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I just had the Ultherapy today and it was so...

I just had the Ultherapy today and it was so painful. I had to stop numerous times,I squirmed terribly and I actually cried due to the pain.
10/10 for pain especially the lower neck, jawline and above the eyebrow (felt like an electric shock to my brain)

I did not have any topical or injectable anesthetic nor did I take a valium and percocet - I really wish that I would have had something. I actually felt bad for the doctor.

I didn't think I had a low tolerance for pain but it was a tough hour and a half long procedure.

I'm looking forward to the results as everything I read seemed positive. The pain subside immediately after the procedure but my skin is a little red and tight.

I'm 46 and have very good skin (I do use retin a, do at home peels and at home microdermabrasions) and but did the Ultherapy as a preventative measure and too have a more youthful apprearance.

I will update my post in 1 month with the results.


Good Luck, I look forward to hearing how you feel it turns out for you.
I don't understand why you felt bad for the doctor...I'd think you'd be mad, because they did nothing to help minimize your pain.
I felt bad because he was clearly anguished by my pain and neither of us were expecting it to be that bad. 4 days later the swelling is still there and slowly going down but I can at least go to work. I have been using lots of ice and taking Bromelain. I don't agree with any of the providers websites that state there is no downtime or it is not painful. I'm hopeful within the next 30-60 days it will all be worth it.

2- 1/2 Weeks since Ultherapy Most of the...

2- 1/2 Weeks since Ultherapy

Most of the swelling is gone. I saw a friend last night and she said she still saw a little bit of swelling but has noticed an improvement on my appearance. A colleague a couple of days ago said she noticed a positive difference also.

I still have an unusual tingling at my hairline above my right eye when I touch it. Hope it subsides soon. My skull is a slightly sensitive and tender.
I still have slight tightening feeling in my neck and jawline.

I have been very vigilant about lots of water, juicing, bromelain, aleve and icing(once a day), good sleep and very minimal alcohol.

I'm still very positive about eventually noticing a more youthful appearance - I'm seeing a little positive difference already.

Will post update again in 2-3 weeks.
Btw, I am 46 years old and felt this was a much more viable alternative than plastic surgery.
I am also interested in where you had the procedure done and if you have any more recent follow up shots. I am looking into this and Aluma for my neck. Thank you.
Hi! I also am in Miami, and considering this procedure for my jawline and under chin. Would you mind telling me from whom you received your treatment? Would you recommend them? Also, was the an option they offered for topical or injectable anesthetic? And, lastly, I would Love to see the before and after photos if you could. Thank you!
Busyindc: Ultherapy uses ultrasound not radiofrequency.. I certainly respect your opinion but it is FDA approved so I believe there is proven technology in the procedure versus hokus pokus. In spite it being a painful procedure for me(each person experiences it differently) I am slowly seeing positive results and improvements in my face. All the best.

Week # 6 or 7 after the Ultherapy I have...

Week # 6 or 7 after the Ultherapy

I have noticed an improvement especially above the eyes. The overall improvement is subtle but definitely noticeable.
I can still feel a little of the tightening as well but certaining not as much.since the procudeure.

Again, still drinking lots of water, no sun, very minimal alcohol, facials and juicing (cucumbers especially) and just overall trying to step up to a healthier regimine so that I can maximize the benefits of the Ultherapy.

My friends can tell the difference and I can as well in pictures.

I would still recommend Ultherapy as an viable alternative to plastic surgery or a first step before not just from a price perspective but also a perspective that there no cutting or incisions.

2 1/2 months since Ultherapy

It's been 2 1/2 months since my Ultherapy. I am actually very pleased with the results.
I saw a colleague, who I hadn't seen since just after Ultherapy, and she said my face looked amazing and she could tell the difference.

Again, I'm still keeping a healthy regime: juicing, keeping very hydrated, peels and good sleep.

I would recommend Ultherapy.
Congrats on your positive results and thank you for the updates. Do you have any pictures to share?

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