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Thin and irregular shaped eyebrows. The treatment...

Thin and irregular shaped eyebrows. The treatment was easy and painless and the results are amazing!

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My results speak for themselves, perfect brows that look totally natural. I visited the clinic on my own from overseas and was really nervous, but the Dr. and his staff are so friendly and put me totally at ease. Excellent follow-up service too. I would not hesitate to recommend my Dr. to anyone considering this procedure.

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Another query: is it be possible to take the donor hair from somewhere else such as the leg, foot or arm, which wouldn't require trimming?
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Yes, the scalp hairs transplanted to the eyebrows need to be trimmed typically once every 2 weeks.
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Hi. Does that mean the donor hair which has been put in the eyebrow will need to be trimmed forever? Or does it conform to the previous eyebrow hairs over time?
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I have never heard of eyebrow hair replacement that is really cool. Do they use the same process and hair? Is it done by the same kind of doctor who does regular hair transplant, what kind of hair do they use, does it hurt, what is the healing time? I'm so curious ;) Thanks for posting your review!


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Hi and thank you for your question.

Eyebrow restoration is one of the most aesthetically and technically challenging hair transplant procedures, but when performed properly, can create rather impressive results. The donor hairs typically come from the scalp, meaning that the hairs need to be trimmed every few weeks once they begin to grow in the eyebrow area. In a typical procedure, 250 to 300 grafts can be placed into each eyebrow, but this number can decrease in those patients with already existing eyebrows who are seeking an increase in density or a change in shape/appearance. Procedures take 2 to 3 hours to perform, is painless, and most patients can be fully presentable in 4 to 5 days. Having performed over 350 of these procedures over the past 5 years, the results can be quite impressive.
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