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tummy tuck/hernia repair - Miami, FL

Who else is haveing a Tummy Tuck soon or has had...

Who else is haveing a Tummy Tuck soon or has had one recently? Please help i am nervous and need some good support right now before i back out. I just need some encouragement and to hear about some good experience, the office is great and his work from what ive seen is wonderful. His track record is amazeing


Do not worry any longer. I was completely stressed in the months/ days that lead up to my surgery (Feb. 4). The surgery itself was a breeze (I had serious diastase and an umbilical hernia). I had a shot of Experal during surgery (long term nerve block-72-96 hous). I woke up very numb and remained numb for a week a swear. I never took any pain meds, so I never had stomach issues from the meds. I did take a muscle relaxer at night before I went to bed. I was really only "down" (unable to stand up straight, unable to drive) for about 2.5 weeks. I enjoyed so many movies...etc during that time. It's been about 13 weeks now and although I am physically limited in terms of the exercise I used to do (crossfit), I can now run which is good. I was told no weights for 6-9 months (can't risk popping internal sutures). Overall the process has been very positive!! I am 5'3'' and 102 pounds. I just wish I hadn't have worried so much leading up to the surgery. Please feel free to pm any questions you may have. Ask your PS about Experal too.
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Hi, thanks so much to posting. I'm so stressed out. I've been trying to keep myself calm. But it's not working. I'm several anemic. My blood level is a 10.7 and the need it to be a 12 and My blood pressure is out of control. Feel like just canceling the whole entire thing. So frustrated
I often have low blood as well. I was even asking before the surgery if I should donate my own blood just in case. They sort of laughed and said that the surgery itself is relatively superficial and very little blood is lost. My husband worried that I would be completely gray and colorless afterwards (like I was after both of my children were born), but I came out looking and feeling very good. I did take several vitamins from my PS leading up to the surgery and several for a few weeks after.

finally its done

Hi, everyone. Well finally its done I had my Tummy tuck and a hernia repaired. I must say I'll do it again. I was up and walking the same day, went home the next day, in Walgreen's, PUBLIX and about the third day. I've been on the go ever since. No bm problems either. I'm just wondering when the swelling will go down. Oh, the drains a breeze yo take out. For the most part it feels like I did about 10,000 sit ups. I haven't had a pin pill since i left the hospital. My bruising is he rind us and my new navel looks like rotten (lol).,I'm only 13 days post op. Yes, I know its early but I'm anxious.


Hey, how are you doing? I've had my surgery. I feel great just wish the swelling would go away so i could see some results. Any suggestions?
Congrats!!! Are you so happy that it's over?? I tried to always watch my sodium intake and I drank tons of water! I wore a compression garment (which I STILL wear when I run) 24/7 for about 8 weeks. At that point I only wore it during the day. I think it really helped with keeping swelling down. I still have a little bit of swelling even at 4.5 months and I am still very numb (one thing I didn't expect). I am so glad your surgery/ recovery was easy like mine. Were you able to get the shot of Experal?
Thanks a lot, yes it was very easy. I can't complain compared to some of the horror stories I seen and heard. My stomach is also very numb in which I was told would happen and it could last up to years literally. No he didn't no a Experal at all. I was over ally nauseous when I woke up but they controlled it with medicine.
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