Tummy Tuck Nightmare - Miami, FL

I am 6month post op full tummy tuck. My abd has...

I am 6month post op full tummy tuck. My abd has not healed. My surgent has r/t to poor wound healing. It has been a nightmare for me. My surgent is out of state, so I have to rely on phone calls and emails. After speaking with surgent, he doesn't know what it could be that is preventing my abd from healing, but had a number of possibility. He wants me to come back Fl to further assess promblem. I can't take time off. In the meantime, a new wound open underbelly and continues to drain. I have seen general surgent r/t wound opening and f/u abcess. He suggest exploratory surgery. He thinks possible stitch abcess or infect stitch that need to be removed. At this point, I don't know what to think or do. I am more afraid than anything. I feel like things are out of my control. A elective surgery gone horrible wrong. I am due to have a revision at the end of year, by same plastic surgent but due to complications, need to be closer to home. I saw another ps, he thinks I need infection diease consult to help identify problem and heal wounds. No revision. He doesn't specialize in revision. I need to figure out what to do next before my health becomes compromised.


I mean.. Who removed your stitches? After how long..? I don't thing it have to do with Dr. Ortega's skills.. It look more than something else going wrong on your side at the recovery time at home... Waited to long... Get help please!! I live in florida if you need my help inbox me and I will give u my number.. I be more than happy to help in any way possible!!
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I'm looking at the date of your surgery.. It been 6 month... No, no, no, sorry my sister.. I wouldn't waited so long... That's a lot of time of waiting.. Sorry, I'm sure there was something else wrong in your recovery time that caused to get to this point.. If you didn't do a journey in daily basic.. You will never know the cause of the wound not healing properly.. How removed your stitches? Prayers for you sister.. Dr. Ortega is a sweetheart and very picky doing his tummy tuck.. In this case.. It's know his fault.. You denied to come back to See him.. Plus waited so long to get medical help.. That's a no, no.. Your health come first.. Get medical attention immediately after any complications!! Prayers!!
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I'm so sorry to hear about your complications... I will be praying for you! There could be so many thing going on at this point.. It very important that you prepare your body months before surgery and after.. Dr. Ortega is very well known in Miami for his excellent talent in tummy tuck .. Now you have to be very honest to your self... And go back to day number 1 of surgery... To present time.. That's why I take notes in a daily basic of my recovery time.. Very important!! How soon did u went back home? Did you got your massages and ultrasound done? Do you smoke? Have you been taking your antibiotic on time? I'm sorry it could be so many things.. Your health is very important.. As soon as You notice a sign of anything going wrong.. The first thing is to come back to your surgeon and visit the emergency room..! If it's some type of infection the ER needs to keep u in the hospital.. I wouldn't waist no time.. If one hospital doesn't help, I would go to another one.. You can't let this situation to progress.. You have to act quick.. I will be praying!! Take notes of every single step during the day.. And go to the ER.. If you need to return to the ER 100 x do it.. Don't stay at home.. It's your health!!
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Tummy Tuck nightmare

It has been a year since my tummy tuck surgery, it all healed. My tummy is still not how I wanted it. The surgical line is irregular. One side is higher than other. I had difficult time returning to Miami to follow up with Dr Oretga. I am from Maryland. I found a Dr.Michael Cohen. He is a surgent and Plastic Surgent. He is excellent. Love him to death. He attempted to correct some of the flaws in the incision line. I would love to have a revision performed, but

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Tummy tuck nightmare

Here some pics. It looks better.


I am having trouble too with a tummy tuck from ortega. right following surgery a part of my incision remained red and now 12 days later I have an open 'quarter' (coin) sized gaping unhealed wound, with the looks as though another an inch away is beginning. Non smoker, followed all my directions, took all my meds etc etc, yet here |I am.
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What clinic did you have your surgery at ?
Images cosmetic clinic sorry it took so long to get back to u
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