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I am an African American female and I just...

I am an African American female and I just underwent the hairline implant surgery as well as eye brow implantation this past Friday April 6. It was beyond painful.

First i'll start by saying that I have had other "work" done in the past I.e. breast implants, lipo so I went into this fully understanding that with every procedure there is a price to pay and its usually physical. Having said that, nothing can prepare you for this one. I was given both ambien and Xanax to loosen me up for the start of the numbing process and it is exactly that, a process. They slowly slide a needle horizontally thru your scalp squirting anesthetic fluid every few seconds from one side of the back of your head (otherwise known as the donor site) all the way across ending at the other side. That is just as painful as it sounds. Then they repeat the same thing only to the front of your hairline all the way across as this is where the doc cuts little holes into your face for the implanted hair to live. Ouch!! Repeat this procedure in my eyebrows because I want caterpillar on my face as well. At this point I was barely hanging on.

Once I was fully numb the doc came and removed quite a bit of my scalp back there and the 7 hour procedure was full underway. The staff was sweet, pleasant, patient. Always asking if I was okay, or needed anything. I was actually in and out of sleep for a large part of the surgery as the meds kicked in. A couple times during the implants one area would lose its numbness and the pain would be so strong they would numb me right back up. After it was over I went home expecting to sleep. The first night was pure agony. All the anestetia wore off and everything hurt like hell. I did not sleep at all. Per doc's order I was supposed to sleep sitting up the first night to prevent excessive swelling in the face. Sleep wasn't an option, the donor site throbbed like crazy, but not headache type throb, knife in your scalp type throb. I took the Tylenol 3 they gave me and it eased some of the pain but not enough to allow me to rest.

The next day the pain was cut in half by about 50%. I returned to the doc to have my hair shampooed (there is plenty of blood in your hair from the surgery). I found it to be soothing and very helpful with my scalp. I returned home and did nothing for the next 3 days. At this point, my eyes are swollen almost completely shut. The fluids injected to numb your hairline move down into your face and eventually end up in your eyes causing this puffy look as if u ate shellfish and had an allergic reaction to it. Not pretty. The doc gave me diuretic pills to help get rid of fluids but I think I may just have to tuff this thing out. I don't have any feelings in the top and front areas of my scalp, it's weird. The back is a little sore but nothing intolerable.

The new hair in the front looks like a five o'clock shadow type beard in the front of my forehead. It's laughable but I can see that when my hair does grow in naturally my face is going to have a nice soft look. No more big forehead! I'm excited and will keep you posted. Also I have nice thick eyebrows! The hairs will fall out but I have a nice preview of what to expect and I like them. Before I would pencil them in and god forbid I slept over my significant other's house that night, I'd wake up with my eyebrows imprinted on his clean pillowcase and nothing on my face. Humiliating. Soo in spite of everything, I'm giving this a "worth it" rating because hair is so important to framing the face and once I get thru the rough patches hopefully it will be worth it!

Okay so it has been almost a month and a half...

Okay so it has been almost a month and a half since my hairline implant and all is well. All swelling was gone by day 10. My hairs didn't fall out until this past weekend which was a bonus. The very front of my scalp and forehead are still numb. I alter between tingling and itching sensations in areas that are still numb to the touch. Very odd feeling. My eyebrow hair fell out right away. My donor scar healed nicely and the hair has begun to grow back. I guess its a waiting game from here on so I'll check in again at my 3 month mark.

So I am roughly at my 4 and a half month post op...

So I am roughly at my 4 and a half month post op mark and my hairs are growing in, my eyebrows came in very nice and thick. The front of my hair reminds me of when me and my sisters were young we'd try to make "baby hair" around the front frame of our faces. It softens my face a lot. We didn't expect the hairs to begin growing until 8 months post op so both my doc and myself were pleasantly surprised. Il be recording a YouTube video with him showing my results in October and will post the link here. All of the feeling has returned to my scalp. Im not sure about my donor area as I chose to keep a sew-in hairdo to allow my hair to grow without having to relax it. Overall, This surgery was absolutely worth it!!!!

I finally got around to adding pics. I posted the...

I finally got around to adding pics. I posted the before pics so you can have something to judge the after pics against. In the before pics, my eyebrows are drawn on and they still appear thin, notice the after pics, those are 100% my eyebrows, no makeup or pencils in them at all! huge difference. Also the hair framing my face is still in the short stubby stage but you see how full it is coming in. Hope this helps

I have noticed someone who claims to be an...

I have noticed someone who claims to be an assistant of a doctor posting comments about price and hair grafts here. DON'T TRUST THIS GUY. He sounds like a Nigerian scammer to me. No doctor will transfer 5000 grafts in one sitting. That's impossible. It took 8 hours for 1700 grafts in my case so you do the math. Just remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. And last thing, notice its overseas and that cheap price includes 3 nights stay. Smh c'mon son!

So I just had my touch up grafts done today and...

So I just had my touch up grafts done today and I'm so surprised. I have to say it was almost painless. I'm confused because I remember how excruciating the first procedure was yet this one was a cake walk. Dr E cut a very small area of hair in the back of my head and in all honesty when his staff began numbing me up I only felt the original pinch of the needle sliding in. After that it was painless. That's bizarre because the first time I was struggling. Go figure. I'm home in bed sitting up straight to prevent the fluids from coming down into my face. I'm also drinking lots of pineapple juice to get rid of the extra fluids and prevent swelling. I took a Tylenol 3 and slept a couple hours with no problem. So far so good. I also got an injection in my right nostril to fill in a small indent. That hurt but only took about 15 seconds and it was over. Lets see how things go. Will keep you updated.

Ok so it has been 2 weeks since I had my touch up....

Ok so it has been 2 weeks since I had my touch up. This was a scaled down version of the original procedure as far as I am concerned. The swelling was gone by day 5, the donor site is healed. Now I understand why he wanted to fill in the front, it really does make a big difference. I'll post pictures
Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is apparently very popular and for good reason, when you meet with him you recognize his genious right away. He is not rushed and comes across as genuine. Very well mannered and straight forward and talented. Consequently, be prepared to wait FOREVER no matter what time your appointment is scheduled for. The waiting area is cozy clean and quaint and you will get to know it well!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi, can I please contact you? I am considering this procedure and I would like to ask specific questions as well see before and after pics if possible. Thanks!
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Just read the email that is interesting.
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Im wondering what is going on and why did you remove your pics this is a public website they can do what they want with your pics.
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NewDo, first of all, I'm sorry you were not aware that RealSelf is a public website. We try to make it very clear that any content that is shared can be viewed publicly. This is how members find other members stories. On all new reviews we have a "I certify" check-box that has to be checked before your review can be submitted. It clearly states that all information will be public. It's also included in the terms of use for the site that is agreed upon when signing up to be a member. I'm also going to PM you directly to follow up.

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If this is true Alicia why do I have an email in my inbox from the company you hired to edit my review asking for my permission to use my review in your "My story" section and clearly stating you would not use my pictures without my consent? And yes I can post that thread here
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The email was to do a feature story, a "my journey". Varci was reaching out as an editor to feature your story and interview you. There was never a story written as she never heard back from you. Your review and the reviews posted on RealSelf are not edited.

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I am shopping around for the procedure to be done for my daughter; she was in sort of an accident. We live in GA, but I am willing to travel for the process; May you please email me @

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TiffTeen, please PM NewDo vs. including in the thread. All commentors received notification updates.

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Thank you so much for your review.I'm African and contacted Dr Epstein to restore my hairline was unfortunately damaged by poor styling choices even though the rest of my hair looks good.I've tried everything under the sun with no visible results. I particurlarly searched for a surgeon who has a successful track record with African hair and even consulted a South African surgeon.You've really convinced me about the procedure as the results are fantastic!Now,about the pain....LOL
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Hey Hun ur eyebrows look great are they fully grown in? Do they look natural ?? I was told that african American hair it curly which makes the eyebrows not look as natural do I agree because I'm thinking of gettin it done
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Hi Newdo, May I contact you? You look great and I am considering hair transplantation but I have specific questions I hope you can help with.
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Hi newdo...would you mind if i could talk to you one on one or by email. I have several questions and would love to talk to someone who has had an actual good experience,and who is african american. Most of my fam and friends think im crazy for wanting this procedure.
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Is there anyway I could email you or you could email me? I just wanna ask about the eyebrow transplant ! You look amazing!
  • Reply look amazing. My eyebrows are too high due to overly aggressive brow lift(s). I want the brows to "start" (move closer) to the side of the nose and also transplant hair below the original brow to perhaps give the illusion of lower brows. Think that's possible?
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Hi, I have to be honest, I have no idea! I'm not a doctor and wouldn't dare give out that type of advice. I will say you should schedule a free consult with Dr E if you are serious about the implants. He is the best. Good luck perfectionist (are we all..sigh. :-)
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Great review and play by play for an African American woman such as myself.Thank you so much!
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Glad I could help Lisa!
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I attempted to make a consulltaion appointment, but unless you apply for financing or can commit to doing the procedure, I was un-able to get an appointment. I went back and forth with Jon Hoffenberg and all said and done I couldnt even make an appointment. I told him that I needed to see the doctor in order to make a decision on what I want or even can do, and wasnt going to apply for financing until I knew what I was doing..I found the whole interaction completly tacky and as good of a dr he could be, I wouldn't know...All seemed so finacially based and unsettling. I have had SO MUCH stuff done, top notch docs and some not so top notch, and have never been pushed into money before even meeting the dr...or have even have had it discussed before we discussed what I needed first! I am very disapointed.
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WOW Westside I am shocked... That sounds absolutely opposite of the staff I know. I've never heard of this John person. And what you say he said sounds absurd because all consultations are free. Roxy is the person who scheduled all of my consults and surgery dates for me and I only discussed costs and payments at the end of the appointment like any other consultation. If u aren't too turn off by your experience, and I totally understand how that could leave a nasty taste in your mouth, you might call back and ask to speak with Roxy who seems to be Dr E's right hand woman to set things up. I'm sorry and dumbfounded that u had such a negative experience.
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Would you mind in boxing me a # to his real office so I can make an appointment? thank would be great!!
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I tried getting an appointment again and ONCE again this john guy goes right into financing and $ and costs, I mean how bad and desperate is that before I even meet or speak to the doctor. I would rather sent my money where I am not backed into a corner for financial obligation before even knowing what my options are.
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Your hair and eyebrows look really good! I use to have a great hairline but micro braids and bad weaves have destroyed my hairline and edges. I think i will give him a try. I'm so glad i found u up here, i've heard of this procedure but never seen an african american woman get it and have amazing results!!!! U look great!!! Thanks for your story!!!
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Thank u Shonteva. Good luck with yours as well and I hope you get great results as well.
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Keep me posted!
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