I Had the All on 4 Bottom and Top Dental Implants Done - Fort Lauderdale, FL

The reason I am writing this is because when I was...

The reason I am writing this is because when I was researching I did not find anyone who wrote their experience with Clear Choice and the all on four. I had gone more than a year obtaining opinions as I was very afraid and dental work is my biggest fear.

I came across Clear Choice from a commercial my brother saw and saved the number. When I went in for the consultation, I was very nervous as all my bottom teeth were very loose due to hereditery and poor maintenance issues. The staff was extremely pleasant and very informative. This was the Fort Lauderdale Office. The doctor explained everything in detail and made me feel at ease. Due to the condition my teeth were in, I'm 41, I had to have them all removed.

I have insurance but my dentist does not perform the procedure. My dentist was going to add bone and I would not have permanent teeth. At the end of the procedure I would have paid close to the amount Clear Choice charged.

I underwent the procedure yesterday and am in the recovery process. I was the most nervous I could be a couple of days leading up to the surgery. My husband practicly had to drag me into the building. I dont know how I actually made it there. Once at the office I was immediately entered and did not have to wait. That was a great thing cause I was super nervous. I was immediately prepared and sat on the dental surgical chair. The surgeon walked in and place an IV in my arm. I spoke two words and woke up when the surgery was over.

I was walked to the recovery room which was so comfortable. The lights are very dim and the recliner is super cozy. I was given a nice furry blanket. A flat screen was turned on and I put on Lifetime. My husband was brought in. The nurse placed an ice pack on my face and gave me apple sauce and apple juice to eat. I was in recovery waiting for the teeth to be made to my measurement.

The staff was great. They assisted my husband with any questions and attended me as needed. I was in and out of sleep due to the anesthesia.

I was then taken to another procedure room where the teeth were place. These teeth are provisional until the swelling goes down and I completely heal. I made sure I told the Dr. that I want to change the teeth a bit. My husband said I was a bit rude but it was that I was medicated.

I am allergic to Aspirin and Codeine so I was not able to receive any prescribed pain killer. My husband bought me Tylenol 500mg. I took two after the surgery and did not feel pain. I felt discomfort and sorness of the mouth. My lips were very dry and cracked. The ice pack helps. The day of the surgery I did not experience pain.

That night I slept due to the two sleepless nights and the anesthesia. In the morning when I went to wash out my mouth I saw my face swollen. My husband said it was not too swollen as he would have expected but to me it is swollen. I used the directed rinses and took one tylenol as I did not have pain but discomfort. I am still swollen and placing ice packs on my face. I am hoping the swelling goes down soon since that is the only discomfort that I have at this moment.

Everyone that has seen me tells me that I look so different. I was missing bottom teeth and my top teeth were crooked. My family and friends tell me that I look so much better even with the swelling. The teeth look beautiful. Although I am going to have the doctor make minor changes.

Being that I was too afraid, I thought that a one day one shot deal would be for me. The price is great after shopping around and being quoted up to 60k and not comparing to the procedure. I had no bone placed and I have my top and bottom teeth. I am uncomfortable due to the work done but not in pain. I can handle it with 500mg of Tylenol.

I truly recommend Clear Choice.

Clear Choice

I haven't followed up. So far so good. God willing that I heal properly and smoothly.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Betty, how is everything? Are you enjoying your new smile?
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Betty...how are you doing after about 6 months...I have been putting it off and its paid for already!
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You mention being uncomfortable, enough to use Tylenol, is that still true? Has the discomfort gone away? Was it temporary from the day of the temporary implants? Thanks for the info!
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I have been to Clear Choice and have left a deposit to have all on four upper and botton when I return to Florida from N. J. in September. As time approaches I am getting nervous and have read the negative reviews. I would like to know how this patient is doing. I will have it done (maybe) in Miami.
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going though same thing.
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Betty, did you ever have the all on four done? I am supposed to go soon...yikes Please let me know. I am a chicken!
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Yes, and I love my "new Teeth" I had it done October 1, 2012 I had no problems. Took pain meds in the evening as instructed, but had only a little discomfort the next day. There was some swelling and bruising, that lasted about a week, but I dealt with it. Ice helped. I am thrilled to have a beautiful smile again. Temps are beautiful, and I am sure the permanent ones will be exceptional. Everyone at clear choice is wonderful, and caring. Don't be "chicken" go for it. You won't be sorry. I am thrilled. Good Luck , Betty

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jaymama2 Hey Mrs. Betty how much did it cost all together
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So glad to hear your procedure went smooth for you and that the Tylenol is able to make you comfortable. You had mentioned that your regular dentist had wanted to add bone, but that wasn't necessary with the procedure you had done. Did you happen to discuss this with your regular dentist? I would be curious to hear what the pros & cons were for both options.

Hope your swelling continues to go down today as you heal up! :)

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