TT & B Implante + Areola Fix - Miami, FL

I am 160 pounds, 5.4 32 year mother of 3 : 10 ,...

I am 160 pounds, 5.4 32 year mother of 3 : 10 , 12 , 16 in my country they make me a c section pararlel and I did rest too much that why my scar look ugly I have my first children when I was 16 sinse this age I never could shown my abdomen in public and never wear a a swiming suit of 2 piieces now with a sacrifice of one year i pay my surgery in layaway so

Tomorrow is my Big Day

I am so nervous my surgery going to be tomorrow in the morning les see what happen them I feel like this day no pass soooooo nervous and The whole week I was eating a lot I hope don't be bad but ......,esta historia continuara


me duele

9 dias despues

Bueno ya pasaron 8 fdias despues de mi cirugía las tetas me gustan yo c que van a irse poniendo en su lugar poco a poco
Pero el tummy tuck esta horrible no me gusta lo que mi doctor me hizo pero el me dijo laverdad que yo no era candidata a tummy tuck por mi tipo de piel ISO lo que pudo y bueno me resignare a los resultados

400cc implantes salinos

9 días después de mi cirugía poco a poco se verán los resultado
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Thanks for sharing your journey with us . You look fantastic . Ill be sure to keep you posted after my TT and BBL surgery on January 13th . Until be blessed and safe
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Did they give u pain meds n muscle relaxer it helped w the pain
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Sorry ur in pain the first two days I kept throwing up snd w the yt? It felt like the end of the world. Was really bad I know u can get threw this love look at my pics from day one to now day 8 nothing I went through this phase of why did I do this to myself but when I look back at the pictures and at some results I am grateful
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meant to say I was throwing up and with the Tummy tuck. it felt like the end of the world because I was in so much pain
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Good luck to you
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Best of luck
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Good luck
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Good Luck!
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Good luck!!
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Well good luck honey n keep me posted . I cant to see the new u
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Best of luck!
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