2 weeks after TT, BBL, thrilled with results!

Hello, I am 35, mother of three boys, 10, 5 and 1....

hello, I am 35, mother of three boys, 10, 5 and 1. In all my three pregnancies I gained close to 60 lbs, I did managed to lose the 60 lbs each time, but of course i have the saggy skin left and somehow i still look 4 months pregnant, I am sure some of you gals might relate lol. Also, I have some strechmarks under my belly button area. I thought first that by doing smart lipo in my belly would help take out the pregnant look but I went to one of the best smart lipo surgeons in miami(DR.Chang) and he told me the only way would be to do muscle repair with tummy tuck, that was a hard hit for me :(. It took me a couple of months after research to finally decide to do one.. . I am also happy that my husband has been so supportive of my decision. I am worried about my 3 kids, especially for my one year old, how long would it be until i can carry him?. So here I come..Oct 5th is my date! i am freaking out but excited at the same time. I better look awesome by Christmas time!! lol

Today i am very excited about my procedure,...

Today i am very excited about my procedure, yesterday i went to south beach and all I kept telling myself that by next summer i will look amazing :). Today i also ordered bromelain and arnica pills. As well as the silicone strip and scar creme for the scar :).

Thank you Kimmers! i have a couple of questions, is it possible to sleep on your side with pillows after the tummy tuck? I am asking because i am also going to do a fat transfer to my buttocks, the doctor told me it would be fine to sleep on my back in the recliner, but some people have told me you can sleep on your side if your butt hurts too much :). Also, can you tell me some of the examples of things to avoid eating after the surgery (for gas and constipation), i am planning to make a list for my husband to cook for me such as protein shakes, meals. For protein shakes, i got whey protein powder from GNC, i hope that works. I am really going to try to avoid constipation by taking MOM as soon after surgery.

It sounds like you are ready to roll!   Thank you for posting your journey here on RealSelf.  I look forward to following you as you go through your surgery and recovery.  

Your kids will do just fine.  As long as you are at home they will adapt.  They are very resilient and will bounce with you.

Make sure to take some before pictures because it's so much fun to watch the changes taking place.


9 days for the big day!! last night i could'nt...

9 days for the big day!! last night i could'nt sleep because i started thinking about it and getting nervous..., this morning i started reading all your blogs and I started feeling better and excited right away. I got my set of arnica and bromelain pills yesterday, the package also came with pre and post vitamins but my surgeon told me to stop taking all vitamins :(. I am going to try to go buy some pijama pants and a button shirt for the surgery day. Does anyone recommend any good protein shakes to make or buy? Ok i am going to stop typing now, my one year old is pulling my pants to pay attention to him :). Talk to you soon!
I've done a lot of research on the post opt sleeping patterns for TT/BBL and it's not recommended U sit or lay on tour buttocks for at least 3wks. For this precedure (which im also having) it would be best to lay on your side. Getting 2 long pillows with help.

Hi guys! so next wednesday is my surgery, now is...

hi guys! so next wednesday is my surgery, now is when i am freaking out, i keep thinking do i really need this surgery?, am i being selfish? how are my kids going to react when they see me in pain? how is my belly button going to be? ahhhhhh....please God give me strenght to go through this...
December 20th...it seems like forever. I wanna get it done already. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. You'll be happy you did it once it's done. =)
thank you SweeterCheeks, you are right, when is your surgery?

Hello, so two days to go, I am very scared trying...

hello, so two days to go, I am very scared trying not to think all the things that can go wrong with the surgery, I am taking out all my pre-pregnancy pictures of when i had a flat tummy to keep me motivated :). Today, i told my 9 year old that i will be having surgery on wednesday, he is like "why?!!, are they going to open your stomach!!, " i told him i am having my hernia fixed, i saw his scared faced and that really got me. Please keep me in your prayers girls!! i need to recuperate as soon as i can to take care of my three babies.
How are u feeling? I'm.feeling ok.
Ditto....just seen that today your having surgery,,,sending thoughts and prayers your way.
Hope everything went well with your surgery today ;-)

Made it!!!!! Whoo hoo! Now my journey begins!!!all...

Made it!!!!! Whoo hoo! Now my journey begins!!!all I can say is that I am in paIn, but the percocet and muscle relaxer help a lot
Awesome! glad your home and feeling not-so-bad! Cat wait to hear details and see your results.
Thank you ladies for caring!!! So far so go good! Only painful when I stand and walk when I am laying down I am ok
Hello brookie, how did it go?

Hey ladies!! just feeling happy everything went...

hey ladies!! just feeling happy everything went well, I still haven't seen my results yet, i am still not walking straight, the doctor gave me a walker for a week which has helped tremendesly, my backs hurts, but i am hanging in there. If i can do it, you can do it girls!!! WORTH IT!
Hey Jessica- how u doing and feeling? I know the last thing on your mind is a laptop or snapping pics but when u feel up to it let us know your progress including all the little details. We tummy tuckers behind you would like to know the ache,pains,drains, and so forth. Feel good and hope u in good spirits!

Thank you for the update!   Hang in there.

Thanks!! They are taking out my drains today! Does it hurt?

So it has been two full weeks after my surgery and...

So it has been two full weeks after my surgery and I am thrilled with my results, I can't believe how flat my stomach is and how tiny my waist is. Yesterday i had a follow up apt with my PS and he said everything is going well. He told me to start putting a cotton ball inside my BB for it to start getting a good shape, i started doing that. The only thing that is kind of worrying me is that he said in my surgery he looked for my hernia for 40 minutes and did not find anything. I am also still not walking completely straight but he told me that is normal that i might be like this another week or 2 weeks, that he pulled me super tight. Can't complain, I am feeling great, and love my new body. Very worth it!!
Pics ?
Sounds like you really deserve this!
Jessica has your walking improved. It's my lower back that is killing me when I walk.
Dr. Azurin

Dr azurin is the best, always answered all my questions, gave me his persOnal cell after surgery in case i need it anything, if I ever have a question he answers right away. So far happy with the results, I will let you know in 8 weeks ;)

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