So Far So Good (At Home TCA Treatments)

Pros:Peels off layers of top skin (like a bad...

Pros:Peels off layers of top skin (like a bad sunburn)

Cons:It burns(learning PATIENCE/ PLAN FOR IT)

I'm 3 weeks of turning 37 WHITE/fair even- toned skin)it's momma's genes).That's how I was until last year.We tried having a second child(we have an 18 year old,I know we're nuts!!) I stopped taking birth control,after the sixth month we decide to call it quits so I started taking them again.

One day I noticed this mark on my face as if I'd been tanning ,kindda like a raccoon's mask(or more commonly know as thepregnancy mask).I haven't tanned for like 5 years now,and wear 30 UV protection daily, so obviously I freaked and started buying aging this and ageless that thinking it had something to do with being ALMOST 40.

I went to the doc he said I had melasma from the birth control that it may or may not go away,yet he still gave me a RX for that luma thing,which I did not take. Being the skeptic I am I decided to do some research and found several products and basically tried them all including a weekly a whitening serum from ORIKI and a 15% Glycolic peel.All these things improved my texture and removed some spots,so that the mask now looked broken up.Thus 2 months ago I decided to go to a pro and get a chemical peel done.

The PRO looked at my skin and said my skin was good and was afraid to do something too strong so I paid $150 for a MELANOSTOP peel which was geared towards my type of problem.About 2 weeks later my skin hadn't shown an improvement WORTH $150 USD which brought me back to research.That's when I came across this site,I immediately purchased TWO peels (12% and 18%)!

Four weeks ago I did the 12% (followed exact instructions.It didn't burn much but I decided not to repeat the dose outta fear=less is better) I saw little POSITIVE results.The very next week I did it again(12%) repeating the dose after 4 mins.No frost,but after 3 days but I did FEEL the rough skin/brown patches(EXCATLY like when u get a rug burn LOL), which I removed with a Vit C scrub from Philosophy.Now the positive results were noticable!

So today I decided to go with the 18%.After 2 MIN it was ALMOST unbearable so I watched my skin closely on one of those super magnified lighted mirrors and I was able to see and feel where my skin was being treated.Couldn't/didn't hold the 5 mins ,YES I SAW THE FROST in some areas,yes I felt it sting(in the places it frosted) when I washed with pain water,and it stopped stinging when I washed with that tree soap they send you with the kit.Yes I fell my skin tight even though I put neosporin and pet.jelly but I think i'm going to have great results. I took pics so anyone who sees this can judge for themselves.

I will post again in 4 days.VERY IMPORTANT:USE 70% or higher sunblock aplly several times during the day)

I do have a motto that helps me bear the uncomforts of this and every beauty treatment: TO BE A STAR YOU GOTTA SEE THE STARS!!!! LOL

Awesome review...and you are so right...that stuff burns...but it works so awesome!
Please give us an update?
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My doc just gave me an RX that insurance doesn't cover ,costs $200(plus his office visit),the product didn't work, AND the treatment takes super long.

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