Vaser Lipo Post Op Update - Day 5 - Miami, FL

I chose to have lipo on my flanks, upper &...

I chose to have lipo on my flanks, upper & lower abdomen and lower back so that I could achieve more of an hour glass figure than I was naturally able to attain through regular dieting / working out. I opted for Vaser over traditional lipo because I couldn't afford to take too much time off from work AND generally preferred a less invasive approach.

I was awake throughout the entire (4 hour?) process and walked out within 15 minutes of its completion.

My doctor's approach involved 3 steps: 1- application of tumescent fluid under the skin by way of a thin, long needle to numb the area and minimize bleeding; 2- a second (larger) rod used to melt the fat (this is the vaser); 3- a third rod used to suction the melted fat out.

In general, the initial numbing was a bit painful (until the anesthetic kicked in). The second process I could hardly feel, except for the occasional jab in a place that wasn't entirely numb. The suctioning was not painful- again, except in a couple of instances.

My doctor removed close to 3 liters of fat, then transferred 350-400 ccs into each buttock.

The fat transfer process (in my opinion) should've involved a different numbing approach as the under-skin fluid was not enough to numb the entire area. Because of this, I found this part to be nearly intolerably painful- particularly since the Dr was at times injecting fat into or near the gluteal muscles (OUCH!).

The first couple of nights were not easy for me. Everything hurt once the under-skin anesthetic faded- especially the buttocks, lower back and flanks. I used Oxycodone to kill the pain and was able to sleep well.

By the third day, my bandages were replaced and I'd received my first ultrasound treatment (to minimize swelling). This was the first time I could see the results.

In spite of significant swelling in the lower back/abdomen AND having gotten my Period, I'd already lost 2 inches on my waist AND was even 1 pound lighter.

As of Day 5, I'm 2 lbs lighter and have a flat upper belly- though the swelling seems to be traveling downward (so my lower back and lower belly are still "watery" and puffy). I have nearly no bruising and have already lost 1 of the stitches (lower right ab), exposing a scar so small, it resembles a pink scratch.

So far, I'm VERY PLEASED with results- though not sure at all about the fat transfer as I cannot see any difference at all with the shape of my derriere. (This may be because the lower back puffiness is negating the whole "curve" effect). Let's see.

More to follow, including BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES, later.

One Week After Vaser to Abs, Flanks, Lower Back...

One Week After Vaser to Abs, Flanks, Lower Back & Fat Transfer to Buttocks.

Dr. Juan Castillo-Plaza

Very friendly, accommodating, comforting. Focused on results.

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Do you have any photos? I would sooo appreciate it. I'm considering Dr. Castillo to have BBL, BA, and Lipo
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Dr. Juan Castillo Plaza turns out he's an OB-GYN?!? I was dead set on going to him until I researched him. He offers EXCELLENT deals on Lipo. I am looking and search for anyone who had gone to him and I'm not turning much info. Just this review...hmmm. Do u know anyone?
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Is this the Juan Castillo located in Weston, Fl?
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I had my tummy done last Friday, so today is 7 days out. I still have a great deal of soreness. My incisions are healing well and do not appear to be infected at all, but I have lots of bruising, swelling and the bumpiness is driving me insane. I am wearing my compression garment as much as I can tolerate, but for the most part this is the worst medical procedure I have ever been through. Am I just being impatient? I know he said it would be 3 months before I see the final results, but I didn't expect to look this bad after a week.....please, any advice?
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girl i hear ya im on my 6th day , i had a brazilian but fat transfer frim my water jet lipo to my stomach and waist section and just because of the swelling and fat but that i now have i cant stand it. i hate the discomfort. i shoulda starved and joined a gym im sure id get same or better results. i was planning on going to st. thomas with my husband and just told him were going to have to cancel cuz im not going anywhere with a bruised big but thats way to big and soreness all over my waist. i dont want to wait, i regret it. cuda been on vacation!

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Just posted before & after shots, though I cannot see them here yet. Suppose it takes some time to post? Standby for more updates ....
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They don't seem to be posting but if you want to PM them to me I can post them for you.

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Hello, Britt. I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures but ... can't see where to do that within this thread. Can you help me please?
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Hi MM, Actually you can't post pictures in a thread. If you go back up to your review, there is a place that says "update" it will let you post pictures that way. Let me know if that still doesn't work. -Britt
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That's so great, thanks for the update, and yes after you are all healed we would love pictures.


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Hello, Britt! I'm feeling nearly healed and (last night) discovered a sudden curve on my back! Aleluyah! Day 6 (5 days after surgery!) and already such results! I'm amazed. My belly is much flatter than it already was (it's now starting to be smaller than my rib cage which is how it was pre-baby!).

On the less than awesome side, the skin on top of my belly continues to be bumpy and cushiony. And I am still pretty numb below my c-section area.

I have before pics, but am not wanting to take after pics until I reach my 1 week milestone (on Thursday).

Stay tuned-
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Hi MM,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. This is really detailed review which is great. How are you doing today, do you have pictures?



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