady but.. slow and steady wins the race!  I sleep pretty ok at night, I only get an uncomfortable pulsating pain on my low right pubic area.. don't know if that's from the drain site.  Anyways, I'm looking forward to my appt tommorow and to TAKING A SHOWER!..

Till then.. :)

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4/2/101 week follow-upSo I've posted the after...


1 week follow-up

So I've posted the after pics.. I finally saw my stomach and well, I'm happy with the stomach, not happy with my flanks.. :( As you can see in the pics, My left side waist looks more contured than my right side.  I am standing still a little lop-sided as my stomach feels a little tighter than the other.  My insicion also seems to be not symmetrical, a little disappointing :( I was also told that I might need a revision due to dog ears.   When I asked the nurse about the uneven waist, she said I was still very swollen and the results would look disporpitioned for a while.. I don't know what to think.. My life has never been very easy and well now it seems that the my worst fears have come true.. that I would not be happy with the results.  On a more positive note, I had one drain removed, was not painful but very undomfortable, felt like a little snake coming out from in me.. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude and remember that it is still too soon to see the real results.  I have to return on Thurs to have the other drain removed. 

I need the support from the realself community now more than ever, please tell me what you think, and if in fact it can be due to swelling..

I look forward to hearing from you..

Till then.. :(


You look really good. Don't worry about your side. It just looks really swollen. It will go down. My stomach has morphed into all sorts of odd shapes throughout recovery. I'm 2 weeks out and I'm starting to see it flatten out. It will just keep getting better! Keep us posted on how you are doing. You look awesome!
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Hi Anabelle, If your doctor and nurse have examined you and said that everything looks fine, I wouldn't get too upset. After one week you're still going to be VERY swollen. Especially with lipo in addition to a Tummy Tuck. Also, it's easy for many people to freak out immediately after a cosmetic procedure, thinking they look worse or disfigured. It's normal. I think you're going to look fabulous when all is said and done.
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You look great - you should feel very good about it! And the nurse is right - the shape will change almost daily. Some nights I start to panic thinking something is wrong, but the next morning it all changes again.
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4/20/201028 days post-opWell here it goes..I am...


28 days post-op

Well here it goes..

I am now 28 days post op and I actually can't believe it.  It hasn't been an easy journey with so many ups and downs but everything is getting to be easier and easier and time goes by.  Well, I am getting around fine now and standing up straight finally!  I am still very swollen which has seemed to be my main issue.  It's been hard to keep a positive attitude when I really look and feel pregnant at times!  The swelling is mainly concentrated in my lower abdomen till the top of my pubic area.  My hips are also swollen, ( I hope) as I can't even bring my pre-op pants up past my hips.  I am still wearing jogging pants and dresses.  I tried on my jeans out of curiousity and ha ha no way Jose.. not happening.  On a brighter note, I weighed my self and I'm 184! I'm super happy about that.  I can imagine that when the swelling goes down, I'll be still a little less.  I am super happy with my belly button and with the placement of the scar, only thing I wonder about is the folds at the top of the scar.  I wonder if anyone had this happen to them and what it turned out to look like?  All in all I gotta say I am happy, just anxious at times to see the final outcome, but patience is a virtue and I must wait.. 

If anyone has any info about the excess ridges of skin of my scar, as to wether or not that will diminsh please share..

Thank you :)


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Photo Update


My stomach looks a lot like your before. I've had a few consults and they all said I needed an extended TT or even a circumfrencial TT to get smooth sides and hips. Our of curiosity, did your Dr. suggest either of these? I hope it smooths out for you!! You look great!
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I did my TT with the same doctor as Ms. Anabelle1997 and he is awsome and it was the best money i ever spent.. and he did recommend none of thoes to me just a regular full TT.. i actually located Dr.Perry after seeing Anabelle1997 pictures.. got it done that same month..
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