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Tummy Tuck/Chin Implant - Miami Lakes, FL

I'm 34 years old i have 3 boys 13,10,4....

I'm 34 years old i have 3 boys 13,10,4. I'm not doing this tummy tuck because i was over weight or because the pregnancies left me with a tummy. Ive had a tummy since i was little i never was a girl with a flat tummy. i wish i was. so i have always had to deal with hiding my tummy. now its bigger and floppy. jeans fold under my tummy pops out. its so ugly. for once want to feel flat and not worry about my close or if my tummy shows. to even shave it's really hard with the tummy being in the way.

I have a dupable chin with no reason. At 17 i didn't understand why i had this problem. the only thing i understood was when i wanted to take pictures i had to stretch my neck so i wouldn't look fat. about 5 years ago i have my breast done i was size 32A and i felt like a man. so here i was with a tummy no chin and no breast doesn't sound nice does it. 5 yrs ago i decide i will only do the breast because i wanted to have at least one more child. which we did. now I'm ready to do both chin and tummy.

I'm scared and nervous. don't want to be a bother so I'm trying to leaving everything set. so please if anyone can give advise or a list of things i should do or have for recovery that will be awesome. ill be posting picture and video of my pre-op and post -op

Okay I'm freaking out not about my tummy tuck but...

Okay I'm freaking out not about my tummy tuck but bc of the chin. I woke up this morning worrying and with butterfly's. I'm excited but at the same time scared. I still have what 13 day left but who's counting lol.
How wonderful!! I first began seriously considering a TT in the end of October, and just had mine on Jan. 18. I'm 11 days PO and on my way to healing! I haven't regretted it for a minute.
Thank you guys. I'm excited and scared and all mixed up. I'm so worried about this whole chin thing that I just might pass on it. So I'm on the fence about it right now. But thank you for your comments.
@maumeemg I already looked into the feb forum and I'll be part of it thanks
.@ Kimshells
I'll be posting as much as the pain allows me. But we can go through any pain just so we look sexy.
welcome to realself and congrats on your upcoming surgery.I'm having a tummy tuck a week after you. I heard that it's painful at first but you will be alright.

9 days pre- op. truly how I feel is scared not...

9 days pre- op. truly how I feel is scared not about my TT but more because of my chin implant. I'm so on the fence about it. One yes next no. Worried about all the stuff I need.please give me advice about items I should get. Have plans with friends next week to keep me busy. But will see
you will be fine my prayers are w/u keep me up dated my daugther wants what u are gettin u are goin to look hot

Well today is one week to TT. I'm overwhelmed...

Well today is one week to TT. I'm overwhelmed scared excited. All. As once. It's very true about nesting because I've painted the whole house cleaned ,house finishing up laundry still have couple more things to do but I have to keep busy. I'm worryed about couple of things that. Have me second guessing myself should i or not. There's people in my life that don't want me to do this so I'm on the fence. But confuessed because this one person has done it. So as today still confuessed if Im going too
You can't please everyone, and their is always people in your life that's not going to agree with your decision. Are you having your surgery for you or for others? There is people in my family that think I don't need or shouldn't have the surgery. I have to live with my belly not them and I don't like my belly. You have to do what makes you happy.

As excited that I am. I'm going to have to...

As excited that I am. I'm going to have to reschedule my tt. I'm so bummed out. Sad :*-( the money I was expecting isn't coming in until the middle of feb so I'm so Sad. Surgery date is unsure. That you all for commenting on my post. Yes I'm having some issues but I'm getting this tt one way or another. Please help me by pray and helping me by keep me positive. God willing I'll have my tt soon. Very soon

Well today I was very sad because I had to change...

Well today I was very sad because I had to change the date to my surgery. So now it's the 21 of feb. I guess that not that bad. Thinking positive gives me a chance to get all my stuff ready for the big day. I can't wait. Sad part I won't be able to attend a family baby shower. Which sucks. I would of love to go and be there for her. But I'll only be 5 days post op so I doubt I'll be able to go. But happy that my date is still in feb. only 2 weeks more. I should be fine.
Thanks, that is a bummer that you may have to wait:( It is so stressful all of the waiting....I pretty much moved the recliner that is about it...have done nothing:( I better get my act together! I'm kind of waiting for my packet in the mail with all my scripts and pre and post op instructions so I have everything I need:)
No nothing yet. Im kinda bummed out still waiting for certain things and might have to change the date again. I'm sad the mOre I have to wait the more anixaty I have. It sucks. I'm super haPpy for you. It's so exciting. I wish I was in the same boat. Are you comPletely ready. I'm not. I still my room to oranganize and still have things to buy. Legging, pj , sun dresses, ,meds, pillows etc. have you bought things forge surgery. I'm suPer excited for u.
Hi there! I'm Feb. 21st also! It'll be here before we know it:) Doing laundry like a mad woman this weekend..yes I'm THAT far behind! :)

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