Vaser Lipo After Having One Child 6 Years Ago - Miami, FL

I've always had this annoying...

I've always had this annoying "pooch" on my stomach and a back roll on the bra line. I'm at 146 lbs right now, used to be at 120 lbs. Not looking to lose weight, just feel a little more comfortable in my clothing.

Hi there, good luck with your surgery, I hope everything goes well for you! Please make sure you update us and let us know how everything goes.


I had my vaser lipo done yesterday! My appointment...

I had my vaser lipo done yesterday! My appointment was at 11am, however I did not get it started until 1:30pm. While waiting, we watched "Yes Man" on TV in the waiting room. I know they had someone before me, so maybe that person was late to their appointment -- but anyways! They didn't have a bra that would fit me, so my breasts were covered with a blanket. My husband was just as nervous as I was. One man came in and took pictures. The woman nurse came and gave me a pill with water. I thought he was the doctor, but he was actually a nurse. The doctor came after a while and marked me up. Said goodbye to my husband and they walked me over to the operating room. They started the IV and put up a sheet in front of me so I could not see. I started to relax (I'm pretty sure because of the IV) because I know for a fact I kept shaking out of being so nervous. I kept apologizing to the doctor and nurses. Started to feel some kind of needles or something. It was kind of uncomfortable. Once it got up to my side, it was extremely comfortable. That's all I remember! Next thing I know, I'm waking up in another bed with a very sweet nurse helping me. She helped me put my husband's pajama bottoms over the garter and a tank top. She then wheeled me out with my husband as he went to get our car. I fell asleep on the ride home. Once we got home, I took my antibiotic at 8pm and kept sleeping. Woke up at 1am, used the bathroom and laid back down. My husband and I decided to play a game of Left for Dead 2 on XBOX 360. Then we fell asleep for about an hour and a half. Woke up at 4am and took another antibiotic with a pain pill. I'm bleeding quite a lot on one side. Even with the garter on, I must say I'm really excited!! Everything looks so tiny compared to before. Before surgery, I was at 143.8 lbs. Once home, I weighed 151.1 lbs. Weighed myself a little while ago, I'm at 149 something lbs. Again, I don't care how much I weigh, as long as I'm a little smaller! :) Definitely going to post up a few pictures soon. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday.

Post up 3 days - Went for my ultrasound massage....

Post up 3 days -
Went for my ultrasound massage. Taking off the bandaging wasn't too bad. The ultrasound was okay, just annoying. I love the way things look so far. Posted some new pictures :)
It was $1800 for the full front and $1800 for the full back. I opted for full front and half top back ($900). They waived the office fee for me. The rep who kept trying to force me to do this would call about 3-4 times a days, trying to work out deals for me. I'm sure she just desperately wanted business (or commission). The office fee was supposed to be $400.
They have a special for vaser lipo $1800. did you do that and the price went up once you got the lipo?
I don't remember because I didn't meet him until the minute of the surgery, but I *believe* it was Dr Castro

So I had a second massage scheduled for last...

So I had a second massage scheduled for last Friday at the Kendall office. For the second time, they had to either send me to a different location, or reschedule. I live further down south than the Kendall office and the other offices are just too far for me. I just had it rescheduled for Monday. Hopefully they won't cancel this appointment because the last time I had to drive almost a hour just for a massage! Talk about annoying.
I had vaser with her 2 days ago. Did my arms abs back and chin. Staff has been great and caring. I am in a lot of pain and can't get up from my chair without help and can barely walk. We are suppose to be driving back to New Orleans in 2 days and work in 4. I don't think that is possible due to not being able to all of this pain. My abs are very lumpy but still swollen and only 2 days out so I hope this will go away. She gave me foam to put under garment to try and stop creasing. I am hoping a miracle happens in the next day or 2 that i could go home and back to work Monday but as of right now not seeing it.
Hope ur feeling takes awhile...I am sorry your in soo much pain....keep us posted...BEST OF LUCK!!!
I have lipo with her on tues oct 2nd. Doing abs back chin an arms very nervous cause I have to be back to work on the Monday after thanks for sharing cause I have been looking for people who have went to dr pascual
Pascual MD

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