When Will I Notice Results? - Miami, FL

4 days ago I recieved 800cc of silicon oil...

4 days ago I recieved 800cc of silicon oil injection into my buttocks (400cc each) I have yet to notice a change in size. Im still a little sore but how long does it take to show results.

I know the complications and fully accept my risk, just inquiry about the results and timeline associated? Just a question...

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I would like to know if there is any place in tampa fl where I could go for silicone injections?
Can you please send me the info of the person you go to I real want tis done
this is why u go to a dr bc they will answer your questions u should know these answers before u get the "surgery"
I am looking to get them done. I live in Miami, can you direct me to a physician?
drs dont dot hem just random ppl go and buy things at walmart and home depot and injec it for u at their hous ei also live in miami if u drive down fl 826s u will c an advertisement for vanity plastic surgery and their butt surgery is only 4500 i went to a diff surgeon and paid more but my results r amazing he is based in miami beach

I got butt injections done Email me at xxx@AOL.com

Can you tell me how to contact someone for injections. Im in tampa fl. ***@gmail.com
upload pics of urs
u have to go a couple times. Each time it gets bigger
You are so right it it depends on the goal you have in mind and the size you are also getting you're butt injections are like building a house you have to lay the ground work 1st don't rush I'm going back on the 23rd of April to get 20 Oz then I'm going to stay and wait to rest a day then on the 25 I'm going to get 8 oz but this will be my 1st time going to get injected back to back within the same week.. Keep me and my friends in prayer.. I hope that you all meet you're goal and be safe I know after my two set of injects my but will go up two sizes bigger. Then I'm going to wait and go back June or July .. I say this to say you have to go more then once if you want a bigger butt . I want a normal butt i don't want a little bump but my goal is to have Nicki Minaj but one size bigger then I will be happy..
I got my shots this past Saturday and I want to know how soon will I see the growth of my new booty and when it itches does it mean its growing?
Your skin was stretch ed ...first time u will see a little bigger second time depending on your size an what u get injected with u should see a change
I hope you doing ok girl can you tell me where in Miami cause I'm looking to do it but I don't any info where to go please help me out. Get well soon!

I have been 4times to get my injections I can say the 3 hour drive is worth it.. You should see something besides injection marks on your butt the 1st time I paid 500 to get 2 four oz cups in each cheek the 1st time I couldn't see much of a change but then I just went last month and paid 1000 and got 5 cups I see a big difference but I'm going to go back two more times.. When I got mines done I looked at it and knew what she was using was the real thing,, u just have to make sure that you don't let someone talk u into getting a lot the 1st time when u do get your injections u can feel your butt getting bigger do not let no 1 use super glue on the injections to close the sites if anyone is going to get it done feel free to contact me if u any questions on what to look 4when u are looking for the person to do it or if u need to know how to take care of your injections also if anyone tell u to send them half of the money don't do it if they take u to a hotel don't do it because if they are sure that you won't get sick then why can't they do it in there home this is your life and don't let anyone talk u in 2 doing this if u are not sure also ask questions if the person is being rude then don't do it they should be able to answer all of your questions I've been knowing ppl who do the real injections as well as the ppl who will put bs in u just for a 1$ the injections I would never let no 1 touch my face .. If anyone have any questions ************@yahoo.com

I know many ppl want what they don't have I am one of them but be safe and careful. Because once you get silicone into your body it is a major Gamble. I am not telling you if I had it to do over that I wouldn't I love my injections and the person who inject me have been doing it for years in fact she inject many ppl that you see on T.V and top hip hop singers but does that mean that it is safe no. What I mean by that is no matter your income level ppl will go underground to get the injections so don't think only low income ppl are the only only ones who get the silicone injections because that is not the case.. I have had three plastic Surgeries before I went underground to get the injections I have paid over 60,000 for real Plastic surgery procedures. Don't think everyone who get butt injections are exotic dancers or strippers.. I'm a army wife with a job when I'm about to get my injections I fear that something can go wrong but it is the Selfish part of me that want to gamble with my life and body but I think god nothing has happen to me or my friends that take the 3 hour ride to go get our injections.. I could stay in the city I'm in and get the injections but I know a few ppl who do them in the state I live but I don't like some of there work and some of the females and males body look nice but are hard and some had Bruises in fact I know two Transsexuals that lie and pump ppl with stuff that they buy from a hardware store so with being said I'm not letting them come near me with Fix a flat or silicone that they get from Lowe's or Advance auto parts this is my body not a car or a bathroom Sink.. Just be safe and careful and don't get Greedy don't let the person give you the maximum at one time your 1st time find out something about the person who do the injections and be careful when you find someone who give you the person information who do the injections because sometimes the person who do the injections will make a deal with them to give them some free injections or take money off of there injections or pay them a fee for every person that they send to them.. If you hear the name Carmen or ms G run don't let them touch you and there are many ppl saying they are Legit don't send no 1 money for a Deposit to do your injections if they are who they say they are a underground pumper make 10,000 a day so they will careless if u come or not so if u find a person and they keep calling u don't do it because that person is not who they say they are.. One last thing don't let anyone do under your cheeks or near the area where your Sciatic nerves are .. Be safe and I wish you all the best .. I'm happy to say it is 4 others ppl that go with me each time I get my injections and we all Started this This journey together and god has been with us every step of the way .. When u go to get your injections take someone with you that you trust because you want to make sure that if anything happen to you that that one person you trust Have your best interest at hand.. God bless be safe I hope you all Research the pro and cons with this before you get your injections.
Sunshine when you get injections you should see a change.. Be careful when I get my injections the person who inject me don't do cc"s she do oz and my 1st time I paid 500 $ for to 4oz cups so I got a cup in one cheek and a 4oz cup in the other I didn't see much change at 1st but I knew what my butt looked like before and after it was a small change then after that I paid 1000$ to get 5 cups of 4oz silicone then that is when I seem a major change but still silicon when injected you can feel a change in your butt when you are getting injected its like I can feel where I'm being injected Rise and get bigger I'm not going to lie the 1st time I prayed because of the pain also my 2nd time but after that I knew I wanted it and no matter the pain of the injections I was going to lay there and get them.. Just be safe if u do find someone to do your injections

@sunshine1021, where did you go in Miami? I've been going in Philly for over a year and um tired of flying up there LOL...Could you email me? ***********@yahoo.com.

Be careful who u choose just cause she went doesnt mean anything an then she doesnt c results...u still wanna go...sum people mixx there silicon with fix a flat or other mixers...more money quicker results but u go down faster couple mnths if that..u need straight silicon..

please email me ***********@******.com

so where were yu injected because the sciatic nerve is almost in the middle of your butt and yu said dont inject under the cheeks why?
What I was saying if I didn't write it was don't let the injector go near the Sciatic nerves nor under the cheeks. I have been going to maryland to get my injections.
When I am injected my injections goes on the top where you would get a Birth control shot also on the sides of my cheeks .. And why I say don't let anyone inject you under the cheeks because I was speaking to a doctor that I go to and have been going to for years and I told her that I wanted to get the injections and was going to order a Hydrogel kit and a friend of mines that work in a doctor office was going to inject me she told me to be-careful and if I was set on doing it where to allow the person to inject me because everyone body is different and you have Nerves in more places then the other so to be safe just stay away from that area . that was my 1st plan until to go with Hydrogel after looking for years for someone with the Medical grade silicon but my hard work paid off and I'm thankful.
Hit the wrong key sorry ... That was my 1 st plan to go with hydrogel until I found a injector and it all worked out for me. I know other injectors in my city but I loved the look the touch and the feel of the ppl I knew that went to her . I knew that I wanted her to inject me.
Yassy 212 I got the info