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Ok, first let me say that I am sooo excited, this...

Ok, first let me say that I am sooo excited, this is something that I have wanted to do for the past few years, my BBL is scheduled for March 31st! Just one week!

I am 5'3" & 128lbs with a fairly decent shape (hips & thighs) just no dunk to go with it. Not looking to be a buffy the body, but a cute round derrier would surely make me feel better in my 2 pc this summer.

I am in school and I am using my spring break week as one week of recovery, I am traveling from Missouri to Miami Beach for the week and am a bit nervous about the recovery period and pain.

If there is anyone on here that has previously had a BBL and can give me any pointers on simple tasks like; showering, using the bathroom, driving, walking and on a smooth recovery please do.

Wish me luck!!

I will post my before and afters when I get back from MIAMI.

Recovery isnt bad at all....i was off pain killers in two days and tylenol did the trick... Good luck!
Wow! I hope I'm a champ like u;). I'm getting nervous now that my time is get closer. I have ten days left, next Friday is my new birth Hope everything is going good and look forward to seeing some pix. Happy Healing!
Wow you are pretty lucky. Im still taking mine just not as often. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be off all together!

Day One: Ok so day one was not so good! First, I...

Day One: Ok so day one was not so good! First, I was uber calm about the whole thing until I walked into the operating room for the procedure. Don't know why, but it was the scariest feeling. Once the anesthesiologist put the IV in my arm I was out like a light.
After the surgery was over I was woke up and told the surgery went fine and that all was good. I will admit I was in a great deal of pain which wore off after taking pain meds. The ride home from the procedure was very uncomfortable since you have to sit on your side. Did I forget to mention, fat was taken from my inner and outer thighs along with my stomach, sides and lower back . My Doctor used tumescent liposuction which I've been told works best for fat transfer. Once I got back to the condo we rented I went straight to sleep only to wake to pain again. Took my pain meds and fell back asleep. After waking I felt much better and decided to take a short walk to the end of the block and back, then back to sleep. As you can see day one for me was mostly a sleep day. I also found it much easier to lay on my stomach then on my sides however my lower back does get stiff from time to time. Oh, and I forgot to add that you will leak a lot of saline this first day so don't panic! You will notice that the most will come out of the lowest incision which for me was my inner thighs. I bought some bed pads to keep from messing up the sheets which I've had to change every 2 hours. I'm drinking plenty of water to ensure healing goes well. The post surgery garment that I am wearing seems pretty comfy (has a hole in crotch for using the restroom), I've read so many other blogs that said they hated wearing it but this one is pretty good to me.

Day Two: Feeling ok, had a Dr Appt this morning to take off the bandages and was told that everything looks fine. I got a chance to see my incision lines and they are sooo tiny. I'm sure they will heal wonderfully. I've been taking my pain meds about every 4-5 hours and antibiotics every 8 hours as advised. I also bought some arnica tablets which I use every 2 hours to help with the pain, swelling and bruising. I'm still kinda swollen however the leaking has stopped. Once I got back to the condo I was able to take a shower, standing for long periods of time tends to make my legs hurt so the rest of the day for me was resting and watching tv.

Day Three - Day Four: These days there were minor bouts of pain. Nothing major to note.

Day Four - My final check up, I was told that I am healing wonderfully and that I can start putting noesporin on my incisions until my stitches are taken out on the 7th day by a RN back home and that after the stitches are out I can start using a cream that they provided to minimze the scarring.

Day Five - Today is my 2.5 hour flight home. Pain still minimal, I started taking my pain meds only every 8 hours opposed to every 4 as recommended. The flight was relatively uncomfortable in that I had to sit on my side with a pillow onder one leg at all times to prevent me from sitting flat but not unbearable.

Day Six - Today I noticed my undergarment weas a bit loose so I decided to try the smaller one that I purchased and I canactually fit it. There is still a great deal of swelling in my lower abdomen but minimal in my thighs and hips. Im looking forward to the end result.
I weigh more than you guys... My,doctor only lipod my back and said he was only able to put 275ccs on eachside.... I guess ill be doing the procedure again!! I see results, but I said jlo butt....
Do u have n e pix?
How much do you weigh? Can you tell a difference with only having 275ccs put in?

Day Seven - Had my stitches taken out and it was...

Day Seven - Had my stitches taken out and it was painless. I had a total of 16 itty bitty incisions from my upper knees to my lower back. I started rubbing scar cream on my incisions today as well. I can actually say that today has been the first time that I have been able to stand up straight and walk although Im still walking a bit slow.
New Haven... thanks for the play by play. Gotta remember to get that walk in.
Girl2... I think your derrier looks great. If you go bigger then will you feel proportioned? BTW... who was your doc?
Thank you, it would be perfect a little bigger, I dont want it too huge. My doctor is dr.cheng, he is located in danville, ca. he does a wonderful job.

Photo Update

Hey ur about my size and I would love to see ur after result pics
do you have any after pics did you not find any good docs in MO just asking cause I live in KS and just started the process of looking and i really didnt wanna travel if I didnt have to
Will you post your after pics???
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