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2/10/2012 Hi guys, I had my rhinoplasty yesterday!...

2/10/2012 Hi guys, I had my rhinoplasty yesterday! I've wanted to get my nose done for a long time. I didn't hate my nose, I just felt as if it didn't fit well with my other features. I'm Asian and I have a small face and eyes and I felt my nose was too big. I rarely smiled with my mouth open because my nostrils flared. So last month I had my consultation and received my photo imaging pictures which I loved.

Here are some of the things he did to my nose:

1. reduced the alars and used that skin to raise the tip of my nose

2. took some ear cartilage and put it in my tip because the alar skin wasn't enough

3. weirs incision

4. shaved side of my nose

When I awoke from the anesthesia, I didn't feel much pain. My teeth just ached and I felt queasy and threw up. I'm so glad my parents came to support me. My mother had alarplasty in the past so she gave me good pre and post op advice. When my mother had it done she did not swell at all. So far, I'm not swelling too badly. My eyes are slightly puffy but it's a light purple. I'm sure my nose is swollen, but I actually like how it looks now. Time will tell! I heard once you get the cast out it was swell up some more. But I'm prepared for it :) I'll update as much as I can~

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Day 4: Hey there, so far everything is going...

Day 4: Hey there, so far everything is going according to plan! Yesterday my face swelled up but nothing too bad. It just looked like a had a mild allergic reaction. My teeth aches every now and then but then I just take some pain medication and I'm good. I think the worst part has to be waking up in the morning with your throat extremely dry. I keep cough drops next to me to ease the dryness.

Even though my cast is still on, I love how my nose looks. I think it's because with alarplasty you can immediately notice the difference. One of my nostrils is slightly bigger than the other but I just think it's still swollen. I'll be removing the cast on Wednesday and until then I have to keep myself busy around the house~ :)


You had a cute nose before and it'll be even prettier now. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and photos here on RealSelf!

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Hope your healing well, keep us updated!
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Post-op day 15: My nose is changing so...

Post-op day 15:

My nose is changing so I'm not quite sure how the end result would be. It's so weird how no one recognizes I got a nose job! I sat in front of my good friend and asked, "do you notice anything different about me?" She was puzzled and replied, "your hair?" Haha.

I don't want to make judgments on my nose when I still have a lot of healing to do but I am concerned about my alars and nostrils. It seems to be flattening out and nostrils which were more triangular shaped in the beginning is flattening out.

Let's wait and see. I see my doctor in a few more weeks so he can address my concerns. But over all I LOVE IT! Especially the sides of my nose. It's very befitting to my face. I have more confidence and pursuing things I once was nervous about :)


If anybody wants a beautiful nose, do see Dr. Ghavami in Beverly Hills. He is specialized in nose, even with Asian. You wont regret having the procedure done by him. The downside is he is very expensive depending on your situation. Don't judge his experience based on the number picture of Asian nose on his website, he has done many but without clients' aggreement, he could not post them. He gave my friend a beautiful nose, and I am saving up for the procedure in the future.
Good Luck!!!
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I wish I could see some b4 & after photos? I've noticed alot of these testimonials have no photos or are they automatically deleted after a certain amount of time goes by?
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you look great, it looks very natural but did he do anything for the bridge of your nose? no implants?
I have silicone implants and I think it's too big for an asian face so I plan on getting it out....
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Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

Epstein is highly qualified for rhinoplasty. Just look at the before and afters! I also like how he is considered a conservative rhinoplasty surgeon. I was initially nervous because I wasn't sure how familiar he was with Asian noses but he after the computer imaging pictures and my post-surgery results, I am very very happy!

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