I have wanted a tummy tuck for over 15 years and...

I have wanted a tummy tuck for over 15 years and have been bothered by my nose since my teens. I have decided it is time for me to fix these imperfections and have scheduled a tummy tuck and rhinoplasty for January 15th, 2013. I am also considering lower and upper eyelid surgery to take care of some minor hooding.

I am 51 years young and have two beautiful grown children. I work in an industry that strives on vibrance, youthfulness, and energy, but relies on mature experience. I take good care of myself physically and feel mentally young; but I am looking forward to feeling as vibrant on the outside as I do on the inside.

I met with my chosen PS and his staff on 10/24/12 and discussed my plans for surgery. I was given a folder with all kinds of information regarding the procedures I am getting and what to expect. His office provides a lot of the items I will be needing for both pre and post op. One less thing to worry about!

On 12/13/12 I received the go-ahead from my primary Doctor to proceed with my surgeries. I did all the required blood and urine tests last week and today completed my ekg. I have submitted my 20% down payment to hold my surgery date, so it is a go!

I feel I have done my research well and feel I have selected a Doctor who is up to date on the latest techniques and procedures and shows a maturity and excellence in his work. His support staff seem dedicated and loyal to his practice and patients, and his office is comfortable and welcoming.

I plan on staying at my mother's house for several weeks and know her TLC wiIll help with my recovery. Luckily, I am self-employed and have full control of when I will go back to work. I have planned very well to do absolutely nothing else but concentrate on my healing to the fullest. I am so grateful to have my mother to help me!

I have read through many of these blogs for advice and I am not skimping on items I know will make my recovery easier; I purchased a used walker, toilet seat riser, and shower seat at the local thrift store and have reserved my electric lift chair rental. I also ordered a rolling laptop table for the convenience and ease of reaching items I may need.

I have posted some PreOp photos of my tummy and a side view of my nose. I will continue to read the blogs on this site as I find them reassuring and very helpful; I look forward to any advice from those who made it to the flat-side.

I will post more thoughts and news on my impending surgery as the date gets closer ...

Welcome to the community:)

Good luck with your surgery. Your tummy is going to look great! Your before pics are really good. I had mine in march. Just be patient. It's a healing process.

Today I had my PreOp visit and it went well. I...

Today I had my PreOp visit and it went well. I had tons of paperwork to read and fill out and made the final payment on my surgery. After a brief picture taking session of my stomach from all sides, I met with my PS and discussed the upcoming surgery and any concerns. Surprisingly, I felt very at ease and almost excited that the big day is almost here. I will be first up on Tuesday 1/15/13! The countdown to the flat side begins!

The Dr. and his staff have been exceptional as have my family and close friends. It is important to surround yourself with positive energy and people. I have only had a couple of folks give me negative feedback and little support. It is hard to think positive when there a those who think they are helping with their negative comments. I have been thinking about having this surgery for a long time ...

I have started my iron supplement regimen and the rest of this week will be dedicated all the last minute details like picking up my prescription meds, although I feel I am ahead of the game at the moment.

I am having multiple procedures (tummy tuck, nose job, and upper/lower lids) therefore I have removed the picture of the side-view of my nose and plan to start another post with pictures in the rhinoplasty forum.

I am three days out from my scheduled tummy tuck. ...

I am three days out from my scheduled tummy tuck. I have been taking my iron, multi-vitamin, and vitamin C supplements as prescribed during PreOp. Today I start Bromelain. Aside from my recliner rental being delivered on Monday, I think I am ready for this. Saying a prayer and thankful that my Mother and Aunt are here to take care of me during my recovery. Also thankful for this site; the comments and suggestions have been a wealth of knowledge, have answered a lot of my questions, and have helped ease my fears. Here is the the final countdown to the flat side ...

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I am...

Can't believe tomorrow is the big day. I am scheduled to arrive at my PS office at 7:30am. My mom will be with me up to when I go into surgery and that makes feel better for sure. Fighting off a little cold but the PS seems to think I will be fine. Drinking lots of fluid and feeling a little congested but not too bad; no sneezing or coughing. Hoping for the best. Will post pics from the flat side.
good luck tomorrow. Hope that cold dosen't develop any further. Hope it all goes really well for you. Suzi
Good luck!! You will do great. :)
Good luck tomorrow! I am going in for 7:00 for my TT and I am both very excited and very nervous! Happy healing to you! Let's talk soon! :)

Feeling pretty good Day 1 Post Op. I arrived at...

Feeling pretty good Day 1 Post Op. I arrived at 7:30am and was greeted by the nurse who went over my meds and what to expect. My cold seemed to clear itself up overnight so I was very happy that I did not have to postpone my surgery.

I had a brief consultation with Dr. H and he marked me up; I was in surgery 4 hours and recovery for abut an hour. The whole OR team was excellent and I felt at ease and in good hands from the get go.

I also had my upper and lower eyelids done, rhinoplasty and a chemical peel. The chemical peel was probably the worst of the surgeries because of the burning, but it felt like a bad sunburn; nothing cold compresses could not take care of.

I originally purchased bags of frozen peas but found that they were cumbersome and the peas got mushy. I found a product at CVS called Peas. This is a great cold/hot compress product and is a good size for the face. I purchased the rectangle shaped ones but also bought the kiddie style goldfish and star fish, too. These compresses are like the same material baby teething products are made of. I highly recommend them.

During the mark up session I was told that i had a 4" separation of my stomach muscles, This was not surprising since I do yoga and pilates and have never had success in getting slim and trim around my mid section. I also had lipo of the hips so i am really excited to see the final results; should be an amazing difference.

My mother has been wonderful, helping me change dressings, keeping track of my meds, and feeding me. She had been keeping up with my meds and tracking my drainage amounts. I could not do this without her. She is my Angel.

I am also very happy with my electric recliner rental and the walker, toilet riser, rolling computer desk and Contour Back Max pads I purchased.

My first PostOp visit is Thursday. Looking forward to seeing my progress during my recovery. So far so good.
So glad to hear you're doing well!
Hope your surgery went well and hope you are feeling well. Cheers to both of us for getting to the flat side safely. Positive vibes coming your way for a speedy recovery.
Sooo happy for you!

Yesterday was my first PostOp visit to my PS. The...

Yesterday was my first PostOp visit to my PS. The PS was stuck in surgery so I saw one of the OR nurses. She removed my binder and examined my incision and drains. It was pretty uneventful. So far so good. I love the placement of my belly button and my scar is super low and I am very happy about that. The scar is also clean and straight. Dr. H did an amazing job. My drains are situated near my hips instead of over my pubic area and so far they have been of no issue.

My swelling has ben minimal and I think it is due to really watching my salt intake and taking Bromelain. And the bruising from the lipo of my hips is really minimal too thanks to the Arnica Forte. If your PS has not suggested these two supplements, I highly recommend them!

I will say that getting out of the house, even if it was for a coupe of hours, was exhausting and I was happy to get back home and back into my recliner. I cannot say enough how much help my mother has been to me. What a blessing it is to have her here to help me.

My next visit will be on Monday and I will have the pain pump removed. Aside from having to wear it from a pouch hanging from around my neck, the pump has really helped with keeping my pain to a minimal.

To all of my fellow January tummy tuckers, keep a positive attitude, drink lots of water, and don;t forget to walk every two to four hours. To all of you future tummy tuckers, we are waiting to welcome you to the flat side, too!
You sound like your doing great! I am 9 days post op and i swear by the arnica and bromelain also. As of day 6 I no longer felt my MR, i think supplements helped with that. I have also stayed away from salt but still get little swelling in evening. Rest lots and put your feet up! Wish you fast healing!
So glad to hear you are feeling good! Did you start your supplements before the surgery?
As per my PS instructions, I started taking a multivitamin plus 2 iron pills two weeks before surgery. I started two Bromelain per day 3 days before surgery and will do this until seven days after surgery. I started arnica forte for bruising immediately after surgery two times a day and will continue for a week. There are 14 pills in the bottle. I also started an acidolphilus supplement the day after surgery to ward off any yeast infections I may get from the prescribed antibiotic. Also the week of surgery I started 1,000 mg of vitamin C. As far as pain meds, I am on percocet and take one every 4 to six hours; in between I take one tylenol extra strength. I purchased a walker at the local thrift store for $10 and this has been great. Makes getting up and walking every 2 - 4 hours easier. So worth it. Good luck to you. You will do fine. :)

Thank goodness to all the positive powers that be....

Thank goodness to all the positive powers that be. Today is Day 6 of PostOp and I am feeling pretty great today. Dr. H removed my pain pump today and I was glad to get that bag off of my neck; it was so cumbersome and heavy. I think the pain pump meds ran out Friday evening so I was a little uncomfortable over the weekend. I took my percosets and tylenol religiously but could not really find a happy medium. I was grateful for my nightly valium and counted the hours until I would see the Dr. on Monday.

So today Dr. H came in and examined my stomach and was very pleased. My scar is super low and my belly button is perfect. There is very little swelling. I made sure that I would have pain pills to make it to this visit today and asked him if I could get something a little stronger than tylenol to help with the next few weeks of recovery. He prescribed a few Vicodin to get me through it and that was a big relief.

So now I am supposed to check my drains once a day and once they are draining at 25cc or less, they will be removed. The drains have been in one week and have been of no issue at all. I think it is because of the placement of these drains being by my hips and not over my pubic area. I also feel that being able to have them in longer has greatly reduced any swelling and have helped me stay comfortable.

I will post pics of my new tummy once the drains have been removed, but needless to say I am looking pretty good in my clothing even with the side drains. I am so happy that Dr. Hochstein is new school and up on current techniques. He is a wonderful surgeon and an artist in his own right. Kudos to Dr. Hochstein and his wonderful staff.
I would love to see your results. I seen Dr. H back in November cool , quiet and mellow. I seems not to be a big talker, but u call tell he knows his stuff. I can't wait to see your results.
Hey CatMobile! I came across your profile and I am very impressed with your recovery! I can't wait to see your results......I am sure you are stunning! Happy healing!

Today I finally got the nerve to take a picture of...

Today I finally got the nerve to take a picture of my stomach 17 days PostOp. My drains are coming out Monday morning; the left drain is a yellow color and the right is light red, which is totally normal. I am looking forward to getting these out but know that having them in is the reason I did not swell too much. I love how clean and low my scar is. There is numbness and burning around the cut occasionally, but sometimes tylenol extra strength helps with the uncomfortableness, but an occasional pain pill is still needed on some days. There is also a slight soreness on the left side of the tummy, maybe where the pain pump needles were. I put neosporin on it. I wear my compression garment religiously and plan to for a few months, but I do make sue my stomach gets air to it for about 15 - 30 minutes a day. Yes, it does get better everyday but the level of discomfort varies day to day so some days are better than others. I am also happy with my belly button. The only regret that I did not do this sooner. My mom has been a real trooper helping me through this and makes my recuperation a priority. This is quite a journey and I am blessed with having help.

I will post on Monday regarding the drain removal. Ack.
Looks great Cat! Take it easy and ggod luck with the drain removal. Mine was pretty painless. I was expecting it to be horrible but it was no big deal.
you incision looks beautiful.....i know you must be loving it......i am so ready now. Keep up posted with the pics....HAppy Healing
I just posted a pic of my results today Day 17. I really love what Dr. H has done with my body and look forward to continuing to heal. My scar is super clean and low. Dr. H also did my nose and upper/lower lids; I look so natural and beautiful. I have several weeks to go until I am recovered and trust that my results will only get better. I highly recommend Dr. Hochestein and his staff.

I had my drains removed this morning and it was...

I had my drains removed this morning and it was nothing to fret about. I had actually taken a xanax to calm myself because I was freaking myself out. The process was quick and the only thing I felt was when the PS cut the stitches holding the tubes in place; it was a little pinch and next thing I knew, I was drain free! I go back on Monday to make sure that any fluids are being absorbed. I feel pretty good but a little sore where the drains were pulled; another small step toward recovery!

Entering week 4 PostOp yesterday and I was feeling...

Entering week 4 PostOp yesterday and I was feeling a lot of discomfort; the hardness of my lower belly, the bloating, the numbness and tingling of some areas of the skin where it is trying to repair nerves, the cg chafing my skin was almost unbearable. Up until my drain removal, I had not really experienced swell hell. I was really feeling helpless and down but found comfort in reading, and then commenting, on Kimmers25 month by month posting on her tummy tuck experience. Today, I bought some Palmer's Skin Treatment Oil and massaged my tummy as she suggested. It really eases some of the discomfort of the swelling and soreness. I applied it all over my body and my skin is so happy! I am also diligently taking arnica montana and bromelaid; it really helps with the swelling and pain. I had run out and decided I would not need the arnica nor the bromelaid anymore, but after yesterday's tortuous day without them, I am now back on my regimen. To combat the tingly and numb skin, I am now taking vitamin B6 to help the nerves repair themselves and taking magnesium citrate pills for muscle and nerves as well. The magnesium citrate can serve as a laxative so adjust your dose as needed. Naproxen is also a blessing in disguise; Tylenol Extra Strength did nothing for the discomfort. My incision is now closed and not scabby. It is smooth mostly but weird and bumpy on some of it. I am using bioCorneum on the scar as well as the Palmer's Oil massages. I feel so much better today. Wish I could stand up straight and move a little smoother. Tomorrow is another day.

Next Monday will be my 4 week PostOp visit. I...

Next Monday will be my 4 week PostOp visit. I have uploaded new pics today at 3.5 weeks. Overall I am happy so far with the results but progress seems so slow. I know, I know - it has not even been a month but I feel like it has been 3.5 months. I hate the swelling around my incision therefore I took pics in my underwear covering the incision. The incision area looks like a mini muffin top and the swelling between the belly button and pubic area makes me look like I have a little pecker belly. Time heals all but sadly patience is not one of my virtues.
I think I a heading to Dr. Hochstein u. Look amazing...I going a mommy make over
Be patient, looks like you are on track!

I had my one month PostOp appointment today. I...

I had my one month PostOp appointment today. I see some improvements but they are happening slowly. My PS says give everything six months. I knew recovery would be hard after a tummy tuck but I did not know it would be such a long journey. I am still a bit swollen around the incision and it still tender. The incision is low but there are a few wrinkles that seem to be working themselves out as the swelling goes down. Today, I started applying bioCorneum skin supervision cream to my incision for scar treatment as recommended my my PS. I have been massaging my tummy with Palmers Skin Therapy Oil for about a week now and really this has helped the hardness, numbness and tingling. My last visit for awhile is scheduled for next Monday and if everything looks fine, my next visit will be at my three month mark around April 15th; half way to the big 6 month date!
Looking good!!!

Today was my 5 week (as opposed to 6 week) PostOp...

Today was my 5 week (as opposed to 6 week) PostOp visit with Dr. Hochstein. I am very happy with my progress. I am still a bit swollen and he says I will only get smaller. Yay! I am also cleared to start exercising again at my discretion. I am still sore and will take it slow and easy, for sure. I have posted a pic of me in my "day of surgery" outfit and and also a pic of me in the same outfit taken today, at the 5 week mark. The pictures aren't the greatest but you can see a difference. I also had rhinoplasty and lower/upper eyelid surgery so there is a difference not only in my body, but also in my face. Kinda surreal, but it is me, and I am so happy with the results thus far. My next office visit is in one month. Happy healing everyone!

Today I have reached the 5.5 week PostOp mark and...

Today I have reached the 5.5 week PostOp mark and it is the first time I have weighed myself ... 121.5 lbs PostOp weight, down about 7 lbs since my PreOp weight! I am still swollen so I imagine this number will be going down even more! Even though there is still swelling, it has gone down quite a bit; today as I stepped out of the shower, it was the first time I could see the indents from the lipo the PS did on my flanks. Funny that I have never noticed these before. Feeling pretty good and taking it one day at a time.
Looking great!
Congrats on the weight loss...what has your post-op diet been? I noticed you said you are low sodium, besides that, what are you eating?
Eating mostly protein and very little carbs. I am sure the weight loss is due to the excess skin and lipo removal. I have not been under 125lbs in many years. I am 51 and 5' 4" tall so things are looking good! :)

Tomorrow will be six weeks since my surgery. This...

Tomorrow will be six weeks since my surgery. This 6 weeek Post Op mark seems to be the time where you can resume "normal" activities. I will definitely say that things are a little easier: I am sleeping fine on my side and have actually been able to catch a few zzz's on my stomach. I am walking taller and straighter, but find myself slumping after standing/walking for awhile. Today was the first day I actually wore underwear, but my scar is so low that the legs of my underwear rubbed on the scar and had to be adjusted several times during the day. I still tire easily and am still very aware of my incision and the tightness of my tummy. My jeans do not fit, nor would I really want them on because anything against my incision is so irritating. I am continuing to use bioCorneum silicone Scar Treatment religiously and have seen moderate results; the scar is still red and sore, and I have some pleating and possible dog ears at the end of the scar, but I am hopeful that these issues will work themselves out as I continue this long recovery process. Still have not been back to work and hope to keep it that way for a few more weeks. Have not started an exercise regimen yet but when I do it will be slow and steady. I have posted new pics at the 6 week mark. I feel that I look a little more swollen today than I have in the past, but the scar is healing fine, my clothes fit better, and my side view profile has definitely gotten flatter as the days move forward. My next visit is in three weeks; looking forward to the progress.
I love his work. I am torn between him and Dr Robles in DR. how was his facility?
Dr. Hochstein is really one of the best. His new facility is state of the art and his surgical team is excellent, including a Doctor Anesthesiologist. I did not stay in his overnight facility but it is available at an additional cost should you need it. You will need to stay in Miami at least 10 days or at least until drain removal. I am very happy with the results and am confident that the final outcome will be spectacular. I have read a few post regarding Dr. Robles and she seems a little more aggressive. Her work looks good and the PostOp facility looks decent. I read a post regarding having to have the back drained several times a day after Dr. Robles' tummy tuck and lipo; that is something I did not have to deal with thank God. Also, Miami seems so much more accessible than the DR should I need to return for any problems or concerns. Best of luck to you!

It took seven weeks but I was able to put on my...

It took seven weeks but I was able to put on my size 7 skinny jeans. Last week none of my jeans fit! I have pretty much avoided wearing anything that rubs against my scar because it is irritating; feels like a rope burn. I am still most comfortable in yoga pants or a dress. The main swelling for me is at my hips and right above my pubic bone. I still have a lot of numbness at the top of my thighs and under my belly button above my scar. I can see great improvement in some areas of my scar as time goes on, but there are other areas where I have concerns. I continue to use my silicone gel on the scar and massage my tummy with Palmer's Oil in hopes to get a better outcome.
You are doing great!!!! every milestone makes you want to do a happy dance!!!
Sounds like you are progressing really well. It's a long healing process so don't rush anything.

I just hit my 8 weeks PostOp mark and am feeling a...

I just hit my 8 weeks PostOp mark and am feeling a bit down about my scar recovery. I realize that I have a lot more healing to do but I also am prepared for scar revision in the future. It seems that I have a small dog tag at the end of my scar on my left hip. It sticks out like a little wart and there is no way this is going away with time. It is minimal but so discouraging. Also, although the pleating is getting better, I am pretty sure I will need some revision on this in the future. I have been healing at my parents house in Florida which is near my PS. Next week, I have a 9 week appointment scheduled with my PS and will ask him about these issues. Of course, so far any concerns I have I am told by my PS to give it time. On the positive side, my stomach is flatter and my belly button is cute. Aside from the Franken-scar healing process, my stomach looks better than it did before I had the procedure and my clothes look amazing on me. This week, I am finally able to have tight garments touch my scar without it feeling like a rope burn. I will be returning to my home in NC for a few months and plan to return to FL around my 6-month mark in July and I suppose we will see where I go from there. I am getting married NYE of this year and dread the thought of any revision before the big date. It is bad enough not to live in the same state as my PS; I could not imagine going out of country and then having to deal with the concerns that could/will come up. Trying to stay positive since there is nothing I can do but wait it out and deal with the issues when the PS gives the okay to do so.

I had lunch today with an old high school friend...

I had lunch today with an old high school friend of mine who is a veteran of the cosmetic nip and tuck. She had her tummy tuck over 15 years ago and since this has had some work here and there. Talking with her about my procedure was really great because she really made me see how early in this recovery process I was and to slow down and heal. And here I was wondering why I am not ready to do 12 hour shifts or a full abdominal workout and feeling guilty about ... healing! Tomorrow is my 9 week visit, a little shy of the three month mark because I am heading back to NC. I will be back in Florida for my 6-monther.
You look great!!! Scar is so low and your bb is so cute!!! I to have talk to people that got done over 10 years ago and they say the same. We will not see full results till after a year. Great, so i'll have to try to rock heavy sweaters next january when i'm feeling sexy during our cold, cold temps. lol... Enjoy yor new sexy body and Happy healing!!!
You look great hun...Thanks for your review and updates!!
It is great to catch up with friends.. I am at my HS friends for a couple days..she had hers about 17 years ago ... So we have been TT talking all afternoon ..becareful traveling home.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. It was the...

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. It was the first day that I did not think about my tummy at every move and turn I made. It was also the first day I wore my skinny jeans all day! I still wear my compression garment but bought my first pair of spanks at the mall and will be alternating between the cg and the spanks. I have been in Florida at my parents house for 10 weeks for my surgery and recovery and yesterday my fiance flew in to help me drive back to our home in NC. We have not physically seen each other in a while so I was a little anxious of our first encounter with the new me. He has been so supportive of me through all of this and of course he had his concerns, but he is very happy with the results and thinks I look super hot. Everyone need a positive force when contemplating and then going through with any surgery; he is my rock.
I see we are on about the same recovery timeline and you look awesome too. Even though I cannot wait for the one year mark I am so happy to be out of those first weeks of misery. Yesterday was the first day that I was on the go all day, driving, walking, and was the first time I was not so cautious about everything I did. It was a really good day.

I am at 10 PostOp weeks now. Healing has taken...

I am at 10 PostOp weeks now. Healing has taken some time and I have my good and bad days. The scar is healing nicely but I am still taking it easy. My tummy is still numb in places and it feels like I am taking care of someone else's tummy, not my own. I put my scar cream on twice a day and massage my tummy and incision, but not having full feeling is an odd feeling, for sure. There are areas that are numb, on the border of numb, and areas at full feeling. I can feel the nerve ends crying out to be touched; my skin is so tingly and sensitive. My stomach is getting smaller and things are looking good. I have been back home in NC a few days now since recovering at my parents house for 10 weeks. My fiance is a little less compassionate than my parents were with my recovery but I expected this; this was one of the reasons I knew I wanted to have surgery and recover near my parents. My fiance was not there for the initial surgery and first few weeks of recovery, so seeing me at 10 weeks after surgery does not really put the severity of the procedure to light in his mind. I am put in the position of feeling guilty for healing, feeling like I should be doing home remodeling projects and yard work. I will admit that having the 10 weeks to heal at my parents was wonderful, but being back home is great ... getting back into the groove, however, will definitely take it's time.
You look great, I am sure it is good to be home.
Your story is really helpful, especially to those of us who had our procedures after you had yours. Maybe I shouldn't hope that my ps removes my drains tomorrow, since I am just one week post-op. I will strive to have your patience!
Thanks for sharing your story! It's so interesting hearing my thoughts and concerns reverberated so clearly with someone who has also gone throught the same procedure. I totally empathize with you about the need to be around positive people during this process. It's soo emotionally and physically draining that it is absolutely paramount to have great energy around you. I will be nine weeks PO in a couple of days and I am experiencing everything you've mentioned. The continued numbness, the blessed feeling of massaging your incision, the reluctancy to resume your complete workout regime - all of it! Anywho, much luck to you and I wish you patience as I do for myself! ;)

Just added a few pics of my front and side view...

Just added a few pics of my front and side view and a close up of my scar at the 10 week mark. I still have swelling in the hips and back but things are so much better than they were prior to surgery or the first few days following. Looking forward to more progress and only time will tell.
What a ride you've been on! You look great. Bet being back home is great, but don't get guilted into over doing it. There's sooooo gonna be time to get back to physical labor. Just not yet. You're almost there! ;)
Thank you so much for your story it has been very helpful especially that I have also done my mommy makeover with Dr Hotchstein which includes a TT and Breast lift/ Augmentation... I'm am 6 days post op and wanted to know how long it took you to start standing up straight
Hi Jenifer, I know this question is for someone else but I am standing up straight 10 days post-tt. Feeling pretty darn good today too! Of course I did not have a breast lift with it so your situation is different. You are going to look so good!

The last couple of days I have been trying on my...

The last couple of days I have been trying on my old clothes. My tight shirts fit me beautifully and most of my pants are too big. Some of my smaller pants that look good are actually a little loose. My dresses hang nicely on my body. If what my PS tells me is true, that I will only get smaller with time once the swelling goes down, then I will need new pants for sure. I used to wear a size 10 - 8 comfortably but now my size 7's are a bit loose; still wearable, but loose! I think I may end up as a size 4 or so! Crazy!! As my tummy gets smaller, my CG gets pulled a little tighter so I know I am losing inches. But there are days I still feel so bloated and am pleasantly surprised when I am feeling this way that I can just slip into about anything in my closet and it looks great or too big! I am still getting used to all these changes and I feel like I am dressing somebody else's body when I put on clothes. Loving this feeling! My scar continues to need my attention and is healing nicely with the help of the silicone cream. I am trying not to be too concerned about the minor issues and hope that time is on my side.
WOW, Muy caliente chica! very hot. AND SPECIALLY YOUR LOW KUT CUTE LIL WAIST SEXXXI SURFER PANTS OR SHORTS i extra-adore the pix there. gosh i can't wait for mi low kut sexxxi denim on, like ur surfer ones; awww u go girlie!!! u r sexxxi again and i know your lovin it,so awesome! enjoy chica! that is what i will be sportin to show mi belly this late spring early summer,the end of may or june.summer slim again as in my old pix in my avatar/profile pix. .. i can't wait! You sound so happy i love that!.... GOD BROUGHT YOU THRU as all others here so your blessed; as i know he will with all others.god speed to u.ENJOY your new look. YOU DESERVE IT! WE ALL DO. .ADIOS! . CertifiedSexxxiFlatStomach_In2013!
Gracias, Chica!
Are you sure that all those pictures are of you??? Wow, what a transformation! I am wondering if after some weeks the CG can be replaced with Spanx. I will be happy to forgo my CG when the time comes but I do see myself wearing Spanx as a back-up for awhile...kind of like wearing a retainer when the braces come off.

11 weeks PostOp already! I cannot believe how fast...

11 weeks PostOp already! I cannot believe how fast my body is healing. My scar is flattening out and my tummy is shrinking everyday. The nerves in my tummy are super hyper sensitive. I love it when my fiancé strokes my stomach and scar area, gently touching it with his fingertips. It is pure ecstasy. Our sex life is amazing and even more so now with this super hyper sensitivity. I kind of hope it always stays this way. It is an incredible feeling. My torso is one giant G-spot!
Oh Cat that is Great...I will be glad when the feeling comes back in mine...enjoy it

Wow! Here I am at the THREE MONTHmark and what a...

Wow! Here I am at the THREE MONTHmark and what a journey it has been so far. I have been much more active lately, riding on the Harley a few times, and even took a small boat ride yesterday. I am wearing a light weight spanks when I am out in public, and always have my CG on when at home. It is still my comfort go-to place. My tummy is still slightly stiff and sore, especially when I am overly active like I have been this past weekend. There is not too much swelling. Most of my clothes fit or are too big, and that makes me happy. I am currently about a size 7. I am also rediscovering a few old gems in the closet and trying to makeover my wardrobe with the pieces that still fit. It all feels like new on my awesome, improved body. My scar is healing up nicely and has flattened out quite a bit. It is still a bit dark but I am sure it will lighten up as time goes on. I still have about a four inch area under the scar above the pubis area that is still kind of hard but this is diminishing as the weeks go by. My sex life is pretty awesome, too; confidence is SEXY.
Grats on 3 months! That is amazing! I am glad to hear that you're doing so well. Isnt it fun to have a wardrobe makeover? :)
You really look great and soooo happy! Good for you for getting motivation back and getting out there with the new belly!!! Enjoy and work it Sister!!!!

Today I weighed myself and was 6.5 lbs heavier...

Today I weighed myself and was 6.5 lbs heavier than my after surgery weight and 1 lb heavier than my pre-surgery weight! That is a bit of a wake up call. I have not worked out and have been pretty lax on not eating carbs. As a diabetic I try to follow a high protein diet but have let it go this past month. It was much healthier eating at my parents house where I spent my early weeks of recovery. I have been home about a month and am just getting back into the groove here. But even though I have put on a few pounds I still look great in my clothes and nothing is tight. I will, however, be working on losing a few pounds, rather than continue to gain. My nerves continue to heal themselves and my skin is feeling normal in places; my tummy was a giant G spot a couple of weeks ago, but all that fun is now gone and it feels normal to the touch again. I continue to treat my scar with the silicone cream and it has healed nicely. I have good and bad days with the swelling with most of it in my hip areas where the scar ends. I still wear my cg a few times during the day when I am at home and sometimes when I sleep. I wear it a little lower to cover the hip area and try to aleaviate the swelling there. But all in all the swelling has not been consistent or too bad for me really. I am ready to roll with the changes these next few months. I am so happy with the results; seeing the final results will be well worth the wait!
You look fabulous! Thanks for sharing such a detailed story. It helps to read such positive stories. My date is 5/21 and while I'm excited about the results, the reality of the surgery and recovery is becoming very real. Just getting a little nervous!
You look awesome! Congrats to the beautiful new you! :)
Thank you. It is at times like these that words like yours really count. :)

So I keep thinking every time I post that it will...

So I keep thinking every time I post that it will be my last post for a while ... well at least until 6 months, yet every week I seem to find a reason to post to this site and update my review. I have reached week 15 and I have been super busy helping with a full master bedroom demolition in our house. It took my fiance and me three days to completely gut and dump the whole mess of a room. We worked hard and now have a clean gutted room ready to renovate at our time and leisure. I have found that the more active I am, the more bloated and uncomfortable I am. We have been taking it easy the last two days and that is good for healing up. I was so miserable from the swelling and soreness after the demolition that I decided to massage my tummy and scar area with Palmer's Scar Treatment Oil. I used to use Palmer's religiously but have not been as dedicated as of late. I have a Body Innovations soothing therapy "golf club" handheld massager with heat and massage functions that I also used for the first time on my tummy. The massager was the perfect trick to alleviate the soreness and also to help reduce the swelling; most of swelling being near my pubic bone and also at the ends of my scar at my hips. The soreness is mostly along the line where my MR was done. I don't know why I had not thought of using the massager sooner, but it really works and it feels amazing! I have not seen any posts regarding using handheld massagers for tummy tuck recovery, so I wanted to pass on my new discovery. Works for me!
Hi Cat :). Take it easy girl! Demo is not light work. My abs still get sore after 1 year. The muscles take a long time to heal. Hope your bedroom comes out great !!
Congratulations! I have heard some good things and some bad about Dr. H. I still am interviewing surgeons in South Florida so reading your post has been very informative. Did you still need revision? It doesn't seem like that in the pics. Your tummy is shrinking on each successive pic. So nice! Please keep us updated. Hochstein has an impressive gallery of pics. I truly have not seen such a good looking set of breast from any other doc online.His tummies were super flat also. Anyway yours tummy is looking good. Happy healing. I look forward to reading your update. BTW, can't believe you are 51! Go girl!
I don't think I will need a revision. Dr H said the Internet can lead many of us to diagnose problems that are not actually there or will resolve themselves in time. He is right and things are progressing and getting better as time goes on. Dr. H is a good doctor and knows his stuff. He is quiet, serious, does not have time for small talk but he is a professional. I am happy with him and my progress.

WEEK 16 is here and things are moving along nicely...

WEEK 16 is here and things are moving along nicely. I am starting to wear my cg less and less and am not thinking so much about the tuck these days. I am sure this is only temporary. I have not been working out and have noticed weight gain in my thighs. Not totally fond of it, but I do have skinny legs and would rather my fat deposit there than back on my tummy. I would really like it if it would go straight to my butt (lol). I am back to my pre surgery weight of 128 and hope to get back to my 7 week weight of 122.5 lbs. I know I have been lax on a lot of things and I hope to get back on track. I have posted new pics of my tummy and my scar. My hips, where the incision ends, are still swollen and the area where the drainage tubes were seem to be darker and more raised than the rest of the scar. All in all there is not too much of a drastic change since my last picture postings, except maybe a little swelling today from the margarita and mexican food I ate on cinco de mayo last night. ;)
Cat you are looking good....how is the remodel going?
Thank you for commenting. Progress is slow but steady (for recovery and remodel.) We took another load to the dump today and the interior remodel now entails new siding to the front of the house. We are also adding a new front entryway and have picked out an awesome new front door that we will install. Things seems to be going easier this week. I think pushing through the remodel; it has given me something else to look forward to and also new strength in both body and mind.
That is great...you have a gorgeous new tummy and now gonna get a gorgeous home...My husband and I are talking remodeling I want bigger he wants to down size our home...not happy about that...but he wins cause he pulls the well we won't do anything then card...oh well its just a house..if I really hate it I will just move..hubby can come if he wants....lol continue your happy healing...

17 weeks Post Op: Back to Work

I finally went back to work in the real world this week and am happy I was able to take the time to heal. The recent remodel work at our house was a great way to work out and not know it. I am a little swollen in the upper part of my stomach and my belly button is sometimes a little sore. Healing slowly but surely. I am working on a project for the next seven weeks, 5 days a week, 12 hours a day. It is great to get my mind working again. Even though I have felt a little pudgy, my clothes fit differently and that is the measure I use to keep me from feeling like the surgery was for nothing. My before pics keep me grounded in my progress. Life is good.
Your tummy looks awesome!
You look great!

20 weeks Post Op: Weight Distribution After the Tuck.

I have noticed that the healing process is still in full force. I have found myself uncomfortable at times due to swelling, especially in the upper half of my tummy above my belly button. And my belly button is sometimes so sore when bumped in the wrong way. My time spent in a CG has greatly diminished but I find my tummy feels as though I have been doing a ton of sit-ups daily (and I physically have not). As of recent, I have been wrapping myself up in the CG and feeling safe in it's comforting compression. The work project I started shut down after two weeks and I feel as though it is a blessing in disguise. Although I was able to keep up with the physical aspects of the job, I realize that I am not all that healed as of yet. I am truly grateful for the before pictures that I took as time seems to erase what once was in my mind. Maybe I am just used to my tighter tummy now, but still feel fat and bloated at times. My once thin inner thighs are getting mushy and fatter, but after investigation of this problem on this site I realize that I am not alone; seems the fat needs to go somewhere and a lot of ladies are experiencing this weight gain of the inner thighs as well as their butts. I am fortunate to have little skinny legs and no butt, I guess, but the weight gain is these areas is not on my wish list regardless. I have been drinking more water in hopes that it will flush some of these unwanted fat deposits and keep the swelling to a minimal. I am fairly active around the house with the demolition and rehab we are doing, as well as my daily errands, but I know I need to get back to a regimented work out schedule. I am dusting off the old Lifecycle and hope to get these thighs under control. I am still very happy with the overall results and feel that, with a little hard work, my weight distribution issues can be managed.
Good luck on your new adventure!!! I am right with you only mine is collecting in upper body before long I will look like I have boobs all the way around.
Isn't it funny we are complaining about the same thing arggggg!!!!! It comforting that we know we are not alone. I have been back at the gym and eating very healthy for 4 weeks now and I haven't lost weight :( but I have lost inches because my jeans fit me now :). So it is bitter sweet. You will get there too! Its sooooo hard to get going again, believe me I was all talk for months and finally I had to break out of my not being motivated and feeling sluggish. This surgery takes a toll on all of us for months and their is nothing we can do but listen to our bodies and wait till its ready. And when it is take it slow! You look so good so don't get down on yourself, you will get there!!!
Thanks for your encouraging words. :)

5.5 Months PostOp: A Time of Reflection

In 2.5 weeks I have my 6 month PostOp visit. I have so many questions about how my recovery is going and what to expect from here on out. My tummy is still a bit sore down the middle and I still have days where it feels tighter than others. The scar is definitely healing up clean and thin, yet there are a couple of spots I am concerned with near my hips. My hips also seem odd shaped and puffy and I wonder if enough lipo was done on my flanks. My upper stomach at times seems bulgy. I am also tired of the numbness from my upper thighs to parts of my tummy. The nerve damage seems to be repairing itself slowly although it is really annoying to deal with. I massage my thighs, hips, and tummy and this seems to give some relief. I have good and bad days for sure. My expectations were to have a flatter, tighter stomach and I am sure that age has a say in what the outcome and recovery time will be to see my best results. I may not be 100% happy with the results, but am 100% happy I went through with this procedure.

6 months

I flew from NC to FL to make my six month visit. Dr. H was amazed at how well my healing is going. My only real concern is a small skin tab on my left hip, which he said he could snip off easily between surgeries and to come in when I can. So, on my next visit down South I will look into this. I also had some concerns over my hips in general and the swelling at times in the area above my belly button. Most is just that, swelling, and it will be ongoing for a few more months at least. So I have started to wear my CG at home when I feel the swelling and it definitely helps curb the swell. I need to take off about 6 lbs and start working out again to really see the results I want. But I am very happy with the results that Dr. H was able to achieve. I started an intensive 8 week work project last week and feel pretty strong. I am not at 100% in the strength and endurance department, but I am getting there. Work like this is just what I need. Life is good.
Wow this was beautifully written. I also had a tummy tuck by Dr. Hochstein . Im 3 days out and saw him today for my post op. appt. im very happy! The incision in not too long hip to hip very low, thin,clean and straight! Your story is my story. I've been thinking about fixing the baby age for years . It's scary but dr hochstein is the best! My tummy is flat and tight no stretch marks . Im blown away. Dont be afraid of doing his surgery its worth it! Lauren
Welcome to the flat side! You are in good hands with Dr. H. Happy healing!

7.5 months - times are a changing

It has been 7.5 months and I am finding that clothes are really fitting looser and that I don't have enough notches in my belt buckles to keep my pants tight. Even my underwear kind of hangs. I am about a size 7; I was about a 10. My tummy scar is healing nicely and the raised spots where the tubes were inserted are starting to flatten out. I still have a little pleating around the hips and a spot on my right hip where a little skin tab will have to be cut off. Aside from that, the results look better than it was before but I still find myself feeling like that pudgy girl pre surgery. I am working on a project that has me on my feet about 14 hours a day. I am getting stronger and the work is getting me in better shape. There are days that I still put on the CG for support and to ease the swelling on a bad day. But all in all, time is healing and time seems to be on my side.
Glad to see you are doing well! Can you please tell me when the numbness, and tingling goes away? I am 8 weeks post op.
The healing process has taken time. At almost 8 months my belly button is still sore to the touch and I still have some numbness along the scar and upper thighs. I try to give myself lymph massages to help with the healing. The tingly has gone away but my tummy is still sensitive to the touch. Time heals all and you are still in the early stages of recovery. The things I wish I had known before I had the surgery are now much better. Good luck with your healing and have patience for the results you are seeking.
You look great. I had a tummy tuck years ago and you can hardly see the scar now. It fades with time.

Almost 8 months! Time for Me ...

I finished up 8 weeks of my film project yesterday. It feels great to be done. The hard work is what I really needed to see how much progress I have made since Day 1. At the beginning of this project I tired easily and noticed a little swelling in my belly at the end of some days. I would take some Aleve and put the CG on at night and this seemed to help. At the end, I was lifting heavy objects, hauling heavy carts, and shopped until I dropped; I had so much energy and never really thought about my surgery. I know I am so fortunate to work as a freelancer and that I was able to give myself ample time to heal before work. Looking back at my entries really helps me keep perspective on what I have gone through with having the surgery and the following healing process. The support and comments I have received on this site are invaluable. I keep posting in hopes that I can offer the same support and insight that I have received from all the other wonderful ladies on Real Self.
I had mine done in 2006 and I still have some numbness in places - this is a common side effect. I still have an occasional tingle too.
The everlasting numbness and tingling is something I was unaware of prior to surgery. It does get better for sure, but it is also good to know that it may be a permanent issue and something that I am not alone in. Thank you for your post!
What do you use on your scar ?

One Year PostOp: New Pics and a New Attitude.

Yesterday was my one year PostOp visit to Dr. H. I am so happy to be this far in my recovery. Thanks to my postings on Real Self throughout my recovery, it has been good to see my progress. I have not really exercised like I should have, mostly due to my work and the sometimes 12-14 hour days I have to put in. Then when I am not working, all I want to do is lounge and recuperate. But it is good to be strong and to be able to do the long hours; something I was not sure I would ever be able to do again, especially in the early months of recovery. My plan for the New Year is to get on that dusty elliptical and work out at my own pace. Dr. H says things look good and have healed nicely. My belly button still has some scar tissue and darkening, but things get better everyday. I still have some numbness and nerve tingling along my scar and on my upper thighs, but again, everyday things get better. Today I am getting a small skin tab removed from my left side at the end of the scar. Nothing too bad, but something that has bothered me and something that is easily fixed. I also purchased some NeoCutis Blanche skin lightening cream at the Dr's office to try and lighten the scar. It is a little expensive, but after using it one time last night I can already see a difference! I have posted new pics at my one year anniversary date and am very happy with the results. My clothes fit amazing and I am a size 5-7; down from a 10. All my belts are loose on the last notch. I love the way I look and would do it again, even with all the things I know now about the recovery process. Looking for a good Doctor? I would recommend Dr. H and his staff as they have been there for me throughout my recovery and have given me a new confidence in life.

One Year PostOp: New Pics and a New Attitude.

Yesterday was my one year PostOp visit to Dr. H. I am so happy to be this far in my recovery. Thanks to my postings on Real Self throughout my recovery, it has been good to see my progress. I have not really exercised like I should have, mostly due to my work and the sometimes 12-14 hour days I have to put in. Then when I am not working, all I want to do is lounge and recuperate. But it is good to be strong and to be able to do the long hours; something I was not sure I would ever be able to do again, especially in the early months of recovery. My plan for the New Year is to get on that dusty elliptical and work out at my own pace. Dr. H says things look good and have healed nicely. My belly button still has some scar tissue and darkening, but things get better everyday. I still have some numbness and nerve tingling along my scar and on my upper thighs, but again, everyday things get better. Today I am getting a small skin tab removed from my left side at the end of the scar. Nothing too bad, but something that has bothered me and something that is easily fixed. I also purchased some NeoCutis Blanche skin lightening cream at the Dr's office to try and lighten the scar. It is a little expensive, but after using it one time last night I can already see a difference! I have posted new pics at my one year anniversary date and am very happy with the results. My clothes fit amazing and I am a size 5-7; down from a 10. All my belts are loose on the last notch. I love the way I look and would do it again, even with all the things I know now about the recovery process. Looking for a good Doctor? I would recommend Dr. H and his staff as they have been there for me throughout my recovery and have given me a new confidence in life.
Oh boy, You look Fabulous!! Thanks for Sharing!!! :)
Can you post more pics of your scar 1yr post op. That's the part I'm,most freaked out about. Thanks a.d. you look HOT!
You look AWESOME... thank you for posting on my site. I am 1 week post op as of yesterday and it's very encouraging see your pics!

18 months PostOp: Still healing ...

Two weeks ago I celebrated 18 months PostOp. It has been a pretty easy journey as I allowed myself time to heal. I have not been an exercise fanatic but I do yoga and pilates stretches and some work on the elliptical. I will say that my core is not as strong as it was before the surgery and it has taken some time to heal. I still have a few tender spot around my belly button and occasionally feel as though I have a food baby after a large meal; it is a very uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes while exercising I may feel a pull or pinch, but I just work through it or stop. The tops of my thighs and around the scar near my hips still has a tingling burning feeling to the touch. My scar looks pretty normal but my belly button is kind of an outy and not my thing, but the hubby says it is cool with him. I am very happy with how my clothes fit and remain a size 8. I have gained about 5 lbs since the operation and hope to keep this under control. My stomach looks better when there are a few pound less.
Thanks for your comprehensive review. =) I love seeing the progression from pre to over a year out. You look wonderful and as youthful as you feel! Congratulations!
Wow you've come a long way and you look great. Hope it keeps getting better :-)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

After interviewing several Plastic Surgeons, some recommended to me and others that I researched online, I chose Dr. Leonard Hochstein because of his calm, confident demeanor during my consultation. He and his staff were supportive and answered all my questions. His office was comfortable and his staff were welcoming. He also had many pictures to share of his excellent work and had many pictures of procedures he had done on patients who have similar characteristics to mine. No two procedures were alike and the final results were complimentary and unique to each patient and pertinent only to each individual job to get the best results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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